Windows SDK July CTP is live

The Windows SDK July CTP is live and ready for download. Note that there are many caveats around this download, so we highly recommend you read Tom Archer’s recent blog entry to help you decide if you want the Beta 2, June CTP or July CTP of the SDK.

Of course, we’re well down the road to finishing our work on the RC1 release, getting our plans in place for RTM and thinking about life beyond RTM. It’s funny to mentally be in three places at once – supporting the product on one hand, working on the immediate next release on the other, and making long term plans on the, umm… other other hand.

If you have any dream features or changes you’d like to see, we’re always listening and always take user comments into consideration. We assume that silence means we’re doing things right, so if there’s something – anything – that you want to see changed or fixed, post it here. Want to see the SDK localized into a particular language? Have a sample that doesn’t work? Want to see more or less of a certain thing? We have a lot of releases in front of us, so please let us know where we can improve.

Comments (2)

  1. dispensa says:

    I’d love to see netcfgx.h in the sdk – there’s a discussion on the mvp sdk newsgroup about it now.

  2. Scott Bailey says:

    Some additional documentation and / or samples on the WSDAPI would be great for future releases. The current documentation in that area is a little empty at the moment.

    SDK is looking good, can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

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