Announcing Windows Mobile 6.1

Windows Mobile 6.1 screenshot

This morning Microsoft officially announced Windows Mobile 6.1 and an upgrade for Internet Explorer Mobile. Windows Mobile 6.1 will start showing up in devices very very soon, and the IEMobile update will be available later this year.

Windows Mobile 6.1 includes a slew of new features and improvements, including a redesigned home screen, built-in Task Manager, threaded SMS client, browser improvements, Copy & Paste support for non-touch devices, integration with SCMDM 2008, improved Windows Live integration, Getting Started Wizard, faster Bluetooth setup, significant and noticeable improvements in performance and battery life, and much more.

Upgrades for several current devices will be available. From the press announcement linked above, the following new phones and updates were announced today:

Mobile operators:

  • Alltel Wireless: HTC PPC6800, HTC Touch

  • AT&T: Samsung BlackJack II, MOTO Q 9h global, Pantech duo, AT&T Tilt by HTC

  • Sprint: A new Palm Treo and updates for the Mogul by HTC, Touch by HTC, MOTO Q 9c, Samsung ACE

  • T-Mobile International: T-Mobile MDA Ameo 16 GB, T-Mobile MDA compact IV


  • ASUS: New phones including the P320, ZX1, P560, M536 and updates for the P527, P750, M930

  • HTC: A new Touch Dual for the U.S. and updates for the AT&T Tilt, Touch by HTC, Mogul by HTC from Sprint, TyTN II

  • i-mate: 8502, 9502, 8150, 6150

  • Intermec: CN3

  • Motorola: MOTO Q 9c, MOTO Q 9h global, MC70, MC9000

  • Pantech: Pantech duo

  • Samsung: BlackJack II

  • Toshiba: Portégé G810,Portégé G910

For more screenshots, please visit the Windows Mobile page on Facebook. We'll post even more information about Windows Mobile 6.1 on this blog shortly.

-Mel Sampat

Comments (91)
  1. tonyr says:

    will it work on the t-mobile dash?


  2. At last, an official announcement! Now we can put an end to all the sneak peek screenshots, articles, and rumors. The update looks promising and a lot more user friendly. But still needs that fluid and seamless transitioning between, for instance, opening and closing windows/applications

    Read the following:!CA3B008F40073FA3!538.entry

  3. Craig Harris says:

    I’m hoping this isn’t an April Fools announcment 😉

  4. Matt G says:

    Will there be any more phones/providers announced as providing the update?

    I am quite surprised, and a little bit mad, that not one of the Verizon phones are there.  I find it a little "weak" to say the least.

  5. Today, our friends on the Windows Mobile Team have announced Windows Mobile 6.1 at CTIA Wireless 2008

  6. Joseph Kim says:

    I think everyone is interested to know if/when/how current devices that run WinMobile 6 will be upgradable to 6.1


  7. Brian Sweat says:

    I have an HTC Excalibur (Dash) and T-Mobile has a free upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to 6 at

    I think it’s likely they will do the same for 6.1.  I would call T-Mobile and ask for it on the day it’s released.  They will be more likely to offer an upgrade if existing customers are actually asking for it.

  8. Ieri è stato annunciato ufficialmente Windows Mobile 6.1. Potete vedere qualche immagine su Facebook

  9. Joseph says:

    Will there be a new version of ActiveSync released to support new 6.1 devices?

  10. MSDNArchive says:

    There will not be a new version of ActiveSync at this time. WMDC 6.1 which was released last year will work fine with Windows Mobile 6.1.

  11. PauliusBa says:

    There will be an update for HTC S730 smartphone? Any answers via email ( will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  12. Joseph says:

    MelSam, thanks, will version 4.5 of ActiveSync work fine with 6.1 (it supports WM6.0), like WMDC 6.1..

  13. nicknowsky says:

    I have seen "cooked unofficial 6.1 ROM’s" but I want the official 6.1 ROM for the HTC HERMES ala AT&T 8525

    I know recently the Official 6.0 ROM was taken down as of FEB 1 on both official AT&T and HTC sites!! So should I be expecting an update or do I have to go get a unofficial cooked 5.1 ROM???

  14. domenico says:

    Hi team , thx for your release,

    Pls only one small question

    the new LG KS20 with windows mobile 6,

    it’s capable for windows mobile 6.1 ???


  15. Brian says:

    Umm…Hello? Can we get some idea of what WM 6.1 Professional will be like? WM Standard isn’t the only flavor out there.

  16. says:

    Pünktlich zu CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas hat Microsoft gestern Windows Mobile 6.1 offiziel vorgestellt. Nach dem ersten Start fällt das neue Getting Started-Menü auf, das die Erstkonfiguration des Gerätes erleichtert. Darüber hinaus hat Microsoft s

  17. Freddan says:

    Will there be an official 6.1 rom to HTC s730 (Wings)?

  18. Lucas says:

    There’s nothing really interesting about the new WM6.1, specially for the Professional version that doesn’t include the new home screen!.

    -The memory management is still a problem for mobiles with 64MB of RAM.

    -Touch capabilities for Professional version is with no doubt unusable in some cases. The solution: Buy a third party software to fix the problem.

    -No new keyboard, use your stylus not your fingers. The solution: Buy a third party software to fix the problem.

    -No new Home Screen for Professional version, again  the solution: Buy a third party software to fix the problem.

    I see this release as the Service Pack 1 for WM6, so nothing new can be expected.

  19. I’m guessing that means no good news for folks who’ve just bought a T-Mo shadow (HTC Juno).

    That said I like the task manager and Neo homescreen I already have.

    Would love some perf improvements and polish but I guess it’s a lot of work for T-Mo to reapply all their changes to a point release when they’d prefer people to just buy a new device 😉

  20. SDmello says:

    I do hope that HTC provides its S730 users with a new ROM update for windows 6.1 and also clears the issue of memory & video playback.

    HTC are you listening.

  21. crane 21 says:

    I have a blackjack 2 and cant wait for the update any one have a link for an unofficial version.

  22. Marina Ma says:

    For developer, any update in the new OS version? Will you announce an update SDK?

  23. lisa says:

    Need to know if anyone has a link for windows mobile 6.1 for BJ 2.

    ( official/ unofficial)

  24. hank says:

    is wm 6.1 available for "ATT Palm Treo 750"???

  25. soulxfer says:

    WM5, WM6 and now WM6.1, wonder why even with so much dogfooding the folks miss basic features!!

    All corporate folks get outlook invites, and the location field invariably contains dial-in bridge number. For some vague reason, the numbers dont get hyper linked and you have to go to edit, select the field, select the number to dial, then copy and the paste it in your phone application.

    c,mmon guys..  just this feature makes Palm more liked than Windows Mobile

  26. KS says:

    Please, please, please tell me you can change the date format in the home plugin to a Long Date without hacking up the short date.  One of a the most requested items for the HTC Home Plugin and its the first thing I notice on the WM6.1 demos.

  27. BM says:

    Will this also be available through Bell in Canada?

  28. sandhu says:

    will window mobile 6.1 work on samsung blackjack…?>

  29. Matt says:

    Great job with the new features.

    Anyone think of implementing a FastForward setting to go along with FastBack in IE mobile, aka the "I’d like to read NY Times Mobile while on the subway?"  This would be a great "on-the-go offline navigation" beyond literally syncing downloaded web pages.

  30. roozbehid says:

    Any information about new apis and threaded sms?

    because we have a rule client software that does no more work on new wm6.1.


  31. Sam Joy says:

    I talked to T-Mobile today and they told me that WM 6.1 upgrade for the Shadow will be end of May? Early June, but he said it will be version 6.01?, don’t know how much difference that is?, I am going to do more research?

  32. jayongg says:

    I can’t speak about upcoming devices in general, but there will be updated versions of WM6.1 for different devices depending on operator/OEM requirements. For the Shadow and its unique homescreen, it’s not surprising that there would be a special build for it (as with the original Shadow).

  33. Eltawil says:

    The Windows Mobile Team should be working on a special build for the touch based devices running Windows Mobile Professional 6.1. When will this team ever give some more attention to the User Interface? It’s obvious that the world is moving quickly towards a stylus free and finger friendly devices that is responsive and gives a seamless interaction between applications. When will we see a "significant" update to Windows Mobile guys?

  34. ns.nixon says:

    I would like to ask WM Team… will this version work with T-Mobile MDA Touch… and where we can get the update

  35. crash says:

    hmmm. t-mobile wing was 1st in north america to use wm6 — yet I’ve received nothing informing me of update to 6.1— need to dig deeper ?

    constant I.E java errors on everypage I goto is killing me … HELP ?

  36. crash says:

    course I’ve had to HARD_RESET

    a couple times now .. had I.E running awsome once . never any java script errors But now it’s constant …even on this page I got one .. line 223 source blaa blaa blaa —

    And never any update Available thru link on my "T-mobile Wing"

    for M$FT updates except daylight savings time ..wooopie .. ….

  37. meekrol says:

    i have an Alltel PPC6800 when and where can i get the windows mobile 6.1…?!!!

  38. stelly7 says:

    Can anyone tell me why WM 6 has not been added to the NIST list for FIPS compliancy?

  39. crash says:

    howz about a simple download just for mobile IE 6.1 ?

    doent have to be "pecific to any carrier" —

    Just an update from M$FT for their mobile browser —

    which i am going to freak on very soon if it wont stop with the Java script errors …

    anyway to disable — haa dare i uninstall JAVA in mobile 6.0 pro … ?

    hmm opera ? .. dont like the name .. !

  40. isv says:

    Is Windows Mobile 6.1 based on WinCE 5.0 or WinCE 6.0?

  41. matt says:

    Have uninstalled the mobile device centre but cannot for the life of me unistall the mobile device driver update.  I have tried everything imaginable – ending process from task manager then uninstalling driver from control panel.  It runs through uninstall and then at the end of process seems to roll back with the green indicator going from right to left.

    looking for any solution!

  42. matt says:

    Have uninstalled the mobile device centre but cannot for the life of me unistall the mobile device driver update.  I have tried everything imaginable – ending process from task manager then uninstalling driver from control panel.  It runs through uninstall and then at the end of process seems to roll back with the green indicator going from right to left.

    looking for any solution!

  43. Mark says:

    Will wm 6.1 be available for the ut starcom vx 6800?

  44. Aaron says:

    Any idea if Chinese and/or Japanese fonts will now be supported on the devices specified?  It’s a real pain to stare at blocks when I’m trying to read emails and web pages…

  45. bababr says:

    dear sir,

            I want to update window 5 to 6

  46. John says:

    I installed Windows Mobile 6.1, and now i can’t receive or MMS messages.  It just says error synchronizing.  Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  47. JuniR says:

    I have updated to the 6.1 pro for my TyTn II and it did not come with the new task manager or the enhanced version of pocket IE. ( I downloaded my copy from the HTC website)

  48. Nick says:

    Eeeek…  ActiveSync (on Windows XP) does not appear to work with 6.1 (HTC TYTN II)… I wish I knew that before I upgraded!


  49. I have a ton of questions about how to install Windows Mobile 6.1 on my HTC Mogul. I’ve been on quite a few websites looking for help and answers but I can’t seem to get any help at all. I would like to know what I have to do to get 6.1 working. If there is a site or step by step instructional guide to do this I haven’t found it yet. Would someone anyone PLEASE give me the info I need.

    Thank You

  50. Melissa says:

    I’d love to know when AT&T is going to offer this to their users. I have a Samsung BlackJack II and no one at AT&T knows what I am talking about when I ask about the upgrade to Windows 6.1

    .. 🙁

  51. Nick says:

    I’m totally peeved…  It seems that I will be forced to upgrade my primary desktop from XP PRO to VISTA if I want to syncronize my HTC TYTN II with Office 2007.  I DON’T WANT VISTA until *at least* SP2.  Nobody seems to be happy with Vista due to incompatibility issues, etc., and I cannot afford any more problems!

  52. Ita says:

    I have the same problem as John. I downloaded the 6.1 to my TMobile Dash and I can not send or receive any MMS.  Does anyone know what we can do?

  53. adam says:

    ITA, if you go to set up e-mail it should give you the option to set up your MMS , it took me a little while to figure it out but it worked ,you may have to just look around on your settings ,MY MMS worked fine after i figured it out , ive had WM6.1 for over 1/&1/2 months so my memory may be wrong but i did get it to work somewhere in the settings,

  54. Jorge Ledesma DDS says:

    Why would you not support categories on Windows Mobile Smartphone in Calendar and Tasks, it simply doesn’t make sense to me, Outlook 2007 looks so great and it would be great to have those categories sync across to Outlook

  55. kaushik sadhu says:

    will we be able to download and install the new rom WINDOWS MOBILE 6.1 UPDATE for THE HTC P3400i PDA???

    will i be able to upgrade from wm6 to WM 6.1?

    if so how…..

  56. Tom says:

    When will be an update for the Toshiba G910 available?

  57. Jon H says:

    will windows mobile 6.1 be available as an update for the Verizon Wireless SMT5800 smartphone?

  58. J ones says:

    Which provider to you have?  I can help you set MMS up on your DASH.

  59. Mart says:

    Samsung Ace doesn’t have picture messaging?

    how do you get it?

  60. azbobs says:

    Unreal how long All-tel is taking to get this update out. They are always behind! Maybe the bew merger with verizon will be a good thing!!!

  61. Anthony R says:

    Could someone help me set up my DASH?  I had 6.1 for about 4 months now and I can receive my Yahoo, Comcast, and AOL emails but when I go to sync my work email it won’t work.  Keeps saying "Cannot connect to server"  I’ve spent hours and hours trying to figure this out and it won’t connect.  I even tried copying the very same settings from someone elses mobile device at work and still won’t connect.  Any help would be so appreciated.

  62. Richard West says:

    Today I lost the ability to use Messaging/email on my HTC Touch Phone with Windows Mobile 6.1.  The icons do nothing and act like they are grayed out.  I can’t get to anywhere to check settings, etc.

    I tried Active Sync and it will not work now.  Error or Support Code: 80004005.

    How would I repair the operating system or reinstall, etc.?


    Richard West

  63. mike says:

    I have a moto q9h on AT&T, and i recently downloaded and installed the 6.1 update which i got through the motorola website. Definite improvement, except now, my MMS is gone. It no longer shows up in my messaging menu. SMS and my email work fine. When trying to send a photo, sending via MMS is no longer an option. Anyone have any ideas?

  64. Quatre says:

    wm 6.1 on my I-mate ultimate mk0i has made mms not work for me also but my settings are same as my tilt so not sure what nneds chsanged nor what to chsange it to.

  65. bryce says:

    Where is best to download 6.1 for my T-Mobile Dash? What are the risks? Will it void my warranty? Any help is appreciated!

  66. shakey says:

    so where can i download it for my phone?


  67. kaushik says:

    please bring out the wm6.1 upgrade for htc p3400i gene 100 also………………..

    wanting eagerly to upgrade from wm6 to wm6.1

  68. Dan says:

    does wm6.1 give htc touch built in gps receiver?

  69. Ricardo Mendieta says:

    I have an HTC TOUCH (SPRINT)

    When I update from WM 6.0 to WM 6.1, will any of my phone setttings (SPRINT) be deleted or changed. Will I have to go back to SPRINT to re-configure?

  70. Nando says:


    I have Tmobile Dash with 6.1

    I really need help seting up the MMS on it.

    email please! thanks

  71. Nando says:

    Nevermind Jones I was able to figure out how to get MMS working on my Dash wm 6.1 using the below instructions

  72. Chowdry says:

    Can i upgrade HTC p3300 to WM6.1 if yes could you please let me know how?

  73. ANDREW says:


  74. MAW Get it right! says:

    Do not update to WM 6.1!!!!! The outlook program has a bug. Do a search about "unable to download messages windows mobile 6.1" I have the ATT Tilt.. That program worked perfectly untill i updated the phone. I no longer can check my emails via the messages part of the tilt. There needs to be a bug fix and an update soon!  

  75. Kurt says:

    I upgraded my Blackjack II to 6.1 yesterday, and am having an annoying issue.  When I have the device in "normal" or "vibrate" mode, the device will chirp randomly every few minutes.  This is the same noise the device makes when you plug it into the wall.  The noise does not happen when the device is either plugged into the wall or when its in silent mode.

    Any ideas on a setting I could change to fix this problem?

  76. Sarosh says:

    I have a Sprint HTC Mogul and have been able to sync calendar and contacts using Activesync 4.5 with Outlook 2007 without any problems, until I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1.

    Now I am unable to sync. The sync starts, then suddenly stops withyout any discernible reason. I have rebooted both the Mogul and the PC several times.

    Has anyone else had the same problem, and how have you solved it?

    Many thanks!

  77. amit says:

    so where can i download it for my phone?


  78. Jim Bomberg says:

    I have a HTC Mogul. Since I installed 6.1 my phone go to mute on its own. Then the speaker come back then it goes mute on its own. Does anyone have a fix?

  79. Scott says:

    You have a potential bug in 6.1.

    Look here.

    Has to do with Daylight savings time.  I have had the same problem with my phone and had to implement the same solution as what the forum implies.

    What do you think of a patch coming out for this?  Any time soon?

  80. al cortez says:


  81. Syed says:

    Is it possible to upgrade HTC P3300 to WM 6.1, if yes i would appreciate if some one can share the link to download the WM 6.1 ROM for HTC P3300

  82. ElectroGeek says:

    I have never been more frustrated with a Microsoft product. After upgrading my ATT Tilt to WM 6.1 I was unable to send pop3 email. I didn’t know at first that it was a WM 6.1 bug so I bought an ATT Fuze (HTC p4600) Well much to my surprise the same problem occured. Unable to send pop3 mail. I found a patch that supposedly was supposed to fix this bug. It didn’t. I use these windows mobile phones every day to help me run my business and being unable to send email is a big problem. I am so pissed at Microsoft for releasing a product with so many bugs!! Microsoft needs to address this issue and come out with a patch that actually works for all hardware platforms. I think it may be time to switch to Android!

  83. hevymetl says:

    This update is filled with problems.  Look at other posting boards to see issues many others have had.

    We can no longer sync any calendar entry created on the PDA (we are using the Tilt).  If the calendar entry is created on the PC or OWA, then it will sync with the phone, but not the other way around.  This only started happening with 6.1.  Email sync appears to work fine, only calendar entries are not working.

    We sync wirelessly directly to the Exchange server, not via USB cable.

  84. hevymetl says:

    Fk’en MICROSOFT!!!

    Ok, we just discovered the "fix" for the problem stated previously with syncing to the calendar.

    The problem is:

    Calendar entries created on the phone will not sync with Exchange, but entries created on Outlook or OWA will push to the phone.

    The fix:

    1) On WM 6.1 Go to start, Settings, Phone (from the Personal tab).  Select the TIMEZONE tab and disable the automatic change time zone setting.

    2) Go to Start, Settings, Clock & Alarms (from the System tab).

    3) Change the time zone to London,Dublin or Casablanca (GMT)

    4) Go to the calendar and create a new entry.  Sync the phone.

    5) Go back to the Clock & Alarms and change the timezone back to your zone.

    6) Re-enable the automatic timezone setting.

    The sync should work now.

    As a side note, my phone locked up after changing the timezone and I had to turn it off and back on before continuing with the steps, but other phones had no problem.

  85. says:

    who have the G910 install programe, pls send one to me, thanks

  86. toni starks says:

    have 6.1 on my tmobile dash.. i have the google maps as my gps and the kavana weather for up to date weather,but i cant simple to get my aol or yahoo messager working

  87. John Sanders says:

    @tonistarks I believe t-mobile ships an integrated messaging client on their devices, Oz Messenger. They should be able to fully support this client for you. With an active data session (e.g. go to in IE Mobile) I haven’t had any troubles personally when I used messenger and had a Dash (a few years back).

  88. John Sanders says:

    if you click on my name above I inserted the t-mobile support site url or you can manually cut and paste it from here…

  89. Larry Guengerich says:

    Where can I get a 6.0 ROM?  With 6.1 I am not able to use Lotus Notes anymore.

  90. brijesh says:

    is it possible to upgrade HTC P3300 to WM 6.1.

  91. AleHaw says:

    I have Toshiba g910 and it has wm6.0..

    How to upgrade it?

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