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[Edit: I've corrected the name of the Live Search Mobile application; sorry for any confusion, and thanks to Jeremy Beasley of the Live Search Mobile team! -- Jim] 

I’m a big advocate of the Software + Services approach to accessing information; when done right, S+S uses your data connection to combine the best of local computing power with the immense resources of cloud computing.

There are many examples of this approach, and one of the best is Live Search Mobile, which we’ve discussed before on this blog.  The Live Search team has released an improved version of the client for Windows Mobile (as well as other devices).

The new Live Search Mobile client (the updated edition I just installed on my Samsung BlackJack II shows version number 4.0.12158.1) includes a number of cool features and refinements, including:

  • Enhanced Locate Me.  The Live Search Home screen includes a Locate Me control that works both on GPS-enabled phones and without GPS.  It seems to work very quickly on my BlackJack II, and it’s quite accurate… this screen shot shows my location on the Microsoft campus in Redmond (accessed by telling Live Search Mobile to Locate Me, then opening the Map view, in Road mode, full-screen).


  • Bird’s Eye View. This cool new map view shows a low-level, three-dimensional perspective of a location; the following screen shot shows an even more detailed view of the cluster of buildings I work in at Microsoft (though it has me in the wrong building… my office is actually in Building 118).


I find Bird’s Eye Views of other places far more attractive; for example, a couple of shots of the Seattle Center in downtown Seattle.  First, the Frank Gehry-designed Experience Music Project (with local search results superimposed, showing Seattle Center):


Next, the iconic Space Needle itself, with the Seattle Center amusement park in the background:


Finally, let’s leave Washington State and check out one of my favorite sites for live music, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado:


  • Predictive text in the search controls is a nice new touch; I love building models of military aircraft and tanks, and often find myself looking for hobby stores to browse whenever I have some idle moments.  Live Search Mobile makes this easier than ever, as you can see in the next screen shot.


Along with the many enhancements, Live Search Mobile continues to feature everything you know and love about the tool, including quick access to directions (with a cool Track Me Using GPS option!), traffic conditions, movie times, gas prices, and, of course, the Live Search engine. 

Download the updated client and give it a try!  If you’re already running the Live Search Mobile, it should notify you soon that a new version is available for download; otherwise, navigate to on your phone to get started.

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  1. Typhoon87 says:

    Will the blackberry version be getting an update as well?

  2. Jim Mason says:

    Liking the version, however I have a HTC Touch HD which doesn’t have an ‘action’ key to enable soft key zooming.  This means I either have to double tap or go to ‘menu’ and zoom.

    This is long winded as I have to wait for the image to reload before i can zoom again.

    Is there an easy way to zoom in quicker as with the soft keys method????

  3. Drew Henseleit says:

    Its a step in the right direction, but forcing the user to use they’re data connection instead of internal WIFI (especially for those of us who dont have a data service because of the wifi) is a step in the wrong direction.  Also the screen could be more useful, maybe closer to a (dare I say it) google earth type interface.  

  4. FYI: Windows Live Search for Mobile was named this week’s MobileAppsToday App of the Week.

  5. EA Labs says:

    Are you ever going to include Canada as part of the service? This product beats Google Maps by a mile.

  6. Shane says:

    I have a T-Mobile Dash (no GPS) and the Locate Me feature appears to be total junk in Colorado.  In this new version, the change location option only appears to work if you select a city from the list or select a point on the map.  The choose from contacts or type address doesn’t work because it insists on searching in the vicinity of your old location.  I’m really disappointed in the new version thus far.

  7. Jake says:

    First off, love the app, probably what I use most on my phone besides Outlook.

    Secondly, the ‘Locate Me’ checkbox is greyed out, is there a trick to get it to work?

  8. rmclaren says:

    Have Verizon VX6800 upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 with GPS unlocked. GPS worked with previous version using DPS Intermediate Driver. Does not appear to work with this new version. Under "Settings", "Locate Me" option is grayed out and not selectable. Why is this?

  9. Twain says:

    Many folks are talking about the "Locate Me" option grayed out, but on my phone (Treo 700w, Verizon, Windows Mobile 5) the option doesn’t even show up.

    I popped into a Sprint store yesterday to play with a HTC Touch Pro.  I downloaded a new version of the app (menu indicated new client version was available) and installed it.  When I ran Live Search Mobile, again, the "Locate Me" option did not show up.  I’m almost positive the device has GPS, and is running WM 6.1, so it’s not clear what could have been the problem.

    Is it possible for Microsoft to place on their website, which of these new features will show up on which (of the most popular) phones?  I am clearly only interested in certain phones…  :^)


  10. JB says:

    Any response to the "Locate Me" questions?  Most of them revolve around a simple question – if the "Locate Me" checkbox, which btw is under Menu > Settings and not on the Home screen as the article says (had to surf around for several minutes to find this out – no help documentation about it) is greyed out, why?  Is it only available for certain phones, or certain cities (if so, which?), or does it require GPS after all (the article says GPS is not required but then again it also said the Locate Me control is located on the Home screen), or is it a placeholder for a future feature and therefore doesn’t actually do anything yet (like Windows Update under Settings > System)?  Seriously, throwing a tid bit of news out and then watching all your customers scramble around like this can’t be that enjoyable, can it?  ANY response would be helpful.

  11. C.B. says:

    Want to be able to search for reviews of restaurants i find when searching? I see star rating but no link to what they had to say. Glad you added the locate me. very cool.

  12. C.B. says:

    locate me worked on my BlackJack with no GPS. I can’t wait to  upgrade to a GPS phone to get a more detailed location. Even with no GPS it is within a few blocks. I am happy

  13. Jeff Graber says:

    Excellent! The most useful app on my phone is now even more useful. I use Live Search a lot when traveling on business. The speech recognition is surprisingly accurate. If I may make a suggestion or two?

    – If a WiFi connection is available, the app should prefer it to wireless. Though I have an unlimited data plan, I’m often checking local maps, restaurants and movies from inside a hotel room that has WiFi for free.

    – When using "Track me using GPS" could we have a view that keeps the direction I’m travelling to the top of the screen? I use this as a substitute for a GPS navigator when I’m in an unfamiliar city, and that would make it easier to use for me.

    – On my AT&T Tilt the home screen still has to scroll to get to all the icons. Any chance we could get a way to scale those icons down so I can see them all at once?

    – Battery meter. On the task bar. If we’re playing with all these functions, we’re using a lot of power and I’d like to have some more warning before I run out of juice.

    Thanks very much for this awesome app. I never understood why it wasn’t bundled as part of WinMo.

  14. Tony Simmons says:

    I am unable to "find" any of my contacts on the map when using this version (4.0.12158.1).  I’m feeding it a 100% valid address, but it tells me that it "couldn’t find any results".

    This even occurs after a hard reset and a fresh load of the software.

  15. Shane says:


    I had the same issue as you (T-Mobile Dash), among other issues.  For now, I’ve gone back to the previous version (thankfully I had saved the CAB), and I’m waiting for this "upgrade" to be fixed so it actually works.

  16. John says:

    Great app, nice new features, full of bugs.

  17. m1k1 says:

    The older version was able to change location outside US, UK, Germany or France. Know it is unusable for users from other countries. It’s a big step back. 🙁

  18. whaleyboy says:

    When will the UK get speech recognition? 🙁

  19. Craig says:

    This is one of my favorite apps, but I too am finding this version to be very buggy (I wish I could go back to the previous version).

    For example, if I select "Change Location," then select a contact, it will always tell me that it can’t find the contact, even though it is a valid address.

    The Locate Me option is always grayed out.

    If I enable the auto-suggestion feature, it becomes nearly impossible to type because there is about a 10 second delay after each letter that I enter.

    I am using the latest version on a Sprint Touch Pro.

    As I said, this is a great app, but this latest version feels half-baked.  I hope these issues are corrected soon!!

  20. John Cuyle says:

    The new version is alright but I’m finding the speech functionality difficult or impossible to actually use.  Inexplicably, if there is text in the search box, the speak button turns to search.  This means there’s no easy way to access speak and, for no apparent reasons, two easy ways to access seach.  This seems like a major bug.  Consider the two use cases the way it is now:  

    I want to search for the same thing I searched for last time (this is maybe 5% of the time for me.):

    *Press the search button next to the search textbox.

    I want to search for something different:

    *Select the text in the searchbox.

    *Slide out the keyboard or bring up the soft keyboard.

    *Delete the text.

    *Hide the soft keyboard.

    *Press speak and speak.

    *Note that, by the time you’ve done this, it would have been faster just to type in whatever you wanted.

    Now, if the speak button did NOT switch to search:

    I want to search for the same thing I searched for last time:

    *Press the search button next to the textbox.

    I want to search for something else:

    *Press the speak button and speak.

    How on earth does making the 95% use case 400% more complicated for zero improvement on the 5% use case make any sense from a UX standpoint?

  21. danion says:

    i’m using a cdma touch diamond, from telus. great app but…getting directions from one point to another it’s impossible, the app. couldn’t find any of the addresses I input, looking only around  my current location, already existent in database. Then, what use is a such high detail of the maps when you are unable to read the name of the street even zooming at maximum ?…could be a feature like text to speech included and I’m not aware about it ? and as someone said before me, when Canada will be included in this app. database ? I mean fully included, so we up here, can get full advantage of this app. features ? ‘cause I really think “Live search” is way beyond what Google’s trying to do. At least in this matter…

  22. Robert Cruz says:

    Please develop Live Search Mobile for Canada!!!!!!!!

    We need Live Search Mobile Canada!!!!

  23. Canada says:

    Please add in the METRIC option for distances to be displayed in KM instead of MILES. It is such a simple thing, yet, by god, it is not there.

  24. Chad says:

    I’d like to throw my hat in as well as another user that has lost the ability to search for addresses. 🙁  Please hurry and fix it, as I have become overly dependent on it!  I have no idea where to buy my gas or the number of that pizza place my wife loves. lol

  25. Chad says:

    Oh, and can you make the maps more legible on a VGA device?

  26. Popy says:

    same time ago (maybe 2 years) there was a JAVA version for non windows mobile devices , for example , for Nokia users.

    i used it on my old 6630.

    when is this aplication available for non Windows and non Blackberry devices again? Maybe an Symbian aplication for s60 v3.. maybe a JAVA?

    Google Mobile is wining because all you care about is Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

  27. David says:

    I think you should work on the UI…no offense, but it looks kinda ugly (similar to Windows Mobile – just not appealing in any way)

  28. Manish says:

    Looks like a lot of people are having problems with the new version. I had issues with finding an address; the screen kept switching off during navigation; and the app was pretty slow, even on a Treo 800W.

    Luckily for me, I had the cab file from the last download. I am back to v3.5. I will miss the Bird’s Eye View from the new version, but how often would I have used it!

  29. Bobby says:

    Anybody else having issue with the new version retrieving cached map tiles?  I select the "Cache to Storage Card" + "Cache Size" = 128MB, yet as soon as I disconnect from wifi and / or close the application, it loses all the map views that I had previously viewed.  

    In v3.5, you could use the wifi connection to scroll around an area, select multiple zoom levels, scroll around more.  Then when you would go offline the maps that you had previously viewed would be "cached" to the memory card, and you would still be able to view them even though you did not have an active data connection.  

    The caching of maps no longer works in the new version, v4.0.  In the new version, nothing seems to be cached, when I disconnect, and open Live Search, no maps.  Kind of pointless to have an option to "Cache to Storage Card" if nothing is cached for offline viewing or future retrieval.

    I was hoping that MS would go the other direction.  To allow users to "auto cache" a city.  So if you knew you were traveling to a new city you could "auto cache" maps and particular categories ahead of time to view offline if you did not have an immediate data connection upon arrival.  

    Anybody else able to view the maps from cache without a live data connection?  I too have reverted back to v3.5 so that when I go off-line, I can still see the maps.

  30. Jan Rogers says:

      Count me among those who are incredulous this version 4 broke literally all functionality of Live Search on my Sprint HTC Touch phone.  Got the phone last January, waited an eternal 6 months to get the 6.1 windows mobile upgrade that unlocked the GPS radio in the Touch.  Live Search became nirvana – no voice guidance, but for free I could be guided literally anywhere, the GPS worked perfectly.  An upgrade around August made the maps much clearer, improved the speed, and I was most impressed.

      One day in early January I have a brainstorm – gee, maybe there’s another upgrade – learn about the 3d maps, immediately put it on my phone.  The 3d maps blow me away.  Didn’t try the GPS for almost a month as I was hibernating due to the sub-zero Michigan weather, only venturing out to the corner store.  

      Yesterday I head out in a huge rush with an 81 year old father trying to find a new doctors office, secure in the knowledge that in 2 seconds I’ll be able to get the directions from the contact in my phone.  I learn very quickly that:

     –  It will not find ANY contact in my phone, just as many others have said.  If your location is Rochester, MI and you search for ANYTHING, it will not find it.  It says the famously infuriating ‘can’t find this address NEAR Rochester, MI.’  YOU CAN’T EVEN FIND A CONTACT IN ROCHESTER, MI!! Let alone one in any of the other 200 or so municipalities within 100 miles of me!

     –  It WILL NOT TRACK me on GPS, as it did before accurately and reliably, even though NOTHING changed but the Live Search upgrade.  Indeed the system does not believe I have GPS at all.

    An online search just revealed that in the first 3 months of the HTC Touch phones release alone, 800,000 units were sold!  By now, how many – several million???  And obviously this affects far more phone models than just the HTC Touch.

    I now have to embark on a search to find the old version somewhere, and beg the developers to make this wonderful software work again!

  31. biscuits mccoy says:

    I concur nearly everything is broken in version 4.  I don’t see how this got out in production.

  32. Skeptic says:

    Let’s put aside the fact that this release breaks major functionality (finding contacts and addresses) and doesn’t deliver promised new functionality (Locate Me).  Here’s my own simple question:

    How do I make Live Search find my current GPS location by default?

    Right now, Live Search defaults to whatever location I was last at. Instead, I want it to default to my current GPS location, not my last one.  Is there any way to do this?

    Perhaps I am spoiled by the easy usability of the Navigation feature on the (Sprint) Samsung Instinct.  On that phone, you simply say "Search," and it brings up the Navigation application.  You then simply say what you’re looking for, such as "Pizza," and by default the program looks for pizza places near your current GPS location.

    Why does Live Search make this so difficult?

  33. Nelson Cardoso says:

    You really need to add Canada to your DB…. this is nuts!  There are so many Canadian users I know that really want this.

  34. Kevin Darling says:

    > Any chance we could get a way to scale those icons down so I can see them all at once?


    The app is a pain to use and looks poor, simply because all the icons don’t fit on the screen.  

    They should scale to fit if possible, and the same if you go to landscape.

    Please.  This should’ve been in there from the start, and it would improve the usability by key or touch immensely.

  35. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and questions about Live Search Mobile; I’m glad that there’s so much interest in the app, and bummed that a number of people are running into frustrations using it.

    I’m trying to get someone from the Live Search Mobile team to come answer your questions, and I’ll post to this comment thread as I learn more.

  36. sapguru says:

    This application is HORRIBLE. Completely broken.

    GPS doesn’t work after the update.

    This is with a TREO 800w.

    I had to do a hard reset and reinstall everything, EXCEPT live search.

    It is bye-bye live search for me. Will start using google instead, till they get their act together..

  37. sapguru says:

    Also, I couldn’t uninstall the live search app.

    The only option left was hard reset!!

  38. Patrick Denker says:

    Doh, what happened with version 4.1.2029.1 ???  I know there was a problem with street and city names being too small on high-resolution VGA devices like the Fuze, but this is how they fix it?  By going back to QVGA resolution?  Yuck.

  39. Jeremy Beasley, Product Manager, Live Search Mobile says:

    Thank you all for your comments.  We take the feedback very seriously and our team is currently working as quickly as possible to resolve several of the issues that you have brought up.  We appreciate your patience.

  40. Andante51 says:

    I wrote the above comment by Jan Rogers on 2-6-09, that literally everything about the new live search version did not work.

    Got online today (2-14-09) to search for whether the problems had been fixed, and found this note (and other similar ones) posted 2-9-09 that a new version had quietly been released.  A few people did confirm that they could now search for an address:

    Address with news about fixed version:

    I have’t been able to get out on the road yet to test the GPS, but I can confirm that the newest version DOES actually let me search for any contact in my address book, and get directions to another contact in another nearby city, what it could not do with the first 4 version upgrade released in January.  

    Will try the GPS tomorrow and see if that works too.  In any case, thought I’d come back here and post that the instructions in the above web address to get the latest version did seem to fix the MANY problems I was having with LS on my Sprint Touch.

  41. meelo88 says:

    I have had issues with trying to search for something after I have locked in locate me. When i type in Kragen, Autozone, or even Wal-mart, it changes my location rather than searching for those stores that are around me. It worked for best buy… ????? Does anyone else see this issues or am I the only one? I am using  an ATT Fuze with the Live search version 4.1.2029.1….Thanks!

  42. Bobby says:

    I installed the v4.1.2029.  It’s an improvement over v4.0, but still worse than v3.5.

    Things that seem to be fixed from v4.0 to v4.1:

    – Address Search either from Contact or by direct entry working

    – Track Me Using GPS on Map view working

    – Locate Me feature not getting confused when there is no phone or active data connection

    Things still not working in v4.1:

    – Viewing Maps from cache when there is no active data connection.  When not connected, no maps in cache are visible. What’s even more interesting is that when I reinstall v3.5, v3.5 can read and display maps without an active connection that were cached while v4.1 was installed, the same maps that v4.1 could not read and display. ***This is a huge problem for me as I don’t have an unlimited data plan and would like to cache maps while connected via wifi for later display***

    – More clicks to get to recent locations than in v3.5.  In v3.5, when you click on the current location, you are taken to list of recent locations.  The only way to get to recent locations now is to first chose New Location, then Recent Location.

    – Click and drag within Recent Locations used to move the selection as you would drag.

  43. Bryan says:

    HTC Touch problems:

    I ask it to find gas prices

    locally and it gives me locations 12 miles away as the closest.  I have to scroll a list that appears to be completely random to find something much closer.  Or I display them on the map, but then watch what happens:

    I go to the map view of the gas stations I searched and it displays hotels instead.  But wait, there’s more.  Now instead of searching my current GPS location, the location is now set to the closest hotel.  So now I’m searching for the nearest hotel to the nearest hotel.  Redoing this process gives me the same result.  But wait there’s more:

    I again choose my GPS location for the search, and search for Chevron.  Now my location becomes  Chevron, Belgium.  So now I’m searching for Chevron near Chevron, Belgium.  But wait, there’s more:

    I try to search from my home for gas prices, and it keeps changing my location to either St. Paul, MN or to Clovis AFB, NM.  I live in Laguna Niguel, CA.  But wait, there’s more:

    Maps are very slow to display, that is, if they work at all.  I often have to keep choosing the view type just to get a map to display at all.  If I drive, the GPS follows me with no map.  I have to keep selecting view type for the map to refresh.  But wait, there’s more:

    Choosing the overhead view with GPS on keeps displaying houses 200 ft away as my location despite the fact that the moving arrow is displaying my position accurately.  So it is set to center on GPS, the arrow is dead on accurate, but the overhead view is centering on a house up the street.

    I have had to unistall this program multiple times because I thought that there’s no way Microsoft could release something this poorly executed.  But after reading all the posts I am at least glad to learn that these problems are all over.

    Microsoft, how could you screw a working program up this badly?

  44. Bryan says:

    I failed to mention in my previous post that calculated mileage distances seem to be anywhere from 150% to 200% the actual distance.

  45. Mick says:

    Totally broken on my Q9C–uninstalled until it’s either fixed, or better yet, put the prior working version back up.

  46. Canadian user. says:

    I was using Mobile Live Search, and was able to search on location around Toronto. I installed an update today (March 6th) and I can no longer search on Canadian cities. What up?

  47. gthurman says:

    I had submitted a suggestion for a slider zoom, but I like the new version better. I recently discovered you can press the center mouse button on my ATT 8525, then by hitting the soft key repeatedly, zoom multiple increments in the street view.

    About last September, categories would no longer work, resulting in ‘connection broken’ statements, though there was nothing wrong with the 3G connection. Now the auto-complete suggestions offset that loss a lot.

    The only remaining bug for me is I select Change Location/ Hurst, Texas/ restaurant; then perform a search. When I enter Change Location of Austin, Texas, I receive the message "No Austin Texas found in Hurst Texas" as if it is stuck in categories. Any suggestions appreciated.

  48. Bobby says:

    Anyone from Microsoft out there?  

    Any update on whether or not the issues remaining in v4.1 will be addressed and more importantly, when?  My biggest issue with v4.1 is the cache is broken.  Doesn’t display any maps when there is no active data connection.  I assume that if it’s not retrieving maps from cache while offline, that it probably is not retrieving cache while online.  This could significantly increase the data transfer charges associated with using the application.  Kind of defeats the purpose of cache.  

    Not sure if others have experienced the same or not.  It seams that the issue may be inferred by the posts regarding slow response time.  Please comment here.

  49. Nick says:

    (using v4.1.2029.1)

    Live Search Mobile Team –

    This application is impressive, but I must echo the comments of others with respect to the cache feature being inoperative.  I’ve been browsing maps of downtown Amsterdam extensively in preparation for my upcoming trip there, and today I decided to turn off my mobile data connection and attempt to view my cached maps — this failed completely.

    My Samsung ACE supports GSM data, but the roaming fee in The Netherlands is $10 per each 1 MB!  Is there a purpose to the 128 MB cache on microSD card option?

    This is a smooth app in many respects, but the cache problem must be corrected.



  50. Jeremy Beasley says:

    Hi all.  We are listening and take your feedback very seriously. The entire Live Search Mobile team is focused on addressing the problems listed here.  If there is additional feedback that you want to provide, I recommend that you use our dedicated feedback alias:  Feedback sent here is automatically captured in our bug database that we reference when updating the product.  Thanks,

    Jeremy Beasley

    Product Manager, Live Search Mobile

  51. Paul Fritz says:

    Upgraded to newest version 4.5.3129 on HTC Touch WM6.1 and categories still does not work everything else works but categories says that it cannot find the connection.  Obviously if the gas can update then the connection is good.  Can you please fix the categories it has been broken for the last couple of releases.



  52. Vinay Dayal says:

    Also tried upgrading to the latest version of Live Search Mobile 4.5.3129 and sadly it doesn’t look up none of my contacts. Now going to do a hard reset and revert back to my previous version that worked. Please fix this bug soon. How can I also be notified of when this issue’s finally taken care of?

  53. Vizziato says:

    i just downloaded the newest version 4.5.3129.0 and everything is a GO!!! All is working for me from the jump including the categories part…I selected something searched an it came up with the info for where i live for the pizza places!! but whats new in this version, just bug fixes??

  54. jjmorgan64 says:

    I appreciate the effort being put into fixing this program, however

    I have a Motorola q9h with windows mobile 6.1

    I am still unable to search for addresses with version 4.5

    I use this software for work, use it only for looking up and traveling to addresses.

    the address search engine on version 3.5 is awesome it searches nearby towns if somebody gave me the wrong city, adds the proper rd, st, dr, ct etc. a great program I am reinstalling that version as soon as this email is done. The search engine on 4.5 can not find the address of my house when I type it in exactly and am sitting in it, with the locate me saying I am 100 yards away.

    I appreciate that you have put a lot of effort into this program but I do not use it to search for gas, or coffee. Is there any way I can talk you into simply cutting the code for the version 3.5 address search engine and putting it into the new version. The business world would thank you

  55. Bobby says:

    I installed the v4.5.3129.  It’s an improvement over v4.1, and much better than v4.0, but still some things not working as well as v3.5.

    Things that seem to be fixed from v4.1 to v4.5:

    – Use of Cache seems to be working now.  This was not working in v4.0 and v4.1, but seems to be working again.  After upgrading again, this time from v3.5 to v4.5, Live Search was able to retrieve the cached maps that had been cached using v3.5.  New maps cached with v4.5 also seem to be retrieved from cache upon restarting the application.  This is a huge fix.

    Things still not working in v4.5:

    – Live Search consumes high % of CPU Utilization for the first 2 to 2-1/2 minutes the application is started, and every time the mobile device come out of Standby mode.  LiveSearch.exe consumes about 70-80% CPU for a little over 2 minutes after the application is started.  After 2 minutes, it drops down to < 1%.  The same thing occurs every time the mobile device comes out of Standby, a spike in CPU consumption for 2 minutes, then it goes back to < 1 %.

        – The high CPU consumption seems to be linked to other issues reported by users, e.g. Categories not working, partial retrieval of maps from cache, etc.  If you wait for the end of the 2 minutes, these the other functions seem to work fine.

    – "Changing Location" function and Address Search function working somewhat, but still not working well.

        – When using Change Location > Contacts to change the location to a contact address, sometimes it finds the Contact address and sometimes it does not.  I haven’t found the common thread for why it can find some addresses, but not others.  The addresses have the full street, city, state, zip.

        – It is interesting that the application seems to try to find the address "near" the Current Location address.

        – Another interesting thing I found, is that for the Contacts that could not be found using Change Location > Contacts, when I go to the Contact application and use submenu "Show On Map", Live Search does not have any problem finding the same addresses it could not find using the Change Location > Contacts path.

        – More clicks to get to "Recent" locations than in v3.5.  In v3.5, when you click on the current location from the main screen, you are taken to list of recent locations.  To get to Recent locations now it takes 3 clicks (2 more than before) using Change Location > Recent > Select the desired Location.

        – Press select and drag/slide within Recent Locations used to move the selection as you would slide your finger up and down. Releasing on the selected location would then select that location.  The drag/slide while pressing no longer moves the active selection.  The drag/slide to select function works in other areas, like Categories, Gas Prices, Movies, Collections etc.  This function should be consistent in all areas of the application.

  56. Vinay Dayal says:

    I’m using  the T-Mobile / HTC Wing. I updated to the latest version of Live Search Mobile 4.5.3129 and it didn’t look up any of my addresses. I had to do a software restore and am now back to version 2.0.2768.23357.

    Anyone else out there using the Wing and having a similar problem to mine? Did you also figure out any solutions to this bug??

  57. Kevin says:

    I’ve been a loyal user of Live Search for a while, it keeps getting better. Two things made me pick this over Google: 1) easy lookup of contact; 2) the little arrow that tells you turn left or right in navigation mode (Could you make this bigger please!?)

    However, with improvements of every new release, something that was working is screwed up. It just seems that the project is poorly managed. I know it is free, but the screw-ups just keeps happening in every new release, it is puzzling!

    Now the bug in the latest release, 4.5.3129.0:

    In navigation mode, when you miss a turn, a window pops up asking you if you want to reroute. After you click yes, the window pops up again, so you click yes again. Some times this repeat twice, sometimes this repeats three times. The worst part is, after you click "yes" 2 or 3 times, it does not do anything!

    I clearly remember this was a bug in some very old versions, but has been fixed long time ago. Now it comes back in this latest release.

    It may be just my phone, if it is so, I appologize; I thank the team for bringing this wonderful program to us for free, but if this is a real bug, it has happened a few times too many.

    Wake up, the team!

  58. Joe says:

    I own a LG Incite, currently i have the latest version of WLS on my device, so far everything seems to be ok except for the fact that after using this application, the microphone mutes.  if i make or receive a phone call (after using WLS), the other party can’t hear me.  the only way to fix this is doing a soft reset.  then i installed the previous version of WLS and everything is back to normal.  i don’t know the differences between the previous and the latest version, but there most be something in the latest one that the incite doesn’t like.

  59. jreuter says:

    How does anyone get address search to work in 4.5.3129?  It’s still competely broken for me (Blackjack II on 6.1).

  60. Mark says:

    I used to be able to put in Lat/Lon and WLS would find it.  This has been gone for the past couple of updates.  It was very useful, especially when you are trying to find a house on a dar dirt road, (GA sticks ppl…).

  61. SJH says:

    Five months after release and have been waiting for a functional version since this last release broke so much basic functionality (change locations functionality issue being huge). No fix and no response from Live Search indicates to me that Google Maps is the better alternative. Nice idea though – too bad MS just couldn’t deliver.

  62. Justin Baney says:

    Please help!!!!

    I have come to rely on my GPS enabled phone, but this latest release is killing me.  It’s the 4.5.3129.0 version that’s currently installed.  I have an Att Tilt (HTC) with Windows Mobile 6.  I used to be able to just type in the address, and it would find it no problem.  Now all I get is "Cannot Find Location"  – It only found the address once, and that was when I was sitting in my truck right beside the location I was looking for.  So how do I find an address outside of the area it finds.  The older versions worked perfectly.  Do you have the cab files for the older ones that could be linked for us?  Unfortunately, this is the only site I have come across talking about the bad issues that we are having.  Will you please email me at with a solution or at least telling me that ya’ll are working on it.  Heck, I’ll even sign up as a beta tester for new releases, since I used to use the app all the time.  I’m already a tester for Windows 7, so what’s one more thing to bug. 🙂  Just please help.


  63. jjmorgan64 says:

    pretty simple folks nobody is asking for anything other than what your program did 2 years ago.  just make it work again

  64. bleezer1 says:

    Just downloaded your newest version and find that it worked fairly well for my unlocked samsung omnia i900 using on Tmobile.  It took me from my front door to a new doctor’s office and was right on with the directions.  I am pretty impressed with the gps part of the software.  I did find that it didn’t find gas stations near my home but all over the place.  I never used a gps on the phone before so I am not familiar with your previous versions.  Just one question, will you ever be adding voice turn by turn for this software.  I know that it is alot to ask with all of the other things that seem to be needed to fix this software but just thought I’d ask.  Thanks

  65. jjmorgan64 says:

    ok so i did a master clear of my phone, and reinstalled with version 4.5

    1st the download size said it was different which is why i decided to tr it again as i know you folks are working hard there. the program size was identiclethough which i thought was odd.

    however it does appear to be finding addresses better, it found one this morning that neither version 3.5 nor google could find. Ihad only been able to find it on "streets and trips" earlier.

    so i will continue to play with it but it is working better, either you all fixed something or the google maps program which i havn’t reinstalled yet was blocking your program from working right.

    If you guys tweeked it then good job, if not then google must be cheating.

  66. jjmorgan64 says:

    well it is better still missing some easy addresses

  67. joe says:

    it would be great to find a website where ppl can download previous versions of this application.

    i won’t be surprised if microsoft indeed has one, but it’s not publicly available.

  68. MSDN Archive says:

    The Windows Mobile blog has moved. Comments on this blog will be disabled soon. Let’s continue these discussions on the new site.


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