BizTalk RFID Mobile

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the general availability of the latest addition to the BizTalk Server RFID platform - BizTalk RFID Mobile, an RFID platform for mobile devices based on Windows CE and Windows Mobile. BizTalk RFID Mobile consists of a runtime engine as well as tools and components to develop, deploy, and manage RFID solutions on mobile devices.

Developers, independent software vendors and systems integrators can build device-agnostic mobile applications utilizing RFID and sensor data on devices running Windows CE or Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1. Events and data can be stored on the mobile device using a SQL sink service, and then communicated to the BizTalk Server RFID platform for further analysis. Mobile devices can be discovered, queried, and managed from the BizTalk Server RFID platform. Support for industry-ratified standards like the Low-level Reader Protocol (LLRP) and the Tag Data Translation (TDT) library provides a standards-based approach to discover, provision and troubleshoot RFID devices, in addition to surfacing business-relevant attributes from RFID tags

For more information on the product, capabilities, and evaluation versions, browse to:

The documentation on how to build applications using the BizTalk RFID API can be found at:


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