Windows Mobile Development Forum

I just wanted to take a moment to direct your attention to the new Windows Mobile Development forum.


Some of the cool new features are:

  • New user interface

  • Improved filtering/tagging

  • Improved posting experience (dynamic posting, thread preview, real time updates)

  • Live alerts

  • RSS support

Comments (8)

  1. CC says:

    That’s nice. Now, how about a new user interface for Windows Mobile itself?

  2. GBot says:

    Lame comment, CC. We’re all chomping at the bit for something new, but it’s people like you who will complain about whatever WM7 looks like. In the mean time, take your pick; HTC, Sony, Samsung, and a billion other 3rd party software companies offer GUI replacements… Jeez.

  3. caywen says:

    Where’s the iPhone and AppStore competitor? How about sharing a little bit about WinMo7 with developers?

    Or do you plan on opening AppStore with a bunch of crufty WinMo6 apps?

    Please do yourselves a favor and do something to retain your WinMo developers before the other half of us also jump to iPhone.

  4. Jon says:

    There won’t be real competition to the iPhone’s AppStore until MS open up WinMo development to hobbyists/small developers. At the moment the price tag of Visual Studio Pro excludes many people who could add significant value to the Windows Mobile platform (and generate revenue for MS) in the way Apple have so successfully leveraged the iPhone small developer community through the AppStore.

    Why did MS lock up WinMo development into the top end of Visual Studio when it should be part of the most basic Express editions? I hope this oversight is rectified soon! WinMo will never compete with the iPhone until the platform is opened up to allow people to make applications that make WM phones useful to them.

  5. johnKravatrick says:

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  6. Henry says:

    Can Someone please change the whole WinMo UI completely … give it more touch optimized buttons … no-one wants to walk around with a stylus … thats soooo 1990’s .. -_-" … and please … who wants to gaze  at the small tiny buttons that are very hard to press … and the keyboard .. come on … that tiny thing for a key board … very good for business users but we all have to sacrifice usability for that … time for a total revamp … well done HTC for making the Diamond 2 more touch optimized as far as the menus go …

  7. Rehan Akhter says:

    Hello Experts

    I am very new to Windows Mobile development and i am using VS 2005, i want to add image to my form, can anybody help me out to make my UI atractive.

    Thanks in advance


  8. MSDNArchive says:

    The Windows Mobile blog has moved. Comments on this blog will be disabled soon. Let’s continue these discussions on the new site.


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