Windows Mobile RampUp track is now available on MSDN



Are you interested in learning about Windows Mobile Application Development from the ground up and looking for some easy-to-use content that helps you get started? We have good news for you. We have just launched the MSDN RampUp track for Windows Mobile Application Development on MSDN.

Last week, we had the opportunity to talk with Johanna White, Senior Product Manager with the RampUp program. Johanna has been responsible for launching the Windows Mobile track, along with several other tracks, the latest of which are Move from ASP to ASP.NET, Web Development with ASP.NET, and Move from PHP to ASP.NET, all of which just launched this week .

Now you’re probably wondering, what does RampUp stand for? RampUp is a free online learning program that helps developers to acquire skills in specific technologies and development areas, such as Windows Mobile Development, SharePoint Development and many others. RampUp is completely free. It provides easy-to-access content, in a guided path that defines the important lessons and the order in which you learn them.

RampUp content is offered in a variety of forms that allow you to choose the best way to learn; we have articles, codecasts, slidecasts and v-labs. All the content has been authored by well-known experts in the field, such as well-known book and article authors and MVPs.

To access the Windows Mobile track for RampUp, click here. The Windows Mobile RampUp track consists of 7 modules, each of which takes you one step further to master Windows Mobile Application Development. These modules range from a basic introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development and a lesson on how to use the tools to Advanced Windows Mobile Forms Development. You will learn about Device Emulators, such as the specific features of Device Emulator 2.0 and Device Emulator 3.0, and we will show you how to control individual Device Emulators from inside Visual Studio 2008.

The RampUp track for Windows Mobile will also provide you with an introduction to SQL Server CE. You will learn about the specific security consideration you will have to make when developing applications for Windows Mobile. In the final module, you will receive an overview of Windows Mobile Web development. You will learn how to identify on which device your application will run and what devices will support AJAX. After completing each module, you will have gained a solid foundation that will help you get started with to developing more advanced applications for the Windows Mobile platform.

And as an added bonus, you will even receive a graduation award after completing the track.

Make sure to check it out for yourself!

Comments (4)

  1. Thanks for this nice initiative. I couple of my collegues here are sighning up right now and hopefully it should be of great benefits to all of us here in taking our windows mobile skills to next level.

  2. Jobasti says:

    I know my question is offtopic. But please answer if you can.

    I have a question about the Windows Mobil 6.5 – Zoomingfunction

    Is it possible to zoom websites in the IE like that?

    If you know someone who can answer me please let me know @

  3. Sam says:

    Will anyone from Microsoft comment on why Windows Mobile support was dropped from Visual Studio 2010 (beta 1)?

  4. timlayton says:

    The ramp up series for windows mobile is very well done and is very helpful for existing and new developers.  Once you have completed the series–you want more!  And to answer the other question about windows mobile support in visual studio 2010, the answer is yes, there is support as there is for the previous versions.  Remember that historically windows mobile development in visual studio has come in the form of a SDK.

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