The Phone team says "Hello?"

I'd like to share a great photo of the Windows Mobile Phone team enjoying a much needed day off. These guys (and gals) are responsible for Smart Dial, Call History, Speed Dial, Call Progress, Voicemail, Wireless Manager and a whole bunch of phone UI and APIs. They're all hard at work on building a great phone + connectivity experience for the next version of Windows Mobile. (The smiles on their faces are probably indicative of some great new features they've just wrapped up).

Introducing the team from L-R:

JJ (test), Arturo (test), Darin (dev), Kerry (PM), Robert (dev lead), Howard (dev), Ritu (dev), Kelly (test), Thairu (dev).

So there you have it, folks - your typical Microsoft feature team consisting of dev, test and PM on a hot summer day. I'll try and post pictures of other teams bringing you Windows Mobile. In the mean time, feel free to share comments with the team but please keep it courteous.


Comments (42)

  1. Arturo says:

    Yes, we are all very excited with the new UX we have been working on for Call Progress, Bluetooth, Wireless Manager, Call History, Wi-Fi…

  2. Roland says:

    good to see you guys are ppl too πŸ™‚ any chance we’re getting to see anything of your winmob7 work soon?

  3. Craig Dahlinger says:

    I am looking forward to a very very different windows mobile 7 experience.  An experience that will take advantage of the newer touch technology in devices today, and stylus free application navigation.  The days of the stylus are long gone, a touch phone should be that, a touch phone.  There should never be the need to pull out a stylus on a device, it is just too awkward in the real world.  

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Craig: you won’t be disappointed by WM7 (trust me)


  5. GoodThings2Life says:

    Great to put names to the team! You all put a lot of effort into the product, and I hope that WinMo7 puts a lot of focus on the end-user experience the way that the Office 2007 team did. Can’t wait to see the results! πŸ™‚

  6. Buck says:

    Enjoy your summer — I have become a recent Windows Mobile 6.1 customer (MotoQ9C) and love it!

    When you get back from vacation, I have two ideas:

    1. Call progress – somehow it switched from Name and Number to Name and State! There’s room for a third line (hint, hint).

    2. Call history – I’d love to see date/timestamp in Call History, not just name and "m" or "w".

    I’m sure this is all in the works…I’m just sayin’!!! πŸ™‚

    Happy Fourth to all of you, you’re doing a great job!

  7. Ken MacRaild says:

    Hi Guys,

    Nice to see your faces.  I’m Technology Manager (APAC region) for i-mate and am really looking forward to what you’ve got in store in 7.



  8. aeltawil says:

    It’s great seeing you guys for the first time. I hope you’ve got some great news coming up in regards to WM7 πŸ™‚

    Keep up the awesome work!

  9. arash says:

    heh,tnx for photo,thats great to see u.but plz work on some user friendly(its great for us not for stupid people that loves to work with iphone)themes. its shame for winmo to htc makes touch flo for it,thank you guys im sure you will done some surprising things.

  10. Kane says:

    The PHONE team???

    Does that mean the cruddy graphics when a call comes in… when a txt message comes in… when a voicemail comes in… when an e-mail comes in… when you missed a call… ect ect ect from WM5/2003 are gonna finally get the WM6 and WM6.1 and then WM7 UPGRADE or they still gonna stay WM5 graphics… seriously though… they look like crap since wm5… even 2003… Windows Update on the phone is a nice feature… USE IT… ffs…  (pac-man food)

  11. Eltawil says:

    It’s always nice to see the faces of those who make a difference πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves!

  12. Vine says:

    Hi team guys,

    May I have a question?? Sorry, hopefully, the following question doesn’t disturb your good time.

    How to intercept the datagram from or to CDMA2000 1xRTT/EVDO, based on the platform of Windows Mobile 6.1?? This problem brings me into a stalemate. Wish here I could get the doable answer. I am looking forward to this, thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,


  13. Angus Farquharson says:

    it would be nice if it was possible to make calls from your laptop using outlook via a windows mobile plugged into the usb port. then i can wear a headset plugged into the laptop and type into outlook while i talk. that way i can also time my calls in journal. sending faxes would be nice to.

  14. Ron says:


    thanks for sharing the photo. I agree that it’s great to see the faces of those that make the products we use.

    I have a problem with wm6.1 that so far no one has been able to solve. There are many others having the same problem. I hope you can help.

    The problem is that whenever we hang up from a call made with a BT headset, the ringer profile automatically switches to the next profile and the ringer volume drops to 0. Meaning that say I have my phone on vibrate and then make a call with my BT and then hang up, the ringer profile switches by itself to normal and the ring volume drops to 0. I then have to manually adjust it.

    From speaking to others, we have found that this only started with 6.1, it seems to happen no matter what BT headset (or car kit) we use and does not depend on the phone model.

    Any help would be greeeeeeeatly appreciated as it is very annoying.



  15. Marauderz says:

    Dear WM Phone Team,

    Please fix the alarm applet in the Pocket PC Phone platform so that it works as well as the Smartphone one, with support for MID, WMA, and other file formats, and that it repeats properly?


  16. Motorola Smartphone WM 6.1 User says:

    Good work on the phone.  Other than the random reboots that I am experiencing, I really like it.  I took the first phone back because it would reboot about 2-7 times a day at ramdom times, and the second one does the same thing, but so far only around 4 times a day.

  17. Varkony says:

    This team looks g8 like a happy family.

  18. Georgi says:

    When will the beta of WM7 begin? Will it will be a closed one?

    Guys you have done great work so far, continiue to make us happy!

  19. WM Fan says:

    The lack of info about Windows Mobile 7 is making it very hard to be a Windows Mobile fan these days.  Just a wee bit of information about 7 would be fantastic…

  20. Ben says:

    The performance of wm6 really upgrade ? I don’t think so!

  21. Anon says:

    I’m a little concerned here.

    That’s all the team that Microsoft is throwing at countering Apple’s iPhone ?!?

    Please tell me it isn’t so…because if it is, no disrespect intended, we’re all in big trouble.

    Design Issues:

    Updating the interface of old and buggy underlying software (ala XP themeing of older technologies) itsn’t going to cut it against the competion this time (we’ve been fooled by MS now for 3 versions hoping the software would improve, not just the packaging).

    And for ISV’s to not jump ship, in light of a brand new and exciting venue for our products (1 million sales in 3 days!!!) we need to know that we can deliver eye catching software: I mean WPF, (and I don’t mean Silverlight). Is it coming? Why the big secrecy?!?

    And if you are going to force us to use Silverlight, atleast give us a browser this time, not that awful RTF+ thing that exists there now…  Because PIE needs to grow up to handle eventing on all dom elements. No more of these wierd blowfish solutions…

    nor ASP.NET mobile control solutions (and the millions of extra hours needed to handle two types of web pages) to handle the limited PIE scenarios.

    I guess I just wanted to say that I have been a 20 year supporter of MS platforms and languages — but the Mobile/CF/CE division has been a total waste of time so far: for users (the interface is practically unusable in 5.0, as well as for programmers, trying to find a solution for a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

    Anyway. Happy looking bunch. I’m sure you’ve worked hard under crazy pressure, and deserve a break.

    But I wish you had much more help, after seeing the size of team thrown at the problem.

    And I guess I’m jelous: I wish I was looking as happy — from using the product.

  22. Makoto says:

    I agree with some of the other comments.  I’ve been using WM since 2003 version, and as far as the UI goes, not much has changed.  I was really disappointed when I upgraded to Crossbow (WM 6) because it looked just like WM 5.  

    PIE is a joke, I can’t surf pages on there. I had to buy and install Opera mobile… and even that is sluggish and not perfect, but still better.

    The iPhone has really set the bar high, and after being a loyal Windows Mobile user and enthusiast, I have converted to the iPhone.

    The dialer on Windows Mobile is very slow, taking over half a second between the time I press a button and the time it actually registers.

    I did like the fact that there are a lot of resources for Windows Mobile developers, and the fact that there’s a .NET framework for WM, but the overall experience just wasn’t there.

    I just hope that WM7 can meet the challenge brought on by the iPhone.

  23. kerry says:

    That pic has a lot of talent in it πŸ™‚

  24. domenico says:

    From yesterday im user of WIndows  Mobile 6.1  with Samsung Omnia

    is the first time that use Windows Mobile and I must say that I was extremely satisfied,

    contrary to what they believe the various blog Windows Mobile 6.1 is fast and has no rivals

    I need some information on this system

    How can we close applications?, When you click the X in reality applications not ending, and only when one enters the specific menu can close all open applications previously

    There is some combination keys?

    exists for Windows Mobile Virtual Earth?

    which is the best application to see the weather? (Omnia not have the beautiful weather of HTC Diamond) SPBweather? (good?)


  25. OK, this item was posted 30 days ago. Today, Microsoft/T-Mobile announced the new Sidekick. Is Windows Mobile at the end of the road after 7 comes out? As a long time Windows Mobile user, I need to do some planning if WiMo is going away by, say, 2010.

  26. ThatDannyGuy says:

    is so weird when a team photo have bug reports as comments :

    and what happened to the other members ? you smart guys left them working at the office? xD  

  27. caywen says:

    You guys look like great, smart people. I hope you are able to bat one out of the park with WM7.

    I’m also moving to iPhone dev, and if WM7 is not competitive from the dev point of view, I think I will write first for iPhone and port to WM if there is time. I would like it to be the other way around, so I’m pulling for you.

  28. mina says:

    hi my child put a password and the phone now locked and i can’t reset it plz help

  29. flemmingast says:

    Hello Team,

    I am using WM 6.1 on an HTC Diamond. The menu copy messages to SIM is grayed out. How do I enable this feature?

    Thank you.


  30. dingus says:

    Wow, that Indian chick looks smokin’ hot!!! (someone had to say it!


  31. KZ says:


    How can I erase Call log entries from C++?



  32. John Wyman says:

    We run WM5 on our MC70’s, with our own database interface to our internal systems, the phone issue is horrible.  Can’t answer, can’t hang up, calls ring and ring before MC70 Rings, I understand there have been know issues with this and the Sierra Wireless Modem in the MC70, any fixes coming out like soon?

  33. meca says:

    The stylus is never going away, especially for cursive note taking.

  34. Ghulam Murtaza says:

    i hope windows mobile kill iphone popularity .. i love windows mobile . hope God gives  more help for  making WINDOWS MOBILE 7 .

    best wishes

    thanks Microsoft

    Mr.Bilgates (Hounouralbe)

    and all staff of Microsoft .

    they make world easy ( Pc Mobile softwares and lot more useable things

    thanks alot

  35. Geir says:

    Hello to you to.

    Where is the "Windows Mobile 6.1 User’s Manual"? Or did you forget to write one?

  36. Eltawil says:

    Should I hold off on buying a Windows Mobile phone this holiday and wait for Windows Mobile 7 next year?

    For God’s sake guys, give us some hint!!! I am sure millions of Windows Mobile fans out there want to know too.

  37. Scott says:

    I am currently running Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Blackjack II. I have the following suggestions for the email on Windows Mobile (WM):

    1. Make it so deleting email prompts sync.

    2. When forwarding email, the message should not be attached, I realize this is bypassed by clicking the edit message button, but the majority of the time you are going to just want it in the message body, so why not make that the default?

    3. When Replying to all the sender should be excluded from the "To" field. Nobody likes that person in the office who doesn’t understand how Outlook works and finds it necessary to copy their selves on every email they send. The way WM is currently setup, I look like one of those people, and I really want to be liked.

    4. Allow us to set the option to always download internet pictures.

    5. Allow us to forward meetings and appointments to other people.

    6. Display the reply/forward status of messages on the mobile device. (I noticed that when I reply/forward messages from my mobile device that information is now transferred to, and displayed on my Outlook. Bravo on this! Now if you can just make it transfer the other way as well we will be sitting pretty.)

    Any time that can be devoted to making these changes would be greatly appreciated. I assure you I am not the only person who would like to see these implemented. You have a wonderful product and I will continue to use it regardless of the outcome of my request, I would however love it more if these changes were made.

  38. mhodson1 says:

    Please come up with a way to allow users to place calls on their WM device without requiring the password. I manage an exchange 2007 environment and support both ActiveSync and Blackberry mobile devices. We have several users that switched from blackberry devices that are now complaining that they no longer have this capability.

    "Allow outgoing calls while locked" is a security option on the blackberries – Could we see something like this in the next version of Windows Mobile or at least before my users become hostile?

  39. Terry Fogg says:


    I have been a loyal Windows Mobile enthusiast since the first Pocket PC. That was the days when it didn’t have a phone.

    My last three devices with phones have all proved to be a headache.

    The simplest thing it should be able to do is reliably answer an incomming call.

    If you search the web, you will see the many of the windows devices have this problem. Please help your partners to get his right.

    Thanks Terry

  40. hodari says:


    A ten years lead by Microsoft on the concept of Smartphones and the prize had to be taken away by Apple!. You know why it happened? Because Microsoft stopped thinking "out of the box"!. Apple could have just plugged the OS X Interface on the iphone but they did not do it. They knew the interface has to be different to make a difference.

    It is not the quantity of people working in the Windows Mobile Team it is the quality and what the team can produce.

    Further more, iphone is not just a phone – it is a complete development platform and an a eco system. However much I love MS Platform since DOS 3.3 to current, I have to admit that it is very late, very late and there is no market for Windows Mobile Products. If I was developing consumer applications, I would not even consider Windows Mobile today.

    But becuase we develop Enterprise application for WINCE.NET and it is the only viable platform at the moment due to hardware not software… we are continuing to develop on WINCE.NET. Can you imagine? We cannot even certify our products for WINCE.NET and get a microsoft logo!

    Thank you for letting us down.

  41. RobK says:

    WM7 should be a free update for all WM6 users. Specifically the HTC-brand owners who’ve been cheated out of a performing OS due to lack of video drivers that support the hardware acceleration built into the Qualcomm processor. Of course, I’m sure any update would only be available through Hardware manufacturers (read HTC) and therefore would be downgraded by them to save costs from Qualcomm’s ridiculous feature licensing fees.

    Android source is hear now, and smart people with free time will most likely (hopefully) back-port it to the WM6 phones that feel like they are running 486 with XP installed (aka slow as snot). How is Microsoft going to win back the loyalty of those of us who hate the WM6 platform and are waiting anxiously to overwrite it with Android? All we want is a phone that doesn’t require a stylus (read designed for the thumb) and renders quickly (hardware accelerated video by default) Judging from past experiences, Microsoft will do nothing; hardware companies will do nothing, and we’ll (HTC owners) be forced to buy a new phone that works (fast video, integrated apps, etc) like an iPhone or anything with Android.

    My suggestion? WM7 is free to upgrade for anything that will support it (most ARM devices) and come with video drivers that enable hardware acceleration (write in support for the hardware out there, don’t rely on hardware vendors to do the work for you; that’s the reason why Windows gets a bad wrap) Remove the concept of close-buttons in the upper right corner, scroll bars that are too small… Everything should be accessible by a human thumb from the center of the touch screen AND/OR a D-pad. Use Android or iPhone as an example of how to interact. We are no longer in the days of the PDA. Stylus is dead. Long live human touch!

    Let me know if this post has any relevance; otherwise I’m not convinced WM7 will do anything for me.

  42. im a windows pc and mobile lover i’d like to say i have enjoyed your works guys. thank you indeed

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