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Everyone I know at Microsoft uses a Windows Mobile phone (well, except for 2 is a guy that works in the Mac Unit and the other is Bill Gates who doesn't use a cell phone). Microsoft employees are often the first customers of our product. To see just how passionate they can be, check out this video clip. It's from an annual employee event called "TechReady", which is attended by our field staff from all around the world.

This clip shows the popular "mobility smackdown" session hosted by Jason Langridge. It continues to be the most popular event at TechReady year after year.

The passion you see in this video translates into vocal and critical feedback throughout our internal testing cycles, also known as "dogfooding".

Windows Mobility Smackdown at TechReady 6


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  1. Surur says:

    If this is true, why dont we see much of any user-created software being generated by the windows mobile-owning masses of one of the biggest software companies in the world?

    Sure, there is a facebook-app every once in a bluemoon, but there should have been a mass of software utilities and enhancement out there for the platform, and there is certainly not (from Microsoft employees at least).

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Surur – not sure what you mean. Are you asking why there isn’t 3rd party software available for Windows Mobile, or are you asking why there isn’t downloadable software created by Microsoft employees?

    If its the former, check out where you’ll find tens of thousands of Windows Mobile apps.

  3. Karl E says:

    This one is a keeper. It demonstrates the problem well:

    Windowsmobile developers just don’t understand what their products users are trying to tell them.

  4. Rbrke says:

    Just received a Windows Mobile device from my work.  Replaced my BB.  Apps are cool, but wow, email his much, much less intiutive.  Way more "clicks" required to do simple tasks.  And no copy and paste, which is a killer.  Is usability going to be addressed in future releases?

  5. beanie says:

    I would like to see Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK work with Visual Studio Express (free version).  The system requirements for the SDK say Visual Studio Standard.

    The trend is free mobile development tools.  Android uses Eclipse.  Nokia uses Eclipse.  iPhone uses XCode.

    Android SDK and iPhone SDK downloads have been quite strong.  I read Android "beta" SDK has had about 750,000 downloads and iPhone SDK about 100,000 in four days.  That is surprising considering Cocoa-based Apple Mac development community is small.

  6. souxfer says:

    It is really surprising, with so many folks dogfooding no one has pointed out some key issues with WM5/6/6.1.  The one I felt the most is not having ability to dial-in bridge numbers in Outlook calendar invite.. cmmon, it is basic need!

  7. Its good to know that Microsoft employees are quite committed to Microsoft products like Windows Mobile. This shows how committed they are to the company as well.

  8. George Leon says:

    Smackdown??? LOL, man you guys have a long way to go. It looks to me that MS is getting Smacked Down by everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am a WM power user, but I have to say there is no way in hell I would still be using a WM device without the true developers at WM has potential, but the only thing keeping it alive is the innovation of OEM’s with products like TouchFlo & the hardcore techie community (i.e. xda-developers) that create the true innovation & the bug fixes missed by the WM Team. I hate the Apple Fan Boi’s, but I have to admit that while the WM mobile platform can do more, the package & Wrapper is basically a cleaned up WM2003SE version. With all the developers & passion & Hype at MS, why is the progress we users have seen in the last 6 years still so yesterday? With MS developing apps for Mac & things like WM7 taking years to actually bring to market, it won’t be long before a lot of us MS WM user head on over to the darkside & the Death Apple. WM7 would be nice, might even keep you competitive against the upcoming new OS’s for mobile devices, but it won’t do much for you in 2009. Not when you’re already starting to fall behind the likes of Apple, as much as it pains me to say it. You guys really need to get out of your cubicles, pay a visit to the real world & take a look at what people really want in the real world. Sure, my WM6 DEVICES can do a few more things than my Old 2003SE devices could, but the overall experience is the same & the performance still isn’t there. My 2003SE device still oputperforms most all of the WM6 devices on the market. Just like MS is finally starting to learn with the PC, the OS ISN’T everything. No, it’s the experience, accessories, functionality created by 3rd party apps & these types of innovationn that really matter.

    MS, give me something new & slick. Something that makes working as a mobile professional fun & exciting. I’m certain I speak for many when I say that I’m tired of looking at the same basic thing I’ve been looking at since the PPC 2002 days, that really have never left. Where is the innovation MS?

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