Hey, I didn’t know you could do that!

Someone just pointed out this feature I didn't know existed in Windows Mobile. When you have a contact highlighted you can press the d-pad Left and Right keys to change communication methods for the person (work, home, mobile, txt, email etc). Watch really close when pressing Left/Right, and you'll see the tiny "w" turn to "m", "h", "e" etc.

I suppose this is most useful for alternating default phone numbers - when you press Talk, the selected number is dialed. Previously I used to just open the contact and select the number I wanted to call from the card view. My coworker thinks this is much faster. Agree?

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  1. William says:

    CMON’ Thats existed in just about every cell phone since I’ve first owned one 13 years ago.

  2. Hi,

    Nice ! Didn’t know thanks for the information. I really like also the "Automatic" mode ! Very useful to not be disturb during metting.


  3. Sandman says:

    While I’ve been using it since I had my WM 6 phone, I had to dig to find it.  It is not very intuitive.

  4. Dreamsoft says:

    Well, i think Microsoft must create full listing of features for WM, or we must have studiousness to search for secret ways to do things.

  5. Mark Farina, Jr. says:

    Nice! I didn’t realize you could do that either. Now if only you could produce a Terminal Services client for my T-Mobile wing…I’d be overjoyed =).

  6. Malloc says:

    I’ve been using this since I got my first WM phone. I find it very useful, especially when a certain contact only wants to be contacted a particular way under normal circumstances.

  7. JohnF says:

    That’s something my old Nokia did so I guess I just took it for granted that WM would do that as well.

  8. Matt Brown says:

    I totally agree that better documentation should be produced.  I mean, how hard is it to actually contact the programmers and be like "yo… give me a list of all the features you worked on." I know I can probably spit out every feature of any program I’ve ever programmed by heart.

    I mean: c’mon… "the guy" posting on the Windows Mobile Team blog didn’t even know the feature existed.  Doesn’t that say anything?

    "Hi, i’m the ‘Microsoft Corporation AT Command Interpreter,’ and I have five hits on google.  One is the blog of this guy called Matt Brown complaining about how absolutely no documentation exists for me."

  9. Matt Brown says:

    Oh… and… the classic:

    "Howdy, ya’ll. I’m Internet Explorer for PocketPC.  Although a lot of javascript functions aren’t supported by me, the only way you’ll be able to find them is to incessantly test them.  The guys who ported me from IE4 just decided not to document any of their changes. And as that advertisement says ‘uhhhWEEEEEEEEEEE!’"

  10. Shahar says:

    BTW: This also works with the smart-dialler.

  11. Shahar says:

    BTW: This also works with the smart-dialler.

  12. Matt Cox says:

    I like this feature, but already knew about it.

    What I do like is how when sending text messages you can just type the name of the recipient in, rather than browse the address book for their number. The phone recognises who you want to send it to itself from your name entry.

    I only wish this would work on MMS too, rather than just SMS messages.

  13. Pdiddy says:

    Still can’t scroll down the list by dragging on mobile 5.

  14. navin kumar c.s. says:

    i do not know how to become a member in this site so please give required information for that.

  15. Matt Ellis says:

    How about this one:

    While using the T9 predictive text type smart dialer thingy you can use the 1 key as a wildcard. So if you want to match the whole name "John Smith" you’d type 5646*1*7…

    Very useful.



  16. Mike says:

    Great Tip! – Left / Right D-Pad navigation also works with menus – check it out – instead of using ‘More…’.

  17. Bob says:

    Is there anyway to configure the wildcard key when typing within the smart dialer?

    By default it looks like the 1 key is used, but on my Excalibur the 1 key also maps to "w" key so when I press the "w" key I get a list of all contacts instead of just contacts that start with "w".

  18. Venu Annamraju says:

    The AKU 0.2 for WM 6.0 seems to require Platform Builder for Windows Mobile 6.0.(According to release notes). We currently have PB for WM 5.0.

    Is there a PB for WM6.0 over which the AKU needs to be installed.  ?

    Will the AKU work properly if installed over PB WM5.0. ?

    (I noticed that the tools are not working this way.)

  19. Mary Reiff says:

    Ummmm…. either I’m really STUPID, or that SCREEN SHOT is…. WTF is being shown here? That a contact can have more than a home number, and labeled as such? If so – stop wasting everyones time. If you’re trying to show something else, please, elaborate… the screen shot alone is a swing and a miss for we ‘less intuitive’ types.

    Tell you what…. explain the method necessary in order to successfully open and read *.pdf files on my UTStarcom PPC6700 running WM5.0, and then I’ll be wowed… not everything does – nor SHOULD it come in *.doc or *.htm format, and its irritating as hell to have no way to open and read *.pdf documents via mobile handheld running a MICROSOFT product – matter of fact, the microsoft knowledge base is replete with *.pdf files itself! Don’t tell me its my providers fault – tell me how to fix it….. we make babies in petri dishes and I can practically do it from my phone – opening a *.pdf file on a pocket pc should be easier than changing my ring tone… But alas, its as big a pain in the a$$ as ever. This can not be THAT HARD.

    Forget about sending me to Adobe…. the alleged reader download ‘is not a valid filename/extension’ and wm5 refuses to install it…. it blows.  

  20. Kunal Pole says:

    I upgraded XV6700 from WM5 to WM6, and the PDF reader is included in the image (Adobe Reader 2.0 LE). It works quite well. The unofficial WM6 upgrade is available (http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=7671)

  21. gino says:

    y does pda wing has the handango inhand for selections of softwares for downloads, yet i havent found that is supported? limited windows live capability is not what i expected when i tried to go to msn chatrooms and board games. anyone gots something new as far as supported software to enable games and other chatrooms?

  22. Kenneth says:

    How do you do it on a device like the HTC P3300?

    It hasn’t got a left/right button =[

  23. Wade Dorrell says:

    It’s fine, except I have a gripe… this feature causes me to call my significant other’s work # instead of mobile # about 20% of the time, which means about twice a week. That is too high of an annoyance factor for me to consider this convenience.

    Here’s my scenario: I have a habit of hitting "Left" or "Right" to wake the phone screen (which I like to time out fairly rapidly on my device… within a couple seconds.) I learned to use Left & Right because most other keys, including Up & Down, do something in list-oriented apps… Left & Right rarely do. If I was in the middle of something, and the screen timed out, Left & Right are generally safe bets.

    Imagine I just called someone’s "m" # am hanging up. It drops me at the Contacts listview, and 2 seconds later the screen blacks out. I want to look at the phone again before locking it, say to check my email… I hit Left or Right from muscle memory a second later seconds, see Contacts screen, but don’t notice I also just changed the contact method for that person from "m" to "co"! I call that person the next day, don’t bother to look at the little tiny "co", because I don’t call this person’s "co" # and surprise, I get "co".

    My suggestion is you make this a backward compatibility option. I would turn if off it was an option… if I want to call secondary contact #’s, I wouldn’t dial with the Green button on my Q; I’d use the Contact screen, not Contacts. It is easier to read at a distance & less trouble than calling the wrong #.


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