WPF in the Windows SDK

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), one of the components of .NET Framework 3.0, is the newest presentation technology for the creation of next-generation Windows applications. XAML-based and graphics-oriented, WPF enables developers and designers to create rich and effective user experiences that incorporate UI, media, and documents. Need examples? Applications that are built using WPF include Microsoft Expression Blend, the New York Times Reader, and Yahoo Messenger for Vista. WPF is part of Windows Vista and runs on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003.


For more WPF goodness, check out the WPF community site, the WPF SDK docs (in particular, the Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation article), and the WPF SDK team blog.


Karin Meier

Samples PM, Windows SDK Team 



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  1. David Evan says:

    I’m working for a major company that is developing apps on XP and deploying ASP.Net apps to a multi-browser web environment.  Can you just tell me in plain, technical speak what I need to download in order to both build and support WPF applications through ASP.Net and Silverlight?

    I read on MSDN that the VISTA specific WinSDK is needed.  If this is so does that mean that developers must be on the VISTA platform to do development of Silverlight apps?

    Unfortunately and sadly, the information on this blog and elsewhere in MSDN seems to point me in too many directions and doesn’t cut to the chase of what really a) works NOW, and not in the future and b) what we need to make that work.

    I could try to coordinate with our MS sales reps but I’m just looking for the quick answer for now for  a quick presentation of silverlight we are trying to drum in the next week.


    David Evan Karasek


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