SDK Workaround: VCBuild fails to compile or upgrade projects

This workaround applies to:


·         The prerelease Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5 (RC0) 

In order for VCBuild to run properly, vcprojectengine.dll needs to be registered. If vcprojectengine.dll is not registered, VCBuild.exe will fail with errors such as:

On compile: warning MSB3422: Failed to retrieve VC project information through the VC project engine object model. System error code: 127

 On upgrade: Failed to upgrade project file ‘foo.vcproj’. Please make sure the file exists and is not write-protected.

To workaround this issue, vcprojectengine.dll must be manually registered. From a Windows SDK command line window (as administrator in Vista:

On an X86 machine, run:


cd %mssdk%\VC\bin

regsvr32 vcprojectengine.dll


On an X64 machine, run:

cd %mssdk%\VC\bin\X64

regsvr32 vcprojectengine.dll

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