New Technical Articles on Windows Mobile Application Development have been published on MSDN

We have just recently published the following new application development articles on MSDN:.

Want to get started with Windows Mobile Application Development and need an overview of the Windows Mobile platform as well as the development tools that are available to you ? Device Application Development MVP and co-founder of APPAMundi Andrej Radinger has written an article that describes how to start to develop for Windows Mobile devices by using the same tools that developers use for desktop development, Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008, and the Windows Mobile specific Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5. Andrej’s article also explains how to use Windows Mobile SDK Tools to extend Windows Mobile applications.

Are you trying to select the right API for your Windows Mobile Application? This article by Embedded MVP and author of numerous programming books and articles Paul Yao discusses the Microsoft® Win32® API and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (NETCF) APIs for use on Windows Mobile® 6 and later. Paul Yao’s article provides an introduction of Web-based technologies, and then focuses on selecting an API for creating thick-client applications.

In this article, former MVP and current Senior Mobility Consultant at Microsoft Alex Yakhnin shows you how to use the alpha blending and gradient drawing APIs that are available on the Windows Mobile platform to create a compelling and attractive user experience. This article is an ideal supplement if you have attended the MSDN webcasts on Creating Compelling and Attractive UIs for Windows Mobile Applications and Customizing .NET Compact Framework Controls to Create Attractive UIs for Windows Mobile Devices, both of which were hosted by Alex Yakhnin. This article also includes links to a code download to utilize the UI Framework for .NET CF 3.5, which is available on CodePlex.

We hope you enjoy these newly published articles, and, as always, we appreciate your feedback. Would you rather see these as blog articles in the future rather than whitepapers? We’d love to know. If you would like to rate an article or submit feedback, please click on the Click To Rate and Give Feedback link at the top of each article.



Comments (5)

  1. lance7 says:

    Would you rather see these as blog articles in the future rather than whitepapers?

    Blog articles! Easy to read and stored by date. Thanks!

  2. Aleksandr says:

    That’s nice!

    Well.. Could you please tell me the following: when official info concerning WM 6.1 Standard Sliding Panels API/development will be available? Here is topic concerning it but conclusion was we can’t create our own panels and use dynamic content there:-( However, Elecont Weather just released new version with Sliding Panels support and it works – so really there is a possibility to extend Sliding Panels. Sliding Panels were introduced a year ago and still we can’t develop plugins for it! Hey, what’s up?

  3. MS says:

    I don’t get it that you guys are publishing articles with the following links in a WM 6 article:

    For information about one of the important current topics, not covered by this article, Microsoft Silverlight™ 2 for Mobile, see and

    To me this is misleading information because SL will not be available until WM7. It would be good in the future if Microsoft would review whitepapers and make sure that misleading info is removed. If you want your platform to be a serious competitor towards other promissing Mobile Platforms you’d better inform us customers properly with useful information we can use today instead of misleading information.

  4. croman says:

    We appreciate your feedback and will remove the link to Silverlight for Mobile from the article. The changes will appear as soon as we refresh the Technical Article documentation set on MSDN.

  5. bayrak says:

    This is very good news was well informed that the followers of the issue I am. Thank you …

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