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It’s been an incredibly exciting year. Since last year’s //Build conference, nearly half a million developers, designers and entrepreneurs from more than 80 countries have started building great, high-quality, Windows 8 apps. To build these apps, they’ve taken advantage of many of the tools, training, and breadth of resources that we’ve made available. With the recent grand opening of Windows Store in more than 200 markets and 100 languages around the world, the Windows Store already has many fantastic apps. Many more are on the way—such as apps from ESPN, Twitter and Dropbox.

We believe the Store is a tremendous opportunity not just for established software development companies, but for individuals and startups that have the creativity and ambition to build great, next-generation apps. We have a number of programs designed for startups and just recently built on our partnership with RocketSpace with the first Windows Store App Lab.

The entrance to the Windows Store App Lab.

Developers at the Windows Store App Lab

The Windows Store App Labs are designed to help individual developers and startups build and test apps on the newest Windows 8 hardware, including Surface. At our kick-off event in San Francisco, we had a full house with over 120 entrepreneurs, designers and developers in attendance.  Partners such as Flixster, Wikipedia and Appfluence joined to demo their apps, talk about why they built for Windows 8 and the support offered by Microsoft. In particular, they underscored the ease of building apps using HTML5 and JavaScript while still getting the power and performance of a native app. Flixster mentioned that they were able to build their app in just a few weeks and Wikipedia noted that their app started with one person building the first version within a few weeks.

Whether you have an app in progress or a set of design ideas you want to advance, we designed our Windows Store App Labs to provide you with in-depth technical guidance and leading design assistance to get your app launched in the Windows Store. The labs are free and are being offered in over 30 technology and design hubs around the world—including San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

We’re excited about these opportunities to help startups and developers create incredible apps. App builders can either drop in or register to attend a Windows Store App Lab for a guaranteed four-hour slot.

Looking ahead, be sure to follow @windevs to learn more about other App Lab launch events around the world, or visit


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  1. Seattle Dev says:

    No events in Seattle? Wow missed opportunity to tape into startup dev community as well as employees.

  2. Dayne says:

    As a developer, I've been extremely underwhelmed by the Windows store so far.  Our game was released three days ago, and it still hasn't shown up in the New Releases section.  Meanwhile, other apps have been sitting in New Releases for over a week.  It's possible that MS doesn't consider our game worthy of being displayed under New Releases, but this same game was a featured game in the Apple store.

    The Windows store also seems to give preferential treatment to free apps over paid apps.  We have stopped our plans to develop further for the Windows Store at this time.

    It's good that Microsoft is offering support to the big-name developers, but it seems like more should be done for smaller developers if you expect the Windows store to become a robust marketplace.

  3. Action Hero says:

    @Antoine, if you don't mind can I gift your team a catalog web project for Windows Store?

    – I promise I won't ask for anything in return.

    – You will just need to set the database handles.

    – I promise it would be a state-of-the-art HTML5+CSS3 based website.

    – I promise I would work alone and I won't spend more than 4 days to complete the web-application in ASP.NET MVC4 (because its so dam easy after VS2012 Express for Web and .NET 4.5).

    – And I promise it would have metro style, Windows Store app like, beautiful design much better than this sh*t…/05dbbb07-cd42-4a5f-9cd3-a329d52bd372


  4. Action Hero says:

    Btw, why can't we see the listing on ?

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