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Yesterday at our Windows Store Preview event in San Francisco, we announced our plans for distributing Metro style Windows 8 apps via the new Windows Store.  As part of that event, we also announced an exciting opportunity for developers: the First Apps Contest.  Based on the tremendous amount of feedback we’ve received, and the nearly 3 million downloads of Windows 8 Developer Preview, we know many developers have been writing code and building apps. With this contest, we now provide you the opportunity to take that passion to the next level and show off the amazing experiences you are bringing to Windows 8.

Beginning yesterday and running until January 8th, 2012, you will have the chance to submit your apps to the First Apps Contest. I am excited to announce that I will be one of the three judges for this contest, alongside Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio, and Jensen Harris, Partner Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience. Together, we will determine the top 8 apps that best embody the Metro style principles as well as deliver the most value to end users. 

Each of the winners will have their app name reserved in the Store and will be featured in the Store when it opens at Windows 8 Beta. Beyond the bragging rights of having their apps be among the first in the Windows Store, the winning publishers will also each receive some prizes that will help them further improve their apps: 12 months of Windows Azure hosting, a 2-year subscription to the Windows Store, and a Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC, the same as was handed out at the BUILD conference.

I am extremely excited to see all your great apps!  Over the course of the next month, polish your apps, fix those bugs, and submit your entries.  You can find more information about the submission process as well as full contest details at

- Antoine

Comments (35)

  1. D says:

    How areyou going to help people that do not know one line of code learn to develope apps for windows 8?

  2. Klimax says:


    I don't think there is a way to help with such problem without learning programming…

  3. xpclient says:

    I just read that Windows Store apps are only licensed for 5 devices whereas Apple's App Store allows installing on unlimited devices. What's the Windows advantage then?? Why shouldn't I buy an Apple device over a Windows tablet?

  4. ChronoX says:

    @xpclient: Because even Apple knows you'll never EVER buy 5 expensive Apple devices πŸ˜‰

  5. Angel Kavazov says:

    Why are third-world country developers left out in the dark again? πŸ™

  6. Dustin says:

    Not only third-world countries… I'm from Austria which is a neighbor of Germany and not even we are allowed to participate πŸ™

  7. @Dustin says:

    love that fact you have to point out its next to Germany πŸ™‚

  8. I was told all of you before that this hole Metro BS is just to have an app store where MS can make some profit selling angry birds style pointless apps!

    MS, Steven, you ruined the hole OS just because to sell Cut the Rope, evernote, etc. type nonsense apps.

  9. Ondrej Bouda says:

    When will developers from the left-out countries get opportunity to submit theire apps?

    I'd like to post my app as soon as possible…

  10. Norwegian says:

    Why can't you just have a black-list of countries that cannot participate in this competition, instead of a very small white-list? I was excited until I found out I'm not allowed to join πŸ™

  11. Hi!

    Antoine, I would like to know if the entry could be submitted when the publisher is a company registered in Germany. Would it be enough to meet the requirements regarding the submission? I mean can the entry be submitted only as a company?

    Best regards

  12. Leoo says:

    @D: I actually think those people shouldn't be at Microsoft DEVELOPER network If they don't know a line of code and are not looking forward to learn….

  13. Tom Wellesley says:

    When will Windows 8 actually be coming out?

  14. Andrew Colborn says:

    I'm going the microsoft way, all my apps are crash and cry!

    Nah but yeah, your leaving people in the dark.

  15. hmm says:

    Its a US company. Suck it up. If u can't program don't expect to be baby fed. And why the f would u want a long blacklist. Common people use those brains.

  16. Ztemyn says:

    Where's Germany;)

  17. for some answers windows 8 comes out in the summer time.

  18. Malcolm McCaffery says:

    Pity country eligibility so limited…

  19. Janusz Konopka says:

    Ignoranti quem portus petat,

    Nullus ventus suus est.

  20. Windows 8 ARM on iPad.... says:

    Does Microsoft have any plans to release a tool to install Windows 8 ARM on iPad. If not they should. If people get a chance to install Windows 8 ARM on iPad via a respectable app like Zune for example – MSFT will have 10 MM Windows 8 tab users before Nokia released its first pad to public. It will drive developer base to pass 1 MM apps available before the end of 2012. MSFT should just kills its marketing department and invest all freed up cash in software development. How cool would ARM8 on Kindle Fire. $199 for a 7 inch pad with windows soft on it – this will market itself. Stop wasting money on TV – nobody watches it anymore. Give me usefull soft.

  21. aaron says:

    MS is afraid to allow the "third-world" countries to participate.. they want to give "first-world" developers enough cash to earn before the real quality apps start to come πŸ˜›

  22. JamesNW says:

    @aaron – what are the real quality apps come from the "third world"?  Are those malware, spybot, etc. to hack people systems considered quality SW?  Didn't you notice that the major contributors of computer, the internet, etc. technologies were from the "first world".  

  23. @JamesNW : isn’t it what the approval process is for?

  24. JamesWN says:

    @JamesNW – didn't you also notice that most hackers come from the "first world." And most Enterprise Software development is OUTSOURCED to the "third world" which could actually mean that "third world" make better software than "first world".

  25. Kamran says:

    how can I write Persian in this window ??? or is it possible or not ??? if it is impossible please make it possible (sorry that my English isn't good :((( )

  26. Question says:

    Have emails to the finalists already gone out?

  27. Imran says:

    I am waiting to hear on my "air soccer" game as well. No email for me yet πŸ™…/porting-air-soccer-to-windows-8

  28. Ratish says:

    I am hoping to get a mail as well for my "FlipSaw" game.

    No email for me yet! πŸ™

  29. Question says: now sais that finalists were selected and notified.

  30. al... says:

    keluarnya kapan nih win 8? O.o

  31. Emy says:

    actually i hate windows phone 7,, until now we can't install skype or whatsapp or any social app !!

  32. Dave Wood says:

    Sorry, But I am an Apple user and I have seven Apple devices currently in use. (2 iPhones, iPad 2, IMac 27, iMac 24, Mac Mini and Macbook). Who says that no-one would buy five expensive apple devices? Overall my total cost of ownership is less than when I used Windows as the life of each machine is so much longer. I used to update Windows machines annually. I am not a rich person, in fact I am retired on state pensions.

  33. Just curious, will there be any other contests being ran for having an app submitted before the win 8 release?  I notice I'm short of the contest date by a few days πŸ™

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