Windows Mobile 6 SDKs Available For Download

I'm pleased to say that the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs went live today as planned.  You can download the SDK for touchscreen (Windows Mobile Professional) and non-touchscreen (Windows Mobile Standard) here

Using the Windows Mobile 6 SDK you can test your application using the emulators in the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs.  The SDKs together with Visual Studio 2005 mean you have everything you need to build and test applications for both Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.  Read the “What’s New” guide to learn why your Windows Mobile 5.0 application should work on Windows Mobile 6, what to expect from new screen resolutions and why Windows Mobile 6 makes it easier to build and deploy Line of Business applications. 

Don't forget that around May 1st we'll release the Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh featuring new documentation, the latest emulators, support for basic AJAX applications and links to Line of Business frameworks, samples and documentation. 

For more info on the Windows Mobile 6 SDK, our SDK Program Manager Fernando Zandona has put together a nice post here.

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  1. najeeb says:

    Hi, are there any ROM releases planned for existing HTC devices that support winMo6? -thanks

  2. Can’t wait to try out a Windows Mobile 6 device? Now you don’t have to – if you have Visual Studio 2005

  3. Michael says:

    The 320×320 screen emulator image reports strange values of GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXICON/SM_CYICON/SM_CXSMICON/SM_CYSMICON):

    normal DPI:

    Small Icons: 16×16, Large Icons: 33×33

    high DPI:

    Small Icons: 21×21, Large Icons: 43×43

    Is this a bug? Or must we rewrite all our programs?

  4. lexp says:

    Does wm6 use built-in SQL Server CE to store contacts/tasks and messages?

  5. lvd says:

    Getting Installation Issue –> Could Not Access Network Location Common7IDEProjectTemplates.

  6. rittmeisterx says:

    Other languages like german, french?

    Is there plan for relase?

  7. J says:

    Microsoft can’t answer about upgraders.

    It is not up to Microsoft to release upgrades. Your phone manufacturer must do this, so ask them for an upgrade.

    Historically there are almost never any OS upgrades for phones. They want you to buy new hardware instead.

    Pocket PC’s (without phone functionality) is a bit different.

  8. genna says:

    Getting Installation Issue –> Could Not Access Network Location Common7IDEProjectTemplates. (Vista Business)

  9. fzandona says:

    Hi Genna,

    It looks like you have a security policy kicking in and disabling VBScript as a script host. One possible workaround is to re-register VBScript.dll:

    regsvr32 %SystemRoot%system32vbscript.dll

    Let me know if that fix it for you.

    I’ll blog about that soon with more details.



  10. MikeCal says:

    Michael, the dot pitch for 320×320 is very similar to the dot pitch for a 320×240 smartphone.  It’s officially 128 DPI where the Smartphone is 131, but they’re close enough that icons for one will work on the other.  To cover all bases, I always make five sizes of icon:

    16×16   PPC QVGA small, SP QSIF small

    22×22   SP QVGA small, PPC 320×320 small

    32×32   PPC QVGA normal, SP QSIF normal, PPC VGA small

    44×44   SP QVGA normal, PPC 320×320 small

    64×64   PPC VGA normal

    The PPC 320×320 images are new, but you don’t need new icons for them.  While their official sizes are a bit different (21×21, etc), if you use the SP QVGA icons, they’ll look fine.


  11. Tian says:

    Hi James,

    Will there be support for Email Interception in the MessageInterceptor in the near future?


  12. J says:

    Is a standalone emulator with images planned?

    Some might need to use the emulator for non development like testing and documenting.

  13. genna says:

    Thanks, Fzandona

    The command above fixed my problem with the sdks.

    Thanks Again

  14. jamespr says:

    When we release the localized emulator images, they will have the Device Emulator included so can be used as standalone packages.  We will have an English version of the localized emulator.

  15. J says:

    I’m having trouble using the radio (phone functionality)  on all of the emulator images. Am I missing something?

  16. Jason says:

    Great news – what i didn’t see listed are any of the accessibility options that are available on winxp. i suffer from low-vision and would love to have some kind of user-definable option to select high-contrast or reverse polarity options.

    Any ideas when the MSAA will extend to winmobile?  I can enable this kind of high contrast option in J2ME apps and even QNX Neutrino apps … just not winmobile.

    thanks guys – love this blog btw – definitely not your dad’s Microsoft.

  17. Eric says:

    It seams that the kernel of windows mobile 6 is still wince5. Right?

  18. MikeCal says:

    Eric, yes, that’s correct.  WM6 is based on the WinCE 5 kernel.  The two have been somewhat independently developed and, pretty much, the only time the Windows Mobile version and the CE version have lined up was at 5.  


  19. roberto says:

    Same as others above:

    Could Not Access Network Location Common7IDEProjectTemplates.

    Vista Ultimate + ITL & VS2005 PRO …

  20. roberto says:

    … try to register vbscript.dll returns E_FAIL (80004005).

    VS2005 SP1 + Vista patch & VM5 SDK installed successfully.


  21. Mike.b says:

    Getting BSOD when installing some Activesync driver during SDK install. My PC reboots, SDK is partially installed, no uninstall option, and previous emulator manager in VS2005 disappeared.

    Seems that the SDK need some more polishing in order to work.

  22. rob.D says:

    Why do you guys always mess around with the "Windows Manager" code?

    Each and every release has always something "funny" goin’ on. And you should know that all applications make use of Windows, Dialog Boxes, Menus and so on. So changing the way the "Windows Manager" works is easily going to break existing applications. If you do, you should also do some significant testing, instead than relying on US DEVELOPERS to fill up our code with #ifdef statements to cope with each and every different version of Windows Mobile.

    Take this: standard dialog box on Pocket PC. This is done with a single property sheet to have to look and feel of all standard dialog boxes, right? Great!

    Starting with 2003/SE we have to cope with square screens, so it is consolidated practice (for dialog boxes that don’t require the SIP or a menu) to get rid of the menu bar at the bottom, thus recovering the corresponding vertical space.

    In theory (old Pocket PCs) this could be achieved with a single call to SHInitDialog (there’s a switch for full screen with no menu). It doesn’t work on WM5 (the menu stays there).

    Ok, so we do the resizing ourselves on the WM_INITDIALOG received by the property sheet.

    RECT rect;

    int nVerticalShift;

    HWND hWndParent  = GetParent( hDlg );

    HWND hWndMenuBar = SHFindMenuBar( hWndParent );

    HWND hWndTabCtl  = PropSheet_GetTabControl( hWndParent );

    // gets the height of the menu bar

    // and computes the space we get when removed

    GetWindowRect( hWndMenuBar, &rect );

    nVerticalShift = rect.bottom –;

    // hide the menu bar…

    CommandBar_Show( hWndMenuBar, FALSE );

    // resize the host dialog box accordingly

    GetWindowRect( hWndParent, &rect);

    rect.right -= rect.left;

    rect.bottom -=;

    rect.bottom += nVerticalShift;

    MoveWindow( hWndParent, rect.left,, rect.right, rect.bottom, TRUE );

    // now we resize the child property sheet

    // as "funny" as it may look, to achieve this

    // we need to resize the TAB CONTROL…

    GetWindowRect( hWndTabCtl, &rect );

    rect.bottom -=;

    rect.right -= rect.left;

    ScreenToClient( hWndParent, (LPPOINT) &rect );

    rect.bottom += nVerticalShift;

    MoveWindow( hWndTabCtl, rect.left,, rect.right, rect.bottom, TRUE );

    It works perfectly (as expected) on WM5 and earlier versions. It doesn’t work anymore on the WM6 emulators.

    The property sheet gets inizially resized as requested, but then the "Windows Manager" generates some additional WM_WINDOWSPOSCHANGED messages that result in the inner dialog box (the property sheet) being resized to its original dimensions, as if a menu bar was still there. In other words, the outer dialog box remains full screen (with no menu), but for some stupid reason the WM6 Windows Manager ends up resizing the inner dialog box as if a menu was there, hence some controls get "clipped" by a few pixels.

    Even if we completely destroy the menu bar (CommandBar_Destroy instead than CommandBar_Show) the outcome is exactly the same. Somehow the "Windows Manager" thinks that it has to make space for a menu (even if it’s not there) and it shrinks the inner dialog box by 26 pixels (exactly the height of a menu bar).

    Yes, one way or the other we will find a work around. But the thing that I don’t understand is why with every new release you guys make changes to the way the Windows Manager works, knowing that this will easily break lots of existing applications. If you do changes to the Windows Manager, then you should really do some super-mega-all-around testing, to avoid inconsistencies like this (and I could mention more).

  23. Will says:

    Roberto and anyone else having problems installing the SDK on Vista, try right clicking the installer file and "Unblock" – this worked for me.

  24. jaf says:

    can i upgrade my mobile i-mate jasjar which is (wm)window mobile-5 to wm-6?

  25. Darin says:

    Will thanks, this UNBLOCK from the properties menu fixed the install error for network location.

  26. Victor says:

    I’m trying to extract the ROM image (*.bin) file of WM6 for my PortableCE project.

    I tried several to perform the msiexec /a option to extract the files but nothing happened.

    It work for the WM5.

    Can someone tell me how to go around this?


  27. Marius says:

    Guys, how can I deploy an app from Visual Studio 2005 into this? All I get in the list of options is Pocket PC 2003 Emulator.


  28. bened says:

    my mobile i-mate jasjar have been upgraded to WM6 found that 3G is not available and other features are not compatible. should I downgrade back to WM5 and how to do the downgrade.


  29. tea333 says:

    What OS Design Template do you use as a foundation for WM 5.0 builds and SDKs? In order to debug tough problems, I often like to have symbols for OS components which don’t seem to be readily available for WM. To get around this, I am trying to create a simulated WM environment by using an OS Design with the "Mobile Handheld" template. However, the generated SDK does not appear in VS 2005 once installed. However, if I use the "Enterprise Web Pad" template, it does appear. My guess is that VS2005 looks for certain sysgens or components before it will consider it a valid smart device in its wizard.

    Sorry to post this here but I can’t seem to find this information anywhere. I tried to go to the WM site to see where a hardware vendor would go for step one. Obviously they must no how to create the right OS so I’m guessing somewhere there’s a list of components that minimally must be in WM 5.0 and 6.0. Perhaps that would be the answer. I could then add the right items from the catalog.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Once again, sorry for posting this here. I’m just hoping some cool team WM coder is up late, taking a break, and reading the blog, and he or she says, "gee, what a poor sap. let me give him the answer cuz, well, I just can." 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any help!



  30. abel says:

    please emaile htc p3300 englesh ram

  31. slizzo says:

    can i install wm6 on a treo 680

  32. P860 says:

    It seemed that we could only resize the RAM, but we could not resize the ROM for storing data.

    Is there any way to resolve the problem?

  33. Robert says:

    Why isn’t VS 2008 Standard allowed to use this SDK?  I upgraded from VS2005 Standard, and now I have to go backward to get the same functionality?  Is there an upgrade path planned?

  34. Juliano de Oliveira says:

    I am having a big problem, when I try install the sdk, Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh.msi, I receive the message "This installation package could not be openned. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package. I can install with sucess the standard sdk, but not the professional version, I have the service pack 1 of visual studio 2005, vista compatibilitie and I am running in a Windows Vista.

    Thank’s for any help.

  35. Andrew says:

    "This installation package could not be openned. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package"

    Same problem!!! Any help?

  36. Mark says:

    Hello (‘-‘)

    Could anybody tell me where I can get Windows Mobile 6 from for my Orange SPV M5000?

    I know it will work on my phone but I cant find anywhere that I can get a copy.

    Thanks in Advance


  37. I am hapey on you’r service thanks.

  38. Tadas says:

    Looking for WM 6.0 or WM 6.1 for my HTC P3300 english please, please. E-mail

  39. MSDNArchive says:

    Tadas, I do not see the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 offered on HTCs Web site. Since it is not available on the site, my assumption is that the upgrade was not made available for that device. That said, I seem to remember hearing that the upgrade would be available for this device, so you may want to try contacting HTC directly for more information.

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