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Earlier this month at the TechSet Blogger Lounge during SxSW in Austin, nine of the Web’s most transparent geeks shared their dreams to build a fantasy application for Windows Mobile phones. You can vote for any of these ideas at the Fantasy Mobile page at Magnify.net.  Microsoft will partner with a vendor to build the winning application!  Voting ends during April.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to SxSW, we’d also like to hear about your fantasy mobile application. Feel free to make a comment below. What do you want to see in the marketplace?  You will find the tools and resources to build it yourself here!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Those videos were utterly miserable to sit through.  The idea of fantasy apps is great, but the content is horrific.  The only fantasy application worth it is the text-to-speech and the speech-to-text.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    I would encourage you to VOTE for your favorites, and share your own mobile ideas.  Thank you!

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    A sky map (star chart) that is both location aware, and orrientation aware (using compass), so that it displays the stars visable in any section of the sky that it is pointed at.

    Should have data connection to download updates to track sats, comets, etc.

  4. ender says:

    Most of the apps are just ridiculous- twitter for your dog!?!?!

    Only two resonable are the text-voice conversion (doesn’t something like that already work in vista? – should be possible to port it to pocket pc) and world annotating (idea is great, but would be probably used mostly for advertising and spam – ).

    Really looking forward to see one of those on my phone.

    BTW – similar idea to world annotation was used in microsoft tag – why not to extend it not only to printed tag but also to gps location?

  5. Kevin says:

    An app that allows me to easily buy apps, games, and music directly onto my device. Must not be a slow mobile web "app," however.

  6. Sorin O says:

    A Location Aware Calendar

    A calendar able to use the GPS data. If I have an appointment at 11 AM at a given address the calendar should be able to use location and traffic data to remind me when i should be leaving for the meeting (the app should be able to determine estimated time of arrival and place a reminder for the meeting soon enough so i would have enough time to get to that meeting). The calendar should be able to remind me to pick-up dry cleaning when i’m passing near the dry cleaning

  7. Benjamin Clark says:

    Closest killer app to what I’d like is the voice to text and text to voice.  But I’d also like to put a language translator between the conversion so I could speak to someone in my native language and they could speak in theirs and we would be able to hear each other in our native languages.  I’m sure there would be plenty lost in translation but it’d be nice to be able to mostly communicate in many other languages through the phone.

  8. Jeff Graber says:

    It’s tough to nail down a specific app. Almost anything can be made location-aware and that’s almost always good for a mobile. LiveSearch has a TON of usefulness, but we’re saddled to the slow-acquiring and often-quirky integrated GPS.

    If we kept the GPS on and acquired at all times, we could do all kinds of things – tell me when to leave for an appointment based on distance and traffice (Thanks, Sorin O) we could have smarter restaurant/activities searching to answer fun questions like, "What bars are within walking distance of where I am right now?"   Or, which side of the street is my destination going to be on?  Or showing me a GPS-centered map that shows certain other things on the map, like restaurants, attractions or whatever else I want to see.

    But you can go further. Got an appointment downtown? We can give you driving directions to the nearest public parking lot that’s within walking distance of your destination and plot your route, including the walking part and calculate arrival time based on that data.

    GPS aware SMS and instant messaging, so you can find each other? Easy.

    Mark where you car is in a huge parking lot so you can find it later? Two touches of the touch screen and you’re done.

    Many of these apps are available in some form, but they’re from a hodgepodge of vendors, may not interact with one another and each one has features it’s competitor lacks, so you often have to install two apps to get all the functionality (Google Maps vs. LiveSearch)

    But all that technology hinges on getting GPS you can turn off and on that can acquire the satellites in under 10 seconds and not empty the battery doing it.

    So my Dream App is automatic, high-speed GPS acquisition surrounded by location-aware apps.

  9. Big Red says:

    I would like a T-mobile phone with a touch phone windowsmobile FAR-SUPERIOR to the dumb and slow t-mobile wing, with 3g capabilities, as fast as the G1, like the HTC dual-touch, or the HTC tyn tnII. Wish they would get with the program!

  10. Eduardo Scarzella says:

    Let see if you can help (I tray with Micrsoft Cust.Serv. , With Microsoft Suport Prof. and with Hewlett Packard but any of them can give me an answer),… the problem is that I have a " Travel Comp. HP RX 3115,… S/N:TWC510064K, P/N:FA362A#ABA" with Pocket PC 2003 Pro W/Outlook 2002" original software that came with the Unit, I need to reload the software from the original CD soo it ask me for the 25 "k"- code digits,… in the back of the unit I have an original Microsoft Label with the following code # 00023-524-092-850-x09-50650, as you can read are only 22 digits, results that the Key do not mach.

    I download from Microsoft the pocket PC2003 (before it ask me for the validation# I got 4YJXTPHB)  but it do not run  because I need another programs,.. do you have the las 3 digits that I need to compleat my K-code digit?

    My e-mail address is  expoers@yahoo.com

    Thanks for you help  


  11. TMF says:

    A Bluetooth device manager that allows me to prioritize bluetooth devices and automatically connects based on what is in range.  For example, if my bluetooth earpiece was in range and my bluetooth car kit was in range, then the car kit would connect.

  12. martin doherty says:

    a software program that would allow use of the front camera in my windows mobile 6 phone to act as a web camera in messenger

  13. Tedf Hansen says:

    I would like Microsoft to include noise cancelation, perhaps developed with one of headset makers, in the OS, so it would work whether you were using a headset or just talking on your phone.

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