February 2003 PSDK and older, ordering and uninstall secrets

Perhaps you want to install a version of the PSDK that will work with VS6, the last version of the PSDK to work with VS6 was the following version:

Microsoft Platform SDK, February 2003 Edition
The only way you can get this SDK is by ordering it (for about $10 — you only pay shipping costs) from…


Perhaps you have a version of the PSDK February 2003 or older and are having issues uninstalling, and of course don’t have the media any more. You can follow these steps to rid your system of this old SDK.

You will need to do the following, to clean up the PSDK totally:

Remove Microsoft sdk reg entry (only if this is the only sdk installed):

Remove shortcuts from start menu:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Platform
SDK Feb 2003

RemoveProgram Files\Microsoft SDK folder
This is the painful part:
Find all .msi that are releated to the February 2003 release in
from the cmd line you can run msiexec.exe -x nameofmsi.msi

You should also…
Unregister and then remove from %windir% these controls



Derek [Windows-SDK]

Comments (5)

  1. How to find the ProductCode or the product package in the local cache given a product name.

  2. Michael Gauthier says:

    Neither the download link nor the mail order form work anymore (in fact it links to a porn site). I need this SDK to build some legacy modules.

  3. Grant Croker says:

    If you have an MSDN subscription you can get the Feb 2003 SDK in the download area

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