Custom install locations – what do you think?

In the June CTP, we delivered custom install locations in the Windows SDK. Have you folks seen it? If so, what do you think of it? Have you run into any problems or issues with it? Any suggested changes to the page design or format? This is a great chance to get involved with helping to influence how the SDK team implements this function. We created the screen after quite a bit of design discussions within our team, but we’d like to know if the decisions we made seems logical and usable by you.

And if you didn’t use the install locations when installing June CTP, why not? Did you choose any custom install options? We’re planning on adding metrics tracking for these issues, but we’re also curious to hear your anecdotal evidence on what you do and why.

Jason Sacks
Setup PM
Windows SDK


Comments (1)

  1. arunpv says:


    I installed it and it looks good. But i think there is a big space between destination folder textbox and the browse button.  It window looks more stretched. overall its nice.

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