Windows Mobile Application Showcase

A few weeks ago we mentioned the new developer portal at, which is showcasing some interesting applications. If you haven’t taken a look already, I’d encourage you to go check it out. Two of the showcase apps that I’ve been trying out lately are Pointui Home and Kinoma Play.

Pointui Home is an application that provides an alternate user interface for Windows Mobile devices. Some screen shots are below, but it’s definitely worth installing to see for yourself.

Pointui Home 1 Pointui Home 2 Pointui Home 3

Kinoma Play is a pretty cool multimedia application that makes interacting with multimedia, on device and off, an easier experience.

 Kinoma Play 1 Kinoma Play 2 Kinoma Play 3

Also, if you’ve been wondering how I’ve been taking these nifty device screenshots, check out MyMobiler. MyMobiler is a desktop and device app with a number of handy features.

 MyMobileR 1 MyMobileR 2

  • View and control your mobile screen from your desktop.

  • Control your device using the desktop keyboard and mouse.

  • Copy, cut, and paste text between your desktop and device.

  • Capture your screen and record video.
  • Comments (5)

    1. To View and control your mobile screen from your desktop PC, you can also use EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition which is free.

      It can be found here:

    2. Try out THE most highly rated LBS program available exclusively on Windows Mobile, aka GeoTerrestrial GPSToday. It does everything other apps don’t, and its free.

    3. I use both Kinoma and MyMoblier.  They are both great programs

    4. Lee says:

      PointUI Home 1.51a is a poorly supported (and in places, poorly written) piece of software that is extremely difficult to remove from my WM6.1 smartphone.

    5. SethF says:

      I would personally avoid MyMobiler. There is no security built into it and by default it installs an FTP server on the mobile device that can be accessed using admin/admin.

      Just a heads up.

      Seth Fogie

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