Feature Spotlight: Live Tiles

Windows 8 contains powerful new technologies that Windows Store apps can take advantage of. These technologies not only provide a great user experience, but also drive engagement with your apps. Over the next few months we will feature several of these technologies, and show why they can make a difference for your business. Today, we’re taking a look at Live Tiles, which engage your users every time they visit the Start screen. – Ben Thompson, Partner Marketing Manager

One of the biggest challenges for all apps is continuing to engage with the user. Live Tiles allow you to make your app’s presence on the Start screen continually relevant, drawing customers back into the app and driving engagement. Let’s take a look at a number of apps and see how they each use Live Tiles in a way that helps users stay connected with the app.

For example, the ESPN app displays top headlines and photos.


Allrecipes displays scrumptious pictures of their great recipes.


The to-dos app is all about the live tile; to-dos are super simple to enter, and easily seen right on the start screen.


FX Networks teases upcoming shows.


Dictionary.com features the word-of-the-day, giving customers an extra reason to visit the dictionary.


SkyScanner shows a sampling of current flight deals.


And WeatherFlow has a gorgeous live tile that shows the current weather along with a five-day forecast.


Games are making great use of live tiles as well. For example, Jetpack Joyride entices customers to play by showing the next achievement they can unlock.


Each of these apps uses their Live Tile in ways that make customers want to use the app much more than a static icon would.

Live Tiles let you continually engage with users in a way that you simply cannot do on other platforms. It’s another great way that Windows 8 helps developers achieve their goals and delight their customers.

Inspired to add Live Tiles to your app? Download the Live tile sample to get started, and be sure to check out the guidance and examples on our Dev Center.

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