IntelliSense in the Windows SDK

The Windows SDK includes almost everything a professional developer would need to program for Windows, such as headers, tools, docs, and samples.  


As a part of this, we shipped IntelliSense XML files for .NET Framework 3.0 in the Windows SDK for Vista and we create the IntelliSense Xml files for the .NET Framework 3.5 for all Visual Studio editions including Visual Studio Express. 


IntelliSense is especially useful when exploring a new technology.  There is information about IntelliSense here: IntelliSense presents text to the VS user. Some, perhaps all, of that text can be found in an XML file that corresponds to an assembly of a similar name.


One example of this text follows:


 <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>






                   <member name=”N:System.Data.ObjectSpaces” />

                   <member name=”T:System.Data.ObjectSpaces.AutoIncrementKeyGenerator”>

                             <summary>Generates identity keys for entities.</summary>




I am trying to understand the ratio of people that use the IntelliSense XML files through Visual Studio versus how many use the IntelliSense XML files directly from the Windows SDK. My guess is that most folks that use IntelliSense XML files use it in Visual Studio, but I’d like to hear from the community on this one.


Sean Grimaldi

Documentation PM

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