Windows Mobile Facebook Application update

If you weren’t aware, Microsoft recently released a Facebook application for Windows Mobile. We’ve heard some users have been having problems with installation and a new copy of the app has been posted. This version should help anyone that was getting the “cannot install due to insufficient privileges” error and it should also help with some hanging errors.

You’ll want to uninstall the old application and then make sure that the facebook.vol and fbmail.vol files are deleted from your root directory before reinstalling. You can get the new .cab file at the download center or from your phone.

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  1. chrisphm16 says:

    I LOVE networking on Facebook, anything having to do with that is right up my alley!


  2. Ricardo says:

    Me gusta mucho se ve mejor que el que trae blackberry es muy completo muy buena su interfaz y es estable.

  3. domenico says:

    Congrat. for shipping Faceboook application.

    Pls. add Menu Exit in facebook application

    Pls add AutoUpdate



  4. criskoe says:

    yes definatly double yes to a reliable auto update please.

  5. This is a great little app, but on the initial version i would only get the loading data screen on the photos tab in the home menu. Hopefully this is fixed now.

    If it works, i’m going to add a review for this on my blog soon.


  6. Toby Severtson says:

    Just tested the updated version…still locking up on my device and a few others.  🙁  Another update coming soon?

  7. bytemybits says:

    I get duplicate statuses when using the app.  Any other reports on this?

  8. mkhalford says:

    application will not connect. returns message

    "Can’t Connect to Facebook

    Please check you’re connected to the Internet"

    I am connected and this is the only app that does not want to connect.

    Any idea’s

  9. QC says:

    I think the app is great.  However, it is a little slow and there is no facility to ‘Comment’ on or ‘Like’ other people’s posts.

  10. anthony says:

    I love the fact I finally have this app on my touch pro. But my only issue is the fact it doesnt show any notifications, but we I go to the mobile website I see them, any fix for this?

  11. WP says:

    Still wasting screen space on smartphones, no graceful exit, navigation still sucks for non-touch devices.

    Can’t comment from news feed – why even have it?

    Auto update pls? kthx

    But I guess something is better than nothing….

  12. JBundy says:

    Feedback on Facebook for Windows Mobile by Microsoft.

    1.  When viewing my wall or the postings of others, I see comments I’ve made in response, but I see no one elses comments on their posts or my posts (status updates/wall posts/photo comments/etc).  Fix ASAP!

    2.  "Comment" and "Like" buttons need to be added when you click on someone’s/your own post on the Home tab (news feed/status updates/photos) and comments on the "wall."  This is one of the most integrated features used on Facebook now.  You’re still playing "catch up."  Play "follow the leader."

    3.  Just a suggestion … a little brand bragging could encourage the applications use more for those that appreciate Windows Mobile e.g., instead of their being that mobile icon whenever you post something, have the post say, "via Facebook for Windows Mobile" like if I were to post something to Twitter and have Twitter automatically set up on Facebook to show my Twitter update and it shows " – via Twitter."  Just a thought …

    4.  Viewing profiles seems to only show the side information that you allow shown on your individual feed for the desktop version of Facebook.  Show the actual profile information!

    5.  Develop more to allow for access/searching for/interacting with groups/fan pages.  No other mobile version really allows this.  It’d be great to have, though.

    Just some thoughts.  Please take them constructively.  Thanks for finally coming out with a native Facebook app for Windows Mobile.

  13. JBundy says:

    Sorry I mean by playing "follow the leader," be the leader.  Lead the pack.

  14. WinMo732 says:

    Why in the world doesn’t the uninstall of the original app remove the two files that MUST be removed before you install the new version?

    Better yet … the new app should detect the old one, and remove whatever is necessary for you.  Apps from other companies can do this (ie Google) why wouldn’t an app from MICROSOFT do it?

    Your post doesn’t mention where the files will be found on the device either.  I am a die hard WinMo fan, but come on … I would never recommend a WinMo phone to a non-technical person for this exact reason.


  15. Ty says:

    I 2nd that WinMo732.  Girlfriend shall never use a Windows Mobile Phone & nor will I ever get her to try.

  16. Brody says:

    Can you PLEASE add Facebook chat to this application???

  17. wtf says:

    What’s wrong with just using Facebook Mobile? (

  18. Carl says:

    First of all, great app!  Overall I think it is a better experience than Facebook for BlackBerry.

    I have to agree with the other comments though, it really needs the ability to comment and like on other people’s status.  Excluding that is a big omission that severely limits the apps usefulness.

    I also agree with the poster who suggested Facebook Chat.  That would make this a killer app!

  19. dbrough says:

    I get the same error as mkhalford, with the original app and again with the update, it says it can’t connect, but my browser and netflix app all connect perfectly.  I deleted the files, installed it straight from the IE browser on my phone and nothing.  Can’t connect.  I’ve got an HTC Fuze if that helps.  I was looking forward to using this, but without being able to connect, I can’t even try it out.

  20. Joshuapa says:

    If you’re still having issues with getting the application to run after following the steps in this post, I’ve got two more things you can try.

    One possible fix, if you’re getting the "cannot connect" message when you login, is to verify that your date is current. If date/time is out of whack it might cause syncing issues with Facebook.

    Another issue we’ve seen is that an operator might require a proxy, but not when using WiFi. The proxy is still enabled when WiFi is connected, and the Facebook application can’t connect. The workaround would be to disable the proxy in Settings->Connections when you are using WiFi.

    Thanks for the great feedback on the application. If you’re still having issues after trying these steps, let us know and provide what details you can (phone, network, etc). I’m making sure to forward your comments on to the team responsible for this application.


  21. dbrough says:

    Hey, I got it working!  So it was giving me the cannot connect error over 3G, but after josh’s comment that mentioned over wifi, i went ahead and tried that.  I tured off the cell radio, turned on wifi and the app connected.  Well, then I went back and turned the cell radio back on, turned off the wifi, navigated a bit more in the app, then shut the app down and started it back up and it’s still working! Even tried restarting the phone just to be sure and it still works.  So maybe some issue with the first login?

    btw, i like the phone directory, straightforward, organized simple and has photos, good jorb.

  22. Alex says:

    can’t connect errore on windows mobile 6 prof (not phone)

  23. John says:

    I am also having problems with the notifications. if i connect on my phone with opera i have notifications pending, but they arent shown via the windows app. verizon, samsung omnia,

  24. satyagung says:

    i can’t see the comment update

  25. Jeff D. says:

    OK, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and I the app still freezes my phone at the LOGIN page.  I have to soft reset the phone to get it working again.

    I have the AT&T Tilt on the AT&T Network.

  26. micheleN says:

    Stupid people say stupid things, why can’t they get along with each other?


  27. bobjim says:

    Nothing spectacular about this, but props at least for finally getting an official app out there on the win mobile platform.

    I would agree with everyone’s suggestions on this page so far.

    On my touch HD finger scrolling is VERY slow and takes like 40 strokes with my finger to get from the of a page to the bottom. Not sure if it’s the same on other hardware, but it’s for this reason alone that I don’t use the app and just use (or on opera). At least they seem to show notifications a bit more reliably.

    I can’t think of other suggestions i had right now, but i’ll have a play around on it later after i’ve installed the updated version.

  28. Alkorsi says:

    Hi Guys!

    I can see only "Fetching…" in the home-, friends and inbox-tab! What´s wrong? Any hints?

    Thank you!


  29. R1 says:

    Thanks dbrough! I had the same problem as you with it connecting over WiFi but not 3G, so I tried your solution and it worked.


  30. JBundy says:


    Just notice something that might improve the experience … contacts integration with device contacts.  Have it so Facebook friends and their pic, email, etc. can sync with the address book.

  31. Torremitsu says:

    Is anyone one else having a font issue?  Everything is in cursive and when typed in all caps, its impossible to read.  Any suggestions??

  32. darma says:

    Can i use the facebook for my Windows Mobile 5

  33. Albert says:

    can someone help me how to ADD FRIENDS from WM Facebook app?

    i’ve been trying and searching, but found nothing…

    I think this feature is crucial on the Facebook app.

  34. GS says:

    I can’t connect to facebook with mobile app on my WM6.0 phone. All the other applications has no problem to connect internet with 2G network. My phone dosen’t have Wifi module I didn’t try to connect with wifi. The error message is below.

    Can’t connect to Facebook.

    Please check you’re connected to the internet.

    Somebody help me!

  35. Keri says:

    I am disappointed that i can’t search for new friends… or maybe i am just missing it…



  36. Joshuapa says:

    I tried to get to answers to some of your comments. For those that I couldn’t get solutions for, I made sure the team that made the app was aware of the issue. Hope this helps and as always, keep the comments coming.


    @ Albert


    can someone help me how to ADD FRIENDS from WM Facebook app?

    i’ve been trying and searching, but found nothing…

    I think this feature is crucial on the Facebook app.


    To add a friend you must browse to the intended user’s profile. The right soft key menu will then include an option to “add as friend”. There is not an option from the application to search for Facebook users who are not your friend already. The only way to access the profile of a user who is not your friend is via the wall of someone that is. If you see someone on a friends wall that you want to add, you can navigate to their profile and should be able to add them from there.

    @ darma


    Can I use the facebook for my Windows Mobile 5


    The application will not work on WM 5.0.

    @ Jeff D.


    OK, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and I the app still freezes my phone at the LOGIN page.  I have to soft reset the phone to get it working again.

    I have the AT&T Tilt on the AT&T Network.


    When you uninstalled did you delete Facebook.vol and Fbmail.vol? Not deleting these files is the most likely cause of freezing at login. If you open File Explorer and navigate to the root directory (), you should see them.



    I am also having problems with the notifications. if i connect on my phone with opera i have notifications pending, but they arent shown via the windows app. verizon, samsung omnia,


    The Windows Mobile Facebook application displays a limited number of notification/request types. Specifically, you should be seeing friend requests and pokes.



    I can’t connect to facebook with mobile app on my WM6.0 phone. All the other applications has no problem to connect internet with 2G network. My phone dosen’t have Wifi module I didn’t try to connect with wifi. The error message is below.

    Can’t connect to Facebook.

    Please check you’re connected to the internet.

    Somebody help me!


    Check that connection settings are not using a proxy. Connection Settings -> Edit Existing Connection -> Advanced, uncheck the "my connection uses a proxy" option. Reboot and try again.

  37. alkorsi says:


    Is there really no suggestion how to solve the "Fetching" Problem that I am facing? A re-installation didn´t help!


  38. James says:

    I’m having trouble with the photo upload. The error is: 120: Invalid album id

    Is there supposed to be a specific album created for these uploaded photos?

  39. Carlos says:


    here running ok from Touch HD..

    can you enable screen rotation and image resize for your photo browser???

    geotag your uploaded photo or video can be nice too


  40. Can't read facebook in scripts says:

    hmm….what’s wrong…love the app

  41. FennyFatal says:

    I would love to see notifications interface with the core notification system, i.e. just like an email or a text, perhaps a FB service that runs in the background and periodically checks for notification updates. could even get it from the FB xml directly… I would also like better integration with the home screen, especially with the new Titanium today plugin for WM 6.5 that is coming, this could easily be an item on that.

  42. Yoshi says:

    Hey, finally an facebook app for WM.

    I am only a light user of Facebook but i would like to see the following additions:

    – When viewing the photos, please add the ability to zoom (especially for QVGA devices) and to rotate photos

    – Add a thumbnail view for the album. Let say there are 60 pics in an album and it is very unreasonable for us to netvigate all the way down if I just want to see the 45th photo. A thumbnail view (maybe 20 pics per page) would be necessary.

    Keep up with any updates!

  43. Allen says:

    Seriously, chat is required to make this a useful app.  Come on!!

  44. Ryan says:

    I’m running Windows Mobile 6.1 Prof on Sprint Touch Diamond.  All in all, I enjoy the application, however one issue I have is Notifications.  Whenever I click on the Notification tab, there is no data displayed.  I see the activity on my data status icon.  There’s no refresh option via soft key.  So I can’t be sure what the issue is.

    Also, it would be nice if one could view existing comments when browsing photo albums.  I know on News Updates it indicates that a comment was made, but there’s no way to see what the comment actually was.

  45. kmdgn says:

    I do not understand the point of this app?  You don’t get notifications, you can’t view comments on statuses, you can only view the LAST comment on your own statuses, the news feed is one short page long and you cannot go to the next page.  I tried this app, and found it easier to just go to

  46. TK says:

    This is a pretty handy app, and I will continue to use it in the future.  I like it how I can count on this for a phonebook backup and all my online pictures are onhand quickly.

    On the other hand, having notifications, comments, AND the ability to view tagged photos would be awesome.

  47. Like Torremitsu – my fonts are messed up.  I posted a screenshot here:

    Can anyone help me? I have tried a bunch of different solutions that allow me to change Windows Mobile default fonts, but it changes the font everywhere but within Facebook.

  48. kamal says:

    i can’t see the comment update

  49. Lucia says:

    Overall I think this is a great program but I noticed that it works perfect on my sisters samsung jack and not my at&t fuze. It wont show any of my notifications, friend requests or pokes, even though it notifies me in the news feed. Actually I think my complete Mail tab doesn’t work! Also not everything shows up in my news feed.

    Also I cant see any of my comments when I post them on ppls status’.

    Auto update would be a great add.

    Please help me!

  50. edcata says:

    Really can we work on the notification/request?? Like it was said the only thing im seeing is friend request.

    Also whats up with having to refresh all the time anyway to make it more real time? or even when i click back and forth on the links at top at least make it auto refresh.

    other then that the app is cool…


  51. IraqiGeek says:


    I have an unlocked Samsung i617 (blackJack II) on Vodafone Portugal. I can connect to the internet and open from PocketIE, but can not connect using the application.

  52. IraqiGeek says:

    Nevermind, just solved it.

    For the benefit of other people who have a WM smartphone or an i617 on Vodafone Portugal, here are the settings:

    Go to settings->Connections->GPRS. Add a new connection. Enter the following info:

    Connects to: The Internet

    Access Point:

    USer name: vodafone

    Password: vodafone

    Authentication Type: None

    Primary and Secondary DNS:

    IP address: leave blank

  53. Mark says:

    1. Need to be able to see wall COMMENTS!!!

    2. Touch scrolling on my Samsung Omnia is rediculously slow!  How is it that Microsoft is so far behind in touch technology? Can you not program a smoother touch engine??? You could pay a few Apple programers to do it for you! 🙂

    These two things would make the app usable. Untill you fix these issues, I’ll stick with my trusty Opera browser WHICH HAS SMOOTH TOUCH SCROLLING!!!

  54. Wayne says:

    The application loaded successfully but is showing wingding characters instead of English text…any ideas????  I am using a Motorola Q

  55. Bob says:

    FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALY I GOT IT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was getting the "Can’t connect to facebook.  Please check you’re connected to the internet" error.  

    I deselected the "This network uses a proxy xerver…" under connections, and VOILA, it works.  

    Fortunately, all my other internet programs (i.e. Opera) still work with that deselected.

    Last but not least, THIS IS THE BEST FB PROGRAM OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Bob says:

    Mark, if you have the Omnia, why aren’t you using the finger mouse?  Touch scrolling would be nice, but the finger mouse is off the hizzinoid for shizzinoid.

  57. Kdawg says:

    is there any way to check your notifications on here? plus is there any app for facebook chat??

  58. Stephen says:

    Problem I am having is that Facebook for Windows Mobile will never fetch any photos its always says "fetching" and stays that way. My other internet applications work no problem on my CDMA HTC Touch Diamond on the Telus Network.

  59. Andrei says:

    At least the intentions were good.

  60. Dodo says:

    Can’t Install!

    I have a motorola q9c running windows mobile 6.1 and I can’t install this.  I’ve downloaded multiple times.. but each time I try installing I get

    "Installation was unsuccessful.  The program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate."

    What could be going on here?  I find it hard to believe that it’s really not signed?  It is a microsoft app after all..

    This is with

    Any suggestions for getting it installed would be appreciated.  I found a signing utility that I tried running on the cab file and that utility says it’s signed but not timestamped.. if that means anything.

  61. Leighann says:

    I need someone to help me with facebook, I’m having hard time to get pictures back on which I need my own album back on. It said "You not have added any mobile applications"

  62. Caswell says:

    I’m having trouble uploading photos.  I get and Error code "120: Invalid Album ID".  Anyone know of fix for this?

  63. orewriter says:

    my app getting weird… i can’t see my status and other activities in my wall..i just can see my friends wall post.. please help me…

  64. SandDanz says:

    orewriter – sounds like I’m having a similar problem!

    Noticed earlier that none of my status updates since yesterday have shown up on my "wall" on the Windows FaceBook app so after refreshing I tried to re-install the application.  Now NONE of my status updates are there!  They have all vanished.  I can’t get any to appear.  The only thing showing on my wall are other comments people have posted there.  Any help is much appreciated.

  65. amber says:

    Can someone pls tell me why this app is worse than facebook mobile, and why would I add another app to my touch pro that does less than the one that came with the phone?  Im so disappointed, and want a blackberry or iphone.

  66. InTheMist says:

    Nope.  Sorry, Microsoft – this needs a lot more work.  I’ll continue using (which ironically works better than the actual microsoft app) or

    Even with WIFI, it is mudurously slow, and sometimes won’t update at all.  In the browser – everything is just fine.

    I’m a huge Microsoft fan, but c’mon.

  67. Bob says:

    The reason I installed this app is I wanted to upload photos from my htc touch diamond 2.  but when I tried I got the "120: Invalid Album ID" error message.  I think I’ll just uninstall the app.

  68. jweir says:

    what font does the applicaton use? On my HTC 8500 from Cinglar/Att look like some sort of Star Terk font and it everywhere and hard to read and the casing of the font is mess up

  69. Danny says:

    Yup like others have said here… My newfeed stays at fetching for a long time then retrives nothing so my newfeed is blank. I have uninstalled & removed all the files said here & reinstalled, but alas my newsfeed is still empty. Any help would be awesome!

  70. Shawn says:

    I can’t see any comments made to a wall post, should I be able to?

  71. Lisa says:

    Really MicroSoft? What a waste of space on my Fuze! I can use mobile Facebook or even the standard web version and get better results. Why is "CHAT" so hard for you to understand???

  72. maswal says:

    i already desellect "This network uses a proxy xerver…"

    but still got the "Can’t connect to facebook.  Please check you’re connected to the internet" error message….

    anybody can help me…???

  73. brian.willmert says:

    My News Feeds and my Status Updates work fine, but my Wall is stuck on June 19th and wont update.  I can look at other people’s walls fully updated, but mine wont go past June 19th.  I tried uninstalling, removing those .vol files mentioned above, and reinstalling, still no luck!  What’s up with that?

  74. Jo says:

    No chat makes this hardly useful… there are 3rd party fb chat apps though but the official one should be the best really….

  75. Greg says:

    Gotta agree.  Was excited at first, but the Windows Mobile Explorer is way more practical for FB.  The first thing it gives you is notifications when you log in.

  76. Leo says:

    The WM app will not store my email/password.

  77. Steve says:

    Liek the initial version of the application, but not seeing what other people have left for comments on other’s status updates is a serious limitation. Can really make you look like an idiot when commenting on someone’s status when others have done so already etc.

    Don’t know why you can post a comment to someone’s status yet you can’t see what other folks have said.

    Also, it should be more clear when you update your own status to show you it has posted, I ended up making duplicate updates.

    Uploading photos etc works fine. Using an HTC 5800 on Verizon.

    Would also be nice to update the main home screen of the phone with FB notifications and your own status at some point.

    Good first (or second) try….

  78. djp says:

    for chat i use "fim" from

    better then all other  winmo facebook apps altogether

  79. agreenspan says:

    The app is useless without being able to see other people’s comments on statuses.

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