DreamSpark for Students

We are often asked by students how they can get powerful tools for Windows Mobile application development. Mobile development is officially supported using Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition.  Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition has also been widely adopted by the community as a solid mobile development platform.  Many universities partner with Microsoft in a variety of ways to provide software to students.  One popular partnership for students is the DreamSpark program.  Check it out!
Microsoft DreamSpark enables students to download valuable Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge. Their site enables students to download professional-level Microsoft developer tools to advance their learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities.

In order to get this software at no charge, students are asked to establish or verify their student status once every 12 months. This process is built into the DreamSpark site itself. Verification of valid student status will enable students from around the globe to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge.

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  1. Nuo Yan says:

    This is a great thing. Many students are true enthusiastists in developing mobile applications. Giving out VS2008 pro for free gives students the opportunities to write applications for Windows phones without the need to pay for expensive software. Cool!

  2. FleurB says:

    A great way to get young talent to become familiar with VS2008 Pro.  Commercially clever also, when in the workforce they will insist on having VS2008 pro to work with. Helps keep innovation current in the global market.

  3. tamberg says:

    True Microsoft half-openness. As if there were neither Android nor the iPhone.

    Good luck,


  4. easymlmincom says:

    This is very exciting news and something I can’t wait to participate with.

  5. Its a good news i waitinf for it.

  6. A great way to get young talent to become familiar with VS2008 Pro.

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