Getting a content rating

Support for PEGI and other ratings systems is an important part of the Windows Store—we want people to always have a clear expectation of the type of content an app contains. Also, many countries such as Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, and Korea, have consumer protection laws in place that require games to obtain and display an appropriate content rating.

If you’re new to getting a content rating from one of these systems, your first step is to identify the markets where you want to sell your app. From there, you need to identify which ratings systems are required for each of those markets. The process for getting a content rating varies from system to system—for example, both ESRB and PEGI have online tools that can identify your app’s rating within minutes. Other systems, like CSRR, allow you to select the rating yourself.

After you obtain the ratings certificates for your app, use our GDFMaker tool to create a GDF file and include it as part of your app package. We use the GDF file to customize which ratings to show in your app’s listing page. If your app’s rating doesn’t meet the legal requirements of a given market, or if its content rating is incorrect, we may be required to remove it from the Store.

Check out the Dev Center for more info on content ratings and Windows game publishing requirements.

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