Internet Explorer Mobile 6

Today at Tech•Ed EMEA we announced the availability of emulators and documentation for Internet Explorer Mobile 6, which is the next generation browser for Windows Mobile. Available on new Windows Mobile devices soon, this browser will provide a high-quality browsing experience on your device that more closely resembles a desktop browsing experience. For all you developers, the Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images are available. This package adds emulator images to Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008 that let you test applications for Windows Mobile 6.1.4, including Internet Explorer Mobile 6.

 MS NBC desktop zoomed out   MS NBC desktop zoomed in

Some of the cool features available with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 are:

  • Improved fidelity (support for full fidelity desktop rendering)

  • Layout fixes to accommodate a mobile screen (text wrap)

  • Enhanced Script and AJAX support  (Jscript v5.7 from Internet Explorer 8)

  • Improved multimedia experience (Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 for Adobe Flash content)

  • Deeper integration with search

  • Enhanced cursor navigation model

  • Touch and gesture support – pan support

  • Multiple zoom levels

  • Easy switching between mobile / desktop versions of sites by specifying UA strings.

Comments (121)

  1. Any news on when we could expect PIE6 to be made available?

  2. igalan says:

    I don’t want to sound harsh, but bringing the engine of Internet Explorer 6 back from 2001 doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. It’s much better than what we have now, sure, but it pales in comparison with Opera 9.5 (available now on many HTC devices and Sony Xperia).

    It doesn’t make much sense to me asking developers to download this engine and test their current 2008-2009 code against a 2001 browser and bringing back the problems we had with it.

    I don’t want to sound bitter, just trying to ring some bells about this fact.

  3. E says:

    igalan i believe this a totally new engine for the mobile platform. PIE6 is a lot different than WIE6.

    I do agree that Opera Mobile 9.5 kicks PIE’s rear.  However it still has some flaws when it comes to rendering Flash.

    Check out Skyfire as it seems to render anything you can throw at it.  However there is no wifi support so 3G is pretty much a neccessity.

  4. frauhottelmann says:

    I hope it’s a decent WinMo Standard browser, since Opera 8.65 sucks and Opera doesn’t seem to release a Standard version of Opera 9.

  5. Chess says:

    The fact that you would use the name "IE6" and not realize that IE6 is one of the most hated browsers among developers in existance today screams how out of touch you are.

    "Hey I know, lets ignore the fact that article after article on the web calls for the death of IE6 and call our new version IE6 Mobile’

    /shakes head

  6. Dustin says:

    <blockquote>Check out Skyfire as it seems to render anything you can throw at it.  However there is no wifi support so 3G is pretty much a neccessity.</blockquote>

    What?  Skyfire works fine over wifi.

  7. Brad says:

    Skyfire does support WiFi, thats the only way I use it.

  8. GoodThings2Life says:

    Look… I’ll take what I can get and welcome PIE6 in a heartbeat over what I have with the current PIE, but I sure hope that WM7 brings the IE7 or IE8 engine along with it.

    The emulator is great to demonstrate how it works, so I’ll take the new usability aspect, but the rendering engine is still a lot to be desired on complex sites.

  9. Eric says:

    As a developer I’m getting extremely frustrated with WM. Why can’t we have a browser that renders current Flash content (9/10) and has all current scripting support?  

  10. What about existing WM6.1 devices?

  11. And why isn’t this being offered on WM Windows Update? What is the point of WU on your phone if you guys are never ever going to use it?

  12. Khush says:


    My name is Khush and I am from the Windows Mobile team.

    Let me take this opportunity to respond to some of the questions raised:

    1. IE Mobile 6 is expected to show up in devices at the end of 2008 or early 2009.

    2. We understand your concerns about bringing IE 6 to the Windows Mobile platform. The features we deliver aren’t always articulated and defined by version numbers. For instance, although this release is called Internet Explorer Mobile 6, there are components from other versions of Internet Explorer for the desktop. One example of that is the support for Jscript v5.7 which we brought over from Internet Explorer 8 for the desktop.

    3. Regarding making IE Mobile available as a separate download or update, the rich media experiences that IE Mobile 6 enables require more powerful, advanced devices. That is why it will not be available as an upgrade or direct download for current phones, but rather will be made available on new phones.

  13. Vincent says:


    I’m running the emulator, testing my code. It contains a webbrowser control, but the content seems to be rendered through the old version of internet explorer not  the new one. For example the new, native browser shows a context menu with ‘Full Page’ and ‘Zoom Out’, has smooth zooming, page preview and touch events. But the webbrowser control doesn’t seem to have all of this. Is this by design, or will it change in the release version?

  14. Colin Walker says:


    If "the rich media experiences that IE Mobile 6 enables require more powerful, advanced devices" then how come other browsers such as Opera can offer the same (or perhaps better) experiences on current devices and even some older devices?

    What is the sort of device spec are you envisaging PIE6 to require?

  15. Chris says:

    It’s too bad it won’t be released as an upgrade.  It shuts out a lot of WinMo6 users that have put out a lot of money on the most current handsets.  

  16. Khush says:

    Vincent – This is by design and the key reason behind this is to ensure that we don’t break current users of the hosted web browser control. At this point, we have not formulated a plan to expose IE Mobile 6 as a hosted control.

  17. luis says:

    That’s why HTC start bundling with opera browser, that piece of software is upgradable! and make sense for software.

  18. Bryan says:

    When is the browser going to be "upgraded" to support streaming media sights.  For instance try loading on your mobile phone.

  19. irnis says:

    link Internet Explorer Mobile 6.pdf don’t work 🙁

  20. Per Hansen says:

    Dear Khush,

    As a shareholder in your company (Microsoft) and software developer, I always like when new exciting products are coming out from you. But I do not understand why on earth it is, that you don’t want to reach an audience as broad as possible?

    "Only available to new phones"

    – did you also run this strategy back in the good old browser-war days with Netscape? – I cannot recall any statements like "IE is only available to newer computers", and you certainly did not stop people from downloading newer versions of the browser back then.

    WM, iPhone, Symbian are fighting about market shares on the mobile platform and you continuously keep holding back updates that will improve WM marketshares. WM6 is painfully slow, and not very userfriendly (using HTC S730). WM6.1 is a slight improvement, but still not competitive with iPhone, Nokia or Sony Ericsson. I know that we can expect WM7 sometime in the future – but we still cannot update existing handhelds with the new WM7.

    Similarly WM Windows Update never contains any updates as far as I know. With multiple updates available on the PC platform via PC Windows Update, why don’t you bring the same success to the mobile platform???

    I think my comments deserve a response.

  21. efjay says:

    I am a WM fan but MS’s continued stance to restrict improvements and slow as molasses response is getting really old. Its inconceivable to say current devices are not powerful enough to run PIE6. Is the code that inefficient that devices like the Diamond, Touch Pro, Omnia, SE X1, Touch HD, Samsung Epix, Treo Pro, Touch 3G, Asus P552W, Samsung Blackjack II, HP 910c etc cant run it? If so please do us a favour and WITHDRAW from the mobile OS space because you will once again show that MS has NO clue how to write decent code or respond to a changing market. Much better that WM is allowed to die that these half-hearted attempts to update the OS and lure customers to buy yet another device to get a minor update.

  22. Bye Bye WM says:

    This is laughable. Windows Mobile is really Windows 98 for Phones. No way could that OS run IE7 or even 6 well for that matter.

    MS. Give up on WM6. The time that the developers spent working on this add on could have been spent on making WM7 something that will be out in 2009 (yeah right) and something that can hold a candle to the iPhone.

  23. Tenero Romano says:

    Microsoft is doing a terrible job on WM, Microsoft thought that the market was going to stall if they did not make any improvements and you failed miserably on WM. Apple in a few years has surpass your wildest dreams, and Android is catching up.

    Mr. Balmer is criticizing Andriod, but the interface, and the engine are much better than the one WM.

    I agree with efjay you should leave the mobile market and focus on fixing Vista before Linux, and Apple take the control of the desktop and portable market out of your hands. You are wasting shareholder money investing in Mobile and search, you should re-focus your goals and mission statement.

  24. ziltch says:

    I think MS should support mobile OS’es back to CE 5.0 .

    Many CE5.0 wifi media players are current products.  Also many use the MIPS processor family,  facts MS and many others seem to not know.  

    MS has grown to the size of a small country and loosing touch is just one symptom. Not caring about lossing touch is another.

  25. Thomas says:

    I tested the new IE Mobile JavaScript engine by running the jquery test suite ( and it doesn’t seem to work at all. Please make sure the JavaScript support equals the support on existing desktop browsers (and mobile browsers from other vendors).

  26. FrankPr says:


    before you complain about how outdated the new browser engine apparently is, would you first try it out, please, using the emulator images provided by us, and compare how it renders your favorite web sites compared to your other favorite mobile browser(s)? Would you please note that it comes with the latest JScript v. 5.7 library from IE8 Beta? And would you please take into account that it is unreasonable to expect the full IE8 engine & capabilities on devices with a 500 MHz CPU, and a memory model which limits the virtual memory available to a process to 32 MB?

    Great work, IE Mobile team, we have been waiting for this for some time… 🙂



  27. igalan says:

    This is getting a bit out of topic. The first responsible to bring IE6 Mobile are manufacturers and carriers. Surely there are agreements with carriers that MS can’t ignore. If a manufacturer decides to release an updated Windows Mobile 6.1.4 ROM (which includes IE6 Mobile) for a particular device, that’s their choice, and we should ask them in first place I think.

    But blaming current devices for not being powerful… I expect the audience of this blog to be well educated about current devices’ capabilities. That explanation has no basis. So is a Touch Pro underpowered? Samsung Omnia?

    Any improvement for IE Mobile is welcome, but I fear it’s too little too late. I’ve seen the emulator working and I’m not too impressed.

  28. Per Hansen says:

    Hello FrankPr and WM team,

    I think I can speak for everyone, when I say we have trouble understanding the strategy behind this.

    How many times do you want to hear the message "WM is slow and not very userfriendly", and when will you do something about it? I guess you already are, but why not provide updates for existing WM-users?

    I am no iPhone-fan (probably never will be), but iPhone is running a 620 Mhz ARM processor and delivers great user experience.

    I know that WM is running on several different platforms (cpu, ram, etc), which makes it hard to create updates that will work on all platforms… please share some insight on this?

    WM has long been thought of as a "business mobile" – business or not, it is still "users" that are using the phones.

    With regards to the emulator images, maybe I am missing the point – but why do I want to develop for some platform (PIE6), that does not have any mobiles running it yet?

    If I develop some new fancy mobile webpage, that will  work in PIE6, where will all the users be to view it?? You state that the CPU should be powerful (you state "500 MHz is not much") and the handset should +32 mb. How many current phones can match these specs?

    My answer is "close to none" which equates to "close to 0 users".

    Do you really expect to sell a lot of phones supporting high-demanding PIE6 in a very early stage?

    Sorry about the harsh criticism.

    I am from Denmark, so I hope you understand my english 😉

  29. JBundy says:


    Please find a way to reduce the footprint of IEM6 so that it can be provided to owners of current WM6/6.1 handsets.  Your strategy is reminiscent of the Vista tragedy where people had to buy new hardware just to use Vista.  That strategy is bad for PR and it alienates current users if the platform.  I appreciate Microsoft not closing out 3rdPty developers and allowing an open environment for mobile applications, however, I am concerned that Microsoft’s performing a balance of inexpedience and ineptitude to refine and improve its foundation is hurting users who really do like WM but don’t like the current shortcomings of it nor the direction of development, if "development" is even a fair word to use at this time.

  30. Mike says:

    To the Windows Mobile team:

    Seriously guys, you are killing Windows Mobile.  Your comments of not making IE6 Mobile available as a separate download and only on new devices is just plain riduculous.  Windows Mobile is so far  behind the operating systems on other newcomers like IPhone & Android.  How come 3rd party developers produce a nice browser for EXISTING WM 6.1 devices but Microsoft can’t?  You guys will be out of a job soon when Windows Mobile is dead and you will have no one but yourselves to blame.

  31. XDA Devs says:

    I won’t lose any sleep over your brainless decision to release this to new devices.

    The bright sparks over at XDA will undoubtedly come up with a way round this.

    Until then, I’ll stick to Opera Mini thanks very much!

  32. Court says:

    Xda already has a cab version.

  33. Mike H. says:

    New devices? Really?  Do we know if its proxy based? If so, you can’t tell me we need more powerful devices. Look at SkyFire…that App runs faster than the current IE Mobile version on my WM6.1 Treo Pro. SkyFire runs anything I’ve thrown at it, embedded Windows Media streaming, YouTube videos, Flash, literally any site I’ve tried has worked 85% – 100% perfect. Oh yeah, did I mention SkyFire is still only in beta?

    Come on Mobile IE team…"better, more powerful devices?" Why don’t you write you code more efficiently and come up with more creative software engineering techniques? They are still phones, not laptops. People don’t want to spend more on their devices because manufactures have to add memory and faster clocking CPU’s and GPU’s in their Smartphone/PDA.

    Now, on the other hand, if it’s based on direct internet access and not proxy based services, that’s another story (but not an excuse to demand faster devices for your bloated app). I do admit that there are adverse effects on some sites when accessed through a proxy service, usually because they are trying to deliver content based on your ISP/location.

    On a side note:

    One of the comments made mention of Linux and Apples’ OSes taking over.

    Let me tell you something you’ll all have to come to terms with one day:

    Microsoft is and will always be the leader in Desktop OS’s (most likely server OS’s as well).  That will never change, nor will their foot ever un-wedge itself from the mobile market door.  I love how people make all these claims about things like Viruses, Spyware and exploits plaguing Windows that you never see on other OS’s.  There’s a very simple answer for that: No one uses those other OS’s enough for any programmer to care about making a virus for it.  If I was a nutty virus coder and wanted to stake a claim for fame, I you better expect it to be on a Windows platform.

    – Yeah, sure Mr. Windows User, blame Microsoft, it’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing. –

    And just to cool my jets a little more: I’ve been running Vista on an outdated unsupported Alienware laptop since the day of release.  The amount of unorthodox problems I’ve encountered: Zero.

    I love Vista, Office, Exchange Server and most other Microsoft programs.  It’s when you add non-Microsoft apps, specifically ones that do not conform to and use the SDK’s properly, that you start having issues.  Build a PC on your own and install nothing but Windows Vista on it, use it for a month and tell me the problems you’ve experienced with it.  I guarantee they’ll all be caused by human user error.

    That being said:  Come on PIE6 team, stop dragging Desktop source code from IE8 into your MOBILE app and start from the ground up with something solid.  I’d rather not see any new IE app for a year because they spent their time witting a new IE app from scratch.

    Not trying to be harsh, just to the point!

  34. Nexus says:

    quite frankly Khush is full of BS. If opera mobile 9.5 and skyfire can render full sites with flash and silverlight (as in the case of skyfire) on existing WM hardware there is no reason the mobile IE team (PIE team) cant do the same. Stop pushing the ‘new phone for new features’ mantra of the old days.

    WM as an os itself has come far in being flexible to upgrade many times on the same hardware provided it has enough horsepower for the newest version of the OS. Microsoft folks have said that themselves so this is just lies and schemes to force upgrades, too bad too because without you making this an installable CAB file people will fail to care and opera will continue to own the mobile browser marketshare. Seems your efforts at PIE will be wasted for a while until people see a real reason to upgrade their perfectly fine WM phones.

  35. TheNetAvenger says:

    Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 6.  

    It is not IE6 or IEM6 and is NOT tied to or based on IE6 in the strict sense that layman seem to think.

    It would be better to think of it as IE7-8 engine technology on Windows Mobile 6. PERIOD

  36. Per Hansen says:

    – Just glad I am not the only feeling that MS are making bad decisions on this one.

    I can not agree more, than to say, WM is one of the old guys, iPhone/Android are newcomers, but still miles ahead.

    Beat your competitors – don’t laugh at them (like mr. Ballmer).

    Just to quote: "Skyfire is the best way to experience better mobile browsing on a Windows Mobile phone. "

  37. Tim says:


    This is a huge mistake not making the new IE available for previous devices.  If it requires more powerful devices then at the very least you can put a minimum spec out there.  There have to be at least a handful of new devices that can run it?

    If not, then I think you can just expect more people to go to Opera or Feneca.  Big mistake for MS.


  38. L says:


    I think you have mistaken. If you actually read the articles, you’d have realise that IE Mobile 6 is based off the rendering engine of IE6 and using the javascript engine of IE8b2.

    Windows Mobile Team:

    The problem seems to be that you are stuck in a rut that became apparent during the war against Netscape when the new ECMA Script standards were being developed. MS refused to make changes because it would break "current" apps while others were pushing for changes that would improve the entire web ecosystem.

    Unless MS makes a concerted effort to be part of the standard compliant community, the community would continue to be held back by having to make websites that handle the quirks from IE specific bugs.

    When will MS realise that if they follow the standards, then new developers will follow standards, then the web sites that they are trying to stop from breaking, won’t break in the future, because they are finally following the same standards.



  39. arthurson says:

    no idea why i need to download 3XXmb image, use more than 1gb space for testing your tiny iem6, and i can’t even test it on my wm phone after it is for mobile phone. very funny, you guys makes a funny day to me, thank you.

  40. Khush says:


    Your concerns have definitely been heard and acknowledged. We are aware of the areas we need to improve on and we look to you for feedback that would help shape our future releases. There’s not much I can say at this point but I do want to assure you that we’re working hard to address the feedback we’ve received so far.  


  41. Jammer says:

    … "but I do want to assure you that we’re working hard to address the feedback we’ve received so far. " ….


    Hope for you guys, because, you have so much works!!

  42. straker135 says:

    Unfortunately I must add to the tide of criticism. I have a HP iPaq 4700 running WM6.1 very nicely thanks to XDA developers and no thanks to HP or Microsoft. It is much slicker than the old WM2003 the device came with and significantly faster than the crappy WM5 version I stupidly paid HP for!

    Does anybody use Synaptics Navpoint? I cant believe how useless it is. What is worse it was the single biggest reason for the poor performance of WM5 on handheld devices that carried it.

    I can easily install and use Opera 9.5 on this platform. Opera 9.5 is a superb browser for mobile devices, small and efficient, so there is no logical reason IEM6 should require high spec hardware. All a high spec requirement will do is drain battery and give users poor performance on those devices capable of running it.

    I dont know how many coders you have working on this project but you are so far behind I think you had better either get out of the game or get a bigger team on board!

    As it stands I can only recommend to anyone who asks that they bin IEM and use something that will render the real internet, not a tiny, and soon to be extinct, corner of it for mobile devices.

  43. WP says:

    Microsoft, Khush:

    I really hope you are making a prioritized effort to address the issues you have been reading in this thread. I’m not going to add my own thoughts, as they’ve essentially been voiced numerous times by my fellow Windows Mobile fans that have again been alienated by Microsoft.


    Get your act together and realize that you need to innovate and actually compete with up-and-coming competitors. Sitting back and hoping that your user-base will flock to your new products just because it’s made by the "mighty" Microsoft is a huge mistake. The MS board is just as much to blame for letting you continue to lead MS down the tubes.

    Just remember, Motorola has been milking their massive installed user base and one-hit-wonder RAZR for so long that they’ve fallen behind up-and-coming manufacturers. Motorola is currently on the brink of being chased out of even their home market (USA) that they helped revolutionize. Is Microsoft going the path of Motorola?

  44. Steve H says:

    The fact it won’t be released for existing devices isn’t even an issue.  How long do ya’ll really think it will take before  a download is available for older devices thru another website?  It wouldn’t surprise me if a download is available BEFORE its officially released.

  45. Per Hansen says:

    Steve, "The fact it won’t be released for existing devices isn’t even an issue."

    – well for us with shares in Microsoft, it is an issue – less market share = less company value = less money for the shareholders.

  46. SRS says:

    "Internet Explorer Mobile 6" – Wow. That’s like announcing that MS is finally bringing out a VHS video recorder.

    Does anyone from MS own an iPhone? Or a G1? Or indeed anything that doesn’t run Windows Mobile?

    I guess the smart people in MS are trying to make Vista less of a fat torpid DRM-ridden rabid dog, and the less than smart MS people? They’re on the Windows Mobile team.


  47. ttklf4 says:


    the new Internet Explorer has two views: desktop and mobile. Now we have the same old IE Mobile in the mobile view without support for modern programming models for the mobile web, e. g. Ajax implementations like ASP.NET AJAX 3.5. And the old IE 6 with the new Jscript v5.7 from Internet Explorer 8 which supports AJAX from Microsoft in the desktop view.

    Two questions:

    Why need owners of Windows Mobile devices two browsers, one for the mobile web and one for the desktop internet?

    Has someone of the Windows Mobile team tested this new browser with ASP.NET AJAX and other new  technologies?

  48. m.schmidler says:


    to WM team: You´ve been criticised a lot here, but nevertheless I believe in the future of WM.

    It´s true, providing PIE6 only for newer devices is a bit weird…But why do you complain, the rest of you should use Opera or another alternative browser. Why is everybody so keen on surfing with PIE ?!?

    I already flashed a ROM with PIE6 included and tested it a bit. Unfortunately, some big issues haven´t been improved.

    At least an adressbar that is as neat as Operas would have been good. Improving the rendering engine is a good thing as well but too little to catch up to Apple and Google.

    I hope PIE gets improved alongside with WM6.5 in terms of usability.



  49. John says:

    Commencing July 2009, all websites we create are not going be supported under IE6’s poor rendering engine.

    Unfortunately for Windows Mobile users, this means that the ‘brand new’ IE6 for WM will already be too old to view many new sites on the web.

    Why should PIE use any Trident (IE) rendering engine?  I hope the team at WM have considered creating PIE7 that uses WebKit for the rendering engine.

    We have had to support IE6 on the desktop for years because of its marketshare alone.  The PIE6 marketshare is not, and will not be large enough for many developers to bother.

  50. l3v5y says:

    Does it really matter whether Microsoft release it for older devices?

    I’ve extracted it from the emulator ROM image, and it’s running on a 195MHz processor. New hardware needed? I think not!

    The only possible reason why it would need better hardware, is if you add lots of code that does nothing but waste processor time (Vista for example).

    It has some nice features, but is nowhere near as good as Opera Mobile, or even Opera Mini!

    Also, for everyone preaching about Skyfire, all the pages are rendered on an external server, and then sent to the device in a Skyfire specific format, and this is displayed on the screen. This makes the device processor power virtually irrelevant as all it needs to do is display images on the screen.

  51. Alan Lee says:

    As l3v5y has mentioned, Skyfire and Opera Mini uses servers to help render things as opposed to PIE or Opera Mobile rendering only on the client device. So it is unfair to compare between these kind of browsers.

    Also Adobe only provides FlashLite for mobile devices currently. So there is no way to get the full desktop Flash to work on WM and this is something MS cannot do anything about now. Silverlight, a MS technology, will be coming to Windows Mobile soon(?) which seems to offer similar features to the desktop version.

    I’m not a MS advocate and I am also displeased with PIE’s feature and performance but you should get your facts straight before blindly accusing MS of all the problems.

    Also I do have to agree it is a disapointment not providing upgrade to existing users. But MS usually doesn’t want to break things and there isn’t a sure way to test PIE won’t have any problems with all the existing devices.

  52. Anon says:

    The same things happens strangely enough with other Microsoft produced mobile software. For example, this week everyone is talking about the new not yet available Google Voice Search. Well, Microsoft has had this for some years now running on Windows Mobile and Nokia and Blackbury devices but strangely enough the Nokia download is not available from anywhere. You have to get it from the manufacturer. Microsoft, why do you care about the manufacturers? Please put your software on your site so that we can download them. Don’t waste our time and you effords waiting and waiting for the manufacturers. For my PC I can download anything I want. Why not for my mobile and why do you help in this state of affairs by making your mobile apps not available for download? Same story I guess as with the new Internet Explorer Mobile 6.

  53. Kai Hendry says:

    I just ran the emulator images over the W3C Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers, and it’s a bit embarrassing.

  54. Kevin Darling says:

    We’ve been using the normal IE6 under WinCE for a couple of years.  It’s been great to have that much power.

    1)  Please figure out a way to expose IE6 as a control, instead of using the old version inside an app.  What are you thinking???   I don’t care if I have to recompile for this.

    2)  I tried to run up an app, but the new IE6 returns its screen size as something like 1039x.  Okay for desktop mode with scrolling, but in mobile mode it should return the ACTUAL SIZE OF THE SCREEN.   Otherwise apps won’t know to change their size.   If you can’t do this, then take a page from Apple and include some meta tags to do so.

  55. Brian says:


    How do you manage to get Skyfire to work over WiFi?

    Do you have a pocket pc with Wm6.1?


  56. Colin says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me that you won’t be releasing PIE6 as a download for current WM6.1 users. You’re stated reasons being that current phones aren’t powerful enough. I’ve just purchased a HTC Touch Diamond which I’m sure is more than powerful enough to run PIE6. You’ve also got other phones like the Samsung Omnia, the Sony Xperia, HTC Touch, HTC Touch HD etc. etc. that will be more than capable of running PIE6.

    Please rethink your strategy on this.

  57. Kevin says:

    What a F#$@ing joke. WM better get a clue! I’m running it as i type on my HTC Diamond. Head over to XDA site if you want it. Opera is still a much better browser. Also take a look at Iris! Microsoft’s problems will be the down fall of the company. Kind of like Balmer saying people wont spend $500 on a phone! Hey Microsoft that pain your feeling in the ass is a giant apple!

  58. emoney says:

    C’mon guys….get in the game. Over the air firmware updates and application downloads are available from both Google and Apple……..why is this so hard? Look at this thread. Can someone send this to Ballmer please.

    You have had an outcry from the community to make the IE update available to current Windows Mobile users. You are completely crucified in tech blogs across the internet. I’ve stuck with windows mobile over the years hoping you could turn the corner but again and again i’m disappointed. Sad to say you are close to losing another customer.

  59. Ryan says:

    well, im about done with windows mobile. I don’t expect to have to buy another 400 dollar piece of hardware every time they get thier mobile operating system closer to where it should be in the first place. I’ll stick with skyfire for now, and when it comes time for an upgrade discount, ill definately stay away from windows mobile. My HTC touch is my first and last windows mobile device.

  60. foaf says:

    What a joke. Do they realise cells come on 12-18 month contracts, and current buyers of WinMo will be showing their friends their current pathetic IEMobile experience in 18 months time, while Android and iPhone users will be laughing in their faces with their updated May 2010 browsers. It does nothing for the WinMo Lifecycle, and only aids its permanent decline.

  61. Anonymous Coward says:

    So if the new version of IE Mobile is only coming to ‘new’ phones, I should not expect it to appear on any current phone from HTC then!!!

    If however it appears on any current HTC phone, specifically the Touch Diamond (which I have) then I can assume that your comment about "more powerful, advanced devices" is just a smoke screen and would no longer be applicable.

    Say what you mean man!! It’s a licensing issue isn’t it? Micro$oft wants to charge the networks/manufacturers to include it in their ‘builds’, these guys are not playing ball, so you are only going to be including it in WinMo 7…

  62. Kevin says:

    Just look at Microsoft stock price and Apple’s price! Microsoft needs to get in the game! GM,Ford and chrysler are failing for the same reason. Your customers will only buy substandard products for so long. Apple has sold over ten million phones in just over eighteen months! Now you have Android gearing up to take a piece of the pie. Also you have RIM starting to make a big come back.

    I listen to podcast from Mobility Today, Windows weekly and some other, they are to the point of just hammering Windows mobile, suggesting that WM is just too painful to use in its current state. I love my HTC Diamond but I find myself going for my Iphone more and more. Mr. Ballmer you need to get some fresh blood in the WM team!! Your Zune player failed for the same reason! I hear from friends all the time “ why are you still using windows mobile”  my answer, ahhh I don’t know!

    Good luck Microsoft!!!

  63. Brand New Windows Mobile User says:

    Hi I came from Blackberry and purchased a HTC Touch Pro, so Khush, do you mean to tell to tell me that my brand new phone (as in brand new End of 2008) will not be able to run PIE6?  I respectfully call you a liar, actually I retract that, I disrespectfully call you a liar.  While I understand that higher management may have fed you that garbage, I nor anyone on this forum is an idiot (even those who disagree with me).  The problem with Microsoft is they are slow to react, and when they do it is too late.  I love Vista, and I love my WM phone, but what I don’t love is corporate red tape, of which you are shoving onto our screens.  Thank you very much for informing us of a browser most of us will never use, because I suspect many WM users are jaded and will not buy another WM phone, or they simply use alternative browsers that are of a high caliber (Opera Mobile, Skyfire)    

  64. Dan says:

    well, i love my phone(hp ipaq500), i love to use wifi and browse the web in my home, but mmm, i will continue using Opera Mini!  the best, SMALL, FAST, EASY-TO-USE browser! and also "Iris Browser" rocks! runs good and continues getting better! Microsoft please look at other browsers and you will find out that this is #@&! 😛 … next time i will buy a G1 or any non-windows mobile device.

  65. Mark says:

    I have an Orange SPV M5000, I think at the moment its running Mobile 5 although im not to sure.

    I would like to upgrade the OS to mobile 6, but I have know idea where to get it. Could anybody help me please?

    I know that it will run the OS.

    Thank You in advance.

  66. Per Hansen says:

    feof, good point about the 12-18 months 🙂

    I look at it this way – you buy a phone and are stuck with it for the next 12-18 months. Let’s say the phone is slow, sluggish and not userfriendly, then you would more or less complain about it the next 12-18 months, i.e. complain to your friends, your family, on blogs, in articles and wherever you could do it. That is 12-18 months of bad publicity. Probably this user would not go for a mobile with the same OS again. Wouldn’t it be better if this user could receive and update, that would fix the issues???

    I am really having a hard time figuring Microsofts position on this update issue… (yes, I have read the comments about more powerfull hardware, don’t want to break existing bricks etc.) – but I don’t buy it.

    I hope that you (Microsoft) really pay attention to all the comments you have received here, and especially of the decisionmakers at Microsoft. This is a wake up call!

    Curious (not sarcastic) – but do you guys at the Mobile Team test out mobiles from other vendors like Apple/Google/Nokia/SonyEricsson?

    With all the nice stuff you can put in a phone, please keep in mind that old phones like Nokia 3210 is still very very fast for daily usage (making phonecalls). My HTC S730 is painfully slow at this – eventhough processor, ram and hardware is newer and more powerful. It usually takes 2-3 seconds before my HTC phone begins dialing, whereas the year old Nokia-phone dials the number in around 1 second.  The comparison might be unfair, but at the end of the day I think like this; How much time will I waste on a slow phone??

    How about a vote – where people could send in all there feature requests?

    I would vote for:

    – A very fast OS

    – A very fast boot up time

    – A nice browsing experience

    – Low memory consumption

    – Updates via Windows Update

    – Modulized OS – so that we can get rid of components we don’t want – a simple list with all the packages/software installed where you could uncheck the things you don’t want would do. Things would then be deleted.

    – A CD-rom with the Windows Mobile Software for reinstalling the OS.

    – Bring the PC-way of doing things (installation, modifications, upgrades etc) to the mobile world; Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk down to the local mobile store and ask for more mobile RAM, larger harddisk or and improved display?

    Wishfull thinking probably – if you don’t do something about all of this Microsoft, I hope some of your competitors are reading this blog, and will do it instead.

    Aren’t Microsoftt supposed to be the place where world class operating systems are built?

  67. dan says:

    HI again, i vote for free updates! Microsoft, why when you turn on your wm phone, you notice than you only have 20 mb free of RAM?? where the other 20 mb went? that’s a question i been trying to answer… Why i can’t choose what programs run in the background when my mobile boots up??

    Well i agree with Per Hansen… normal mobile phones that almost don’t have a OS, call and send sms faster than WM phones. Just please let us download your OS free or updates or at least let us buy a CD with WM OS… I would prefer i flexible OS with more useful features and low memory/processor use.. just optimize your code Microsoft!!

  68. Qwerty says:

    Hello WM team, please, tell us what are your planning to do.

  69. Dirk says:

    I just have to add my two cents to this discussion because I just can’t take it anymore and I need to vent.  I love MS, the new Live services, and in general everything the company does.  That being said, I don’t know how long I can put up with this business model for WM.  I’m watching Apple, Google, and RIM pass MS by in the mobile market and there is nothing in the near future that will compete.  Focusing on the current topic of IEM6, by not making it available to current users you are forcing people to go out and buy new phones to get it and I’m sorry to tell you but you are going to lose a lot of them when they start looking at Blackberries and iPhones.  This is your chance to hold on to these people by giving them an update that could make them want to keep their WM phones.  If you make them buy new hardware without providing something along the lines of WM7 at the same time then it just isn’t going to convince them to stick with you.  WM6.5 isn’t enough.  You are miles behind with no sign of catching up.  WM7 by the end of 09 or 2010?  You will be even farther behind than you already are.  Android just got Exchange support, how long until they have all the features that WM fans have been begging for?  I bet they get them before we do.  Apple will take the media crowd.  RIM will take the business users.  And Google will take everyone who wants the best of both worlds.  MS will be left in the dust with no niche and no hope.  Give the people what they want.  Get off your asses and release an OS worthy of the MS name!

  70. Johnny the Kaye says:

    All I can say to everyone complaining here, is XDA DEVELOPERS.

    The amazing folks over there have ported Windows Mobile 6/6.1 to previously WinMo 5 only phones, have already ported the new IE Mobile 6 to Windows Mobile 6.1 devices (umm, clearly it does run properly on "previous generation" devices, but thanks for lying to us msft developers), and much much more.

    And I agree, it’s so sad to see my preferred mobile platform slowly dying compared to iPhone/Blackberry platforms. Where MSFT drops the ball, xda-devlopers picks it up and runs. Oh, and read the rules and regulations before posting. And donate!!!

  71. Per Hansen says:


    It is just plain sad to see MS updates are in the hands of third parties (XDA), and even more sad that users has to turn to XDA to get these updates.

    Dirk, I have exactly the same opinion, it is just a matter of time before users will look elsewhere – there is absolutely no reason to stick with MS, if the parole is "go out and use 400-500 bucks on a new handset, we have a upgraded our browser, but the phone is still plain slow".

    Users will think, "well Apple works pretty good, Android and RIM too – why would I even consider MS?".

    Where is the edge? Where are features that will make me re-consider buying an Apple/Android/RIM phone? Where is the winner-mentality? Please convince me.

    I guess the last 3-4 years has not been MS years (thinking about Vista and Windows Mobile).

    Khush (or any Microsoft official spokesman) please let us know where things are moving.

  72. Jason says:

    Get real. We’ve tested this POC in WM 6.1 Professional and there’s absolutely NO WAY this thing is anything like the desktop version. It can’t handle fixed position web sites and continues to cram .NET-based panels and so on over on the left side.

    With all the $ MSoft has, why can’t they get a team that can simply compare the mobile IE with the desktop version visually and ensure the mobile version works.

    More garbage at great cost – sorry, but this is useless compared to Opera Mini.

  73. Per Hansen says:

    I would vote for

    – SkyDrive to Windows Mobile, but easy to setup.

    – The ability to select a default location to save information, pictures, videos, contacts and more (such as to SkyDrive) – Users can pay e.g. 5 dollars/year to use this feature and avoid ads on their mobile.

    – When taking a picture on the mobile it should be instantly published to selected social networks of the users’ choice, e.g. facebook, myspace, personal homepage, blog or SkyDrive. Auto-geotagging the picture if GPS is present, and then sharing the pictures on This would be very cool.

    Something like this would definitely attract users to the Windows Mobile platform – just ->remember<- that everything should be very simple and fast – at the end of day, most users aren’t techies, they just want cool features and nice UI’s.

  74. Dan says:

    IE 6 sucks. Please kill it already. Nobody uses it, and whatever idiots still use it can switch over to Firefox. Please don’t pollute our smartphones with your half-assed browser.

  75. Norm says:

    Khush, my observation on why Windows Mobile and IE Mobile are not available as a separate download or update has little to do with the need for more powerful, advanced devices but rather because upgrades and updates for the mobile platform are not within the province of Microsoft but are decisions made by the equipment providers. I own an HP IPAQ 210 PDA that is more than capable of handling the requirements of this latest update but HP did not allow the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 and is unlikely to permit 6.14. The decision seems to lie with the equipment providers and not with Microsoft and has more to do with bottom lines than a need for more powerful equipment or satisfied customers.

  76. great approach! instead of going forward you are going backward. I really hope nobody is going to use it otherwise when is it that people can invest more time and money to create more potential websites rather than wasting all efforts in making sure the website works on crappy browsers?

    Anyway, it’s good that you decided to keep the same naming of IE 6, at least some people understand that there isn’t nothing innovative 😉

  77. straker135 says:

    Man I hope that Kush and other developers are actually reading this thread and showing it to their line managers. I haven’t seen so many angry and frustrated comments for a long time. And there is not one positive statement!!

    The browser issue is bad enough but the second strand of this thread is huge disappointment in the delays in Windows Mobile 7 (or whatever you are going to call it). Sure there is a lead time in development but Microsoft seems to be so far behind and out of touch it is alarming. Apple and Android are over the horizon and the Microsoft turtle is the one going to sleep.

    If you cant get a slick and quick new OS for smartphones out the door by mid 2009 (you should have it ready for alpha now or you would if I was running the team) you will be closed down by loss of market share. In the current financial climate people will not spend money on junk and phone manufacturers aren’t going to want to buy a OS that they will struggle to sell.

    Microsoft has to have best in class software in this market, I want you to have the best in class smartphone OS. If Apple can do it and Google can do it there should be no reason that you cant.

    How about some feedback? We are frustrated but if you can demonstrate you are listening we wont go elsewhere.

  78. Mark says:

    Do we have a download for mobile 6 or do I have to but a new phone to get it

  79. Alex says:

    Stop IE 6!!! This is the WORST browser with the WORST rendering engine! IE 6 MUST DIE!!!

  80. Per Hansen says:

    Hi guys,

    Lets keep the dialogue on an adult level, so that we actually will get a response from Microsoft.

  81. Mark says:

    Hi Guys, I dont use it for the net so IE:6 wont be an issue. but with Moblie 5 I have to go into settings and turn of all the apps when im finished. Ive used a XDA with Mobile 6 and I would like to upgrade.

    Is there any where I can get a copy from, I cant see it on Microsofts Web Site.

  82. Michael says:

    Holy crap no, you guys are going to make me quit my job as a web developer. Please reconsider your browser engine choice.

  83. Bora says:

    It seems like it does not have VML support. While at it, why wouldnt you include VML in it?

  84. brent says:

    Since when is IE6 "next generation"? And you wonder why people would rather have an iPhone…

  85. Sean says:

    Its kind of silly that everyone is reading Internet Explorer Moble 6 as Internet Explorer 6.

    But I agree with most the others that say you should make it downloadable for existing phones. The current version of IEM that is on my phone is one of the largest reasons I am thinking of switching to either an iPhone or the new google phone.

    And I have little desire to buy a new phone for this, since it is under a year old.

  86. NumbLock says:

    Remember when people paid for browsers rather than using the free Microsoft one?

    Sounds familiar – now where is my credit card, I need to visit that opera site.

  87. denio99 says:

    i think now in windows mobile we have like 5 browsers or more to choose, UCWEB, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Iris Browser, Skyfire… and all of them are pretty good, they don’t ask for new devices!(skyfire specially)

  88. deva says:

    hi guys

    i am using htc p3450.i need to upgrade internet explore 5.5.

    can anybody give idea to upgarde ie .any free download site’s is there?

    is it possible to upgrade to this mobile.

    please give solution.


  89. Does anyone still use IE Mobile?  Opera and Skyfire are soooo much better

  90. BraTTy says:

    Was excited about new PIE, I am not impressed on the requirements for new phones.

    I was looking for a good browser for my SLOW? Dell Axim X51v 624mhz PDA.

    These new phones coming must be 1gig cpus.Hows the battery life?

  91. wreiad says:

    If you guys are still around, here’s some stuff I have to say:

    1). Market Windows mobile more! One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone is it’s iPod funcionality. Apple is keen on marketing. In fact, Windows Mobile is more useful than the iPhone anyday, but Apple’s rather, successful marketing tell you otherwise. So, why not market Zune or something as a feature? Why aren’t you guys marketing Windows mobile!? How do you expect to achieve your 40% marketshare!? You’re spending 300 mil on Vista. Show Windows mobile some love! Why don’t I see commercials on tv telling me I can only create a word document on Windows Mobile or print a photo via Bluetooth or something in Windows Mobile?

    2). Improve the browser. One of the worst things about IE is rendering speed–It’s just too slow! Bringing desktop class browsers to Windows Mobile won’t mean anything if they aren’t faster, or as fast, as competing browsers. I have IE 8 beta 2 on my computer and it’s really the slowest browser I have when it comes to loading pages and opening tabs. Why don’t you guys use more modern technologies in browsers? Have you ever used SkyFire? It runs even better than IE on my Dash, and it’s free! If you want to give it a real chance, why don’t you guys provide the new IE as a free download? Don’t you see that you’re gonna limit yourselves, and you’ll lose browser marketshare? People don’t buy a new computer to run a web browser–why on earth would they do the same for a phone? With free (maybe even better..) alternatives like Opera and SkyFire available, I can’t imagine anyone buying a new phone just for IE Mobile 6.

    3). What’s the point of Windows update? When Microsoft annouced Windows mobile 6.1, I tried Windows update to update my device. It didn’t work. Still doesn’t. I even searched microsoft’s site for the update, but I had no luck. Then I discovered XDA-Developers, and I fell in love with my phone all over again. Apple provides updates for the iPhone. Why can’t Microsoft provide updates as well?

    4). Improve the ui. I’m sick of companies like HTC picking up where Microsoft leaves off in terms of ui. I mean.. What are you guys doing? Android sure as hell ain’t better than Windows Mobile, but the ui is way better! How did Google beat the veteran that is Microsoft!?

    5). Support XDA-Developers!! This will probably never happen, but.. A guy can dream right?

  92. Alan Hogan says:

    HATE HATE HATE this idea, assuming this is a mobile version of IE6.  Are you serious!? This is going to be the most broken browser ever.  Then chance of me testing my sites in an IE Mobile 6 emulator is ZERO.  Acheive standards compliance or go home.

  93. Fennec says:

    Just like how Firefox brought back innovation and choice into the desktop browser space, Fennec will do the same for the mobile browser space.

    Fennec runs the latest Firefox 3.1 Gecko 1.9.1 engine codebase, so you’re assured of the latest open web standards support and compliance out of box.

    In this game, Microsoft’s obsolete, non standards compliant IE6 engine which causes never ending headaches for web developers is a non starter in mobile browsing.

  94. Sage says:

    So embarassingly bad, only Microsoft would even release such an abomination.

  95. dan says:

    This is funny, why this page is loading correctly in Opera?! I thought this page was created for IE! xD Get a new browser microsoft and change its name, to something more intelligent "internet explorer??"

  96. smnbss says:

    That zoom in zoom out functions loks a lot like Deepfish

    It’s no more available but it was an interesting project from Microsoft Labs I used a couple of years ago…

  97. Jason says:

    What are you people @ Microsoft doing, living in a cave? Do you not realize that IE6 is the most despised browser out there by designers and developers? Many in the community won’t even support it anymore!

    Great idea, bring back a mobile version of an archaic browser that doesn’t support web standards. Poor, poor windows mobile users…

  98. dan says:

    and of course this version has the famous flaw that affected all the versions of IE, so this is more crappy that ever! When you use IEM6, you will get stole your passwords, you will not get a good formated page, a poor flash support, and of course it might be attacked by viruses, and malware, all that if you can get your device to run it! (luckly my device will not support it :D)

  99. A_Pickle says:

    I’m inclined to agree with the people stating that Internet Explorer Mobile 6.0 should be available as a download.  I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but Per Hansen up there is absolutely right — you guys DO need to reach out to a wider community audience.

    The problem, Khush, and the rest of the dev team here, is that Windows Mobile is running out of steam and is in last place.  iPhone and Blackberries are here, and they’re delivering a sexy, usable, mobile experience for many, many people… and Windows Mobile just isn’t.  It’s not that Windows Mobile isn’t capable, no, in fact, this is the strength of WinMo:  It’s VERY capable.

    But the interface sucks, and the user ended up paying more for it.  Look at the HTC Touch Pro.  It’s a nice phone, don’t get me wrong, but the iPhone will deliver a better mobile experience.  The iPhone is consistent throughout, while HTC’s Touch Pro has some HTC and some Microsoft in it, and the HTC stuff is there to cover up the ugly and old looking Microsoft stuff.  They installed a different browser to cover up the crappy old Internet Explorer that’s on there.

    You guys…

    THAT is the problem with Windows Mobile.  Everything you do on Windows Mobile nearly requires a stylus, or an accurate finger, or some patience.  Stuff on a Blackberry or an iPhone doesn’t.  And then you come out with an announcement of a new browser, and then tell us that "it will only be available on new devices because of the performance requirements?"


    My HTC Apache, a two year old smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1 (because my OEM Windows Mobile 5.0 install from Sprint ran like garbage – another thing you guys need to start cracking down on) runs Opera Mobile 9.5… FINE.  It runs SkyFire… FINE.  Skyfire shows me desktop-style YouTube videos, keeps them in the webpage AND PLAYS THEM.

    But my meager li’l 6700 just can’t manage PIE 6.0.  As a result, I’m stuck with Skyfire (capable, but sucks) or Opera Mobile.  Do you people just accept the fact that your competitors consistently beat you over the head with a smaller, faster, yet equally-capable trout every goddamn time?  Jesus.  Yet another piece of Microsoft news that pushes me ever closer to installing Linux.  

    You guys have forgotten how to compete.  You’ve forgotten how to compete, because you’ve forgotten how NOT to piss off your customers.  You’ve forgotten how to make your customers happy, which is a pretty stupid and inconceivable thing to me, but you’ve done it.  And it really makes me sorry.  I’d like to be proven wrong, but… this is Microsoft.  I doubt I’ll ever see PIE 6.0 in my Apache.

  100. Per Hansen says:


    Thanks for your acknowledge, mr. A_Pickle.

    Everyone please read every post in here – it is not IE6, but PIE 6 (built with bits from the IE8 engine).

    Dear Microsoft, we all love your products (more or less 🙂 ), but do not let the products get behind your competitors.

    I would be nice to see a response from you (Microsoft) on the matter. I do not think anybody is really clear on what will happen with WM in the future.

    Currently this subject appears to be the most commented subject overall on the WM team blog, but the lack the response from MS is obvious.

    I did not run the ACID tests, but mr. Sage’s (Bruce Lawson)results states that a lot of work needs to be done. Just sad to find out that Microsoft either have not learned the lesson about standards yet, or lacks the capability to hire enough people to implement the standards.

    Disappointing as a shareholder – again.

    Still hoping for some clear answers from an official MS guy/girl.

  101. Mark says:

    Hello Mr A_Pickle ,

    Can you Buy Windows Mobile 6.1 as I cant seem to find it anywhere, apart from one torrent site. I dont want to get it that way as Im not sure whether it is legal to do so.

  102. Chad says:

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but bringing the IE6 rendering engine into the fold for a NEW product is not acceptable. You can read more of my thoughts here: into

  103. Helder Magalhaes says:

    Congratulations for the effort of leveraging the mobile experience to the desktop one.

    Although IE6 suffers from several known issues and I generally agree with many comments in this thread, I also guess that this might have been due to a much lesser memory usage when comparing to contemporary rendering engines (at least, comparing to IE7 and IE8). Nevertheless, I tend to agree that this might be the business-happy, safe decision to render nowadays sites flawlessly. 😉

    I’ve performing some experiences [1] with qooxdoo [2] (a well known AJAX framework) and would like to state that, overall, things worked out far better than I expected. 🙂

    Nevertheless, from the already referred experiments, a bug in IEM6 was derived: HTTP redirects (302) fail for long URLs. This happens whenever the target redirection URL is longer than 64 characters in length, and usually results in deceiving HTTP not found (404) pages.

    Hope this helps,

    Helder Magalhães



  104. DotN@Junkie says:

    I agree with all posters on all topcis here, there’s annoying and insulting app that keeps slapping me whenever I buy a winmo phone: the Calculator.

    First thing I always do when I buy a new winmo phone (in a reflex):

    get that skin for the ugly builtin calculator app!

    As a developer, I know how little effort it takes just to nice-up an app.

    Winmo team:

    apart from all the other (real and big) issues (from UI through to PIE) I really consider the ugly calc app an insult to your customer base, especially since it requires hardly any effort to replace it.

    Pls kill the current calc app and show us that you have taste and a sense of creativity and realism.

    Argh ….

  105. Helder Magalhaes says:

    Noticed that, in my previous comment [1], I forgot to mention that the redirection failure happens due to URL truncation (to the referred 64 characters). That’s why HTTP 404 errors will often occur, unless if (by a coincidence), a document resides in the truncated URL, which will be a lot worse (naturally confusing/deceiving the user).


    Helder Magalhães


  106. Fennec says:

    Now with even more speed and bugfixes. Fennec 1.0 Alpha 2 runs the same Gecko 1.9.1 engine & Tracemonkey Javascript JIT engine as Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 and scores 93 on Acid just like Firefox 3.1 Beta 2.

  107. The new IE will be avaliable to use with Windows Mobile 5 too?

  108. Werner Ruotsalainen says:

    I’ve thoroughly tested IEM6 using an "unofficial" HTC Universal build. I’ve commented on it at .

    You (MS folks) may want to read the points I’ve brought up and implement the missing functionality I’ve spoken of (most importantly, the "Use High Resolution" switch, setting the character size and the "One Column" mode to let for rendering everything.)

  109. wreiad says:

    @Werner Ruotsalainen

    It’s not the final product. Give your "test" a rest already.

  110. dex says:

    Is there anu posible way to download internet explorer 6 or 7 or maybe firefox2 on my nokia e71. My web mail on Scalix suported only those browsers. Tnx, Dex

  111. htc ralph user says:

    I just purchased the touch pro for 400 us dollars.

    what i see here is making me a little peeved.

    a new phone that is pretty much the top of the line is already being called out of date so it will not be able to be upgraded.

    That is just a joke to me.

    There needs to be available updates available for those who spend the money for these high performance phones. If not MS will end up loosing out to The I phone and other software makers.

    If you are going to take the time to make a mobile os and browser you should make it available to those who have it already and let it be on the user to see if the phone they have will suport it.

  112. Micah says:

    I like Windows Mobile 6, but I’m going to have to join the mob in one aspect: smartphone is alive and kicking, the PDA is dead.  While mobile device churn is higher than PC’s (2 years on an average mobile contract versus 5 years approx for PC’s) The PDA development expectations don’t cut it anymore…

    I did love Windows Mobile 6.1 and the idea of such updates. I look forward to WM6.5 (assuming requirements don’t pass over the Motorola Q9c I’ve got).  I’ll even concede that any updates are great versus the PocketPC line (I bought a PPC2000 two weeks before the IPaqs and PPC2002 sung the death knell of my Jornada altogether.) But the sentiments above my post are all summed up in one sentence: Why should customers buy a new Windows Mobile device if the updates to the OS require brand new phones?

    A three-four year development cycle per OS (with two years overlapping the last two years of the old for new devices) would make more sense: can the Mobile IE 6 and develop it more for WM7 if the Mobile 6/6.1 crowd can’t use it.  I’d rather buy a device that’s useable for two whole years with updates than one with one year of updates then it’s on it’s own until death.  Keep the hardware standards in mind for the entire OS… If the weakest phone can’t use it, don’t put it in the update.  This is why users are peeved: we heard this was in the works when 6.1 was released (refer back to the news story on in early 2008), and now hearing that we can’t have it means our anticipation was for nothing.  Of course we’re not happy.

    Of course, I couldn’t imagine too many device makers who would agree with the 2+ year plan when making people anxious to get a new device on an annual basis is their whole basis for sales.

  113. dan says:

    well, i wish i could get firefox on my wm phone, i find that microsoft rarely makes new apps from scratch, they always, change the skin of IE and thats a new version!… why don’t you make a new version and call differently? IE9, IE11, IE15, IE78, ??

  114. JBundy says:

    Think about trying Torch Mobile’s Iris Browser until something better is released.  Iris Browser has improved immensely and shows what a little innovation can do when it’s actually a focal point of your programming.  Microsoft, you are losing me from your mobile offerings very soon if you can’t fix your desires to only release OEM preinstalled versions of major apps such as PIE.  PIE6 is not much better than PIE.  Iris Browser looks to have leaped all the self-sufficient browsers available at this time (Opera Mobile, NetFront, etc.)

  115. Ronnie Ren says:

    Hi WM team,

    I’m a developer of windows mobile application. Now I found the "window.external.favorites"&"window.external.history" objects could not be used any more on mobile internet explorer 6, could you please tell me how to do with the JS.


  116. Jasua says:

    Could you at least add base64 image support like IE 8.0 has? It would save a lot.

  117. Meena says:

    You do not give the information we want!

  118. Tim says:

    Please for the love of God no more IE’s.  We just put IE6 in it’s grave and hope it stays there.  Now seeing this page makes me want to cry and rip the hair out of my head.

  119. Jake says:

    For the love of god, please stop making browsers.  Please.  I beg of you.

  120. hjgode says:

    As long as IEM has so many bugs and is incompatible with desktop browsers I will recommend Access Netfront to all Windows Mobile Users

    IEM >6.1.4 is unable to open localhost web pages.

  121. noobs says:

    just like apple

    while i have been searching for an IE alternative for a reason none of you all mention (likely employees for the competitors) because your reasons apply to opera mini and skyfire…. i found:

    bingo, just like opera mini

    REQUIRES net access, can’t be disconnected?


    iris browser sucks as well

    wtf is wrong w/all these companies, BASICS lets get them

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