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Hi Peoples!


Another one of the Program Managers from the Windows SDK team, here.  J 

My name is Melinda Klein.  I figured that I would introduce myself and tell you a little about one of my projects.


I’ve been working on the Vista Developer Story for the past year.  The goal has been to provide an overview from a developer’s perspective of some of what is shiny and new in Vista.  We have been hoping to capture that perspective from your viewpoint (pretty sure you know that *we* think Vista rocks). 


We have been publishing frequent updates to the article which is hosted on the Vista Developer Center on MSDN   Check it out! 


A couple of things about the format; we currently provide an online summary and a downloadable help file.  We have the structure of the Table of Contents presented on our landing page – so that you can see what is coming.  There are well over 500 pages of content now, and it just keeps growing so be sure to check out the whole experience. 


We coordinate with multitudes (hordes you might even say) of developer teams to keep you informed and we work to incorporate what-ever changes might have happened during the development cycle.  That means that we not only publish new information, but also refresh the existing content with updates.  We have several new articles in the queue right now and they are expected to go live later today.  Those articles will cover the following new (or updated topic areas):



·         Speech



·         Web Services on Devices

·         Internet Information Services

o        Run-time Status & Control

o        IIS Manager

o        IIS Modules



One of the cool things about this format and publishing cycle is that it provides us with a way to get you frequent updates and to investigate new content that folks might have an interest in.  Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback on it.  We have an alias set up just for that purpose  I hope you take the time to read or at least browse the article. 


 Let me know via the alias if there are specific topics you would like more information on.  Next in the queue is some cool stuff about Mobility and Tablet.  Enjoy!


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