October 23rd : Webcast on How To Improve and Simplify Mobile Device Security and Management

Coming up at the end of October, we have a webcast presented by “Enterprise Mobile Solution Specialist” Jason Langridge.  Jason will be sharing the latest and greatest in mobile device security and management solutions from Microsoft.  Jason is a regular at our Mobile and Embedded DevCon events and usually scores very well so I anticipate…


Sync your Facebook contacts with Outlook (and Windows Mobile)

Are you on Facebook? Do you use Outlook and Windows Mobile? If you answered yes and yes, get OutSync, a free app to sync your Facebook friends’ photos with Outlook! It’s written by Mel Sampat on the Windows Mobile team, and is free to use. Watch the 7 minute video on Channel 10, or visit…


To Partner or Not To Partner

It’s been a while since I did a blog posting.  The day job’s got to come first, and I’ve been extremely busy.  But as the weeks have turned into months, and as blog comments have started to say things like “What happened to MikeCal?” it’s clear that I need to try to squeeze some writing…


Have you migrated to DirectDraw yet?

When we released Windows Mobile 5.0, we marked GAPI as deprecated in the SDK docs.  Deprecated means that we won’t be updating the API and that it may be removed in future releases of Windows Mobile.  GAPI was superseded by DDraw which is a more complete and robust way of accessing the screen for graphics….

Visual Studio Beta 2 Professional Available For Download

If you’d missed it … Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Professional was made available for download last Friday.  The marketing blurb about it is below.  Note : if you already have the Windows Mobile 6 SDK or SDK Refresh installed, you’ll need to re-install it after you’re done with installing the VIsual Studio 2008 Beta 2….


Hey, I didn’t know you could do that!

Someone just pointed out this feature I didn’t know existed in Windows Mobile. When you have a contact highlighted you can press the d-pad Left and Right keys to change communication methods for the person (work, home, mobile, txt, email etc). Watch really close when pressing Left/Right, and you’ll see the tiny “w” turn to…


Windows Live Mobile Search v2 Released

Mobile Search v2 has just been released with improved navigation, caching, movie listings, restaurants, GPS, traffic reporting and more! This is one of my all time favorite apps, and not just because I work in the Windows Mobile team. It is extremely well designed, the search results are accurate, and it comes with enough bells and…


How to run Hopper on your application (step-by-step) procedures

The Hopper Cookbook (Step-by-step instructions to improve application stability) The intent of this document is to introduce Hopper to the application developer who is targeting applications for the Windows Mobile platform. The purpose of running Hopper against your application is to find exceptions, hangs and deadlocks that may be lurking in your application that may…


Inking on your Windows Mobile Device

While at MEDC I had the chance to present a new addition to the Windows Mobile APIs: WISP Lite WISP stands for Windows Ink Service Platform and it is the technology for ink recoginition used in other platforms like Tablet PC. In the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Help, it is referred to as Windows Mobile…

On the Left Hand: How Feature Prioritization Happens

An old blog entry continues to get requests for us to allow users to move their scroll bars to the left side of the screen.  I’ve forwarded the suggestions on to the appropriate people, but, since I’m not on that team, I don’t actually know what will happen with the feature.  That said, I figured…