Video: Demos of cool new Windows Mobile 6.1 features

Windows Mobile 6.1 was just announced at CTIA yesterday. A bunch of us got together to record a video demoing most of the new features in Windows Mobile 6.1. Check out this 40-minute video that shows:

  • Cool devices, including the T-Mobile Shadow, HTC Tilt, Pantech Duo, Moto Q9

  • The new Sliding Panel home screen (aka "Bronze")

  • All new home screen plugins

  • Threaded SMS

  • Copy & Paste support for non-touch devices

  • New Task Manager

  • Clock & Alarms

  • Windows Live and Live Search Mobile

  • and more...

This is a long video but it shows several features in great detail that you may not see elsewhere. Also note, there are other improvements in Windows Mobile 6.1 that we don't cover in this video, including IEMobile's new Zoom feature and integration with SCMDM 2008.

-Mel Sampat

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  1. Wal says:

    Message says that video is not available!!!

  2. The video works fine with me. Wow, 40 minutes long! I gotta get some popcorn or something

  3. Task manager you say? Could we get some explanation on that because "That’s like saying that car owners should be required to change their own oil.  I don’t think so." as Mike said.

  4. Daniel R. H. says:

    This new Home Screen "Bronze" will be available for WM6.1 Professional or only for Standard version?

  5. Brian says:

    If you’re going to do a new home screen, please overhaul the damn today screen for WM Professional devices too!

  6. Z says:

    It works only in IE. If your using FF… it’s a MS classical 🙂

  7. Daniel R. H. says:

    Is pretty bad that Professional version doesn’t have the new Home Screen because the touch functionality in Windows Mobile Professional is really bad, small menus, no good looking home screen, Home screen feels disorganized and limited, at this point WM6.1 Pro doesn’t have any new value for the standard consumer only one or two new features and the same 10 years old interface that remembers me Windows 3.1

  8. Ricardo Del Rosario says:

    I whant to know how to put in a mobile device the unread mail when you have rules in the server.  i have the new touch from sprint and i dont know the emails in the folders only if i gi to it. take to much time and sometimes hard.

  9.…1-features.aspx " Windows Mobile 6.1 was just announced at

  10. JW says:

    I’m a little new to mobile.  So I assume people with 6.0 won’t recieve upgrades to 6.1 via windows update?

  11. Greg says:

    wow, the new home screen is such a complete waste of space.. What kind of "upgrade" is it if half of my screen is now taken up by a mostly empty clock widget? Now if I want to check for any messages/missed calls, I have to:

    1) unlock my device

    2) hit down a few times

    3) hit left and right

    My current home screen lets me do that all at a glance. And I can still see the time! I’m not blind after all..

    Also, Mr. Interviewer Guy, learn how to use the damn microphone properly! I couldn’t hear a word the guy you were interviewing said, all I could hear was you

  12. steve says:

    interesting but how about giving the other guy a mic so we could ACTUALLY hear what he had to say ? I ended up just forwarding through the video as it was getting painful to try and listen to what the intelligent guy had to say.

  13. Paul says:

    This was not ‘cool’ – outdated functionality and confusing navigation.  No wonder operators create their own home screen which are way way better than anything Microsoft has put out.

    Come and talk to consumers about what they want!

  14. VinegarDoppio says:

    I would like to know, if the update to windows mobile 6.1 is schedule also for LG KS20, or for lg smartphones with windows mobile.

  15. Log1k says:

    Wow…. Frigging finally a copy and paste function. Everything else is preety much irrevelant except that feature, especially the home screen change.

  16. abhinaw says:

    Question on applications which were designed to get a LOGO "Designed for Windows Mobile Version 6". Is this logo good for a device which is running on version 6.1?

  17. MSDNArchive says:

    abhinaw: Yes.

  18. Scott says:

    It seems strange that the professional version dosen’t get any additional "eye candy". As I run a Sprint Mogul, this announcement is sort of a disappointment.

    Put SBP mobile shell on your professional pocket pc and save yourself the trouble.

    (I second the poor mic in the video. I couldn’t understand a thing..I just jumped through it)

  19. 100thIdiot says:

    For what its worth I actually quite like Windows Mobile on my HTC Tytn2, and still prefer it to the iPhone.  However next to the iPhone it looks clunky and slow.  So what I’d most like to see if I’m to stick with WM is performance.  I hate selecting an option and having to wait for the screen to change or for something to load.    Pictures & Video for example, this can be so slow and laborious I often give up.  Also setting up MMS messages, I can touch the part of the screen that brings up the option to include a picture and can wait for anything up to 8 seconds for anything to happen.  A lot of the time I’ll press again thinking it didn’t register only for the screen to change and then for the phone to pick the image that happened to be where I pressed.  Its painful to say the least.  Before adding new features and faffing around with the interface, fix the performance!

    PS.  I like the SMS stuff.  Very nice.

  20. Roger says:

    I love it. Can’t believe the negative comments.

    I’m a power user, been using PDA phones for over 8 years and Palm Pilots before that. First Windows phone was an SMT5600 purchased four years ago; currently own a Pantech Duo. This is a great upgrade, and certainly several steps in the right direction.

    It seems that only whiners leave comments, so I just wanted to give some positive feedback. Looks like very effective navigation from the home screen with much more flexible access.

    Looking forward to upgrading.

    Good work!

  21. Greg says:

    no offense Roger, but maybe your expectations have been lowered through the many years of using these things. I’ve had a BJII for maybe half a year now, and it’s better than having nothing but I wouldn’t say I enjoy using it. There are so many things that could be improved with Windows Mobile, like the lousy internet browsing, busted behavior of reminders, inconsistent ability of applications to actually use the GPS, etc.

    But instead, I come here and maybe half of a 40 minute video is dedicated to trivial improvements of the home screen (the one piece of WM I actually like)! I don’t know where the WM team gets its priorities from, but it sure doesn’t seem like it comes from customers, or even people who use these devices. This new home screen is a shining example of this: what actual problem with the existing home screen does the new one fix? With "features" like this getting all the attention and effort, it’s no wonder Apple is able to embarrass you guys with their first version of a phone.

    Why not spend all your effort making the browser better (I thought I heard that was part of the 6.1 update, but maybe not)? Or making cool modules like weather, traffic, etc that ship built into the OS so I didn’t have to go buy them as an afterthought?

    So no, I don’t think this is whining. This is complaining, because I don’t like the current situation. And I’m not doing it to make myself feel better, I’m doing it in hopes that whoever’s in charge over at MS wakes up and realizes they could be doing a lot better, instead of going on with the false belief they’re already doing a great job.

  22. Daniel R. H. says:

    Greg is right in every line.

    The true is that all the new features and enhancements are keeping for WM7, of course, bad for us good for Microsoft. Is like Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  23. Jon T. says:

    When would WinMobile have "Reply All" in sms?  You would then have to embedded the original sms addresses in the incoming sms.  Would be cool to be able to do that.

  24. Oli says:

    Everything in WM6.1 has been done before, and is done better. For example Opera Mobile is a much better browser than PIE and has been out for some time. Why can’t Microsoft accept this and spend time developing the shell and not writing pointless today screen plugins that just annoy people?

  25. wbpluto says:

    Message says that This playlist cannot be loaded!!!

  26. Christian Schindler says:

    Great new features. Especially in conjunction with SCMDM! Will there be a Device Emulator for WM6.1 soon? Makes testing easier… Thanks, Christian.

  27. Iwante Windows Mobile6.1 for PPC

  28. andrew says:

    totally like cool like sex appeal like gee…. a big clock and some eye-candy. How about stopping WM6 from having to be rebooted daily. How about making sure the ring tone doesn’t stop working for no apparent reason. How about some self-test function. How about making the windows update feature actually see updates such as the recent daylight savings update. beauty is only skin deep 🙂

  29. Michael says:

    Now if only Samsung and Verizon will let me get this flashed to my very buggie I760

  30. soulxfer says:

    upgraded to WM6.1, but still not able to tap dial phone from Outlook..

  31. BobTheBuilder says:

    I also got the "Playlist cannot be loaded", so I decided to read the comments instead.  Looks like you failed twice MS.  From the comments, I don’t think I’ll bother.

  32. Bobcat says:

    Wow this is like so awesum almost as kewl as the new ZUNE any1 whos complaining is just a stupid iSheep crapple fanboi…

  33. Paul Bennett says:

    i have a htc touch dual, how can i update to windows mobile 6.1?

  34. Windows Mobile 6.1 was just announced at CTIA. A bunch of us got together to record a video demoing most

  35. Realist says:

    @andrew: My Blackjack phone doesn’t have to be rebooted daily.  Or even weekly.  Or even biweekly.

    The biggest problem with Windows Mobile is the same problem with desktop Windows — unstable drivers and preloaded craplets from the OEM.

    My old AT&T/Cingular 8125 (aka HTC Wizard, aka T-Mobile MDA) had to be rebooted about once every three days, responded slowly, froze at times.  Then I did a hard reset and prevented OEM customizations from loading.  After I got rid of all the OEM crap, the phone stopped freezing and stopped crashing, and became very stable.

    I know Microsoft is all about the platform and the OEM.  But one would think that the phone is the point where you give up and take control of the user experience.  People don’t care if it’s Microsoft’s fault or the OEM’s fault — they will always blame Microsoft for the problem.

    Alternatively, there must be some clever way to shame the OEMs into higher quality without actually getting them upset.

  36. Perels says:

    OK – this definitely seems like an improvement over 6.0 (we’re currently using HTC S730 in our company – about 15 mobiles).

    I am generally very happy with Microsoft-software and always check with you guys before buying some thirdparty software. But with Windows Mobile I am more than dissappointed.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    What we’re struggling (6.0) with today are the following:

    – Slow Windows Mobile (very very slow) – lot’s of wasted time! Maybe 10 min /day/user equal to 10x365x15 = 38 days a year wasted on slow mobile.

    Depending on salary – we might loose around USD 5000-6000 each year in lost productivity. For SME this is not good.

    – Compared to Symbian/Nokia phones, we notice how easy "mobiling" is when on Nokia. (please buy a Nokia phone, something old like 6230, and use it for a month, then switch back to WM). Primary features like calling and sms should be available in only one click (not two or more).

    On Nokia phones;

    – you can just hit the left-button (in the 5 directions field) to begin typing your sms.

    – You can change the shortcuts of the phone easily (configure hardware buttons)

    – Quick startup and response

    I am just wondering why Microsoft does not prioritize mobiles even more than what you already do you now? Every report about social habits for technology future points at everything being will be mobile, so why not allocate even more developers and do some heavy work on making the best software on your mobile platform?

    Google is already moving fast with their Android platform – not hoping they will outrun you as they have done with searching.

    And please include Windows Mobile in the Microsoft Update webpage.

  37. tom says:

    ok i have a very serious question that i cant figure out if i have a device that is running on wm 6 that is able to run 6.1 is there any way that i could possibly get wm6.1 like as an upgrade for my fone. because i want it but i cant find a way to get it.

  38. Gurmit says:

    i want to update my samsung jack i616 to 6.1.please provide me an information.that how i could get

  39. John says:

    Just updated my sprint moto q9c to 6.1 but do not see the Windows Live, any idea where I can download?

  40. snbalaji says:

    Is there any way to upgrade windows mobile from 6.0 to 6.1? I am using HTC handset

  41. Sean says:

    To all those wanting to know hoew to get the upgrade, you will need to get it from your brick, errr, PHONE manufacturer. I know HTC has it avaliable on its website when you join their e-Club.

    Also, remember that those with touch screens will not get the new today screen updates… only seems to be for smartphones without a touch screen..

    Windows Mobile 6.1 Site:

  42. audrie Magno says:

    Could you do the video over and give the guy on the right a microphone please?  

  43. jenni says:

    Same comment here.  There is a sound problem in the part where the screen is projected on a large screen.

  44. Jack says:

    What about the famous "86000107 acticesync" bug introduce in WM6.1? Is anyone in WM team looking into it?

  45. jon says:

    Hey, i just purchased a the samsung i616 (fido) and i wanted to know if there was any news on an update for windows mobile 6.1 !!! 😐

    If anyone has any information email me please:

  46. G!zMo says:

    Here is the URL for Rogers and FIDO upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 for Samsung Jack SHG-i616.

    Not the Vista one does not work at the moment, or at least I couldn’t get it past the ID/KEY section.

    Also note that this upgrade is NOT supported by Rogers but by Samsung so I don’t know what the implications of upgrading are….

    Also I believe Rogers will be releasing a new Samsung Jack XXXXXXXX with 6.1 on it, but that was a slip on the Tech Support when I spoke with them as there is no such product from Rogers at the moment…

    I just bought mine so if there is a new one I want to exchange!

  47. G!zMo says:

    Here is a good thread about the upgrade:


    email me if you get it working on vista : )

    mariusz (AT) rigid (DOT) ca

  48. Drew says:

    Bought a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone. The Rogers salesperson tried to pursuade me not to, saying it has to be rebooted daily. I foolishly bought it anyways because I have Vista at home and yes, it has to be re-booted daily in my case, usually from crashes or the phone simply loses its ability to dial a call for no apparent reason. Thank goodness for SPB Shell to replace the awful windows ui which tries to pack a desktop menu system into a 3 inch space. Even just synching it to my Vista comp. only works about 60% of the time. Other times it erases all my settings. Has tons of useless user messages that cannot be turned off (ie you get a text message saying you have a voice-mail?!) so the steps are you have to dismiss the text message pop-up, dismiss the voice mail pop-up, delete the text message, and then listen to the voice message. Then dismiss the pop-up saying your call has ended. This is all with a tiny stylus as my fingers cannot possibly pinpoint the mini buttons. With all those big brains over at MS didn’t anyone pipe up to say "hey, this is a phone – people just want to know they have a message and listen to it!".

    When Microsoft is continuing to be out-classed, and way out designed by their competitor for both computers and phones, why don’t they wake up and simply look at what the consumer wants and give them that? Well built software that is user-friendly instead of computer programmer friendly. Cut out all the junk and clutter and re-build a solid piece of software with great usability. Anyways, this update just shows you exactly why they are light years behind their competitor. I’ve seen the previews of Windows 7 and I will no longer a Windows user following my experience with their phones and computers.

    It is really only a matter of time before their competition reaches a critical mass of users in the workplace and at home. Like most of my friends and family, I will be switching to their competitor for my phone (first) and computer (next).

  49. Pans says:

    To the Drew above.

    I think you will find that your new operating system if you ever switch will suffer from even worst problems. I use Windows 6.0 for the past 10 months and only had to rebood because of some dodgy application I installed. I am sure all the extra messages you get are customisable and can be removed. You need a basic undertanding of computers to use one. Otherwise stick to pen and paper.

  50. Pavan says:

    i want to read/write data from an Excel Application. I did a lot of search in Google, but nothing i found proper.

    At last iam trying with Windows mobile 6.1 SDK, there is a pocketOutlook.dll for Outllok, but there is no dll for Excel and Word.

    Can you please suugeest me how to programatically work with excel application in mobile.

  51. Pavan says:

    i want to read/write data from an Excel Application. I did a lot of search in Google, but nothing i found proper.

    At last iam trying with Windows mobile 6.1 SDK, there is a pocketOutlook.dll for Outlook, but there is no dll for Excel and Word.

    Can you please suugest me how to programatically work with excel application in mobile.

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