The Windows SDK Beta 2 is live

The Windows SDK Beta 2 release is live and ready for downloading. Known issues:

  • There is no ability to choose a custom install location for the SDK for this release.

  • If you are using Windows Vista, copy SDK samples to your own work area to build; do not attempt to build samples under Program Files

  • New to Vista (non-WInFX) samples are listed and and their install location identified under the SDK documentation topic Windows Vista Samples.

  • WinFX samples are embedded in the SDK documentation (under the topic WinFX Samples) and in a handful of .zip files in the SDK Samples folder (%MSSDK%\Samples).

  • To use Visual Studio 2005 together with the SDK,

  • Install Visual Studio 2005 Extension for WinFX, to support WinFX development

  • Run %MSSDK%\Setup\vcintegrate.exe to support Win32 development

  • Samples are built in the following ways:

  • Samples with makefiles are built using nmake.exe

  • Samples with .csproj or .vbproj files are built using msbuild.exe or loading into Visual Studio 2005.

  • Samples with .vcproj file are built using vcbuild.exe or loading into Visual Studio 2005.

  • Do not use PowerShell to build SDK samples with makefiles if targeting an X64 processor platform.

Please refer to ReleaseNotes.htm for more details about any other known issues with this release of the SDK.

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