Customizing the Sliding Panel Homescreen

Hi, my name is Jorge Peraza; I am a Developer on the Windows Mobile team that was responsible for the new “Sliding Panel” home screen in Windows Mobile 6.1.   When we were working on the visual style and functionality of the home screen we tried to make something that looked both professional and appealing…

Faster C#

Hi everybody, my name is Roshan Khan and I’m a dev working on Windows Mobile at MS. I’ve been working at the Mobile Devices division for the past 18 months. For the majority of my day I’m working in C++  and on a few unfortunate occasions assembly. Whenever I get the chance however, I try…


Submitting Developer Feature Requests

Want to shape the future of the Windows Mobile developer experience? Proceed to to submit your developer feature requests and vote on others to drive feature importance.


How to run Hopper on your application (step-by-step) procedures

The Hopper Cookbook (Step-by-step instructions to improve application stability) The intent of this document is to introduce Hopper to the application developer who is targeting applications for the Windows Mobile platform. The purpose of running Hopper against your application is to find exceptions, hangs and deadlocks that may be lurking in your application that may…


Softkeys and you!

Hi, my name is Patrick Derks and I work as a developer in the Windows Mobile Shell. I’ve owned the softkey code in Windows Mobile for a few months now and I keep getting questions about how to do basic stuff with the softkeys. For example, I had  a developer just the other day ask…


Why did we remove Bluetooth DUN?

  I’m Greg Scott and I work as a developer on a team that provides core networking technologies on Windows Mobile.  There has been some [negative] feedback from the community about Bluetooth dial-up networking (DUN) being removed in WM5 AKU3.  I’ll do my best to explain that.   Internet [Connection] Sharing   In WM5 AKU3…


What would you like to see in future phone APIs

We are in the phone app team. The Phone app is the app that is used to make and manage voice calls.We are trying to understand how the developers use the phone app or would like to use the phone as a platform. We would like you to answer the following questions.1.       What are the…


Getting Started with MAPI

Getting Started with MAPI (update 3/22/2007 1:59pm: see comments for .NetCF equivalent)   I’m Jay Ongg, and I’m a developer for Mobile Devices at Microsoft. I’ve been in this division for a little over four years, and as part of my job, I work with OEMs and ISVs. I’m here to write some articles on…


Virtual Earth Mobile 1.71

Virtual Earth Mobile has been replaced by “Live Search for Windows Mobile” which can be downloaded for free at VirtualEarthMobile.CAB


Windows Live Search for Mobile

The Windows Live Search team has released a beta of “Windows Live Search for Mobile”, an app for Windows Mobile devices that (to quote their web site) “brings the power of Windows Live Local Search to your cell phone. Now you can get the answers you need no matter where you are. Need to find…