Wireless Developer Survey Needs Your Thoughts!

Recom Research is running a wireless developer survey and offering participants a free copy of the findings, as well as discounts to the Wireless Developer Forum Conference in Cambridge on March 10-11 and a chance to win a wireless application development package.


I think we have the best, most talented developers of any mobile platform, and want to make sure your voice is heard!  You can participate by following this link:





Comments (3)

  1. zebrum says:

    "Sorry, but you have already completed this survey. Thank you for participating."

    Obviously talented developers did not write that survey.

  2. msaffitz says:

    zebrum– Thanks for catching that.  I’ve fixed the link.

  3. Vincent says:

    I’ve got a phone running Microsoft mobile and it can’t connect to my workplace wireless, which is using WPA-Enterprise security, TKIP and PEAP, GTC for EAP method. Isn’t this type of authentication supported by Windows mobile?

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