Visual Studio Beta 2 Professional Available For Download

If you'd missed it ... Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Professional was made available for download last Friday.  The marketing blurb about it is below.  Note : if you already have the Windows Mobile 6 SDK or SDK Refresh installed, you'll need to re-install it after you're done with installing the VIsual Studio 2008 Beta 2.


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Visual Studio 2008 delivers on Microsoft’s vision of smart client applications by letting developers quickly create connected applications that deliver the highest quality rich user experiences.  This beta is intended for early adopters of the Microsoft technology, platform, and tools offerings. We designed this release to let developers try out new technology and product changes, but not to build production systems. This limitation is fully covered in the Microsoft Software License Terms that accompany this beta.


Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is available for download from July 27th 2007 and introduces several new features for mobile developers.


New Features for Mobile Developers

·         Unit testing is now available to mobile developers

o   Developers have told us that testing mobile applications is time consuming and costly.  Visual Studio 2008 enables automated functional testing of managed code to reduce that burden.

·         Latest Device Emulator (version 3.0)

o   You can now automate testing scenarios in the device emulator allowing you to simulate real world changes in device state – signal dropoff, battery running dead etc

·         Latest .NET Compact Framework (version 3.5)

o   .NET Compact Framework 3.5 introduces new features like LINQ as well as an implementation of the Windows Communication Foundation enabling device to device and device to server communication over the Exchange Activesync transport

·         Designer support for SQL Server 3.5 Compact Edition

o   You can now build SQL Server 3.5 Compact Edition applications using the Visual Studio 2008 designer experience


Mobile developers will need to use Visual Studio 2008 Professional Beta 2 and above to build Windows Mobile applications.


Supported Platforms

·         .NET Compact Framework 3.5

·         .NET Compact Framework 2.0

·         .NET Compact Framework 1.0 (projects will be upgraded to 2.0)

·         Windows Mobile 6 (by installing the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh)

·         Windows Mobile 5.0

·         Pocket PC 2003 (managed and native code)

·         Smartphone 2003 (native code only)

·         Windows Embedded CE 6.0

·         Windows Embedded CE 5.0

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  1. Alex Kac says:

    Why no unit testing for us Native C++ developers?

  2. Matt Ellis says:

    Does the new .net cf 3.5 include CardSpace for mobile?



  3. Moreno Borsalino says:

    What’s about Mobile Asp.Net ? I don’t find it in Beta 2 Vs 2008.

  4. jamespr says:

    Unit testing on native : I’ll post back on that in due course.  Just gathering some information from our development team.

    Cardspace mobile : We do not have that in NET CF 3.5

    Mobile ASP.NET : We have a webcast scheduled for September on using the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit to build web apps for Windows Mobile.  It will be accompanied by an article as well.

  5. ColorS says:

    Now why not improve the Windows Mobile Device center sync to work well with Vista.

  6. Premier says:

    With Orcas beta 2, i can’t use System.Net.NetworkInformation namespace for sending a ping in WM6.


    How i can send ping in WM6?

  7. George says:

    Will it be possible to use the final Visual Studio 2008 *Standard* edition to develop mobile applications, As it is now the case with VS2005?

    (I’m considering the price here.)

  8. Steffe says:

    Hmm,… if installing Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 on a clean maching, I am unable to install the Windows Mobile SDK Refresh. The installer claims that "Visual Studio 2005 or later is not installed"! How can I solve this?

    Best Regards


  9. George says:

    That’s what I got when I was trying to install the *Standard* edition (which has no support for mobile development). (I haven’t tried the Pro edition for Beta 2, but I did for Beta 1 and it worked.)

  10. I’d like to debug unit test inside VS 2008, is it possible? Run test works fine but can’t have debugger break when selecting Debug Test option.

  11. jamespr says:

    You’re correct, you need the Professional version of Visual Studio 2008 to get the mobile development features.  The Visual Studio 2008 SKU structure is based on how our customers were using Visual Studio 2005.  Very few customers use Visual Studio 2005 Standard to build applications for Windows Mobile devices so in order to deliver a Standard SKU that is simplified and tuned to the customers that use it, Visual Studio 2008 Standard no longer includes support for mobile development.

    If you’re concerned about the cost of Visual Studio Professional, you should consider joining the ISV Empower Program which is designed for Independent Software Vendors and provides limited Microsoft software licenses – including Visual Studio – for internal use, development and testing and technical support.  Registration with the program costs around $375 for companies in the United States.  Please consult for a list of other countries which have an ISV Empower Program.

    ISV Empower Program Overview :

  12. Charile says:

    I have a question about ISV Empower program: it comes with VS2005, but if we develop an app with VS2005 that maybe will last 18 months of development, when we have the final release it will be older in technology, you know what I mean???? So what happen with the VS2008????

  13. Alex says:

    Is there "Standard SDK" for Windows CE 5.0 and/or Windows CE 6.0 which will work with VS2008?

  14. itcdevteam says:

    Is there any intentions to include reporting and the ability to print them in VS 2008?

  15. GerardoDada says:

    Microsoft just announced the launch of Visuak Studio 2008, which is close to my heart as I was part of

  16. I saw the story at Visual Studio 2008 adds mobile application features that summarised the new features

  17. Manchmal muss ich leider auch, entgegen meiner Jobbezeichnung "Evangelist" (= "Überbringer guter Nachrichten"),

  18. Manchmal muss ich leider auch, entgegen meiner Jobbezeichnung "Evangelist" (= "Überbringer

  19. Paul says:

    This is annoying

    The download page states the following are pre-requisites:

    * Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Standard Edition or above (Express Editions are not supported). SP1 recommended.

    So I purchased a new Windows smartphone (TyTN II – I have previously stuck with Symbian) and now I find I cant do the development I wanted to do after all as I have an ‘above’ verison of Visual Studio, i.e. 2008 standard, but M$ have changed the goal posts.

    I wonder how sympathetic they’ll be when people start asking for refunds.

  20. Nitin Bedi says:

    I dont understand why the Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK is not inbuilt in the Visual Studio 2008 professional. Why there is a seperate download and installation post installing VS 2008.

  21. Paul says:

    M$ is ridiculous.  I attended the lauch for "heroes happen here".  They give out both VS2008 (standard) and windows mobile 6 resource kits.

    Go to install resource kit, doesn’t work with VS2008 standard.  Java’s looking better and better all the time..

  22. Bart says:

    This does suck.  Attended the Heroes happen here event… got VS2008 standard only to find out that I cannot use the Mobile SDK without spending $375+. So much for Microsoft really caring for developers.  Maybe I’ll just hop on the Android bandwagon.

  23. ggreig says:

    I have to say I am annoyed at the lack of support in VS2008 Standard Edition too.

    I occasionally develop for the Compact Framework at work, and of course we pay for the right tool for the job – but as a hobbyist, I can’t afford the Professional edition just to experiment with.

    With a Palm device, or older versions of the Pocket PC, it used to be possible to experiment with development on a personal device cheaply. Now my Palm has died, I’m looking for what to replace it with and I’m struggling to find a platform that I’ll be able to tinker with.

    If you want to give Windows Mobile a boost I strongly suggest that one of the things you should consider is making it easier and cheaper to develop for it, as you’ve done for Windows itself. You’re currently going in the wrong direction.

  24. Paul says:

    Wish this had been more clear on the WM SDK pages.  By that I mean — mentioned at all.

    I recently purchased VS 2008 Standard specifically for mobile applications, deciding that it would be a safer choice than VS 2005 Standard.  Instead it was a total waste of money.  I have no use for it.

    Very very not happy.

  25. Gopal says:

    It is indeed disappointing for developers to pay for the Pro version to get WM development capability, when numerous other mobile platforms give away tools for free to create Developer mind share and support.

    Apple and RIM are clear examples of such strategies.  I fail to understand, why Microsoft has chosen to reverse their strategy in this context from VS 2005.  Continues to baffle my mind ????

    I love the Microsoft Developer platform and would like to see Microsoft uphold their prior support for WM Developers.

  26. Diana says:

    There is any chance to use VS 2008 Unit testing for Smart Device Database applications?

  27. Joe says:

    Are you kidding me?!?! Does Microsoft want to encourage people to develop for Windows Mobile, or not?

  28. Craig Hamilton says:

    Yep, I too have vs 2008 standard and just bought a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone to start developing apps and find I can’t !!!

    Having followed MS development path throughout the whole Vista/WPF/Silverlight debarcle, I am getting more and more frustrated with Microsoft and have begun retraining.

    So long M$

    Happy trails to you all, you won’t be getting any more of my money !

  29. Veronica says:

    Wow, I purchased 2K8 Std with mobile development in mind.  Guess that was a waste of money.

    I make the recommendations for my org, and I have thus far been advocating windows mobile over Blackberry as we are a Microsoft shop.  .

    Blackberry is looking better and better every day.  We don’t have a BES yet, but I am going to need to re-think my position…

    With Motorola getting out of the smart phone biz, and Microsoft creating toolset scarcity, it will be a miracle if windows mobile ever gets market share.  And market share is everything.

  30. CodeDog says:

    Ditto to the above. Have wasted a day trying to make VS 2008 Standard work for my Mobile projects. Bad choice Microsoft and even worse documentation.

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