Welcome to the Windows SDK Team Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Windows SDK team blog. My name is Lori Pearce and I’m the Product Unit Manager (PUM) for the SDK team.

We have a lot of exciting plans afoot for the SDK, such as improved tools coverage, more and better documentation, and additional improvements to setup. I’m excited to have this blog be a place where members of our team can tell you about the work they’re doing on their projects, and hopefully give readers a window into Microsoft, our team and our corporate culture. This blog will be a place for the Windows SDK team to have a dialogue with our users, and the blog will allow us to better understand what’s important to you. It also gives us a place to trumpet our successes, as well as sharing with you some of the issues that we’re having trouble resolving.

In the future, expect posts from members of each functional discipline on the Windows SDK team. I’m hoping to get the dev, test, program management and lab teams involved in keeping you up to date on what the Windows SDK team is working on.

Please be sure to send us feedback. We read everything you send our way. After all, you are the people who use the SDK every day.

Thanks for reading, and please be sure to check back to this blog frequently or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Lori Pearce

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  2. Hi all,


    My name is Steven Goulet, Group Program Manager of the Windows SDK and I would like…

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