Troubleshooting sample building issues on X64, post 4

Here’s another workaround for building Windows Vista SDK samples on X64.  Look for my earlier workaround posts and keep checking for more.  New to 64-bit programming?  Matt Pietrek’s MSDN Magazine article, “Everything You Need To Know To Start Programming 64-Bit Windows Systems” will help. 

4. Error:  Msbuild Reports a Dependency upon the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK 2.0.

Problem:  The Windows SDK does not set the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\sdkInstallRootv2.0 registry key to a string value containing the root directory of the Windows SDK installation. However, some MSBuild tasks may expect this registry key to be set. If you already have the .NET Framework SDK 2.0 or Visual Studio 2005 installed, this key would be set and you should not encounter a problem. However, if you install the Windows SDK without either the .NET Framework SDK or Visual Studio 2005, you may receive an error message from MSBuild tasks with a dependency on this key.

Workaround:  Set the string value of this key to the root directory of the Windows SDK installation. By default, this is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0.

Karin Meier

Windows SDK Samples Program Manager


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  1. Are you having problems building some of the Windows Vista SDK samples on an X64 machine? Me too. That’s

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