Zune + Windows Mobile = Better Together?

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What are some ways the Zune player and a Windows Mobile device can work better together? I'm not referring to an imaginary "Zune phone", and I'm certainly not hinting or speculating about a converged device.

Instead, I'm wondering if there are any opportunities for us to improve the experience for people who use both devices (a Zune and a Windows Mobile phone). For example, viewing your Zune Social network in IEMobile, converting a Zune playlist into .WMA ringtones, converting Zune's artwork to Windows Mobile themes, showing your Windows Mobile contacts as pictures in Zune etc.

If you can think of similar interesting or compelling scenarios, we'd love to hear them.



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  1. Vince Koser says:

    The best solution I can think of is zune software for my windows mobile phone so it will sync with zune marketplace etc and I can leave my zune behind when I only need a couple podcasts and one or two albums with me to listen to directly on my phone.

    Possibly shop the marketplace from my phone and have the content I buy show up on my zune next sync?

  2. Andrew says:

    ZunePhone or not – you should offer the ability to have all zune features on a windows mobile phone. For example, make it an application that can be downloaded and then enable the phone to synchronize with the zune account – download music, (using the phones data connection), etc.

    The current windows media player in the phone is grossly inadequate – Zune should be a replacement for it if a user wants it.

  3. Jami Johns says:

    I use my Zune as a music player about 90% of the time, with the AT&T Tilt picking up the slack for when I don’t want to carry 2 devices (or just to listen to Audible content, which the Zune still doesn’t do).  At 4GB on MicroSD, the Tilt has enough room to be my primary music player, but WMP Mobile is pretty inadequate:  Tiny buttons that are impossible to navigate while moving, tricky menu navigation that makes finding a podcast a chore, having to rebuild library every time I add an album, etc.

    I can’t think of anything here that doesn’t venture into the realm of "wishful thinking," but it would be REALLY nice to let WinMo devices sync to the podcast list in Zune Desktop.  I’d love not to have to manage podcasts in both Zune and a 3rd party catcher in order to have them on both devices, even nicer to have them reconcile which ones have been listened to when I connect to my desktop, and just wonderful to have my Tilt (at least) pick up new updates through the data connection without having to use HubDog.

    As for Zune social features, well… I’ve got an Xbox 360, so I’ll get some Zune Social friends once the limit goes up.  😉

  4. I currently listen to Zune Marketplace tunes on my Windows Mobile 5 phone. I wish it were easier. I have to use Windows Media Player to sync the content to the device, instead of Zune software directly. Also, I have to create new playlists on Windows Media Player, since the Zune playlists are invisible to Windows Media Player. Why not let me sync using the Zune host software? I’ll pick the playlists that get moved to the phone to keep the volume manageable. And use the same rating system across both devices. I have stars on Windows Mobile and something else on the Zune.

  5. MSDNArchive says:

    I don’t know one way or the other whether this is already the case, but the Zune should be able to partner with a bluetooth phone to fetch music from elsewhere, and/or the phone ought to be able to push files from the WMP library to the Zune.

  6. All of the above suggestions are great. I’d love to be able to play my purchased Zune music on my Windows Mobile phone. I know with the Zune Marketplace and its DRM-free MP3’s they are playable on Windows Mobile devices but I also have a subscription for the Zune Marketplace and subscription-downloaded music won’t play on a Windows Mobile device.

  7. Samir Shah says:

    Zune Desktop podcasts syncing with my Windows Mobile 5 device.

  8. thatguy says:

    An Windows Mobile application for the Zune Social would be nice.  I mean, anything that will help to enhance both WM and Zune would be great, and I am still hopeful that this will happen…all of the above posts are great ideas, and should be considered.

  9. Sachin says:

    Since both the devices support WI-FI, I would rather have my WinMo device act as a Zune remote with display. On my WinMo device, I should be able to browse through my  Zune collection and control the player.

  10. kettch says:

    Making sure that <i>all</i> Zune content can be synced, not just music and podcasts. Also, I’ve always thought that a "Zune Personality" for Windows Mobile would be cool. Basically the ability to load up a front end application that mimics the Zune interface. I know that both platforms have the same Windows CE roots, but I don’t know the feasibility of such an endeavor.

  11. Kevin Daly says:

    Since Windows Mobile is tarred with the brush of Enterprisinessitude (and I say this as an enthusiastic but long-suffering WM developer), what about (in addtion to the suggestions above) producing a version of the Zune that supports the hoped-for-eventual mobile version of Silverlight, and let people create applications for it…then promote it as first a media player but second a consumer device that isn’t just a one trick pony.

  12. Ross says:

    It would be great to be able to send songs from  Windows Media Player on the phone to the Zune over Wifi.

    Also, there’s no reason Windows Media playlists be accessable in Zune software (and player) and vice-versa. It would also be cool if your Zune could tether to your phone over wifi and then use the phone’s 3G connection to connect to the internet for wifi.

  13. Will says:

    I love the fact that you guys are thinking about this. I carry my AT&T 8525 and my Zune 30 everywhere I go. If these two could talk to each other, I’d be pretty happy about that.

    I like Andrew’s idea of using a mobile version of Zune instead of the mobile version of WMP, especially if I can browse and buy music from the ZMP using my 3G connection.

  14. HR says:

    Convergence is important.

    I have been using WM for years but the iPhone has kicked the smartphone industry’s teeth in.

    In 3 years people will not be carrying an MP3 player and a phone.

    The simplicity of the Zune needs to be on my Windows Mobile phone.

    The way the Zune V1 and the iPhone can easily update to the next version is important.

    WM phone need to be able to receive all futures updates.

  15. Surur says:

    At the very least Windows Mobile needs podcast support.  This is still very sadly lacking.

  16. Hendrik says:

    I think to communicate with WiMo new social features are within reach to non Zune users. Stream over UPNP to other WiMo devices that installed this social Zune application and promote Zune and be social at the same time. Some kind of Zune Social Broadcast application. Got more ideas if you are interested. Specialy the social and other devices gives great opportunities to promote Zune.

    have a nice day!


  17. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks everyone, great suggestions so far! Keep them coming, people from both teams (Windows Mobile and Zune) are listening.

    -Mel (Windows Mobile)

  18. Samir Shah says:

    Ideally software should be developed and distributed by Microsoft for Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6 such that that software alllows Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6 mobiles to emulate a Zune device as much as possible.

  19. Colin Walker says:

    I discussed something similar a while back on my blog when i asked "Will there be a Windows media Player 12" (http://randomelements.me.uk/Lists/Posts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=565)

    I proposed that WMP ahould be fazed out in favour of a combined WMP/Zune player which will synch with both Windows Media AND Zune instead of having to have two separate apps with two different libraries for each device. This would make playlist management etc. much easier.

    Although, I think replacing WMP in Windows Mobile with a Zune player is probably the way to go for the future.

  20. Peter Henning says:

    This would be a non-issue if Microsoft hadn’t made Zune player. If you only put in those changes in a new WMP and synced Zunes with that we would have ONE desktop player with many syncing options, including to WMP mobile.

    So the best thing you can do now is to phase out Zune player, bring all its good features to WMP 12, then allow both Zune and WMP mobile to sync with it. And for heavens sake, update the WMP mobile client!

    The name of the game is convergence, I fail to see how making separate media players integrate in this vision. Currently you are just making our lives much more difficult with this paralel development and incompatibilities.

  21. Samir Shah says:

    I agree with the above. Remove parallel development and incompatibilities by making everyting Zune.

  22. Jonathan says:

    I’d like to be able to sync my zune with media center. That would give me one place to manage my music from for all my MP3 players & media center pc.

    Also a more zune like interface for media playback on the phone (HTC S710) would also be good – as others have mentioned media player on the WM is a pain 🙂

    and please please please can we have gapless playback on both products? Surely that’s easy 🙂

  23. Christopher Morgan says:

    = Windows Mobile =

    * Zune client software to replace WM media player

    * Support flick gestures

    * Support sync with Zune without host PC

    = Zune Device =

    * Gapless playback!  (Don’t the team listen to dance music compilations?)

    * FM radio recording (unlikely, but cool)

    = Zune software =

    * Drag drop sync support within Windows Explorer (the current sync is horrid)

    * Provide a .NET API so we can write our own sync applications (the Zune app is already WPF!)

    * Support WMP Visualizations in a panel or full screen (specifically, I want the Psychedelia Viz Pack, which is written by Microsofties!)

    * Support Sync with Windows Mobile – having to use both applications is jarring, let alone the pain of 2 different ratings systems.

    * Provide better troubleshooting, e.g. Factory restore when problems with synch’ing.

    And generally…

    * Make it available in the UK ASAP!  (And the social…) I had to buy my cheap Zune 30 from someone on Amazon… 🙁

  24. DanITman says:

    If you could put the zune software on a windows mobile phone I would buy it in a heartbeat.  The only reason I haven’t bought a Zune is because my windows mobile phone is sufficient enough.  I don’t want to carry two devices.

  25. Jasper Teal says:

    What an incredibly time-wasting question, and a time-wasting project for the WinMo team. Why on *earth* would anyone rather carry around 2 media devices rather than 1? A WinMo phone is a general purpose device, and can already play tunes perfectly well (and 3rd party players can give a much better experience than the standard WMP), and has wireless communication. So there’s no reason WinMo couldn’t run Zune software.

    The level of cluelessness here is sad, and further confirms how backward WinMo is compared to its competitors. You guys need to ramp up the speed of development on this platform 5x, fix the ridiculously bad UI and feature list, and maybe release more than a point update per year. Think big, think fast, think pretty. Look at iPhone, and the proprietary phone OSes that look 10x better than WinMo. Improve the damn OS!

    Instead, you guys waste time on researching some pre-2000 unconverged device cooperation scheme, that no one at all would want. Oh, and buying other mobile companies such as Danger, instead of improving your own products.

  26. rob says:

    "What an incredibly time-wasting question, and a time-wasting project for the WinMo team. Why on *earth* would anyone rather carry around 2 media devices rather than 1?"

    Indeed.  Multimedia phones are already mainstream, the next step is true multimedia + true business productivity.  See XPERIA X1 for a good potential fulfillment of this idea.

    "A WinMo phone is a general purpose device, and can already play tunes perfectly well (and 3rd party players can give a much better experience than the standard WMP), and has wireless communication. So there’s no reason WinMo couldn’t run Zune software."

    Agreed.  I know somebody has already decided to run with the "sync, don’t converge" philosophy, and that’s fine if you guys want to stay behind in the handheld universe, but I’d recommend you work on getting Zune software onto the WM platform ASAP before a 3g iPhone with EAS support is released.

    "You guys need to ramp up the speed of development on this platform 5x, fix the ridiculously bad UI and feature list, and maybe release more than a point update per year. Think big, think fast, think pretty. Look at iPhone, and the proprietary phone OSes that look 10x better than WinMo. Improve the damn OS!"

    The UI really isn’t that bad on the touch-enabled devices, and the 3rd party features make up for any default lackings, plus there are some great exclusives (Windows LiveSearch for WM is better than Google Maps on a WM Pro phone).  But yes, the iPhone does seem to have refocused the industry on usability while still not slowing down the feature lists of Nokia, SE, HTC, etc…  I view the mobile industry today like the desktop PC industry of 13-15 years ago; approximately the same specs, very fast level of improvement/devaluation, and being driven by multimedia apps.

    If I was MS, I’d be pushing WM development, marketing, research, partnerships, strategy, as quickly as humanly possible.  Once it is about 90% as efficient to do something on your phone as it is your laptop, an incredibly large percentage of people will simply stop taking laptops with them on business trips.

    "Instead, you guys waste time on researching some pre-2000 unconverged device cooperation scheme, that no one at all would want. Oh, and buying other mobile companies such as Danger, instead of improving your own products."

    I’m sure there are some people that will want a sync scheme, but IMO that’s throwing good money after bad.  By the time Zune ever catches on, truly converged devices will be at the magic $400 rate, especially if US Carriers are subsidizing the devices.  Nobody will want to bother with device to device data transfer unless its just replacing an old device with a new one.

  27. -Get the Zune team together with the Windows Mobile team and throw out the crappy Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and replace it with the Zune interface.  Even the button layout on the Windows Mobile phones matches the layout of the Zune, you just need to design it.

    -CONSOLIDATE YOUR MEDIA PLAYERS!!!!!.  Pick Zune or WMP, don’t have both.  It creates confusion and the need to run multiple players.  Imagine if you had to run different browsers to view different websites, ugghh.

    -More frequent updates to Zune software & firmware.  I don’t want to wait a year, or even half a year for things to be fixed.

    -Use the Sync Center.  Isn’t this software designed to unify our syncing of devices?  I have a Zune and a Windows Mobile phone and I need to use Windows Media Player, Sync Center, Windows Mobile Device Center, Zune software, and have Outlook open all to sync my two devices!  5 different programs to sync 2 devices!!  This is insane!  It should be one piece of software that interfaces with all my devices to sync them all.

  28. rothgar says:

    Why not allow the Zune to "squirt" to WM5? That way you can have some songs on your cell phone for a couple of days before they delete.  And if you are going out for a little while and don’t need the full zune you have a nice alternative.

  29. WirelessTom says:

    Given your premise of two separate devices, and also requiring existing hardware, then I suggest an application for the Windows Mobile phone that functions similarly to the Zune PC software.  The application would allow for the downloading of music to the Zune.  The interface between the Zune and the phone would be 802.11 Ad Hoc.

    With my Zune Pass subscription, I would prefer direct downloading on the Zune via 802.11, but the user interface for that via the Zune seems very difficult.  So, the management of it with my Windows Mobile phone would be useful because it has a keyboard and handwriting recognition.  Basically, let’s get the PC out of the loop for loading new music on the go.

  30. myv6mustang says:

    Maybe you guys can intergrate WMDC and Zune market place. So i can purchase software from the market place for my device and sync it with the zune software and in the same sense be able to plug my Zune into the software and still be able to sync it. Also my calander would be transfered to my zune so if im listening to music and need to be reminded of a meeting the reminder is not blocked out by the Zune head phones.

    The ability to stream Zune music through the Speaker in my Phone since the Zune doesnt have an external Speaker.

    Auto Syncing Contacts and Calanders so my Zune can function as a black book of sorts, so i can still dial a number if my phone dies or look up a number if im using the phone.

  31. Thomas Moneyhon says:

    Well the best thing to do is what you guys likely are already doing. Hit the weak points of windows mobile and zune by looking at what you guys do best and worst when comparing to the iPhone and touch. Strengthen the weak points, make the two devices more seamless together.

    Most important thing would be if there was an easy way to listen to the zune and take calls seamlessly over my windows mobile phone. Some kind of microsoft first party dongle for the zune, that allows me to link bluetooth A2DP to any headset and actually force the zune to pause on an incoming call then resume when the call ends, similar to whats already in place with every music phone out there, but allowing me to link the WM phone to the dongle and the dongle to the headset or something like that. If microsoft is intent on not merging the two worlds then they must become more seamless.

  32. M. Barrett says:

    Connect the WM phone to the Zune as a modem and use it to connect to the internet from anywhere, giving you access to your HOME LIBRARY of music/media.  If it does this already, that’s awesome (I don’t have a Zune).

  33. roman says:

    * Webbroser

    * scrobbeling listened musik to zune sozial (like last.fm)

    * maybe a msn client?

    * screen the time on zune display.

  34. sportsunit says:

    windows media player for windows mobile should simply  be replaced with a zune app that follows the look and style of the zune device’s software.  We Zune & windows mobile users appreciate the thought, but we are all aware that it will be another 3 or 4 years at best before any meaningful zune and windows mobile integration happens.  That’s just the microsoft way…a bunch of different platforms that don’t integrate well (see Zune + 360, windows mobile + 360, zune + windows media center…and the list goes on).

  35. lordabdul says:

    Zune software on Windows Mobile seems to be an obvious scenario. Also, if you have a smartphone, you could be able to connect to the internet, buy a song on the Zune Marketplace, and send it to the Zune (if the smartphone supports Wifi, or if there can be some cable connection between the 2). Of course, the Zune being able to connect to the internet directly through its Wifi would be could, but sometimes, Wifi isn’t available, and a phone would still be useful.

  36. Kevin Daly says:

    Surur: What sort of podcast support would you like to see in Windows Mobile?

    It might be something that could be handled by an application.

    I played around with writing a podcatcher a couple of years ago, but I eventually decided that Windows Mobile devices weren’t a good fit, since many of them use cellular connections with expensive data plans…not ideal for automatically downloading large files.

    But I’d be interested in your perspective (anyone can send my a message about this via the contact form on my blog if they like)

  37. I mean this in the nicest way possible.  First and foremost the Windows Mobile OS needs a total re-haul before even thinking of doing any Zune+Windows Mobile integration.  Windows Mobile 7 should be all touch devoid of any stylus and it should work flawlessly, fast, intuitive and look beautiful, something WM6 does not do.  WM6 is buggy, slow, ugly and unfriendly.  Devote all resources and build a solid foundation first.

  38. Richard C. says:

    Being able to use a WinMo phone as a remote definitely sounds good. A social application would also be nice.

    The main feature I would like is the ability to create an Ad Hoc connection between the Zune/WinMo phone w/ wifi, and allow the Zune to piggyback on the phone’s 3G connection to access the Zune marketplace/sync playcounts, etc.

  39. I am a Zune and a WM5 (soon to be 6) user and I think Marketplace access is crucial.

    I would like to be able to download any music purchased through the Marketplace to my WM device, delete form my device (for the sake of storage)using wireless broadband, weather it be Wi-Fi or EVDO.

    I would also like to see the Player pause when an incoming call comes in.

    I have seen the mock-ups of WM 7 and it looks fantastic.  When the iphone came out, I wondered what it could do that my WM phone couldn’t do, the answer was "nothing".

    If I were Microsoft, I would make a #G network a minimum system, requirement for the platform to run on a phone.  After trying out an iPhone it became apparent that all of the nice new features were lost on a crippled network.  It was so frustrating to wait for the speed, I put the device down.  

  40. JohnSp says:

    Allow a Windows Mobile device that has WiFi to be a ‘WiFi target’ for a Zune device. This would allow the WiFi music sharing feature of Zune to be MUCH more usable than it is today.

  41. Martin Schmidler says:

    As Jasper Teal said, MS seems to be ages behind todays technology.

    I´d like Zune interface on WM, just like MS integrated MediaCenter in Vista: The people don´t want two different devices, because a WM phone is just as good, although this solution online works for people who don´t need more than 4 GB music.

    Otherwise Zune 80 etc. should be able to sync per WiFi with a WM-device so I have a bit of my favourite music with me. (I think MS would limit that somehow, otherwise I´d be able to send music to other peoples WM-devices ^^)

  42. 5@5.com says:

    Add an Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) to both Zunes and WinMobile devices.

  43. 5@5.com says:

    I agree with several here in saying the zune interface should be available on each winmobile device… in the same way that the MediaCenter interface is available on Windows devices.

  44. Tiffany says:

    I should be able to answer my phone from my Zune. I am already wearing the headphones, so it would be awesome if the Zune had a Bluetooth radio and when a call came in I could push a button on my zune to answer it.

  45. Surur says:

    Kevin Daly said:  

    Surur: What sort of podcast support would you like to see in Windows Mobile?


    I listen to podcasts every day on my HTC Kaiser. At present I use a combination of iPodder to download the podcasts, Beyondsync to sync the podcasts to my phone’s memory card and HTC Audiomanager (which automatically scans the card for new audio) to listen to my podcasts over A2DP connected to my car stereo while commuting.

    This setup works well, but is pretty cumbersome obviously. Podcasts are not the main focus of HTC Audiomanager, so thats far from slick. It should for example automatically have the latest podcasts on top, and keep closer track of how far into the podcast you have listened to, and give you the option of deleting the podcast when it finished etc. Basically all the nice touches a dedicated app would give.

    Also BeyondSync is nice, but buggy and has not been updated in a year. iPodder is fine, but due to the way Beyondsync works I have to set it to delete the last day or week’s podcast automatically, else it would keep all the copies on the phone.

    Basically an end to end solution is needed. I know the new Zune marketplace app supports podcasts, and the Zune player software does too. I want some of that for my WM phone.

    I would not mind downloading podcasts directly to my phone (I have a good data plan too) but syncing should be the default way.



  46. Jef says:

    I really think Windows Mobile needs to tbe platform, and make Zune the ecosystem that runs on that platform.  I carry both a Zune and a windows mobile device,  but really they should support much of the same basic features.   If it’s all about the software, then set the software free to run on multiple devices witha similar experience.

    Make Zune the center piece for it’s core uses (Music,Video,Photos, Podcasts) and deprecate the WMP as just a general media player.  This would mean getting all of the features of the current WMP into the Zune such as better tag support, etc.

    As Windows Mobile devices start coming with 10s of gigs of space, where does the smaller flash based Zunes stand out?   The true convergence device that lets me have personalization, and also business integration would be an awesome thing.  The iPhone is all about the consumer, and I see many business folks now carrying an iPhone, and iPod, and a Blackberry!  it’s crazy!

    The recent Danget acquisition is interesting, because does it spell the beginnings of a more consumer oriented mobile device.  One that could have a layer software approach to support Zune services?


  47. Since both Windows Mobile and Zune developers are watching this, please consider the following, and please contact me so I can be on the beta for the next Zune software so I can help with feedback. jason@heydigital.com


    Zune Wish List

    I have beta tested many games for major companies, have beta tested multiple Microsoft software (discovered a top critical flaw in Windows Home Server), have been a network administrator for nearly 10 years, so I do know a think or two.  I really like the Zune and want it to do well, but there are many areas it can improve in.  Please implement these improvements, and do contact me for further information if you wish.



    -Add AM radio.  There is so much good stuff on AM, especially here in Southern California

    -Add a set of stereo speakers on the Zune so people could watch or listen to items without having to use the headphones.  Even a mono speaker like most cell phones have would be better than no speakers.


    -I want to be able to browse or play songs I have rated highly (drop the hearts, bring back the stars rating).

    -It needs to be faster when scrolling down or up going from A to Z.

    -If I am in the music section and want to go to W, I need to scroll all the way down from A!  AGH! I should be able to scroll up from A to go to Z.


    -Add a clock.

    -Add BlueTooth stereo audio for Zune hardware.  Maybe this can be a software upgrade since the Zune has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth recently announced they will be doing Bluetooth over Wifi (http://www.wireless-weblog.com/50226711/introducing_bluetooth_over_wifi.php).

    -Drop the proprietary plugs.  Use standard mini-USB.

    -I like the cloth wrapped headphones, but they transmit friction noise on my clothes

    -The earbuds don’t stay in the ears, and believe me, I know how to use headphones, I am an headphone junkie.

    -Get car deck receivers to support the Zune via Stereo Bluetooth or a Zune connector so I can easily listen to the Zune in my car.



    -The thing hogs up my CPU, and I have a fast CPU.

    -Enable it to run as a service in the background downloading Podcasts

    -The "heart" rating system is stupid.  Bring back the 5 stars rating system.

    -Make it mine?  Too bad I can only select a few backgrounds.  I want to select my own backgrounds.  Make it so when I change a background in in either my Zune Tag, Zune device or Zune software the picture is applied to the background for all.


    -You NEED to make a good tag/album editor at least as good if not better than the existing Windows Media Player.  Editing music is basically non-existent with the Zune software.

    -I want to be able to paste album art, not search for it on the hard drive to add it.  Windows Media Player does not have this problem.

    -The ability for the software to automatically manage the library by renaming, and moving files into folders to keep things organized would be a nice optional feature.

    -Add DivX support.


    -When viewing video full screen, it always shows the bottom bar which is annoying.

    -Does not detect all standard MP4 encoded video files I have in the scanned directories.

    -Make it sync with Windows Media Center (it claims it will in your advertising, but no one I have talked to at Microsoft knows how to do this), and make it sync both standard def and high-def.  Most major shows are HDTV now, so make it sync them.  Have it auto-detect the presence of shows recorded in Windows Media Center


    -Notification in the corner of the Podcast icon graphic indicating if it downloading new podcasts, or if there are new podcasts to listen to and the # of new ones.  If I want to find out which Podcast has new shows and how many at a glance.  This should be displayed in both the Zune hardware & software.

    -I really like the resume feature.  It would be nice if where I left off in my podcasts carried over to the Zune hardware and vice-versa.

    -Need support for enhanced podcasts on the Zune software & hardware

    -When I mark a track as "keep until I delete", there needs to be a check box next to it or something to indicate I did this.


    -Rip needs formats such as AAC and VBR MP3 with the LAME codec for high quality sound.


    -When I burn multiple podcasts/albums as a data CD, they should be burned into multiple folders.  Windows Media Player does this right.  Zune does not, it burns them to the root directory and they are all mixed together.


    -Drop the 3 plays limit.  You should not DRM anything that I have on my device and want to share.  Much of the media I have created myself and I don’t want DRM shackles on it.  If it was a purchased DRM song, then I can understand keeping the DRM limits on it, but other than that, DROP THE DRM!

    -I like how what I play with the Zune software and Zune hardware shows up on my Zune Tag.  Why can’t the podcasts I listen to show up on my Zune tag?

    -I want to be able to share a video just as I can share audio, and it would not let me with my other Zune friend.

    -How about sharing via the Zune software or Zune.net.  Add a right-click, share function.


    -Get the Zune team together with the Windows Mobile team and throw out the crappy Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and replace it with the Zune interface.  Even the button layout on the Windows Mobile phones matches the layout of the Zune, you just need to design it.

    -CONSOLIDATE YOUR MEDIA PLAYERS!!!!!.  Pick Zune or WMP, don’t have both.  It creates confusion and the need to run multiple players.  Imagine if you had to run different browsers to view different websites, ugghh.

    -More frequent updates to Zune software & firmware.  I don’t want to wait a year, or even half a year for things to be fixed.

    -Use the Sync Center.  Isn’t this software designed to unify our syncing of devices?  I have a Zune and a Windows Mobile phone and I need to use Windows Media Player, Sync Center, Windows Mobile Device Center, Zune software, and have Outlook open all to sync my two devices!  5 different programs to sync 2 devices!!  This is insane!  It should be one piece of software that interfaces with all my devices to sync them all.


    -There are lot of things to fix for sure, but there are many things done right:

    -Audio/video pauses when I unplug the headphones.  Nice.

    -Podcast support is great.  More control over Podcast options is better than iTunes.  The resume feature is wonderful.  Marketplace Podcast channel is better organized and much easier to browse than iTunes.  Keep the Podcast Channel up to date and keep it easy for people to subscribe.

    -The hardware is excellent.  Great size (though it could be a tad bit smaller), and the Zune pad works so well.

    -Excellent interface.  The "twist" interface is a winner, better than the iPod.  Needs some refinement here and there, but excellent nonetheless.

  48. J Rao says:

    Another vote for a merged WM6+Zune OS.   No need for both.   Apple did it, why can’t Microsoft.   I’d pay $$$ for Zune software on my AT&T Tilt.   I’d pay even more if it worked like an iphone.

  49. Jdshald says:

    I think that if you eliminated WMP11 software and replaced it with zune software, people would not react well to it because of the name change and limited power, codec support and editability. Add all the codec support of Windows Media Player into the zune software and just rename it Windows Media Player 12.

    Or change the name of the zune software to another name so it does not sound like it only works with zune. Make it so that Zune is the default device but also syncs with sansa iriver sony and heck even apple ipods with the software. Make it a deep editable software that chalenges the itunes softwares user control and support.

  50. Samir Shah says:

    Take the storage burden away from the design of Zune. Let it use SDHC cards (You can specify a minimum class) like the phones. this will make the base Zune very inexpensive and I can start with 2GB if my needs are not great or go for 32GB if I am craving for space.

  51. pat says:

    Zune needs to be on my Windows Mobile phone, Windows mobile phones will never be considered favorability with an IPHONE. It Will always be a poor also ran,wanna be competitor when it comes to music and UI.

  52. Sandy says:

    Portable Zune software – one that doesnt work without installing. We spend all day at work and would like to buy songs even at work.

    However we cannot install Zune software (no admin priveleges). Is it really impossible to have a Zune on a stick?  I dont think there are any DRM issues

  53. Daniel Martinoli says:

    Jason Rasmussen said it all, I think.

  54. Gregory says:

    Visiting the Zune social on windows mobile and the Zune device would be great.

  55. I’d say that before adding new features/integration, you need to make the good stuff that you already have more widely available.

    People outside the U.S. can download the Zune software, but don’t have access to much of the functionality! I understand that you can’t let people buy content from the Marketplace in countries where you don’t have the content agreements setup, but that shouldn’t stop you letting people access the podcast directory or Zune Social!

    On to new features:

    If you’re going to potentially have some features of Zune on WM, it would be good to add some remote synching capability. It would be nice to get new episodes of podcasts over wi-fi on the Zune, but it would be even worse to leave that out of a mobile device which is always connected to a data network.

    If you’re looking at hardware refreshes, you could put Bluetooth in the Zune and have the facility to have the playback automatically pause when a call comes in to your phone.

    When browsing the web on your phone, how about an option in the browser on WM to send content (wirelessly) to the Zune? Say if you were browsing a photo website or somewhere with free audio/video downloads.

    Oh, and before I forget – SUPPORT FOR AUDIBLE.COM!!!

  56. Mark says:

    if there’s not going to be zune marketplace shopping over the zune, then it could be done through the phone and then send the files to the zune directly(the same way zunes send songs to each other). Also, this would work with my idea of syncing over ip, instead of just ad-hoc(sync with your computer’s ip address with permissions all automatically set up by the software) and with this you could use the phone’s internet (3G or GPRS/EDGE) and do the same when there’s no wifi near by.

  57. carlton says:

    Is there a website where i can upgrade from windows mobile 5.0 to windows mobile 6.0 without paying a fee

  58. ncmacasl says:

    put both on the new Danger (aka T-Mobile Sidekick) platform that MSFT just bought out.  They already have an up to 2GB Music Player on their Smartphone platform!!  Perhaps integrating their music player into a Zune format and using Danger’s OS in a merge with Windows Mobile OS will do the trick – to quote Hannah Montana (my daughter’s favorite singer):  the Best of Both Worlds!!

  59. Eric says:

    The only reason I have not purchased an iPhone is due to the lack of EAS support. My WM5 phone works great, but I need more storage for videos, large music files. A Zune with EAS support would be great.  

  60. ghostz says:

    ok the best way to do this as make it all run faster and smoother gappless play for the zune fix the lag on windows mobile and for the zune allow it to use more that mp4 and wmv donr get me wrong i like the but there is better quality out there and bith allow access to the hdd and or memory card the the mobile device has w/ out software or any 3rd party accessories

  61. ksmiley says:

    I know this is a little off topic, but it bugs me about the zune.  If I buy a song, I want to be able to use it on more than one device.  I don’t need the song on more than one device simultaneously, but I would like to be able to move it between my desktop, my laptop, my ppc, and my media player.  I would also like to be able to make permanent trades with other people.  You can trade cds, why shouldn’t you be allowed to trade electronic content.  I think a wireless permanent trade option would make a great addition to the zune.  It might be enough to convince me to buy one.

  62. Cullen D says:

    Well, first of all you MUST get the animations that the Zune uses (or something like it) on Windows Mobile. I mean, the Zune has a nice, clean, elegant, beautiful UI. Windows Mobile does not. The Zune’s transitions make it really nice to use, I think WM needs this too.

    As for how to merge the two, why not on the WM home screen have a Zune logo, when you select said logo the Zune player launches, with the bottom bar of WM so you can get back to your normal data.

    Just my .02

  63. Bubuschoeny says:

    Right now Microsoft looks at everything as separate parts.  Windows Media Player, Zune Marketplace, Windows Live, Zune Social, Sync By Microsoft, Xbox Live, Home Server, Microsoft Media Extenders are all separate pieces.    Right now Microsoft is trying compete but not innovate.    Zune shouldn’t be the hardware but the experience.  Microsoft needs to create the same “Zune” experience throw out its entire ecosystem.    Not just integrate it in a few small ways.   Why aren’t Zune and Windows Live one in the same?  Why do I have to log into three applications to check my email and download songs?  Why can’t I log into one system to check email, social, and download music in the same user-friendly “Zune” experience.   No take this user-friendly “Zune Social” experience and make it the standard for the entire eco-system.  The Zune players have a smaller market share, but what if Zune experience was transferable to Windows Mobile, Windows Pocket PC, Xbox Live, Sync by Microsoft.    No Microsoft has an instant “Zune Social” experience audience with out putting in a lot of effort and resources.  Why can’t I “squirt” a song to a co-worker, friend, etc from any wifi-enabled device (Laptop, Wif- enabled windows mobile phone, Zune Player, etc.)?   How about “squirting” playlists, podcasts, etc.  Why isn’t live messenger part of the “Zune Social” experience?    Why can’t I make my Zune Social tag my Live Messanger tag?   Integration and standardization is the key to the “Zune Social” experience being successful.  Any way that’s my two cents.


  64. Jaerd says:

    just replace WMP as the default media application on WM6 devices with a Zune application that is the same interface on the Zune including the now playing screen with album art and song info below.  my last PPC phone had a similar interface through an HTC plugin, but a Zune GUI would tie the two devices directly together.  this way its not a zune-phone, but all Windows Mobile devices would in essence have a Zune in them.  I’d like to see standard headphone jacks on the phones, too, so you don’t need an adapter.

  65. Richard says:

    I would like…

    – Support the same formats

    – Share the media wireless

    – Have similar GUI between the two

    – WM should be about to send text, SMS and web files to the Zune

    – See what the other person have on there playlist if they user lets you (Like Napster 1.0)

    – Vote for Zune+WM in one

    – When going touch for both device, make a standard screen size. 16:9 🙂

    …have more but will keep it to a minimum.

  66. kyoung6230 says:

    After 15 years in the wireless industry, the concept of having a single device for voice and data still has not had the wide appeal as the end user experience has real distinction.   I personally use two devices an Iphone and a HTC Mogul from Sprint.  I use the Iphone for music and entertainment and the HTC for Voice and Windows email and other applicaitons.    

    Having said that, i belive the market would support and prefer to have an option to have a entertainment device for music, videos, community sites, blogging, email and internet applications with voice on another device.  This would be an attractive option and extend battery life on higher speed networks.    The biggest issue with mobile content is discoverablity, and by removing the software associated with voice and battery consumption, you could increase the end user experience tremendously as well as further the adoption rates.

  67. SeanF says:

    1. Music can be purchased on phones – there should be a way to send it to my Zune directly so it becomes part of my library. (My Zune and my phone could be paired to allow this.) 2. If my Zune is docked and connected to a stereo, I should be able to use my phone to see the music I have on the Zune and also as a remote conrol tell the Zune to play particular songs. 3. Use the messaging/browsing capabilities on my phone to interact with the online Social. 4. Take a photo with my phone and send it to the Zune as the new Zune wallpaper.

  68. khmcguire@hotmail.com says:

    Great suggestions already (j-raz esp!).  I’d like to see:

    – option for a single device (zune+WM), but understanding that many people prefer multiple devices and don’t want swiss army knives.

    – single media player (PC, WM, zune) and make it super fast and pimpable (option of storing prefs/settings in the cloud for when you change devices/PCs)

    – double down on media player UI (device & PC), many people "put up" with the iTunes PC experience — set the bar as high as Apple did for device UI.  Changing media players is a PITA, win users over with a great one out of the gate, make it seamless with cloud services (marketplace), as standalone on PC, on WM devices, on Zunes or on converged "Zunephone"

    – standard miniUSB charging, custom cables/chargers are a PITA

    – expandable media

    – autoshuffle HW button/switch

    – continue down the new 4/8GB hardware design – thin, sleek, iPhone-esque

    – avi support

    – make it easy to change songs when it’s in your pocket / gym wear, it’d be sweet to be able to "feel" buttons for simple actions – play/pause, back/next, cue <<|>>, vol up/down, etc without taking it out of pocket or pressing wrong button, e.g. should be able to use it blindfolded

    Keep up the good progress, the new 4/8GBers are sweet and in the right direction!

  69. Norm says:

    OTA music downloads from zune store to WM would be awesome. Sync purchased music to zune as well on next connect, and store in PC library automatically as well.

    If you don’t want to download music to the phone (security, storage issues) then how about streaming content I own from the zune servers to my phone?  Still let me purchase, but only stream to phone?

    I want a consistent experience when connecting my Zune and my WM phone to my vista desktop.  

    I don’t like having separate software to manage my music on the desktop and mobile device (WMP, my default choice) and Zune software.

    I also have an Ipod from pre-zune days, and the battle on the desktop to see who gets to rip a cd (itunes, zune, windows media player) is not pretty.

    We need a solution for Audible content on the Zune.  It’s crazy that I can play it on my mobile, and not my Zune.

    A standard charging / interface story for my phone and my zune.  I have too many different cables already.  The standardization of WM devices on USB has been a godsend.

    BTW, my wife loves her new red heart tattoo 80gb zune!  Excellent price, purchase experience, and presentation.  Thanks!


  70. Galt says:

    I’ve been excited about Xbox live Anywhere for Windows Mobile since it was previewed almost 2 years ago.  Since the announcement that Zune will be the mobile Xbox Live Anywhere platform (and presumably not Windows Mobile), my only hope then is that whatever is done to bring the Zune experience to Windows Mobile also yields Xbox Live Anywhere for Windows Mobile.  

    Although clearly MS has pushed WinMo as primarily a business platform, the ability for WinMo users to tap into their XBL world in even the most basic and unimaginative ways (friends list aware/interaction, stat viewing, simple XBL game downloads), would so likely boost cross platform adoption in both directions it’s painful that this hasn’t happened and likely wont happen any time soon.

  71. John in S.Florida says:

    Allow Windows Mobile devices to access & stream media libraries located on Live SkyDrive and/or Windows Home Server.  I’d create a Windows Mobile version of Zune Software for playback purposes (no store) and entertainment UI consistency (which should be a goal between XBox, Media Center and Zune).  No media library indexing on the Windows Mobile device…that should all take place on either Live SkyDrive and/or Windows Home Server.  I can see Silverlight technology being utilized to enhance Windows Media Connect and Zune Software. Windows live SkyDrive probably should also be Silverlight streaming enabled.  Just my $.02.

  72. John in S.Florida says:

    Doing the above would

    – eliminate time consuming syncing

    – eliminate imposing new local storage requirements

    – eliminate DRM hinderence to consumer enjoyment

    – be compatible with the widest array of devices

    – consume more data traffic…which positively impacts the mobile operators core business.

    To manage DRM, I would modify the Zune service back-end to allow users to register devices to Zune Account.  Perhaps limit that to 5 devices.

  73. James Rainey says:

    I want to play my downloaded ZUNE music on my…

    Samsung BlackJack II

    Samsung BlackJack

    AT&T 3125

    AT&T 8525

    AT&T 8925

    or ANY additional Windows Mobile Device I purchase.  I have three Zunes in the house…  but when I am using my ear buds on my BJ II, I’d like to listen to music from my Zune subscription.

  74. J.C. says:

    You should make PIE for the zune so you will not under use a very important but underused feature in the Zune devices. I’m glad Microsoft announced the XNA stuff for Zune and Windows Mobile because I have an Xbox 360 elite, a Zune 80, and a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device (Samsung Blackjack) so I just want you guys to make all of these things to work together in a cool way. I would like to see the Zune device be used as an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. I mean come on $99 for a usb wifi adapter. You can get a wireless G router, 2 usb wireless G adapter, and the Cat 5/Ethernet cord to connect you modem to your router for $99. Just utilize the wifi better, think of all the cool stuff you can do with wifi ( like streaming video when i go to xbox.com on the Zune PIE an stream some good old trailers or Major Nelson interviews). HAHA and all of this coming from a 15 year old! thanks for listening!!

  75. WillysJeepMan (aka sracer) says:

    Please start with the basics….  like a single converged tool for syncing to the Zune and Windows Mobile devices.  Since the Zune team is quite determined to distance itself from Windows Media Player, provide a comprehensive tool for:

    * Managing a media library

    * Accessing the various Microsoft Marketplaces

    * Sync (insert_device_here) with Outlook

    * Sync (insert_device_here) with media library

    Provide this single access point and then it doesn’t matter if I’m connecting my Zune or my T-Mobile Dash…  I can sync the appropriate data to the appropriate device.  Then if some time down the road the Zune team decides to provide a calendar function for the Zune player, the converged sync tool would need a simple update to be able to sync the calendar with the Zune player.

    Bottom line is that this converged sync/management tool provides the user with a consistent experience.

  76. The Windows Mobile official blog is toying with the idea of giving their phones the Zune treatment. While

  77. Ian Dixon had Microsoft’s Steve Lindsay on the Media Center Show today talking about various including

  78. Ian Dixon had Microsoft’s Steve Lindsay on the Media Center Show today talking about various including…

  79. Richard Kopper says:

    Wifi OTA podcasts and a wifi store. Unleash your device from the pc!! (wifi in a player was done with the ill fated aireo.. of course mine still works to this day) Audible support would be excellent. A simple RSS reader would be the easiest to implement both things as it would support audio and video enclosures as long as they were formatted (in the case of video) properly. Wifi sync is ok at this point but when I’m at work and I want to download the newest podcast..

    Since there is some movement on the msn spot service and is broadcast over fm signals, it would seem to me that the rss reader could get weather or other info through that.

    As to how to implement winmo… since it doesn’t have a touchscreen, drop the smartphone os or a scaled down derivative.  There are tons of smartphone apps that could be used. A browser is nice but not really a necessity.

    How difficult would it be to make it a sideshow device?

    Just my thoughts…. I think these would be a great starting point although I don’t know the technical specs of the processor within the zune. Most smartphones run ok with 200 mhz…  

  80. dbutters says:

    I’d really like to be able to manage playlists over the wifi connection between my Zune and my WMo 6.1 Kaiser.  

  81. WillTeal says:

    So i want a ZUNE to be like the Apple ipod touch. Why can’t the Zune have WM6 and not be a phone? or atleast have a Zune with WiFi like the itouch.. The only thing stopping me from buying a Zune is the fact that for $20 more i can buy the itouch with more capability. I don’t care what happens with the WM Phones. How come there is no WM6 PDA’s? Can’t microsoft get on this and make one that’s NOT A PHONE. Take an example from Palm, just not with that crap OS. Integrate WM6 straight into the Zune and make new Zunes to actually compete. Apple has innovated.. Mircosoft, it’s time to copy.

  82. Ti Brown says:

    Syncing Zune and WMPlayer playlists would be a great benefit.

    On another note, I don’t think it’s fair to assume Zunes (aka the Zune software) and WMPlayer should immediately have the same features just because the MSoft sticker is on both.  I wish MSoft said more about either:

     – why WMPlayer doesn’t support the Zune or

     – when we could expect one of the two product lines to be phased out,

    but I understand consolidating those product lines would require Zunes (aka the Zune software) support multiple devices or require WMPlayer to support the Zune DRM scheme and the Zunes subscription model.  I don’t think either of those choices could happen immediately!

  83. Keith says:

    The ability to run the Zune software and interface as the media platform within WM seems the most obvious ideal solution IMO.  The Zune interface is fantastic.  I wish we could run that within WM and sync it with the Zune software.

    The issues with dual players/playlists/libraries/etc is an obvious headache.  We’ve got all these different platforms:  Windows, Windows Mobile, Zune, Media Center, Xbox.  They’re great platforms individually and some of them play well together.  But there’s sometimes a disconnect and still a lot of confusion for the average user.  People are blown away when they see Media Center on my HTPC.  But most people don’t even realize they already have that on their own PC.

    I’d love to see the Zune hardware (while still functioning as a multimedia platform) eventually push into the handheld gaming segment with WM (perhaps in more consumer/Zune and business flavors rather than the current Std/Pro differentiation) serving the phone segment.  But the media platforms need to be the same across the board.

  84. Karl says:

    Merge Windows Media Player and Zune Software into one fantastic media player that blows itunes out of the water.  Combine the talents that are independently working on both and just make one excellent product, which would also be synced with Media Center.  That way all our playlists, play counts, auto playlists, ratings, etc., will be the same.   That would also make it so I can sync stuff to both players (WM and Zune)

  85. lenalfred says:

    After reading the blogs, it sounds like everyone is on target with some of the needs or "wish list" to intergate Zune, Windows Mobile, and even the XboX and WMP with the luxury of BlueTooth(R). I think the competition hardward/software giant (who I will remain nameless) offered great integrate with all hardware devices. The ability to syncronize a protable media player, with a game machine and Cell phone is what the consumers want. The need for wireless interface with these items is essential and an easy sell. I use my Motorola Q with a bluetooth stereo headset for the gym. I see few people at the gym struggle with a cord from the headset. Granted, when I receive a phone call and I answer, people do think I am crazy because it appears I am talking to nobody. What would REALLY be cool is Zune 80 could come optional with radio or XM/Satillite radio. Just think, an MP3 player with wireless headset and Satillite radio…awesome!!!

    Anyway, back to the real subject. Yes, ONE media software with ONE branding for multiple hardware with multiple features.

        – ability to turn an MP3 into a ring tone by just scrolling through the selection of ring tones. Instead of having to copy and paste the MP3 in a different file for Windows Mobile Device (WMD) to use the file as a ring tone, allow the scroll for selection to access the memory card (MiniSD or MicroSD).

        – Expand the "Social" for Zune to the WMD, which you may want to consider text messaging capabilities for Zune to WMD and reverse using the WiFi connection. Sharing Pics and Movies with the Music would be fantastic.

        – Combining the WMP Software for PC and WMD and Zune would be ideal.


    Branding is everything. Here is how creativity really comes in. Here is an expamle (if you guys use this, I want royalty): The Name Zune or ‘Zu’ can be catchy if capitalized by keeping the name for the hardware ZuPlayer, renaming WMP as ZuMidia, Phone as Zuphone, which is equiped with the Zumobi (a name which already exist and is backed by Microsoft).

    So ‘Syncronization’ and ‘Intergration’ is more than just the software and hardware experience but it is the whole experience.

    That’s my two cents!


  86. John in S.Florida says:

    Expanding on my previous suggestion of using SkyDrive to provide the storage, streaming for non-Zune devices like Windows Mobile.  I think you might want to consider creating a Zune branded version of SkyDrive.  You’ll need to offer customers ways to upgrade from SkyDrive’s 5GB default.  But for Zune Subscription customers..the storage size should be the maximum of the largest Zune available at the time, (80GB currently).  The Zune PC Software should handle the syncing of content between the local storage, Zune devices and Zune SkyDrive.

    I’m Windows Home Server customer and all my "local" content is stored there instead of on my local PC harddrive.  So if a Zune SkyDrive isn’t deemed a viable solution, I think WHS would be a great remote access/streaming device for Windows Mobile devices.  The advantage WHS has over SkyDrive is that it eliminates an extra step of Syncing and wouldn’t cost Microsoft nearly as much for the bandwidth needed in their backend..since the customer is providing the necessary bandwidth.  The downside to WHS, its more expensive than SkyDrive for consumers.  SkyDrive could also drive customers to more Live services.

  87. lenalfred says:

    It’s me again. I read something from someone earlier and they mentioned the "Sync Center" in Vista would be great to intergate the Zune player there as well. I think Jason Rasmussen is accurate – this would include Cameras with digital pictures. I hate to say it but the "other company" (whos name will remain nameless) has the right idea of 2 items, looking the same but one is a media with web capabilities and the other device has the same features with a telephony mechanism with a very streamline syncroization center within its OS (with touch screen capabilities).

    I don’t own both devices. I own a Windows Mobile device and I want to buy a Zune 80 really bad but I don’t see a need because my phone syncs my music (2 GB), Pictures, Address book. The reason for buying a Zune is I can carry my complete media file on my Zune, which a mobile device doesn’t have that capability.

    So, that’s my Scenario!

    Oh, while I am thinking about it, put a 2 mega-pixel camera on the Zune. What would REALLY be cool is Zune 80 could come optional with radio or XM/Satillite/Sirius radio. Just think, an MP3 player with wireless headset and Satillite radio…awesome!!!

    One more time – Zune improvements

    2 mega-pixel camera

    XM/Satellite/Sirius Radio

    Bluetooth for wireless stereo headphone and car stereo.

    I had to throw that in there.

  88. Tetsigia says:

    I really think the biggest upgrade over the short term would be bluetooth. maybe even a plugin that could link with a headset but in later versions bluetooth should be standard

  89. Viswa says:

    Biggest improvement to zune will be adding the stereo bluetooth stack and that way I could use my zune when I workout without the need for wires. I currenty use my windows mobile phone to listen to music when working out through its stereo bluetooth. Although the quality is not great, I just love the fact that I don’t have to deal with wires.

  90. I love the idea of a player on the Windows Mobile platform.  And I wouldn’t expect that it would eliminate the need to have devices.  I have two zunes, my wife has two, and my daughter has one. I also have a MP4 video player for my Motorola Q (not Media Player, which stinks on the Smartphone version) to watch on occasion when I didn’t think to have my zune or I don’t want to deal with headphones, since the Q has pretty darn good speakers. Of course, the fact that the size of the headphone plug on the phone is odd makes it inconvienient to use with normal headphones, though I occasionally do with an adapter.  I use my 8GB zune in the car attached to a wired RF adapter.

    Being able to translate that to the mobile phone, kind of like Audible has done with their mobile application would be awesome.  (and yes, getting Audible content on the Zune should be high on the list, and I could lose another player.)  I would love to have a small playlist of my marketplace sub music + my ripped music.  That would be a big win for the Zune.

    Of course, there are a lot of things that the Zune software on Windows needs to do soon too (think auto-playlists) to really be competitive, but add a few more features like this (Windows Mobile, Integrated Audible support, etc) and you could really hit it out of the park and be on the path to number one.  Zune 2 was a big step in the right direction hardware wise, for sure!

  91. Gruber says:

    Simply and QUICKLY please just make all the Microsoft stuff work together.  Get rid of Zune PC Software (which is the most feature starved media player software I’ve ever used in my life) and just let us use WMP which has 10 times the features and already works with Windows Media Center and my Phone.

    Hey, I love Microsoft stuff but PLEASE just work together more…and quicker within departments.

    Basic advice, just take a close look at itunes, and if there is a feature it has….we want that too….and more!!!

  92. Pokey says:

    This is a great forum.. and there are some great ideas here.

    1. There needs to be a fully converged device.. ie: Windows Mobile needs a Zune function. People are just going to purchase a competing device that is converged otherwise.. it would be very silly not to either make a Zune Phone or make Windows Mobile Zune compatible. The Zune function on Windows Mobile needs to support the majority of Zune functionality with similar easy to use interface. I believe keep Zune as a recreational media player and provide Zune on WM.

    2. License out the Zune pad for inclusion on Zune compatible devices.. this way the WM could create a seamless integration of Zune support on WM devices.

    3 It would be very nice to see syncing between the two devices.. Share Pictures / Music etc.. maybe even create a Calendar & contacts on the Zune and Sync this as well.

    Hope this helps


  93. Alex says:

    I think it’s a great idea. No offense but the main problem with Windows Mobile is that you guys just basically shoehorned Desktop Windows onto a phone, and didn’t really take into account the difference of mode of input, screen size etc. To be blunt, it was implemented on "the cheap".

    The great thing about Windows Mobile is that it is a very flexible OS, however, the menu system and the way the user interacts with it, is horrendous – esp now with the iPhone out. It really puts Windows Mobile to shame.

    Windows Moblie has gotten better, but the OS should have been tailored to the device from the beginning, and I think a hybrid Zune/WM interface would serve the market much better.  

  94. It maybe a few years to late but on the Windows Mobile blog the team are asking how Windows Mobile and

  95. NLS says:

    Sorry guys but this SUCKS (caps intentional of course).

    I am a VERY long time user of Windows Mobile (read PocketPC) devices and witnessed the change that came when some team in your ranks decided that PocketPC should move to become a phone OS.

    Second bad decision, "origami" platform to become the new geek thing (that still has to really take off).

    Result of the two above? Some good things but mostly this: Both a slow and bloated PHONE (caps again intentional) OS and on the other hand no more REAL hi-end devices. Only in 2007 (and with the devices expected in 2008) I can find a real full (99% of features) substitute for my old FSC Loox 720. Nothing close to what was expected AFTER devices like 720, HP 4700, Dell x50v… you almost killed the platform but the mass of the phone market saved the day.

    Then iPhone came.

    I also have an iPhone. What an EFFECTIVE device – and it is still a closed platform! (for just awhile longer as you probably already know)

    Still, you are "Microsoft" and that alone (plus us WM nuts that advertised the platform more than it deserves), gave you the percentage in mobile market that your bosses want.

    Thank God for iPhone because it stirred the water where that dinosaur called MS was sleeping.

    I really hope THIS year (not the next) will be the time you FINALLY "reinvented the wheel" (like Apple seems to have done with iPhone).

    Just think what an iPhone with 3G and real GPS would do – and a pro version with real keyboard. And the SDK opened.

    Hope you have the time. Because just "being Microsoft" won’t help save the day all the time (for ever and ever). 🙂

    The saddest think is that WM users KNEW what SHOULD happen to the platform 3-4 years ago (and was not what really was decided). Nobody asked back then.

  96. NLS says:

    Instead of a surely inelegant quick n’ dirty merge of Zune and WM parts with a little "steal" from iPhone interface, REALLY GO IN A ROOM with a BLANK drawing board.

    Then add all this needed compatibility "layer" but only to the point of being needed (and up to the point that doesn’t "hold back" the whole new concept).

    For example (stupid example from the top of my mind) a bad placed soft-button, doesn’t have to stay a bad placed soft-button because there are now many users used to that bad placement and to be consistent with bad software.

    Also invest in making devices SMOOTH and really feel FLUENT with what they are doing (a detail VERY lacking in WM OS). OK you’ll bring up the OEM thing again – so let me rephrase the above: FORCE them to use the proper CPU, to start using 2D (and 3D) acceleration that both big players DO make for mobile market, to use the PROPER RAM and storage sizes (why don’t we have MORE devices with 1, 2, 4, 8 + GB storage when Apple already sells 16GB iPhones?). But what am I talking about… it was not long ago before MS themselves (and OEM) declared that new (back then) WM5 doesn’t need more than 64MB… I was yelling back then. So tell me today: Was I wrong to yell?

    You know what is good for us and what we really want. Maybe you always did. The most painful detail about this is that you always decided based on "donkey follows carrot" policy (give them a bit and save more for the next season). iPhone at least pushed you fast forward a bit. Hopefully.

  97. lenalfred says:

    Hello Mel, it’s me again. I guess what the bottom line is …give people what they want. This forum/blog is great. I am sure MS will take this information and with its huge revenue, create devices that meet the consumer’s wants and needs. The whole concept of Henry Ford -I will make the car the way you want, as long as it’s black- is long gone. Make concepts reality. Why does a ZunePhone have to be imaginary? What happens to large companies is they become so dominant that they don’t see a need to become innovative to becomce the leader in the market..well because they already are. All the blogs noted indicate making imaginary reality.  My blog isn’t negative like some of the previous noted.

    So complete integration from software and hardware with uber feature (yes, very wrong usage of that word)  is all we are asking for. For heavan’s sakes – WE ARE GEEKS! WE LOVE SUPER GADGETS!!!  And why do we buy and we don’t use all of the features?  Well, because we can!

  98. CE dev rambler says:

    Device convergence is such a logical focus for this topic that it has to be the first thing this article immediately discounts. Why choose to deny the obvious reality that convergence should be addressed?

    Practicality aside, it is silly to pocket a Zune and a Windows Mobile device. They are nearly the same thing technically (wince kernel running on an ARM) except for a cell modem, so why should I be pocketing two ARMs powered by two batteries and carrying two screens when I can only look at one at a time?

    Adding the zune application/shell to WinCE or Win Mobile seems to be what most have in mind here, but why not think more boldly here and lead the industry instead of playing catch up. Maybe create a vision to take the Zune beyond media playback, evolve the device with the changes in the market; just because the paycheck says Microsoft doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to being creators of software anymore. Think (and create) solutions.

  99. James says:

    I think that it would be great if you would be able to use Media Player to synchronize the Zune much like you can synchronize the Windows Mobile devices. I have been using the Windows Mobile platform for many years, and I really like the simplicity of Windows Media Player over every other option that people have presented. I tend to look at what would be the simpliest way in which things can be done, and the MSN music store integrated with Media Player worked extremely well, I was very sad to see it go. I despised the Apple model of one device, one store, and very much perfered the many stores, many devices that was present in Windows Media Player. I know that Media Player in Windows is the best media library management software ever developed, and the Windows Mobile works the same way. As a matter of fact I have been using my Windows Mobile 6 Standard Smartphone as my portable media player exclusively, so much so that I have sold my Zune and the Creative Zen that I had.

  100. Renae says:

    Please provide a means of some internet access….and it would be awesome if Im somewhere and would like to download a song and not have access to a computer I can download from my device that would be great… if not Im going to sell this and go to an I-touch…right now its too constricting for someone on the go…

  101. Lonnie says:

    From MelSim:  "I’m certainly not hinting or speculating about a converged device…"

    Why on Earth AREN’T we talking about a converged Zune phone?  

    I have a Sony Walkman Phone (W810i) and an AT&T 8525 w/ WinMobile 6 that I use more as PDA than phone.  

    My 60gb iPod Video was stolen, and I want to replace it with an 80gb Zune, but it’s absolutely ABSURD that my WM6 device does such a poor job with Audio, Video and PodCasts.  

    I wanted to keep up with PodCasts via my WM6 device until I replaced the stolen iPod, but my dismal experience with BeyondPod software has got me pissed off that Microsoft expects me to buy a Zune just to get PodCast features that should already be included with WM6.  

    Wouldn’t a ZunePhone w/ surfing, e-mail and Office Mobile be the perfect iPhone killer?  How can anybody justify having good browsing on WM6 without also having PodCast / Syndication features?

    Why can’t you get an iPhone with a hard drive?

    Why can’t you get a WM6 device w/ hard drive and decent multimedia software?

    Why can’t I buy a Sony W950i to work w/ a USA carrier?

    What do you want to bet that Google’s Android devices will be a better convergence of wireless voice, wireless broadband, multimedia, surfing, and storage capacity?

    The only explanation seems to be anti-consumer manipulation of feature sets to create artificial markets, price points, etc.

    Why doesn’t iPhone have WiFi?  

    A:  So you can’t use it with Skype, Vonage, etc

    Why doesn’t iPod Touch have wireless voice and data?

    A:  So you’ll also have to buy a wireless phone

    and on and on…

    I’m a .Net developer, so I have to support Windows Mobile.  

    But seriously, Windows Mobile has been super disappointing from the start.  

    Just give us one device with broadband, wifi, surfing, multimedia, productivity apps, and storage capacity.  It’s outrageous that MS really expects me to buy a WM6 and a Zune to get the features that should already be in Windows Mobile.

  102. Ransom says:

    Most of reasons I see to use them together are to overcome shortcomings that should be fixed anyway. For example Zune should be able to use wifi to purchase music and download it.

    So, the one thing I think would be useful is to have the Zune connect to the phone and use it for network access when there isn’t a hotspot around.

    BTW: I had a friend recommend we create a Zune + phone hybrid and call it "Zhone" 🙂

  103. joefort says:

    I just want to add more pressure on what most people have already said:

    [b]1. Integrated Media Player [/b] – Having two software to manage two device from one company is really a turn-off. I’d be favoring WMP 12 is the way to go since the UI for WMP is already established and everyone is familiar with it.

    [b]2. Device-to-device connectivity [/b] – if Zune can connect to other Zune through WI-FI why not to WinMo phones? They’re Wi-fi enabled too.

    [b]3. Tighter Windows Live Integration with both devices[/b] – Integrate Zune Social to MSN Spaces? Kinda like universal profile for MS Social networking. Or Skydrive as external storage for these devices? Or Live Messenger on your Zune (that’d be so friggin’ awesome!)?

  104. Ed Tsvik says:

    Oh my god! I can’t believe someone at Microsoft is actually asking how to make two of their incompatible devices work nicely together.  Well, since it’s very rare that such an opportunity presents itself, I will extend the answer to outside of just the Zune and Windows Mobile Device (WMD) scope as it’s important for Microsoft to address all of the issues.

    1. Promise to never again come out with hardware devices and software applications that are incompatible with each other.

    2. Provide a consistent interface across devices.  It’s always about the interface.  The Zune now has an excellent interface and I agree that WMD should implement the Zune interface for music, photos, videos, and tv recordings.  A simple to use and consistent interface is why Apple has done so well for itself and Microsoft has not.  Lack of interoperability, and Ballmer’s violent temper, has been Microsoft’s shortcoming over the last several years.

    3. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there really should be one device to replace them all.  Nevertheless, it is okay to think that there is an ideal device for each individual.  It’s okay for the Zune to focus more on entertainment content yet also allow for email, internet, and GPS, while  a WMD focuses on business productivity yet also allows for storing and playing entertainment content in a Zune type fashion.  The iPhone and the iTouch are a very good approach to this idea.

    4. You must decide on what to do with either Windows Media Player (WMP) or the Zune Software.  You can’t have both although you must make the Zune support PlaysForSure.  I realize the Zune was not made to support PlaysForSure to make sure one could not use WMP with it, in hopes that the Zune MarketPlace might generate the same type of revenue as the Itunes store, but I hope this has shown as a poor business model.  While I do believe WMP has poor navigation, I can’t imagine Microsoft can easily do away with it.  For one, Windows Media Center (WMC) depends on WMP for content libraries and synchronizing with portable devices.  Second, there are too many other partners, like MTV, Napter, and MusicGiants, that depend on WMP to help sell their own content.  The answer may be to sort of start over and unify WMP and the Zune software.   The new application would maintain the Zune software look and feel, but require all devices to support PlaysForSure – even the Zune.  The Zune MarketPlace would be the primary music content store, but individuals would have the ability to purchase music from other stores and subscribe to them as they see fit.  If anyone is to compete with iTunes, they must take an Amazon .com approach and sell not only their own product, but sell product from other stores.  Zune MarketPlace doesn’t have that album?  No problem, you can also but it from one of our partners all from within the same interface and search results.

    5. The Zune should adopt the star rating that was used in WMP.  This is important for automatic playlist creation and automatically synching content onto either a Windows Mobile Device (WMD) or a Zune.  I imagine the decision to implement the heart/broken heart rating system was conceived through user groups and surveys but a rating system for content falls under something I like to call “least common denominator”.  It may be okay for 80% of the population to use the heart/broken heart rating system but the other 20% depend on a more involved rating system so they can choose to play a 3 star or better playlist on a Sunday morning while cleaning at home, auto-synch a 4 star or better playlist to their Zune, auto- synch a 5 star or better playlist to their WMD, or never play any songs that are 1 star ratings.

    6. Ensure Windows Media Center, Zune, and WMD interoperability.  I am dumbfounded at how Microsoft can overlook the importance of connecting the Zune to the WMC environment.  It’s gross negligence and is slowing the adoption of both WMC and the Zune.

    7. Gapless playback on the Zune and WMD now and forever.  Don’t ever think that gapless is not important.  I suspect there are a fair amount of individuals who refuse to get a Zune because it lacks gapless playback.  I for one, even though I recently bought my wife a Zune, will wait to buy a Zune until it at least supports Gapless playback.  I may delay even further until the Zune works with WMC.  For these reasons, I am far more likely to purchase a Windows Mobile Device than a Zune even though it’s the Zune that is more of an entertainment device.  It’s ass-backward thinking on the part of Microsoft.

    8. As for features that specifically relate to the Zune and Windows Mobile Devices, access to the online stores would be very nice along with being able to pull content from one’s home remotely.  If the Zune was more like the iTouch, then the Zune and WMD could talk to a WMC at someone’s home and update content on the device based on what the user wants to pull across.  It could be music, some movies stored on the hard drive, or a TV show that just got done recording in HD using the cablecard solution for WMC.  An easy solution for now is to get the Zune and a WMD to access the WebGuide which was recently released for WMC.

    9. I should also be able to purchase music remotely using my Zune, if the Zune was more like an iTouch, and my WMD.  That new content would automatically synch back to my home PC when I return home.

    10. Zunes should be able to “social” with WMD’s.  Sampling each other music is a great concept and one that may take off if there were only more people that had Zunes.  Nevertheless, there are already millions of WMD users who may accelerate the adoption rate.

  105. Jeff says:

    This has all been said before so my piling on is really in the name of voting.  Here’s what I need:


    In priority order, highest to lowest

    – a Bluetooth stack with A2DP and AVRCP profiles

    – a standard mini-USB charging port

    – device integration (perhaps Bluetooth again) so that my music is muted when I place or answer a call.

    – a way to send music to a WinMo device (wifi?  Bluetooth?) without going through a PC. This assumes that both devices have the appropriate DRM licenses

    – Ability to create and save playlists on my Zune


    – Ability to signal call status to a device over Bluetooth without that device being a headset (so that BLuetooth muting would work)

    – A Zune player to replace WMP

    – ability to download from Zune Marketplace directly, and (with appropriate license in place) to play Zune-DRM’d content.


  106. FERNANDO says:


  107. Jason Y. says:

    I think you should have some sort of Windows Mobil Firmware on the Zune…Not as a phone but to like check your mail through Wi-Fi and have the Windows Mobil Start Button on the Zune. And other stuff like that. And like the ability to have weather on the zune menu..to you know check the weather using the wi-fi internet.  You should also be able to connect to any Wireless broadband router near you.  Like on the windows mobil phone(if you have wi-fi on it.)it will notify you when your near one. And you can connect to it from your zune not the computer.

  108. arun says:

    windows mobile device is PC (pocket)? why not it sync with zune? why cannot install zune software on WM devices? MICROSOFT MUST PROVIDE UPDATES for this?

  109. Michael says:


    If the Zune had this, I’d have bought one already.  Until it happens, I absolutely will not buy one–which pains me, because I really like the device!

  110. Discovia says:


    Check out WM 7.  You telling me this isn’t going to have great media support?  There’s really no point in asking ms to give us zune support in wm as it’s on it’s way, or at least a better media experience is.  MS know they have to compete with iPhone as it starts to eat into it’s market.  Like it or not, iPhone is making in-roads in the business world, so MS has to compete on all functionality.

    So the question is, will there still be  a place for a second music only device, and I think the answer is yes. WM phones are tough on battery, and will always be bigger to accomodate godd form factor for phone use. So while i will want my phone to have zune functionality for playback, audio books, video etc, I would still like to have a music only device that is a whole lot smaller and not bogged down by mapping, contacts, calendar, photos, etc.

    My 2c.

  111. Discovia says:

    One more thing…

    What is up with Microsoft Points?  This is utterly redic, let me buy music the traditional way, i.e. with a credit card!!  i’ve no intention of buying MS Points so it’s amazon mp3 for me.

  112. I’d like to see a Smartphone with the Zune UI (ie open up the Zune platform so it can be useful) but…. it must come with improved battery life.

    My phone is crucial, but my music is nice to have. If I stuff music onto the 4GB card in my phone at the moment I’ve (a) only got a small part of my library, (b) need to carry spare power and (c) have to use the crappy miniUSB headphones.

    If we’re merging the devices then throw away stupid connectors and settle on having a miniUSB and a 3.5mm jack to minimise what I need to carry

    Support the Social (of course) and Marketplace (but let me have more options than Points… or make Points really useful) but also allow things like Pandora over WiFi and expose the "listening" data to Last.FM (scrobble)

    Support streaming OTA (GPRS/EDGE/3G/WiFi) from Media Center or whatever you have at home, and Shoutcast

    Have decent stereo bluetooth support (for headphones and car connection)

    I think it’s a GREAT idea and MS could do so more than Apple by being smart and "open"

  113. klevereblog says:

    I think one of the biggest things that need to happen is for hardware manufactures to build phones with more built in storage whether that means a hard drive or flash memory.  The SD slot is one thing but have several Gigs of space built in would be really appealing and allow for more flexibility.  Are their any limitations that prevent a hardware manufacture for building a WM6 phone that has a 8 GB flash or harddrive built in?

  114. As soon as MS is ready to extend Zune wirelessly, the mobile industry is ready and waiting….waiting….going on 2 years now 😉

  115. Watching Microsoft twist in the wind as the iPhone steals its thunder in the smart phone market is interesting

  116. Appelflap says:

    I’d like to send music from my *huge* music collection to my Windows Mobile phone. That’s all. Per default I use the Zune for listing to music (superior music quality!), but when I go outside I use my WM phone. It would be very nice to update my phone directly from my Zune. (Note: i don’t have a 30 gig phone…)

  117. This is a really important point:

    Any software that you make for Windows Mobile MUST be available as a download and not just packaged into a future version of WM.

    I could imagine some OEMs and mobile operators would be very quick to take Zune out of their version of the WM ROM and replace it with something that they can make money from themselves.

    p.s. I’m pleased to hear that Audible support is coming to Zune.

  118. I have thoroughly tested windows mobile 6, zune30 with updated software, zune social, windows media player w/geforce visualization/screensaver, and windows media center. I have these apps setup in both xp and vista. I have ripped over 500 albums into my library. I have thousands of mp3/wma downloads from limewire, and purchases from various vendors including napster, toshiba, and microsoft. I have all the apps accessible through a radio frequency remote and multiple screens in my house. My testing has taken place for almost two years. I am happy with certain aspects of each application. The main menu (upper left corner) on zune desktop software can be a little uneasy on the eyes and likely confusing to a new user. It would be great if the Zune software came with a geforce like visualization/screensaver. But the big thing is integration. In the future I think having one interface for your library is a must. For each album thumbnail you should be able to checkmark which device you want each song, album, or playlist to appear on. To remove a song from a device you can simply uncheck and a sync should take care of making the change. Perhaps the checkboxes could be color coded and would change a different color once the sync is confirmed. You should be able to control this from the PC at minimum. The basic idea is below.

                   PC     XBOX   ZUNE    PHONE

    LOVE SONG       (x)     (x)    (x)     (x)

    LIKE A VIRGIN   (x)     ( )    (x)     ( )

    I have been through all the issues and have a ton of ideas. I am available to speak with any microsoft reps.

    William F.X. O’Neill


    25 Fifth St.

    Cambridge, MA 02141



  119. I have thoroughly tested windows mobile 6, zune30 with updated software, zune social, windows media player w/geforce visualization/screensaver, and windows media center. I have these apps setup in both xp and vista. I have ripped over 500 albums into my library. I have thousands of mp3/wma downloads from limewire, and purchases from various vendors including napster, toshiba, and microsoft. I have all the apps accessible through a radio frequency remote and multiple screens in my house. My testing has taken place for almost two years. I am happy with certain aspects of each application. The main menu (upper left corner) on zune desktop software can be a little uneasy on the eyes and likely confusing to a new user. It would be great if the Zune software came with a geforce like visualization/screensaver. But the big thing is integration. In the future I think having one interface for your library is a must. For each album thumbnail you should be able to checkmark which device you want each song, album, or playlist to appear on. To remove a song from a device you can simply uncheck and a sync should take care of making the change. Perhaps the checkboxes could be color coded and would change a different color once the sync is confirmed. You should be able to control this from the PC at minimum. The basic idea is below.

                   PC     XBOX   ZUNE    PHONE

    LOVE SONG       (x)     (x)    (x)     (x)

    LIKE A VIRGIN   (x)     ( )    (x)     ( )

    I have been through all the issues and have a ton of ideas. I am available to speak with any microsoft reps.

    William F.X. O’Neill


    25 Fifth St.

    Cambridge, MA 02141



  120. elwyndfw says:

    +1 for Zune on WM6.  It has to be downloadable, not an add-on to WM7 or oem-only option.  I like the Zune interface, but I do not want to carry two or more devices around.  My WM6 phone has a great touch screen, 8GB of flash, good audio, and a CLOCK!  However, media player mobile will not play audio when the phone is in "sleep" mode with the screen off, and the default skin is not very touch (finger) friendly.  I use S2U2 and S2P to work around these issues.

    I have two MCE2005 PC’s, XBox 360, and a WM6 phone.  The integration is good, but it should be seamless.  I shouldn’t have to go back and forth from MCE and the default XBox interface to play some types of video, or get a better music experience.  And I shouldn’t need to use two or more progams on the pc’s to sync.

    My "digital life" works but it takes a lot of duct tape.

  121. tatonca says:

    "Since both the devices support WI-FI, I would rather have my WinMo device act as a Zune remote with display. On my WinMo device, I should be able to browse through my  Zune collection and control the player."

    This is an interesting idea – how about if you could use the space on your zune as a mobile hdd for your mobile device?  Basically extend both devices into the other as a virtual machine.  You gain space and audio fidelity with the zune while preserving a single interface…  of course you could just converge the devices which seems the better way to go, but shared resources is next best thing…

  122. javier says:

    How do I sync my music from my media center to my zune?

  123. javier says:

    How do I add playlists on my media center?

  124. Jared says:

    I think that the Zune 2 software would be very thumb friendly and using cues from it for the contacts on winmo and the program menu would be awesome.

  125. Quantum Flux says:

    @Martin and @Jasper…

    How is MSFT "ages" behind anything?  What magic alien technology are you referring to exactly?

    I assume you can only mean the iPhone and be UBER iPhone fans.

    Its a nice device and actually is the first one that has gotten convergance pretty much right (largely thanks to the massive lock-in Apple already has with iTunes), but lets not pretend that:

    1) this level of convergance is something EVERY has got except MSFT, because in reality, NO ONE does EXCEPT Apple

    2) MSFT is somehow in the stone age compared to Apple overall or the likes of RIM, Nokia, etc.

    In order for criticism to be constructive, it has to be rational.  Live Mesh, Popfly, Silverlight, etc etc etc are hardly "stone age" and, last I checked, Apple and Google arent doing ANYTHING like any of that.

    You guys just have a clearly myopic anti-MSFT view (as do so many).

    Agree that WM needs a massive overhaul. Anyone with some sense might read a lot into the Danger acquisition rather than weirdly questioning it.  Why do you THINK they MIGHT have bought Danger?!

    One thing that all of the devices and platforms need at this point is integration.  MSFT has a massive portfolio of assets, many of which are genuinely interesting, but they are not integrated well yet.  Silverlight/Popfly should be ubiquitous and all devices should be able to access SL/PF resources, as well as files, through the Live Mesh.  If Zune Marketplace is going to persist, then there is no reason a player shouldnt be available for every device platform MSFT provides (including XBox).

    Net net, there shouldnt be a need for users to puzzle through *which* MSFT asset they have invested in.  It should all be transparent.  Whether its a WM phone, a VIsta PC, a Zune, an XB360, or even a Mac, all of it should be linked together through cross platform technologies like SL and LM

  126. Likeabite says:

    Most of the ideas suggested are great, especially when it comes to porting the Zune sofware to WinMo so one can sync a playlist when on the go or something of that sort. I personally think Microsoft should replace Windows Media Player with the Zune software or just get rid of the Zune software and move its features into Windows Media Player. This is because there is no need in having two Microsoft media players on your computer. I personally like the Zune software better so if that is what they choose to go with then that is what should be available on WinMo phones as well. P.S. WinMo 7 should be great if all that is being said about it is true.

  127. kurt says:

    Zune strengths is a media player. Windows mobile is a general OS therefore lacking on full integration.

    A good example is looks at the ipod tons of car docks and stereo base with integration to the device ala playlists and IDtags. Now that the Iphone is out you see  how this compliment one another.

    Rare that I find a car stereo that integrates with zune. and even less with windows mobile.

  128. lowgeo says:

    I love Windows OS’s.  I hate using Apple’s ITunes (too few adjustments possible).  I use Windows media player to manage my music, and to play Podcasts.  I have a WM6 operating system on my smartphone for listening to my Podcasts.  I’d love to use the Zune Software to manage my music and get Podcasts and then have it sync to my Smartphone.  A good podcast downloader with a file organize like the Zune software AND with the ability to sync to a smart phone would be ideal !

  129. wreiad says:

    Forget the Zune. You guys should revive and bring portable Media Center to next version of Windows Mobile. Wouldn’t that make more sense? You should focus more on integration with Windows 7 rather than Zune. I don’t see how they could go together, since Windows Mobile already has a Media player.  

  130. Obiwan says:

    After the Zune 3.0 update, I seriously think that it’s the iTunes killer. Being a proud owner of a Zune 80gb and Samsung WinMo phone, I was thinking that it’d be great to sync the songs I bought from Zune Marketplace to my phone! It obviously won’t be able to handle as much music as my Zune, but to be able to create a sync group for a WinMo device sounds like a no brainer. Couple that with the ability to browse the Zune Marketplace right from my phone (I have broadband access), that would be uber juicy and nice and would give me warm and fuzzy feelings all day.

  131. TorontoTigs says:

    Having a more Zune’like interface on Windows Mobile would be a welcome change. I don’t have big fingers by any means but a lot of the Windows functions require clicking on very small icons which is frustrating beyond belief.

    I’ve seen the mockups of Windows Mobile 7. I’m holding judgement for the final revisions and release. But honestly the Zune interface would be a great style for a windows mobile phone.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  132. asksaravana says:

    Music sharing between Windows Mobile / Zune. Music downloads using Zune Account ( Zune Pass ) on Windows Mobile. Controlling Zune using Windows Mobile might make some things interesting

  133. I.Adam says:

    very interesting, would like to know more.

  134. Chris says:

    1 – Zune needs to be ported to WM and replace WMP on WM.

    2- Zune needs to replace WM on the desktop. Two apps to pretty much do the same things is absurd, not to mention people really only want to use one app to do everything such as syncing with devices. Combine the capabilities of these two into Zune on the desktop.

    3- The Zune UI is much more friendly and crisp on WM and fits with the WM 7 picd/vifs I’ve seen.

    4- Zune marketplace, pass, and social need to definitely be included on the WM version, as well as the social and WiFi capabilities.

    These are my thoughts and I don’t think they are new but I know majority can sway things. Microsoft needs to collaborate more internally and reduce effort by combining teams and workinh toward bringing products together to accomplish similar goals, not creating new programs.

  135. Mark says:

    The Zune software is awesome.  The Zune Player is finally worthy of iPod comparison…but too late.  The world is moving on to iPhone and Smartphone.  I refuse to own an iPhone or tie my life to iTunes, yet I’m not going to use the MSFT solution for anything other than a WMP replacement until MSFT allows me to synch Zune Pass with my Smartphone, USB stick or whatever else that I can currently use with my Napster to Go subscriptions.

    In general I think MSFT is just throwing crap at a wall to see what sticks and there’s obviously no heart to determination in their offerings.  Look at the Defender-Onecare-Morro debacle.  Vista.  Search.  and Now we have WMC-WMP-Zune-Smartphone-Zune-Extenders but only Xbox360 if it’s Zune… What the hell are you doing?!?!  I’m as technology savvy as the next guy (this is MSDN afterall) and I don’t even understand what connects with what and what doesn’t or what your potential roadmaps may be.  Maybe that’s Apple competitive advantage.  They’re sure of their roadmap and they’ve made it an easy one for the consumer to understand.  Hell, if they modernized CodeWarrior… I probably wouldn’t even be here ranting on MSDN 😛

  136. Joe says:

    At the very least, I would like the ability to sync my winMo phone to the Zune desktop software.

    The dream would be to have a program that makes a virtual Zune on my phone using either the hardware buttons or virtual screen buttons (that can be hidden to show content full screen).

    Anything in between is great, too.

    Since you say the Zune team is listening as well, I would like to suggest a feature for the Zune desktop:  I WANT TO SORT BY SYNC STATUS. I would post that somewhere more appropriate but there are no official Zune discussion boards or blogs that I know of.

  137. Marc Federico says:

    Step 1: Unify all microsoft MARKETPLACEs to one marketplace that all DEVICES can view based on what they can do

    ex: xbox 360 can see games, movies, music. windows mobile can see games movies music applications, windows can see games movies music applications

    Step 2: Allow all devices and software to play all WM, MPEG1,2,4 standards AND all resolutions!

    a) why can i play high bitrate 1080p mpeg4 avc on my xbox 360 through windows media player sharing, but not on the zune player!?!

    b) When syncing the content just let it use the codecs to downscale and encode it to zune resolution wmv!


    a) if the zune is standards based and can play all wm and mpeg content then it is the ultimate media player right off the bat and wmp is no longer needed

    b) Port versions of the Zune software to ALL 3 interface types #1 desktop, #2 10 foot interface (media center and xbox 360) , and #3 handheld (zune and windows mobile)

    3 easy steps and you have the ultimate solution in user branding, consistency, and distancing from the name windows!

    this model wil go VERY VERY FAR and attract many users as the xbox 360 did.

  138. Raj says:

    I have used Microsoft products for years and was blown away when I first touched an iPhone and iPod touch.. but eventually the novelty wore off when I realized how many things I could NOT do with apple products..  In our home we have 2 MediaCenter PC’s, an XBOX360, 2 Linksys MCE Extenders, 4 Windows Mobile Devices (Treo Pro, HTC s710, htc s630, Samsung Omnia), and Zune120/Zune16/Zune4.. and I would like to see a convergence of your ecosystem so that all of these devices work together.

    Zune Social is great and so is the Zune Marketplace, but it currently seems limited to the Zune platform only.  Add both of these to Media Center and Windows Mobile.

    I believe that the Zune software should replace WMP on WindowsMobile.  When you plug your WindowsMobile device into the PC, it should show up as a device in the Zune software similar to my 3 Zune devices.. and the Zune software should include the SyncCenter options for Calendar/Contacts/Tasks, etc..  and allow Picture importing similar to when I currently have picture son my mobilephone.

    For those that don’t don’t have Zune Hardware, thats ok, microsoft is a software company.. and revenues will be generate through the zune marketplace..  you should still be able to sync your phone with Zune software (even if only 2GB of storage) and put the Zune experience on the phone and play and purchase music.

    Also, Windows Media Center should use the playlists of the Zune software, or better yet even integrate Zune software into Windows Media Center (ie. Zune Marketplace, Zune Social)..

    There needs to a ecosystem for personal digital information (music/pictures/videos/dvr-ms) and allow distribution on the clients (Zune/WindowsMobile,etc..) and integrate XBOX marketplace, Zune Marketplace, Zune Social, Windows Live, etc..   and simply enable options as devices are added.

    Hope that helps.

    You can contact me rdyal@mindsettech.com if you want any more input.


  139. Raj says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing.. put the XBOX marketplace inside Media Center..

    On my main Media Center, I want to rent a movie using Microsoft Points.. then I should be able to watch it on either my other Media Center (if linked properly), any of the extenders (XBOX or Linksys), or transfer it to my Zune or Windows Mobile device to watch.

    Apple can do this in iTunes, but I don’t want iTunes and have uninstalled it and plan on using Zune exclusively.  

    Integration is the key here, I think someone needs to sit down, draw up a chart of platforms that Microsoft supports and start linking 1 to another and start integrating products.. without this, I believe apple will take over in the consumer space even though they restrict what you can do with their products.. Microsoft has the advantage of hardware and software partners and an openness not seen with Apple products, but without this convergence for the consumer space, people will continue to drift away from Microsoft products.

    thx for listening.

  140. Justin W says:

    I personally love both windows mobile and the Zune.  But i agree with everyone there should be a zune app for windows mobile to replace the moble media player. support for all the gestures and stuff for the zune software along with all the fun of windows mobile. a little something for windows mobile i would suggest using the drag to scroll feature as an update because just for browsing certain things it is a pain to have to use the stylus to scroll on that little sidebar.

    and for zune one of the only things that i still like about ipods is the cover flow. if zune could make a form of that but better that would be awesome, it is really cool but the scroll wheel is really confusing and the same idea on the squircle would be sweet! another thing is maybe a landscape mode, not just for movies but for everything. and maybe incorporate a cover flow (cover flip, cd rack whatever) as the landscape album sort.

  141. Sean says:

    Get Zunepad / Zune software on a Windows Mobile! It’s not a stretch, given that Samsung’s new WM phones already have touchpads ("finger mouse.")

  142. DD says:

    I actually like the Zune 3.0 software a lot and was wondering if I could get it installed on my windows mobile phone.


  143. cplush says:

    You need to make all these services streamlined and integrated. I really dont want 2 microsoft media players on my pc,  and have to buy a seperate one for my winmo phone (WMP mobile is aweful) and have none of it work together.. Itunes/ipod/iphone are popular because they all work together, Apple doesnt have a seperate markeplace for each device and then make the content u purchase on one not playable on anyother. Its a closed system that i dont really like, but i have to respect how easy and integrated it all is. i think windows/zune/winmo is a superior product but its lack of integration is a serious issue.

  144. Scott says:

    I would like a portable Zune app for Windows Mobile.  Perhaps a Zune lite with as much functionality as possible.  Why not?  I can sync my Tilt with Windows and my Zune with Windows…  They even look about the same!

  145. frank says:

    i think a great thing will be

    a zune that has windows mobile

    something kind of like the ipod touch

    where you can aces the internet

    watch your recorded tv

    all the things you can do with windows mobile

    but in the zune

    in that way more people will feel attracted to zune

    as they wher attracted to ipod touch

    and it doesn’t have o be a zune touh

    but something like that i will definitely buy

  146. Greg Bateman says:

    1) we have to do something to change availability of speaker docs for Zune…have it support Bluetooth and kill the proprietary connector in favor of mini-USB.  We will see many more speaker doc OEMs jumping in at that point.  With wireless sync, would be killer.  

    I work for MS, but more attracted to iPod Touch because I can reuse the $200 speaker doc we bought years ago…if went to Zune, would need new speakers.  This is another lock-in for iPod…why don’t we get that? We need to be thinking about how we erode the stickiness of the iPod/iPhone connector…Apple is benefitting from that just like IBM did with mainframes.

    2) Multi-touch enable Zune just like the iPod Touch, include a full browser like PIE6, open it to SkyMarket.  Treat Zune like a reference platform design for all the phone OEMs…converge Zune and Windows Mobile platform and make it sing on a device we can control without having to deal with network operators.  The phone OEMs will then build on a much better base.  

    Look no further than the sharp drop in Zune sales to see that our strategy is 4 years behind the times.  We are thinking in too limited a way about Zune.  Match iPod Touch, then go beyond it by promoting a way to plug Zune into an integrated full keyboard/screen hardware device that exposes the browser with links to Windows Live/Office Live Workspaces and when ready, Office Web Apps.  That would effectively make Zune a potential replacement for a kitchen PC and more useful than iPod Touch, which is fast filling that niche for the lightly used device in the kitchen or living room for quick web lookups.  The iPod Touch appeals to me for two reasons: I can re-use my speakers and I can browse the web easily on it.  Include Mesh in Zune with support for portable DRM.  

  147. scott says:

    1) Like the suggestions above I’d like to see the Zune software running on my WinMo.

    2) Licensing – I think this will become a point of contention….how will I keep my 3 zunes and my WinMo phone under the Zune Subscription which only allows 3 devices?

  148. fgains says:

    Silly. This is a stupid question for MS to ask. Like you guys have done so much with the two platforms that you have run out of ideas and need to ask us. Everyone wants these two cross compatible! Totally! Life without remember?

    How about someone from MS grab their n*#s to make sure they’re intact, and tell us, the people with Zune pass’ $15 per mo., Windows Mobile device owners $349+, Zune device owners x2 $249, Windows Ultimate upgraders $350+ who never got extras, XBox original and 360 $400 etc. etc.

    Why cant I play my music from the Zune MP on my WinMo phone? Who’s fault is it? Music Industry? Artist & Label? Or Microsoft? Why? I really want you know. Life without walls except for music and whatever else MS wont work out.


  149. Rick says:

    I to would like to see direct HDD access to my zune to add data and music.

    In fact Ide be real happy to see Zune Meta functionality as a plugin to Windows media player and have zune marketplace as a online store addon for WMP and Vista/Windows 7 Media Center addon. Ide also like it if the Zune player could read the FOLD 5.1 audio to STEREO so that 720×480 could be played natively just scaled to the correct resolution on the zune.

    It just takes way to long to sync tv shows and dvd rips to my zune 120.

    now if there was a new zune with perhaps 256 gigs with a HDMI port on it. Ide be in heaven.

  150. Scott Medaugh says:

    One of the biggest feature add I would love to see is the ability to sort by any and every column in the Zune Player window.  Especially when trying to build a playlist; being able to sort by "sync status" would be a WONDERFUL addtion.

  151. Cathy says:

    I simply love the Zune player for Windows, and my phone has a decent player on it courtesy Samsung.  I really wish that I could sync my library in Zune with my WinMo phone though.  Yes, I can sync my phone with WMP.  But WMP is definitely inferior to the zune software.  Why not just ditch WMP, stick with the Zune player and make it so that all the windows products can speak to eachother?

    I know it’s a pie-in-the-sky idea but if you guys out there can make it happen, I think you’ll see an increase in interest in Microsoft again.

  152. deepak says:

    I have read most of the comments from Zune and Windows Mobile users.

    It is a painful elaboration of the obvious – and while I know there is a fear of cannibalizing Zune device sales – tell ur cloud-in-the-heads  strategy guys to take a hike.

    Just listen to your customers.

  153. Carmichael Patton says:

    I have been a long time WinMobile user and proponent.  Each time I buy a new phone (Fuze recently) I buy a bigger memory card to store my music, video and pics on.  For this reason I haven’t always needed my zune.  

    I started riding the bus more often recently and as such have gone back to my Zune to listen to my favorite Podcasts; and so a couple friends and I can mess around with the Zune Social.

    I have held off on the iPhone cause I just cannot bring myself to leave the MS Mobile platform as it is so user friendly and open for me to do just about whatever I want/need to do.  the new iPhone 3.0 software is bringing in some of the features that have been lacking, but I still se the MS platform as a sounder platform more compatible with my needs.  A Zune phone would only solidify this in my opinion.

  154. Matt says:

    I love my Zune, and live off of my Windows Mobile phone. I wish that the primary mobile player on the phone was Zune so it would automatically play my whole Zune library on my phone. Windows media player is a good system, but I would really like to see the two work together.

  155. Ivan says:

    Not sure if my suggestinos has already been left as I am not reading through them all. However a Zune application that will allow us to buy music from the phone, listen to podcasts, and even a player for music on the device would be great. Also have social options as well. Even though I have the 80 GB Zune and it is almost full, i would not want that much music on the mobile. But a streaming service from PC to Mobile would be great. Or wireless sync over your mobile data connection, like with the wireless on the Zune but using the mobile data connection. I have ideas for days since this issue affects me first hard. I utterly refuse to buy any Apple made product for any purpose. So get on it Microsoft.

  156. Ivan says:

    Also, what about a XBOX application integrated. I have a windows live id stuck with everything I have Microsoft so it would be nice to have access to all my Microsoft products (PC included) from my mobile. Sending mesages to XBOX friends, or scheduling games for future dates. Checking my scores, stats, etc. Like I said, got ideas for days.

  157. Ivan says:

    Blam another one!! if you have the XBOX app, you will also have to allow us to purchase game content from the mobile using our already purchased points. Or renewing subscriptions from mobile and buying points for both XBOX and Zune. With that, need higher security to protect credit card information saved to the phone for repeat buying. Remote device wiping through My Phone??

  158. Ivan says:

    No point in having two players, somehow integrate Windows Player with the Zune software on the mobile, so they operate as 1?

  159. Darren says:

    I have an Ipod that I got a little over three years ago and initially loved it.  My newest phone, the Blackjack II is awesome.  I know the next device that I get will ultimately combine the two.  I downloaded and saw the zune software for the first time today and saw the similarities to itunes, but liked the differences that set zune apart.  I hope the device that I buy in about two years is windows mobile, but has all the user capabilities of zune (podcasts, sync ease, etc.)

  160. Darren says:

    yeah, the same guy.  Scrap windows media player and replace it with the zune software, much better

  161. Talderon says:

    I have NEVER been a fan of listening to music on my Windows Mobile phones, or ANY phone for that matter… Except my iPhone…

    Now, before you go off on me… I went from a WM phone, to the iPhone (which was a letdown and a downgrade IMHO) back to a WM phone. Sorry Apple Fans, I won’t ever go back.

    My experience with iPhone was so bad, I sold all my iPods and went Zune, and will NEVER look back. I have converted my entire family to Zune and they agree… They will never go back.

    Now, we are a family of Smart Phone users… NONE of us are using anything less than a WM phone… Even my 8 year old has a WM phone (Pantech Duo is nice for the kiddies).

    We ALL agree, playing Media on the phones is not a very good experience. I carry my phone and my Zune 120 everywhere I go, I won’t ever stop carrying it because the Zune does too much for me to ditch it.

    However, native Zune software for my WM phone (HTC Fuze, currently) would allow me to NOT have to carry my Zune to trips to the store or just out and about for short periods. Being able to have features that allow me to Sync to my library when/where I needed to would be fantastic too!

    I am not one that would every invest in a Zune Phone unless it can really REALLY knock my socks off, and honestly, I think it would be a waste.

    Features I would love to see:

    1. Right now, Zune software lets you have up to 3 computers attached to one account. I would like to keep this and also be able to add a mobile device (or 2) and NOT take away from that total.

    2. Have the ability to mark Play Lists as "Sync with Zune and/or Mobile Device".

    3. Ability to Sync with Library via Wi-Fi (a lot of WM Phones have Wi-Fi now) and USB.

    4. Browse/download from the market place via Wi-Fi. Data may be too slow, but who knows (also need to have a disclaimer about using it via Data in case some don’t have an unlimited data plan).

    Now, with most of the phones that I have used recently, they accept MicroSDHC cards which I have 8GB and 16GB versions of, so I think phones are coming into their own and can compete with many lower capacity media devices for most folks. Especially since you can get a 16GB MicroSDHC card for under $60 online, it is WAY cheaper than getting another media player (in most cases) of the same capacity, and it MAY get more people to use the Zune Market Place, which is leaps and bounds superior than the Virus called iTunes.

    I’ll never get rid of my 120GB Zune (unless I upgrade) because I just want to carry too much with me, but having an option sometimes would be VERY nice.

  162. frank says:

    any other content from web that I could get on my Zune would be sweet



  163. Maurice says:

    I’d love the ability to access and stream my PC’s media (audio/video) over Live Mesh via WiFi to my Zune. No matter where I am.

    If my player is out of storage and I’d still like to play some newer purchases to it, I’d like the ability to stream directly from my PC over the air.

  164. Maurice says:

    Oh wait, the question was about Zune to Mobile integration.  Let’s see…

    1) Taking pictures on my phone and having the option to immediately crop/resize for and transfer to my zune as a wallpaper, photo gallery, or even as a replacement for my default album art icon (for music that doesn’t have an image assigned).

    2a) Getting a call on my cellphone notifies me on my zune and allows me to pause my music.

    2b)  If I were listening with a wireless headset, I could combine the feature in (2a) with an ability to auto-share the headset between the two devices.  Pause music and answer phone call, auto switch back to my music once I hang up my call.

    3) Use my phone as a remote control for my Zune for when I have my zune setup through its dock to play stuff to my TV.

  165. Moe says:

    I think the biggest feature I would use would be a zune application on my phone so i can play music with a zune pass and watch a podcast while i’m away from my house. I can’t really justify paying a monthly subscription to something I can only enjoy at home or the rare occasion I bring along my zune. I have already invested in an Oakley O ROKR headset which I bring everywhere along with my cell phone. No matter how small a zune is, its still an extra gadget in my pocket when I already have a cell phone that can play music over my headset anyway.

    Basically, if zune came to windows mobile with subscription access and the ability to download songs, videos, and podcasts (and maybe even play web radio) straight to the device, you would make windows mobile that much better of a platform and probably sell a good number of zune pass subscriptions along the way. I simply don’t use zune because I don’t want to carry around another device, but there are many others that don’t use zune because they can’t justify buying a MP3 player when they already have a smartphone that plays music and videos.

    I hope this happens as it will bring with it a lot more value to windows mobile and the zune pass subscription.

  166. Eric says:

    The Zune phone is what I want!!!1!

  167. Eric says:

    I think we just need a ZunePhone or a zune shell replacement for Window Mobile…

    I really don’t want 2 device that have the same capabilities…

    I WANT A ZUNE PHONE #@$@#%@##$@

  168. Eric says:

    Microsoft will really put their foot in the ass of Apple if they do a Zune Phone…

    There is place on the market for busyness Phones with actual Windows Mobile interface for people that need this for working purpose and Lifestyle phone that have fancy interface… Like the IPhone… This is just a matter of is Microsoft want to get this market!!

    The Zune software is a proof that Microsoft can develop interesting software despite what apple and apple fan try to convey… With the Zone Software, Microsoft start an approach but they have to bring it to the end.

    And the end is … A ZUNE PHONE!

  169. nando says:

    I think you should take Windows Media Player and make it dissapear, it is useless, tini buttons hard to use, all other phones already have much better players than WinMo, iPhones have iPod’s software, why microsoft cant have it too? a good, user-friendly player, with large buttons and easy to navegate through playlist, Zune is the solution!! Come on, I hate having to search for different players to play some music on my phone, there are thousands of improvements to make on WinMo ( Specially making the "computer" aperance go, ugly keyboards, small scroll bars, PC like icons and list, and many more) and the multimedia player is one of them… now you have already developed Zune so next step can me the integration with WinMo…

    and please… do it quick… in 6 month o 1 year will be so many and much better options than WinMo with WmediaPlayer…

  170. Tahl Smith-Rapaport says:

    I have a Windows Mobile phone.  I want a Zune Pass but don’t get one because there is no zune app on my phone.  I will not carry around an mp3 player when winmo is as functional as it is (even though the ui blows).  My Touch Pro came with Windows Media Player which is now very old and outdated.  I’m surprised MS hasn’t stepped up with either a new version of Media Player or a Zune app for WinMo.  I’m pretty sure users have been beggin for these for a while now.

  171. Sean says:

    Since the zune is basically running windows mobile already it really shouldnt be that hard for one person at microsoft to convert it over for WM they could possible even charge for and would still have a very large customer base as WMP is horrible.  If they did the software would possibly convince more people to get WM phones instead of iphones as WM can do so much more you can even use itunes if you hack the driver for the zune and the zune pass is great for people that love to switch up playlist alot like my brother.

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