The New Home for Windows SDK info: the Windows Dev Center

So that we can bring you a great resource for information about developing Windows apps, we want to focus our conversations about the Windows SDK on the Windows Dev Center and the Windows 8 app developer blog.  These sites will be the home for future updates and information about the Windows SDK, and we’ll no longer be posting updates on this blog.  We will leave the blog posts online for those of you looking for information about previous versions of the SDK.  The Windows SDK support forums on MSDN are also available for peer-to-peer support for questions and problems. There are separate forums for Desktop and Metro style app development.

Thank you for using this resource – we hope you’ve found it useful as you’ve built great apps for Windows. We look forward to continuing the conversation on the Windows 8 app developer blog.

Comments (1)

  1. grumpy says:

    So, a blog dedicated *exclusively* to Win8/Metro apps, and a catch-all developer portal which contains no actual communication? I guess no one cares about *regular* Windows development any more?

    Odd way of "focusing your conversations", I feel.

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