Where are the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?

Since we announced Windows Mobile 6 at 3GSM last Monday, a couple of people have asked me "where are the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?".  The good news is that for most developers, their existing Windows Mobile 5.0 application will just work on Windows Mobile 6* and you can use the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK to build your Windows Mobile 6 applications.  Of course, smart developers will want to test their applications on Windows Mobile 6 before they say they support Windows Mobile 6 and the easiest way to do that is using a Windows Mobile 6 emulator image!  Where are the emulator images?  In the Windows Mobile 6 SDK of course!  So that brings us back to the original question, when can you get hold of the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?

The answer : March 1st

So what was that 6 SDK download that appeared briefly on Feb 12th?  Well, that was a case of somebody pushing the wrong button while they were preparing the download details page in our Download Center Tool which caused the SDK pages to be published briefly - DOH!  March 1st was and still is our target date.  For those of you who want to be on the cutting edge, March 1st should give you enough time to test your apps on Windows Mobile 6 before the first wave of Windows Mobile 6 devices get into customer hands.

One more thing.  Once we release the Windows Mobile 6 SDK on March 1st, we're going to keep working on it to include new documentation, more sample content and improved emulator images.  Our target date for the "refreshed" SDK is May 1st so be sure to check back on May 1st to get an even better version of the SDK.

 James P

 * Caveat : This assumes that you use published, supported APIs; that you write only to My Docs/your app directory and that you confine registry activity to keys under HKCU.**

** Caveat 2 : This list isn't exhaustive 😉

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  1. Sorry for teasing you guys with all these Windows Mobile 6 news and previews into the SDK without actually

  2. Matt Lacey says:

    Re caveat 2.

    Is there an exhaustive list?

    If so, where can I find it?

  3. Joseph Bruno says:

    I was going to point out that every single Download button on the "Localized Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Emulator Images" page takes you to the generic Microsoft search page. I was going to ask if this behaviour was part of the same "wrong button"; but that page now works again – so the answer to my question must have been Yes.

    Thank you for sorting it out!

  4. Henrik says:

    So what is wrong with the SDKs that were downloadable? I have installed them and used and have not seen any problems.

  5. indiekiduk says:

    Yeh whats not ready/missing/broken in the Feb 12th SDK? I havn’t seen any problems either.

    Besisdes the new IE with javascript and Ajax, what else is planned for the April 1st refresh? Probably and Ajax sample app?

  6. Bob Li says:

    澄清 Windows Mobile 6 SDK 下载页面不见了的原因,以及它正式发布的日期。

  7. Matthew says:

    Kinda like the Mac Office 2004 security update that was pulled the next day and blamed on ‘pushing the wrong button’, although it worked just fine and merely made the offense of coming out before the security update for Windows Office 2003…

    Are these SDKs going to have version numbers, or will it just be ‘refreshed’ and we get to guess as to whether the May 1 version or the March 1 version has been installed on any given machine? I’d kinda expect to see the SDK released in sync with the OS, but maybe that makes too much sense. Speaking of, when do we get devices with WM6 on it for testing? Emulators might be nice for testing trivial programs, but anything that really gets in the system has to be tested on real and on every model that will be supported. I have yet to see any mention from the manufacturers or carriers of new devices with WM6, so it will be awhile before developers get their hands on any and even longer for regular users.

  8. jamespr says:

    Is there anything "wrong" with the SDK if you downloaded it while it was published : No, if you have that SDK installed it should be fine.  I’ll post back here if the version that’s posted on 3/1 is different than the one you have now.

    If the SDK is ready, why isn’t it published now : We have a commitment to the Microsoft Partner Program members to deliver the SDK early.  It’s available to MSPP partners today and will be available to everyone on 3/1.

    When are devices available : See the 3GSM press release, it says by the 2nd quarter of 07.  (Link : http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2007/Feb07/02-11WM6SoftwarePR.mspx)

    Exhaustive list of "things to do to be a well written app" : I’m doing a presentation at MEDC with our app compat PM to cover this topic.  The list I gave here is a good start.  My other tips are 1) Avoid coding direct to specific hardware.  If your code has branches for specific devices it’s going to be hard to get it to run across many different devices.  I see this around keyboards, screens and bluetooth/wifi,  2) Don’t code to particular screen resolutions, make your app adapt to the screen it finds itself on.

    Refresh SDK for April 1st (subject to change!) : Should include an updated set of docs, will link out to a couple of Line Of Business app dev resources, includes a new Smartphone Landscape emulator, new emulator images based on our latest code base which will support basic AJAX applications


  9. Chris Conti says:

    1)  Will the ‘refreshed’ emulator images include the DST change for 2003/WM5, or will we be stuck with the old DST behavior in the emulators until the Earth is destroyed by Vogons for a hyperspace bypass?


    2)  Are there any AKU 3 emulator images available?  If not, will there ever be?

  10. jamespr says:

    Great questions :

    1) The images will all be Windows Mobile 6 which means they include the DST change.  We don’t have any plans to release updated/patched WM2003/WM5.0 emulator images.

    2) Because we don’t change the development platform in AKUs, we don’t roll new emulator images when we release an AKU to our OEMs.  I don’t anticipate this will change.


  11. Chris Conti says:

    Any chance the ‘policy’ on not updating emulator images will change in the future? (side note: it was great when the landscape Smartphone emulator was released w/ AKU2 http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archive/2006/04/04/568519.aspx)

    Are there any implications for emulators with the introduction of windows-Update functionality in WM6?  (implementation question):  On physical devices, will this work like a mini-flash update, or will hard resetting the device mean you have to download all of the patches again?

  12. jamespr says:

    Windows Mobile 5 builds prior to AKU2 didn’t have support for Smartphone Landscape and we wanted to give developers a chance to test their apps on the new screen orientation without having to buy the device, so we rolled an emulator.  The SDK and hence APIs remained the same.

    We might roll new emulator packs to support new screen resolutions in the future because we want the emulator to enable you to test on as many different configurations as possible because we want you to be able to reach as many devices as possible with your application.  There aren’t any plans right now but that could change as new devices ship.


  13. hfann says:

    Could you please explain why Windows Mobile 6 SDK is not available on MSDN subscriber download early? I have VS2005 for Developer with MSDN Premium subscription.

  14. Il 12 Febbraio è uscito sul sito MSDN Download una preview del nuovo SDK per Windows Mobile 6, ma dopo

  15. Il 12 Febbraio è uscito sul sito MSDN Download una preview del nuovo SDK per Windows Mobile 6, ma dopo

  16. Florence307 says:

    I would like to purchase the Motorola Q for verizon wireless. Will I be able to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6?

  17. jamespr says:

    hfann : That’s a good question.  Let me look into that.

    SDK Versioning : The Refresh SDK will install as Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh so it will be possible to tell them apart that way.

  18. Ok, so, I am working on Developing some app’s for Windows Mobile devices (mainly for my self, but some

  19. Polo says:

    Is the bug that rendered GetLocaleInfo function useless fixed in this SDK?

  20. jamespr says:

    Can you describe the bug Polo? I’m not aware of it.

  21. jamespr says:

    That bug has been fixed in Windows Mobile 6 so your existing code will work as you expect it to when you run it on a Windows Mobile 6 device.

  22. Marcos says:

    Any changes in Managed Mobile Direct3D? Nobody talks about it 🙁

    Thanks 🙂

  23. Matthew says:

    RE: SDK Versioning : The Refresh SDK will install as Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh so it will be possible to tell them apart that way.

    So, the actual SDK names change, which means the build paths change. That’ll be a real fun mess. It basically means we’ll hold off on the WM6 SDK until the refresh is out. Otherwise, in just a matter of months from going through all the effort of adding the build targets to every project (which is a pain because certain items aren’t just copied when VS2005 makes a new platform target configuration based on existing one), we would have the pleasure of changing "Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional SDK (ARMV4I)" to "Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional SDK (ARMV4I) Refresh" in every project and solution file, and changing "Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional SDK (ARMV4I)Release" to "Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional SDK (ARMV4I) RefreshRelease" in every script involved in building and and signing CABs, or that otherwise need to refer to build output directories.

    Basically, the whole multiple SDK releases is a mess because there’s not a good way to version those bits. Changing the name has widespread impact. I’ve spent whole days changing references to SDK names when someone randomly changes the name of a custom CE SDK built with Platform Builder. This is all poor planning in my opinion. The SDK, emulator images, docs, etc should all be ready for release at the same time as the OS itself.

  24. fzandona says:

    Hi Mathew!

    There will be no changes on the underline platform naming… Only changes will be on the MSI name and the entry on "Add/Remove Programs". Folder path, CoreCon entries and platform names will continue the same.

    Sibe by side installation will not be available, so you will need to uninstall the previous SDK to install the SDK Refresh.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Fernando Zandoná

  25. Matthew says:

    Fernando, thanks for the fast response. When it was first mentioned the name was changing, I got concerned based on my experience with SDKs that did change their name. So, its just the packaging that is changing but not the actual name of the SDK.

  26. So I’m sitting in the Sphinx room at the Microsoft Platform Adoption Center in building 20 in the Redmond

  27. Hosam says:

    Hi James,

    You said:

    "We have a commitment to the Microsoft Partner Program members to deliver the SDK early.  It’s available to MSPP partners today and will be available to everyone on 3/1."

    Well we are partners program members, and it is still not available on MSDN and not anywhere accessible to us.

    Can you explain that?

  28. Karthik says:

    I realize this is off-topic, but I’m not able to use my wifi connection on my pocket pc and run Live Messenger in WM6.

    Is this intentional? If not, any work arounds to fix this?

    I tried changing the network connections to my Wifi setting (and IE successfully connects to the internet) but live messenger doesn’t.

  29. Nandor Kiss says:

    At our company we have a PPC application written in embedded visual basic 3.0.

    the embedded visual basic runtime copied to the device, we have a "main executable" what run our app with pvbload.exe.

    i searched a lot but can’t find any information if our application will run on a WM6 device.

    will it? 🙂


  30. News says:

    สำหรับเพื่อนๆที่ติดตามข่าว การมาของ windows Mobile 6 กันอย่างใจจดใจจ่อคงรู้สึกตะหงิดว่าทาง coresharp.net

  31. CraigDahlinger says:

    The following link which leads to the windows mobile page


    Which indicates that the Mobile 6 SDK is not going to be released until May 1st.

    Would you happen to know which date it is, March 1st or May 1st, the link takes you to a page which indicates that the download is not there…..

  32. Guruper says:

    The SDK is actually there now, I’m downloading it as I write this. But as I understand, there will be a new refresh on May 1.

  33. WMExperts says:

    Looks like the development kit for Windows Mobile 6 is a nice one – it appears to be robust enough that most folks won’t actually need to purchase the devices they’re writing apps for. WindowsForDevices has a few more details – most of which

  34. Maya says:

    using WM6 SDK instead of WM5, does imply to also change the AKUs and/or Platform Builder ?

  35. KAMRAN sHAHID says:

    Can you please mention which version of .net compact framework is installed in the rom of windows mobile 6.0 base devices.

    Is it .net compact framework sp1 or .net compact framework sp2.

    If it is .net compact framework sp1 then what can we do to have .net compact framework installed on the windows mobile 6.0 devices.

    Should we need to provide links to client for the .net compact framework sp2 download.If it is true then why the hell microsoft mobile team doesn’t include cfsp2 instead of cfsp1 in the windows mobile 6.0 sdk and operating system ?

  36. Sembra che gli SDK rilasciati alcuni giorni fa non dovevano essere in realtà pubblicati, qualcuno aveva

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