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The Windows Live Search team has released a beta of "Windows Live Search for Mobile", an app for Windows Mobile devices that (to quote their web site) "brings the power of Windows Live Local Search to your cell phone. Now you can get the answers you need no matter where you are. Need to find the nearest pizza place? Directions to a friend’s house? Check traffic en route to the office? No’s all there."

Check out their web site for more info.  Or just fire up in Intenet Explorer Mobile and download it directly to your phone.

(By the way, to avoid any confusion, Windows Live Search for Mobile is a totally separate app from Virtual Earth Mobile.)

You can also access Windows Live Local info directly from a browser, without downloading an app, by going to  Obviously the UI isn't nearly as rich, but if one of your friends hasn't upgraded to a Windows Mobile phone yet, they can still access the maps, driving directions, and business lookup of Windows Live.

 - Jason Fuller

Comments (12)

  1. Henrik Bach says:

    Unfortunately it is only available in the US.

  2. Bill Tang says:

    Very nice. Simple interface plus large icons makes it much operable while driving (not recommended) 😉

  3. Chris E says:

    Needs more canadian content, eh.

  4. kaushik says:

    I have a Treo 700wx (Windows Mobile 5) …windows live search on my phone doesn’t show any icons, only text.

    Why is that?

  5. Rod says:

    I notice that Virtual Earth for mobile can use either Wifi or GPS to locate you but Live Search seems to be limited to GPS only.  Is this correct and, if so, how about adding the Wifi location finding to Live Search?

  6. Alphonso says:

    Windows Live Search is a great app. But I can’t seem to get my Pharos iGPS-BT to work with Live Search on my Cingular 8125. It works perfectly with google maps mobile. Anyone have any advice?

  7. Schirmyver says:

    I have an older WM2003 Smartphone (Motorola MPx220) and this app works great. It is very easy to use. Thank you. There are a couple of things that would be a nice addition.

    -Weather data. To me this goes hand in hand with traffic.

    -Customized traffic map. Since you are using the data from, which offers customized traffic or "drives" it would be nice to be able to use this feature. If this is not possible could you save the last used map view for a city? So if I am zoomed in on a particular area of Chicago it would come up with this view as a default.

    -Messenger application. I can currently use the web interface with messenger, but this is not very convenient. I would much prefer a dedicated messenger application. My phone has MSN messenger, but this no longer works.

    Thanks again for a nice app. I think if you add the above it will be a great application.

  8. Franklin says:

    Using T-Mobile Dash and i.Trek M6, I dumped Map4pda (memory hog) and Googlemaps (gps recognition issue, but now resolved) for Windows Live search…

    Requested features:

    * Ability to select different routes (avoid tolls).

    * Estimated time of arrival (ETA).

    * Option to redirect when turn is missed (not as important and almost unnecessary).

    Overall, I am impressed with the features and settings available which are lacking from the two other programs mentioned.

  9. roger says:

    Can any tell me how to get Live Search to get GPS data from ETEN M700 . I tried all the ports including GPS Intermediate Driver.

    The ETEN’s GPS viewer app does get GPS data no problem but Live Search is not able to.

    MObile PC 6.0

    Eten M700

    Live Search (app downloaded on June 13)


  10. Phil King says:

    Downloaded Live Search for Mobile and bought the Pharos GPS device promoted by Windows Mobile but can’t get Live Search to recognize the GPS.  Any extra steps involved?

    Running Verizon XV6700 with Windows Mobile 5.0 + the Feature Pack

  11. Jason says:

    Can’t get Canada to come up on my Live Search on Windows. How do I get it to come up and work as my default location?

  12. Zibbie says:

    I’ve been using Live Search on my Att Tilt for a long time.  I really like a lot of the features.  However, the map side while on a GPS centered situation.  Is just too much.  If I’m driving south, the arrow points towards the bottom the screen.  Yet, I’m also looking out my window.  So the streets are on the opposite side of my car, as I look at the screen.  I have to flip the image in my head, so that I know that Main street, showing up on screen on the right, is actually on the Left.  Needless to say, I find that feature, sub-optimal.  Even if I flip the Phone, then I can’t read the directions easily that are scrolled on the bottom of the screen.

    Can you help a brother out and give me the Option of keeing the arrow pointing towards the top of the screen.  I’ll let my electronic compass in the car, tell me I’m going south.  I’d like my screen to have streets on the same side as I see out my window.


    Otherwise a great product.  I use the Movie feature, virtually every weekend.  And the speech feature to find items, and then get directions to that location.

    Keep up the good work, but fix the screen orientation

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