RTM Windows Store is now open for paid apps, company accounts

Today marks an important milestone for the Windows Store as we move from preview toward the general availability of Windows 8. We’re again expanding our market coverage, committed as ever to creating a developer opportunity of unprecedented scale. We’re opening the Store up for company registrations and are now accepting paid apps. Finally, we’ve advanced the Store design in response to Release Preview feedback. Ted Dworkin, Partner Program Manager for the Store, authored this post.


Starting today, any qualifying business in a supported market can now submit a Metro style app for Windows 8! Companies qualify through account registration, which includes an account verification process.

Just so you know, to upload apps to the Store, you’ll need an RTM build of Windows 8. On August 15, we’ll be making the build available to MSDN subscribers and we’ll have a trial version available via TechNet. (Keep your eyes here and on the Windows 8 app developer blog for more info.) Until then, keep building your apps using the Release Preview, and don’t hesitate to register your company account now—it takes a little time to get a company account verified. Registering now will help ensure you can hit the ground running when the RTM build is released.

If you’re an individual looking to submit apps to the Store, stay tuned—we’ll have more info to share with you soon.

More markets

Not only is the Window Store now open for company accounts, but we’ve also taken a significant step forward toward our goal of providing a truly global Store – both for developers and for customers looking for great apps. At each major milestone – Consumer Preview and Release Preview – we’ve increased language and market support. With this latest release, this trend continues with more catalogs and app submission languages, as well as increased localization of our developer experience.

Today, we add 54 new markets to our list of distinct catalog offerings, giving developers more specific market opportunities and more chances to provide truly relevant apps to customers.

We’ve also added 24 new app certification languages, bringing our total to 38 app submission languages and more than doubling the number we supported in the Release Preview. Developers can, of course, also choose to make their apps also available in other languages beyond those used for app certification, so that they'll be available in other Windows Store app catalogs. We’re excited to expand that number and give developers more language choices for submission and publication in the Store.

The developer dashboard is now available in an additional 11 languages, allowing you to choose the language you want for submitting apps, checking the certification process, and viewing analytics. And, as we noted at previous milestones, we will keep expanding.

Paid apps

Previous posts described how to implement trials, paid apps and in-app purchases. Transaction support is now enabled, and registered developers can submit paid apps to the Store, including in-app purchases.

The Application Developer Agreement (ADA) has been updated to reflect the financial details we announced back at our Store Preview event: the base Store fee is 30% of revenue for any transactions occurring through our transaction platform; we reduce the fee to 20% for any app that achieves $25,000 USD (or equivalent) in total revenue using our transaction platform, and for the lifetime of that app.

We’re excited to release full transaction support as part of the platform and offer industry-leading economic terms to developers. But we don’t require developers to use our transaction services for their in-app purchases. Favorable economics and flexibility in transaction providers are critical to maximizing the business opportunity for every developer.

Certification policy updates

We continue to evolve our certification policies, based on questions and suggestions we receive from developers. This is all part of our commitment to provide a level of transparency, consistency, and specificity that helps developers make more informed choices, and take best advantage of the Windows platform, so they can speed through app certification and have their apps on the market as quickly as possible. Recent policy updates include clarification on apps that use DirectX, and a couple of changes related to apps that collect personal information, privacy policies, and age ratings. All of the changes are listed in the revision history at the end of the certification page.

Evolving the experience

We’ve made hundreds of fit-and-finish improvements to the Store since the Release Preview, but I want to highlight one particular addition, given the prevalence of feedback and the importance of app discoverability. We’ve added support for search from the Store landing page, simply by typing. This matches the search behavior of Start, it’s what customers expect, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to help customers find great apps.

To all the developers that submitted Consumer and Release Preview apps – thank you. We’re committed to the partnership, and greatly appreciate the investment in and commitment to the platform.

For those companies that have been waiting for the chance to submit their apps – welcome to the Windows Store!

– Ted

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  1. Robert says:

    Exciting news! Can't wait to get something submitted.

  2. Roman says:

    Great work, looking forward to the 15th!

  3. Ian Walker says:

    Not impressed with how you have handled developer comms for those of us who jumped through hoops to get 'early access'.


  4. Lars says:

    Why is the Windows 8 store submit separate from Xbox or Windows Phone App Hub?  Will they be merged or will we have to pay to use both services?

  5. Zeke Carsella says:

    will you have to have rtm to download new apps???

  6. Ben Isaacs says:

    I just want to know if a trial of Windows 8 will be available as I am a software developer looking forward to windows 8 but I don't have an MSDN or TechNet subscription. I don't want to wait until 26th October either

  7. Tom says:

    When will developers(developers, developers) can register to the store?

    Is there in a plan in the future to give one registration account for all Win8, WP7, WP8, XBox stores?

  8. Rolf Eschenbach says:

    I think, it's completly hard-nosed and arrogant from those guys at Microsoft, to close the marketplace for uploads of apps with the actual Windows and vs versions without giving any informations to us developers a few days before, so that we could plan the uploading processes before the closing …

    Again a very negative point in the relationship between Microsoft and the customers or specially us developers! The so called partnership between Microsoft and the developers is only a worthless phrase and it seems, that the developers are nothing worth to Microsoft!

    Surely the early closing was planned long before. If it was only a mistake, it would be very easy to reopen the uploading again for the next 2 weeks with the actual Win 8 build, in simply commenting out the if-clause, which takes us the chance, to upload our apps now!  

    Unfriendly greetings from me from Germany to the responsible guys at Microsoft!  

  9. Edwards says:

    When the marketplace covers Dev Registration and App Submissions for Indonesias' developer anytime soon? If you said we have been expanding globally, then should i bought you the latest atlas? Because as far as i know the word global has Indonesia included in it.

    Truly dissapointed dev from Indonesia, who we are always ignored by Microsoft

  10. I have no idea what you mean by "Today, we add 54 new markets to our list of distinct catalog offerings, giving developers more specific market opportunities and more chances to provide truly relevant apps to customers."

    Because there are only 38 countries in the list when attempting to create a developer account. And Romania is not on the list.


  11. Edwards says:

    Agree with Vlad NC. Who knows how to deliver a more relevant apps to the local customers than THEIR OWN, LOCAL developers? Do Microsoft thinks that the world only composes of 38 countries or what?

  12. Narenda says:

    Indonesia is still not in the list #WTF

  13. hypothesis says:

    1) What about selling components for developers in Windows Store?

    2) Is Windows Store available for Windows XP/Vista/7 computers?

  14. Mads Laumann says:

    When I try to register the first page I see after login is a ugly error screen 🙁

    Can't do anything. I'm from Denmark.

    HTTP Error 403.0 – Forbidden

    You do not have permission to view this directory or page.

    Detailed Error Information

    Module StoreAuthenticationModule

    Notification AuthenticateRequest

    Handler ExtensionlessUrlHandler-Integrated-4.0

    Error Code 0x00000000

    Requested URL appdev.microsoft.com/…/en-us

    Physical Path D:program filesWindowsStoreplatformwwwrootStorePortalsen-us

    Logon Method Not yet determined

    Logon User Not yet determined

  15. Andrea Martinelli says:

    Will it be possible to migrate from a developer account to a company account?

  16. Existing Windows Phone Developers? says:

    My company is already part of the Windows Phone Marketplace, do we have to pay again to join the Windows Store or does our existing account cover this?

  17. David says:

    I think there is a way we can link another developer account from the AppHub by doing this:


  18. Paul says:

    Looking forward to more up-to-date, official info on desktop applications in the Windows Store, and when they can be submitted, when they'll be listed, what requirements they must meet (other than passing the Windows App Certification Kit) to be listed, etc.

  19. Jim says:

    What's the point of selling desktop applications through Windows app store?  You pay 30% to Microsoft, you still have to exchange transactions with customers for yourself, right?

  20. @Vlad – The distinct catalogs Ted references allows you to target your app to Windows users in specific countries (and includes Romania).  This list is different from the regions where developers can register from.  We're committed to growing the number of regions in both of these lists as quickly as possible.

  21. @Zeke – Going forward, all the apps submitted with be available for download and purchase on the RTM version of Windows 8.  These apps will not be available to users running Consumer Preview or Release Preview.

    @Hypothesis – The Store is only available for apps and is only available on Windows 8.

  22. @Jim – The Store fees will only apply to Metro apps sold through the Windows Store.  No fee is collected on any sales you make of your desktop app.

    @Ben – Starting on August 15th, developers without an MSDN or TechNet subscription can go to the Dev Center to access an evaluation version of Windows 8 RTM.

    @Tom – You can register now if you have a company. Individual registrations are coming soon!

  23. @Paul – Check out this link for steps to certify your desktop app.  These terms are also included in the Store Certification Requirements: msdn.microsoft.com/…/jj134964.aspx.  You must have a company account with the Store to submit desktop apps.

  24. Jim says:

    Okay.  Thank you, Mr. Cohen.  

    Is it true, though, that Symantec will charge $500 for a company certificate?  That's an outrageous price.  If so, I'm not sure if I join the club.

  25. Alan says:

    How "wrong" is it to register for a company account specifying a different EU country (we are in EU but not supported yet) if we don't plan to release paid apps (not expecting to get paid from the store)? Would it work? Would it be approved? How high are the chances of such account being terminated?

  26. Do you guys have an ETA of when developers from countries that are currently not on the list, will be able to register for their dev account?

  27. Aaron Huang says:

    I try to register as an individual developer, the registration system ask me the "registration Code", what's that? why should we need that? Can somebody send me one? thanks! My email is hxmcn at hotmail dot com.

  28. Richard G says:

    Will the store have a graphic design category? My app doesn't comfortably fit in any of the current categories. The closest current category would be tools, but only in a very vague way.

  29. JEON says:


  30. Johan G. van der Galien says:

    Because you said RTM Trial version will be available at Technet I bought an subscription today for about US $300 (213 euro). For me as unemployed developer this is a lot of money. All in the hope to submit my Apps.

    On the bill I finally got a telephone number for the Technet Service Center: but they know nothing about a (production) RTM Trial version according to them its a Release Candidate (RC) Windows 8 and only for testing purposes: all Technet software is for testing and not production.

    Submitting to the store would be production! Actually I made the Apps with VS 2012 Express RC. Is the crux that I only can submit with a MSDN subscription so I get Windows 8 RTM and VS 2012 RTM, the final versions, will cost me additionally about $1,500.

    What do you think? Is developing Metro Apps only for the rich and the famous?

  31. Dave says:


    no  developing Metro Apps is not only for the rich and the famous.

    its only for the incredibly gullible. don't waste your time . this turd is going nowhere!

  32. sim ;) says:

    OMG the use of the banned M%@$# word!! Remove it.. Remove it.. Come on, remove it!!! its causing me headache! remove it

  33. Worthless Comments says:

    Please close the comments on posts like these – they are all worthless.  People expect tech support over a blog post, or they want product, or to grind their axe about some way they were slighted by Microsoft.

  34. ferencz says:

    ce sa fac mis umplut ceul la calculator ie vindows7

  35. Tom says:

    Is it possible to pay annual subscription for Windows Store by Paypal?

  36. Muda says:

    "If you’re an individual looking to submit apps to the Store, stay tuned—we’ll have more info to share with you soon."

    Could you PLEASE estimate when will the store open for individuals and whether it is certain they will be able to sell apps and get paid?

  37. sonja yolanda blackman says:

    please windows 8 messenger live.com

  38. Raymond says:

    Waiting for individual account, Apple and Google really make thing more simple and enjoy.

  39. Jas says:


    Can you please confirm how many paid and free apps we can post under individual account ($49)

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