Virtual Earth Mobile 1.71

Virtual Earth Mobile has been replaced by "Live Search for Windows Mobile" which can be downloaded for free at


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  1. Jason Fuller finally updated Virtual Earth and added a few new features including: Map Dragging using

  2. The first post over of the year over on the Windows Mobile Team Blog shares the latest release of Virtual

  3. andy says:

    Why would I want to use this when I now have Windows Live Search for Mobile?  It appears as though the best of VEM was combined into WLSM.

  4. Charles says:

    Would be nice if the program remembered it’s previous settings (Smartphone version) during the install process.  When I updated to the current version, the setting to keep the cache on a storage card reset to ‘main memory’…

  5. daniel says:

    cant realy say.cos av neva downloaded it.

  6. geert56 says:

    Awesome free program!

    Beats most (expensive) mapping software.

    Moving map with pen is great improvement.

    Would be nice to have simple waypoint capability.

  7. Andre says:

    Now VEM is stuck in my start menu! I went to StartSettingspersonalMenus to uncheck it but it says "Unable to remove item". Anyone else getting this?

  8. Tim Butler says:

    Thanks for the update! Looks like it works great!

    Written directions has been something that I’ve really wanted to see come back. Looks good!

  9. RJD says:

    Is there a way to make the GPS-ish thing in my Treo 700w talk to this app?  That would be totally sweet.  Or do I need somwething like a TomTom?

  10. Gregor says:


    Looks great! Sad to see it can’t talk to the internal GPS-Receiver of my FSC Pocket Loox N560

  11. McHale says:

    Jason, I hope you read these.

    I  *WAY*  prefer Virtual Earth Mobile over Windows Live Search Mobile.  Until they add the function to find an address from your contacts, VEM is the only one I use.  It’s also faster and easier to use.

    Thanks for the great work!


  12. Virtual Earth Mobile has been updated to version 1.69. Dragging of maps is now available, as well as

  13. John says:

    Is there any way to add cut and paste functionality into the fields of this program.  The main field that I see needing this is the ‘Address’ field for find an address.  It appears that I can not paste information into that field.  Very frustrating, but yet seemingly trivial to integrate into the software.  I am wondering why it was not done in the first place.

  14. I’ve got version 1.67 installed now. Do I have to uninstall it first, or will the new 1.69 just overwrite it?

  15. Me says:

    Excellent version; working very well in Australia.

    Unlike Windows Live Search.

    Please keep this alive – it meets needs that live search does not.

  16. jhony.o says:

    hi! thanx for cool application. this is great one for me. its simple and usefull!

    but i can’t use removable strage card option. b/c its called "SD card" on my PDA(dell x50v).

    i guess this will make me happy if VEM allow me to specify path for cache directory.

    thanx for your attention.

  17. jhony.o says:


    This is an error message what i got when i try to use removable strage card option.














  18. Will says:

    Great program Jason – I’ve been using it for about a week now, and i just got my first crash.  Maybe this stack info will be helpful:

    phone: moto q (wm5-smartphone)






    there was more, but it froze and i couldn’t scroll further.  it happened when i was zoomed in pretty close and scrolling right.

  19. windowsmobile says:

    To John:

    It _is_ possible to paste into the "Find Address" field.  The Paste command is in the second softkey’s Menu.  (NetCF made it too difficult to enable a context-senstive (tap-and-hold) menu for the edit control.)

    Of course, on Smartphone, none of the built-in apps provide any way to _put_ text onto the clipboard, so Paste won’t be useful.

  20. polycloud says:

    VEM looks awesome!  My problem is that I can’t get it to accept data from my bluetooth GPS.  I have a Dell Axim X50v, WM2003SE.

    I have no problem connecting to the GPS using Mapopolis or other software.

    Has anyone gotten the GPS tracking to work?  What setup do you have?

    Also, is it possible to download a lot of maps, then when I go somewhere without data service I can still use the available maps with a GPS?

  21. drew says:

    Very cool mapping program.  I was having a heck of a time trying to get google maps (because I couldn’t get java working) on my Samsung i730.  Now I have no need for google maps!  Thanks for a great program!

  22. For those of you that have a Windows Mobile Device. This application is a must have, providing mapping

  23. jeffrey itum says:

    Hi there, i live in philippines but i cannot zoom in like the US area? why?

  24. mike maguire says:

    VEM looks awesome!  My problem is that I can’t get it to accept data from my bluetooth GPS.  I have a Dell Axim X50v, WM2003SE.

    I have no problem connecting to the GPS using Mapopolis or other software.

    Has anyone gotten the GPS tracking to work?  What setup do you have?

    Like ‘polycloud’ above, I cannot get the GPS on my Mop P550 to connect with VEM. It works fine on Navigon software?

    Any developments or ideas?

  25. Gabe says:

    I’d really like the choice of downloading a pack of maps for a large area, so that I don’t have to transfer all of them over the internet with my iPaq (I’m not always connected to the internet :/

  26. alaa ahmed says:

    great program but is there any chance to make it work off line

  27. Mitchell says:

    Just as an fyi (competitive analysis-type stuff): although Google Maps was available as a Java midlet previously, it’s now available as a native Windows Mobile application now too, at:

    Now, I haven’t yet had a chance to install both to compare them, but it’ll be interesting to see what the differences are.

  28. GT says:

    I tried both VRM and GMM. Seems GMM is faster. Routing in GMM is way faster than VRM (I guess it is a server issue.).

    GPS works in both programs. You need to make sure you set the correct port. If I remember correctly, even VRM installs a GPS in control panel, VRM does NOT work with that. You need to specify your hardware port.

    GMM displays a small green dot for GPS, but VRM just center the map. From this point of view, Windows Live Search is the best.

  29. Tony Su says:

    This app (and any other app which supports a GPS) needs a connectivity verifier.

    Despite the previous post in this blog about a successful PPC 6700 pairing, I haven’t been able to make it work.

    The Bluetooth GPS is recognized and a pairing setup, an outbound COM port has been assigned but still no joy. When selecting "Current GPS position" in Livesearch, it just spins forever.

    The GPS receiver works fine with a Windows Mobile PDA. I’m surprised about the COM port mapping requirement for a Windows Smartphone, it isn’t a requirement when setting up a GPS app on a PDA.

  30. pcase says:

    I have 1.69 and a moto q I start and it asks me to select a bt device, I select my bt device and it goes back to the start menu and then the application will not start until I restart the phone..please help..

  31. pcase says:

    so i removed the virtual earth all together and installed the live search.  REally like it alot.  I connect my blue tooth( i think) but it says it cannot get the gps position?  Can anyone help me I have the moto q.  

  32. Rich says:

    I was able to get WLS to work with BT GPS by setting the COM port to 4, which is the COM port that I am using as the hardware COM port in the GPS control panel.  I have the software COM port set to 8, but pointing WLS to COM 8 doesn’t work.  On the other hand with Google Maps, I can point to COM 8 and it works fine.  

  33. MAHER SUBEH says:




  34. Ivan says:

    Any chance of a source code update? I am trying to demo location/mapping functionality on PocketPC/Smartphone but would like to tweak the UI according to our requirements.

  35. peter says:

    I love the app. that worked fine until having upgraded to 1.69 it no longer words on my Moto Q with its latest ver. of software. I’m getting the same message  that others are getting.

    unexpected error





    I have uninstalled all files in all areas twice and reinstalled and reset still not running.

    Is an older version available that I might reload?


  36. Pete says:

    I just downloaded ver. 1.69 to my xv6700 ppc, and it works WONDERFULLY for the most part, but there is one annoying GLITCH:

    When I press "Get Directions" for map or text, the directions will show the TEXT FORMAT CODE, so directions will look like this:

    Depart <span id="instructionKeyword">Morro Dr</span> &#40;north&#41; (0.1mi)

  37. ptousig says:

    Very cool.

    One suggestion: Could we have some visual clue that data is being downloaded? Something that tells me that the connection to the server is working and that a better image is on its way.

  38. John says:

    unexpected error





    I also have the above error after installing this application today.  I had the previous working find about 1 year ago and have just now started using it again.  Any Idea what the issue could be?

  39. Geoff says:

    I have also got this error message in ALL versions that I try to use (the latest being 1.69. This is frustrating because VEM used to work perfectly ans was a GREAT application until about 6 mon ths ago when it crashed:

    unexpected error





    Nothing I do can get this app working…. although, tantalisingly, it can still ‘locate me’!!

    Any ideas anybody? Jason…?

  40. markovich says:

    i guess this will make me happy if VEM allow me to specify path for cache directory.

  41. Rich Z says:

    Has VEM stopped working.  It cau’t locate any addresses.

  42. Rich Z says:

    Has VEM stopped working.  It cau’t locate any addresses.

  43. Merrill says:

    I had an earlier version of vem which worked well on my tmobile dash upgraded to wm6 however it stopped locating addresses, so I upgraded to 1.71 after uninstalling the app and deleting all the folders (I hope). Still cannot find anything. The map scrolls and zooms, but without the find function it’s useless. I have searched the blogs with little success other than a clean uninstall/install. Can anyone suggest why the find function may not be working?

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