Windows Mobile 6.1 device updates

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a lot of interest in Windows Mobile 6.1. Specifically, people wondering how they can upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1. Well, the following list might not be comprehensive, but it calls out a number of devices I’ve heard about lately and their update points.

AT&T BlackJack™ II Verizon Wireless Moto Q9c HTC Touch Diamond™

If you’re interested in finding a new phone that runs Windows Mobile 6.1, check out this Microsoft Web site.


If you read the comments for this post, you’ll notice that Marco Nielsen is nice enough to point to his blog where he has a more comprehensive list of Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades.

Comments (26)

  1. says:

    Any News in Silverlight Integration In Windows Mobile ?

  2. Wiz says:

    Ugh.  I just flashed my AT&T Tilt back to WinMo 6.0, because AT&T’s 6.1 ROM was so buggy it was unusable.  I liked the improvements in 6.1, but AT&T’s implementation for that phone needs to be reworked.

  3. *[B4U]* says:

    I would like the WM6.1 upgrade for my HTC touch (GSM)… !

  4. Dabloo says:

    Can I install WM6.1 OS from the link above on my HTC Touch Mobile? I have unlocked it for India. I hope there will be no issues.

    Pls reply soon as I want to install it today.

  5. Henry Boehlert says:

    Quite happy with the TouchPro (2.8" VGA and full keyboard).

    But you should be worried that it’s users mostly run TouchFLO and Opera, where touch works so much better than in the rest of the system (e.g. tmail or ie).

    I don’t know who’s responsible for the word completion (HTC or Microsoft), but whoever is, should be punished to a life sentence of using it for every text they’re going to write. Maybe it works for English, but for German, it’s a major drag.

    Last note: Remote Desktop. I still don’t get why that’s not available^W^Woptional for devices with 200+ RAM and VGA displays. Anybody is downloading some bootleg from the internet, so why can’t you make it available on

  6. firdauzy says:

    my benq e72 is running wm6 standard. is it possible to have an upgrade to wm6.1 because the support from benq itself is so poor

  7. Keith Miller says:

    Is there an update to 6.1 for the Bell Mobility HTC 6800?

  8. Chuckpen says:

    ATT Tilt Backlight on 6.1:

    Backlight Display delay setting on Battery do not work.  Phone blanks the screen in about 10 seconds, makes it very unusable.

    ATT Tilt Voyager GPS on 6.1:

    When running corp exchange, (requiring a unlock code on phone) Voyager Navigation cannot run very long without locking the phone and causing the NAV software to suspend.  Unusable for longer driving trips without unlocking the phone every 15 minutes.

    ATT Tilt performance:

    Phone menu items can experience significant delays.  May be part of phone dropping into "no backlight mode".

    Menu hangs that require a hardware reset to bring the phone back.

  9. RonM says:

    AT&T Tilt

    What happened to the simplicty of voice speed dial of WM 6.0

    in WM 6.1 ? I have a ton of contacts which I never call, so why the need of Voice Command for this?  The option to use the previous version of voice speed dial instead of Voice Command would be nice…

  10. caywen says:

    Anything on WM7, yet? Still slated for 2010?

  11. ryanthetragic says:

    no upgrade for verizon motorola q9m…? is it so different than the motorola g9c?

  12. Win4Ever says:

    Any word on WM6.1 for the T-Mobile Dash?  I’d love to get it!

  13. Hi Dear,

    Where can find Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional in Spanish (upgrade/Install) for PPC HTC 6800?



  14. VA Attorney says:

    Anyone hear anything more on WM 7?

  15. Hugo Reyes says:

    Sync Errors with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Two PCs

    Under WM 6.0 and previous versions, I was able to sync between two PCs.  Now I am unable to do so under 6.1.  I use a Samsung i760.  This problem showed up as soon as I upgraded to 6.1.  I’m beginning to regret doing so.  Is there a fix?  (Not a workaround)

  16. Bob says:

    Since upgrading to 6.1 my caller ID now displays the state the person is calling from instead of their phone number. If someone has two numbers, I don’t know which is it.

    However, the caller ID works fine because the call history is accucrate. Is there a fix to this?

  17. I have lot’s of Ipaqs 6945 at my company, where I develop lot’s of sales apps and I would like to know if I can do some update or upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to 6.1 at this PDAs… it is possible?

  18. Akash says:

    windows 6 is having one problem, when sms get delivered, it does not show the name of person to whom u sent sms. it just show the mobile number.Can anybody develop software to display the name instead of number?

  19. Sean Starkey says:

    The notification windows for new mails and incoming calls have very small fonts displayed. Is there any way these fonts can be changed?

  20. christian says:

    i have a htc ppc 6800 is it possible for me to update my windows mobile from 6 to 6.1

  21. ali says:

    By sending sms, the contacts i have to insert one by one any correction of WM to have check box or group of contacts to insert in one go.


  22. Satish says:

    IS it possible to upgrade HTC P3400i to 6.1?

  23. Steve says:

    I just upgraded (?) to an HTC touch Pro through Verizon running 6.1 Pro.  

    I can’t believe that the speed dials cannot include pictures, don’t allow one to assign a letter key, don’t allow me to have digits dial after a pause in the phone number…I used this to auto dial my VM password after it connected.  I really miss all of these features to the point where I wouldn’t call 6.1’s improvements an overall upgrade.

    Is there a solution?

  24. martin doherty says:

    is there an update for the daxian t32 x999+ running windows mobile 6 professional

  25. Eken says:

    Hi everyone, I might be the only person unhappy with my WM6. It’s ZTE  e760, and I can’t find any apps to run with it except for basic programs provided by default.

    Anybody, I wanna purchase softwares for WM.

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