24 Hours of Windows Mobile Application Development

Over the past few months Windows Mobile Community PM Constanze Roman and MVP Maarten Struys have been hosting a series of 24 webcasts dedicated to Windows Mobile application development. The latest was last Wednesday and focused on the subject of testing Windows Mobile applications.  For those of you that missed the webcast, you can still watch it on demand. Listen to Constanze, Maarten, and I discuss how to debug applications using Visual Studio 2008, how to make use of logging and tracing data inside your Windows Mobile application, and how to use Hopper to stress test your applications.

You can also view the previous webcasts in the series on demand at the following URLs:

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  1. The real opportunity for microsoft to reinvigorate the dev community behind windows mobile is to release a legitimate market platform.  Feel free to read my unanswered post about this on the MSDN forum by clicking my name.

    Phones like the touch pro, omnia, and xperia are going to do a lot for the WinMo brand. However, relying on the service provider to deliver enjoyable applications to the consumer market via their own propietary channels is going to totally kill off a great value bringer to your market(ISVs).

    The MSDN post i made details some great avenues that you could take that would return the power to the user and in turn yourselves.(Unfortunately its only received 9 views since I posted it)

    Forward this to someone who can react please.



  2. Joshuapa says:

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for pointing out the missing link. The post has been updated.


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