The Mobile Secretary: Source Code

Last week I posted an application called The Mobile Secretary.  A little application that auto-responds to missed calls as well as a few other options.  Thank you for all of the feedback!  I'll be looking to add some of the requested features in the next revision.  Itching for the feature requests??  Why wait for me to do it?  I have posted the source code for you to look at and play with. 

You can also grab the latest cab (currently the same as I last posted) at Yes, as you can see I am sharing my wimobot server... feel free to check out that project too if you are interested in the Windows Mobile Robot 🙂 

I hope that the source code will help to demonstrate some of the really cool APIs we have available in Windows Mobile.  If you have any questions about the source, please don't hesitate to ask.  And as always, any feedback on the application is always welcome!

-- Brian

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  1. Brian has released the source code for the Mobile Secretary application that he released last week. you

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing the source 🙂  Always good to see how other pocketPC devs achieve impressive things like this.

  3. maurice atkinson says:

    thanks like the app.  one question would be how could this app be configured to stop sms messages being sent to landlines/non mobile phones?

  4. BCross says:

    The only time it might send an sms to a landline is if a call is detected that is NOT in your contact database and you have the <Unknown> group enabled.  This is because the app has no way of knowing if it landline or not, so it errors on the side of sending the SMS.  

    If a phone number that is in your contacts is detected, the app looks up the contact and then specifically asks for the mobile phone number… if no mobile phone number, then it shouldn’t send an sms.

  5. Adeel says:

    Thanks to send me this kind of software

  6. Adeel says:


    i am adeel butt

    I am a student and using this softawre as of gift from you

    Thanks to send me this kind of software

    Thanks again


  7. samoh says:

    Hi, I also get that error about having to define a registry key before events are registered. Anyone knows how to correct this ?

  8. samoh says:


    An error occurs when a call received and the application is called with the -notification parameter.

    Here is the message I get (I renamed the application VirtualSecretary but the code is the same) :


    A registry key needs to be defined first before events are registered

    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status.RegistryState.GetRootAndSubkey()

    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status.RegistryState.RegisterTransient()

    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status.RegistryState.add_changed()

    at VirtualSecreatary.MissedCallForm.MissedCall_Load()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()

    at VirtualSecretary.MainForm.Main()

    Can anyone help me out, thanks

  9. YINEBEB says:


  10. A while ago, I was playing around creating a bot, a Snarkier version of the Mobile Secretary Application

  11. swathi says:

    Hi! Iam swathi

      I have an idea regarding features of the mibile.

    That is, consider a user in a situation that he is not able to lift a call on his mobile, say he is in a seriou meeting, sleeping after a heavy work, helping a person met with an aciident or many…..

    Now the user must be fecilitated with a feature that he feed a textual message or voice in his mobile and

    go on with his work. Now if he have a call the network must send that data to the caller.

    How does this is useful?

      It is much useful for the caller which depress his/her tention that his/her related person(user) is met with a bad accident or some one kidnpped him/her ………… so, I think this idea will be appreciable when the person is in bad state of lifting the phone. If u think that this idea if this idea is helpfull to u, then mail me to

    Plz excuse me if u find any spelling misteks in this mail

  12. Neo Huang says:


    Could you please teach me "How do I register a notification for a SMS TextMessage comes in" in native code (C or C++)?

    I have googled the Internet and found nothing useful.

    what I wang my prigram do is:

    when a SMS message comes in form a phone number or the content has "zzz", my program should be launched.

    what I dont know is:

    where is the SMS Notification registry root? (some articles mentioned it is under HKLMSystemNotification, but my PPC [Dopod S1] does not have this key)

    It is appreciated if you could guide me how to fill in the parameters in function RegistryNotifyApp.

    Thanks in advance


  13. vishnu says:

    Please do anybody to help me to do application program for windows mobile applications.Sinse I am a biginner,I do not know the basic things also. If any studymaterials are (pdf/doc) please share with me.

  14. milan says:

    hii just wanted to know how to compile this project..i mean on what kind of software i need to use to compile it….please any help will be appreciated

  15. soop says:

    Excellent App … and thanks for not making me use activesync to install it.

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