The Windows Store is open

Throughout the Windows 8 preview timeframe, we’ve been humbled by interest in the Windows Store and amazed at the level of creativity you’ve poured into app development on the new platform. With today’s launch of Windows 8, we’re excited to open the Windows Store to the world, providing new opportunities for your apps to be discovered and downloaded by consumers around the world. In this post, Ted Dworkin, Partner Director of Program Management, talks about the path to Windows 8 general availability and the great work our partners have done to support the grand opening of the Windows Store today.


October 26th marks the opening of the Windows Store for consumers around the world. We’ve spent the past year jointly building the Windows Store with our early partners, and starting today, consumers broadly can experience Windows 8 and the amazing apps you’ve built.

The Windows Store has come a long way in less than a year. From our Store preview last December, to Windows 8 Consumer Preview with 70+ partners, Release Preview with 200+ partners, to general availability—we’ve had tremendous support from the publishers you see in the Store today, building multiple times while we delivered an evolving platform. Thanks to all of them for their early commitment and effort in joining us today for general availability.

Apps bring Windows to life

Over the past year, we’ve showcased some of the great apps that bring the new Windows 8 experience to life. The apps you see in the Store today take advantage of Windows 8 design and represent fantastic diversity across categories.

The Windows Store is an international store, with apps for more than 200 markets and 100 languages. We love the global support from top social sites like Renren, QQ, and Sina Weibo in China, Daum in Korea and VKontakte in Russia. We’re also proud to feature media apps like Sky News, Financial Times, and Dailymotion in the UK and top commerce sites like Mercado Libre in South America.

A start screen showing some of the many apps available in the Windows Store.

Today is just day 1

As much as we celebrate the joint effort that has realized today’s Store, we are focused on moving forward every day—evolving and expanding the service in ways that benefit consumers and our publishing partners. In the past four weeks alone, we’ve seen a 300% increase in the Store catalog and the submission trend continues. Since we started outreach through efforts like the Windows 8 Developer Camps in early 2012, we’ve hosted more than 400,000 developers in 87 countries. We’re excited to see the growing momentum.    

Our very first blog post noted our commitment to deliver the most significant opportunity for app builders in history, and that mission fuels us daily. On behalf of all of us who work on the Windows Store, thank you for creating great apps, for continuing to inspire us with your innovation and creativity, and for joining us on this journey.


Comments (17)

  1. While I am hopeful that more apps will surely be coming to the Windows Store now that the OS is released, it remains to be seen whether developers and designers can actually offer compelling app experiences.

    What I see thus far is a continuation (even from official apps) of utilising the same generic unimaginative unappealing templates with disregard for creative interactivity, UI design etc. that make for an enjoyable user experience.

    What incentive is there to using a Windows 8 RT app instead of a website or x86 application when the apps themselves offer little to no functionality. It seems perplexing when companies had several months to offer something more high quality, instead they think it is appropriate to simply grab existing data and dump it into a grid of boxes in the same side-scrolling layout and call it a tablet app when for iOS they clearly put more effort and thought into it.

    I want to see developers be more inventive in their approach to developing RT apps, the major thing also lacking is a UI. For an RSS reader using the generic layout to focus on the content is fine but for a brand or interactive app a UI is necessary otherwise how else is it going to differ from every other app? This is why iOS apps are fun because each app feels different.

  2. Necroman says:

    When can we expect fully working Windows Store web pages, similar to…/store ?

  3. mjhannaf says:

    Glad to be a part of the Windows Store with my app, myScoreboard. Check it out under the Sports category and let me know what you think!

    Many more apps to come!

  4. Boomer says:

    "Vkontkakte" is a typo. You should write VKontakte (two "k" and first two letters are uppercase)

  5. legodude75 says:

    For the time being you can browse the apps here – has some nice stats too.

  6. sreesiv says:

    This is super and Windows Store will rock and beat other App Stores in record time… All the very best.

  7. Is it possible that you could automatically review for inclusion in the store (at no charge) any Windows RT app projects found on CodePlex? When a new release is made on CodePlex then it could be reviewed and put on the Windows Store for free and that would really show MS support in developers and open-source. It would also allow a quick and easy way for many simple but useful applications to get on the store very quickly. I know I would jump at this opportunity as I have some ideas that would fill niche uses, but which I'm not in a position to pay fees to list.

  8. vleblanc says:

    It would be nice if your Apps were better thought out. The "Remote Desktop App" lacks the ability to add a connection with advanced mode in order to add a TS gateway. If you VPN in and connect you can edit the connection to add the gateway. Unfortunately that won't work for Surface or RT because you can't VPN! Then there is the PDF reader app, You can't print your PDF! Holy COW!!!

  9. I think this is a good start to the app store.  There are two things that are bothering me though.  Why do I need to update apps separately for each account on my PC?  This seems really odd.  For example, I updated all my apps on my account, logged into my wife's account and had to update all the same apps for her account.  Am I missing something?  To me, I would think if I updated an app from any of the accounts, the apps should be updated for all users.  

    Also, why can't I download an app once and select which accounts have access to use the app?  If I purchase a game, like angry birds, it downloads to my account.  I then have to log into both my children's accounts, go to the app store and re-download the game for each of them so they can play.  Seems like too many steps to ensure every member in my family can play a game from the app store.

    I really am enjoying windows 8, but this part is a little frustrating.  I hope that in the near future Microsoft will re-evaluate this and make it a little easier for people sharing PC's.  

  10. Alex says:

    Is there or will there be a connection between Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone 8 Store?

  11. Eolirin says:

    @vleblanc You can print, it's just a little weird how you do it. You have to go to Devices and then send it to your printer.

  12. adrian says:

    Hi, I'm not a developer but a end user. There is a part in the windows app store "your apps" where you can see you previously installed apps. It would be nice to add feature where users can remove apps from that list that they are no longer interested in. It gets crowded in the long run. also you can add questions like "why you want do disown an app?" so that developers may also see why their apps is no longer wanted and can improve on it.

  13. DevMus says:

    Please add Debit Card to payment method i have Payoneer MasterCard

    Thank You

  14. EricS says:

    How are internal Enterprise apps distributed and managed?  Is there or will there be an internal App Store option so corporation can distribute and manage apps that they build and and/or purchase.

  15. Aaron says:

    How do you view/search available apps from a Win7 desktop?  I want to see the apps available before I decided to buy a Surface.

  16. My Windows Store screen is cluttered with apps that take up huge screen space such as ABC viewer from categories I absolutely don't care about such as games. To browse to apps of a category that I am interested in, say Productivity Tools, I have to do 10 swipes to reach that category. How can I reorder the categories so that can I my preferred category of apps before the others?

    As of now browsing for Apps in Windows store has become an absolute nightmare. It is filled with junk with no way to filter the useless apps and categories from my screen. There is no way to mark "Not Interested" for an app or even a category. I keeps seeing the same freakin app again and again taking up half the screen space. I said no, take it away please!

    The way Windows Store shows up as of now is totally useless. Simply because it makes it as hard as possible to discover the apps I am interested in. Please don't say I should use search because search works only if the search term appears in the name of an app. I just want to look at apps in my favorite categories. I want to simply banish the categories that I have absolutely have no interest in.

  17. Prin says:

    Why can't I see windows 8 apps in Microsoft Surface, though the apps says it's available for ARM as well?  Is surface waste of money then?

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