Marketplace Registration Open!

In the latest update to, developers can now Register to participate in Windows Marketplace for Mobile. This marks another milestone in providing Windows Mobile Developers a clear path to develop, test, certify and distribute their Windows Mobile applications via the Windows® Marketplace for Mobile. Throughout the registration process, links to key documentation for distributing apps through Windows Marketplace for Mobile are provided.

Next steps for developers?

· REGISTER NOW. Developers can submit their complete profile information and take the first step in registration.

· Follow the Windows Mobile Developer team on Twitter @wmdev, Facebook and YouTube.

· Keep up to date via the Windows Mobile Team blog.

· And, stay informed with the latest development tools on the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN.

Finally, if you have any questions for the team that are not already addressed in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile FAQ, I invite you to write a comment below.

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  1. Manbolo says:


    We’re french developpers and would like to sign up to the windows mobile market as developper.

    My problem is when I try to register, I have to provide a ‘bank account number’ and a ‘bank routing number’ but with my french account I’ve only had an IBAN.

    What should I put in those two sections, it seems only to accept numbers and my french bank doesnt’ seem to have an ABA…

    Thanks !

  2. pocketMax says:


    International users are still being blocked, the credit card address entry automatically fills in "USA" as country and sets this as read-only so that no users with an address outside the USA can register!??

    Manbolo: You enter the bank information using your local French Account-number and Bank Code (usually 5 digits), not the international numbers.


  3. Graham says:


    I’m unsure where to post this line of questions so I’ll try here.

    The marketplace terms require application support on 5 devices owned by the end user which are tied to their live account. Who/how will license validation be performed? Currently we use the Devices ID for licensing web service requests. Is there a mechanism for the licensee to regiser these devices or do we direct them to our site to perform this action?

    Additionally, our license model with our 3rd party supplier limits one license of their database per user not five. Without this module the application is very limited. Are we to allow the user to install the application on five devices and then pay separately on our host for the services? I can’t expect the end users will be happy about this.

    I’m sure more information will be available as the marketplace gets rolling but I’d appreciate any advice before we go through the certification process.

  4. mobileapp says:


    The payment step while registering for the marketplace is failing *repeatedly* despite trying multiple times over many days. We are complete US based(california) so there is no international issue. As soon as we submit after entering the info for a bank of america visa credit card, it gives the following error:

    Unable to complete your request. We cannot complete your request now, please try again later.

    If you get this message more than once, report it as recurring problem.

    Message: 40107

    This is, to put it mildly, quite annoying. The reporting link  in the error message also does not have marketplace in its list of products. Please fix this!!

  5. How does the registration look like for non-US citizens? Actually it doesn’t seem to be available outside the US.

  6. Andreas Selle says:

    Same problem here. We are a Germany based company, but the payment and billing page has "Country/Region:United States" hardwired. As another problem, the billing address does not have a field where to enter the company name.

    BTW: It would be great if payment through some other means than credit card would be possible, e.g. PayPal or money transfer.

    So far I can’t complete the Marketplace Registration.

  7. DarkAngel says:


     Got the "country=US" problem here too (french). For the bank account it’s ok I found it… Now I wonder when the country will be "open for non-US"…

    Copy of a mail received :

    Here’s the official answer from our product team (somebody posted the same question on our Team Blog): "Unfortunately, we are not accepting currency in all countries at this time. We will be adding support for other currencies soon. Please stay tuned. Thanks!"

  8. DarkAngel says:

    After a small test in URL (ok it’s not cool) I found that you can replace en-US by fr-FR…Will test later since I don’t have my credit card here 😉

  9. MSDNArchive says:

    Unfortunately, we are not accepting currency in all countries at this time. We will be adding support for other currencies soon. Please stay tuned.

    Also we are working to resolve any outstanding glitches that some users have observed.  Thanks for your patience!

  10. Daniel says:


    A foreign developer may register with an Itin? Is it possible to get an ITIN without being a US citizen? (I’m in latin america)

    The bank account is not a big problem, my bank can open a checking account in US for a reasonable fee….

    So, Microsoft: please provide a guide on "how to register" for outside US developers


  11. Sebastian says:

    I’m in Canada and signed up for the Windows Mobile Marketplace on May 2nd 2009, and paid my registration fee. To only then realize that Microsoft is "…not ready to accept your Marketplace submissions. We will notify you as soon as the portal is ready to accept your applications."

    What concerns me is that they still took my money, and left me waiting, with no mention of any date even when they would be ready for my submissions.

    Additionally, starting from my May 2nd 2009 date, my subscription is ticking away for being registered, yet I can’t do anything with it.

    Will Microsoft reimburse me for this time that they keep me waiting until the Windows Mobile Marketplace store opens?

    Should I raise bells to get my money back (or simply call VISA to cancel that transaction)?

    Their F.A.Q doesn’t help with any of this.

    Why let people sign-up and pay when they aren’t ready for them?

    Where is the service there?


  12. I just tried a payment and entered my mastercard details.  It came back with this very generic error:


    We have detected an error while processing the page you were looking for. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again.

    This is pretty poor – has my card payment been processed or not?

    I tried again and noticed that the card was listed as a VISA (even though I definately selected Mastercard when I set it up).  However I cannot edit the card details even if I visit  If I try to enter the credit card details again as a mastercard the system tells me that this card is already on the system.  If I try to pay with the card on the system, I am told it is not valid.

    I would have sent this to support but there is no link to support, that I can find.

    If I open up the "Contact Customer Support" page from this link: I get a link for support for Windows Marketplace for Developers but it just links back to

    So now I can’t pay with my chosen credit card, and I have no way of knowing if a payment has been attempted without a call to my credit card company.

    Come on Microsoft – this is not a great start.

    Please can you forward this to support and ask them to respond to me at Ian AT



  13. Sebastian says:

    lol…   🙂

    The irony.

    Microsoft wants us to get *our* mobile software tested yet they can’t even lead by example with how poor this whole Mobile Marketplace is going.

    No wonder the mobile carriers themselves are building *their own* app. stores.

  14. Trinity is my name says:

    MS motto, creed, and answer to everything about anthing, and that is

            [[[  SNAFU  ]]]

    I rest my case

  15. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks for everyone’s patience!  While I don’t have all of your answers at this time, I do invite you to view this Tech Ed Online video where John Bruno chats a bit about the Marketplace registration launch and the subsequent phases.  Specifically, skip to the 05:30 mark and you will hear mention of rollout phases. For example, submission of applications is scheduled for later this summer.

  16. Kamran Zargahi says:

    At this time, Marketplace registration is available to all English language markets only.

  17. JD says:

    Tried to register into the Marketplace but found a few limitations:

    – Only US credit cards were accepted

    – Only a few countries were listed, not mine (and I guess MS will wire payments to banks on those countries only?)

    Please clarify on these aspects


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