The Mobile Secretary

I often invite my friends out to see a live band, a movie, or some other function where I won't be able to hear my phone ring or be able to answer it.  Usually, there is always one or two people who don't exactly make it on time (sometimes that is me, but that's another story for another day) and end up calling me to find out where we are sitting or if the evening's plans have changed.  But, since I am not able to answer the call, they just get my voicemail.  Not too informative for them.

I'd like to introduce (or reintroduce, if you attended my session at MEDC 2006 in Las Vegas) an app that I call The Mobile Secretary.  This app allows your Windows Mobile device to automatically respond to a missed call with a custom text message and optionally with your current calendar information.  You can customize the messages for various groups of people as well.  What if someone calls from their home phone number?  Well, as long as you have a contact's various phone numbers in your contact database, the text message will always be sent to their mobile phone.

There are 2 standard groups that you start off with.  The "<Default>" group applies to a caller who can be found in your contacts, but has not been assigned to a group you created.  The "<Unknown>" group applies to a caller that cannot be found in your contacts.  You can create as many other groups that you'd like.  Contacts can only belong to one group at a time.

Sometimes I use a secondary mobile phone that has a different phone number from my main phone.  In this case, I usually forward my calls to the secondary phone so that friends can still reach me.  This works well until someone sends a text message to my main phone.   So, I added a text message forwarding feature to The Mobile Secretary.  Just enter in the phone number in which to forward to, and all text messages sent to your device will be resent to the other device.  There is also the option of appending the sender info to the message so that you know who it originally came from as well.

This is an enhanced version of the application that I used to demonstrate some of our .Net APIs that were introduced in Windows Mobile 5.0.  In addition to Windows Mobile 5.0, you'll also need the .Net Compact Framework v2 installed on your device.

I'll be posting the source code soon so that you can see how this app works as well as get a survey of the Windows Mobile .net APIs. 

Some of the managed APIs that are used in this app include:

  • The State and Notification Broker (SystemState Class)

  • Send a Text Message (SmsMessage class)

  • Sms Interception (MessageInterceptor Class)

  • Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook

    • Contact Class

    • Appointment Class

    • Custom Properties

  • SelectPictureDialog

  • ChooseContactDialog

  • Phone class

Hope you find it useful as an application, a sample, or both!


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  1. There&#39;s a lot of possiblity to create cool stuff like this on Windows Mobile . Devices are waiting

  2. Great little application. How does the Manage Remotely work?

    It would be nice to add an email option instead to text messaging.

    Please post the source code soon…

  3. Stephen says:

    I agree with Stephen Skarlatos – email would be nice…

  4. Scott says:

    Third that..  Email would be absolutely awesome..  Especially since I no longer use SMS.

  5. Marc says:

    Nice little program. Thanks!

    Is there a way to add multiple text preset in the near future? That way one can make a few SMS texts and activate quickly.

    Also I could be handy to be able to import the already available contact groups without to have to make new groups.

  6. Recently posted on the Windows Mobile US blog, here’s a really nifty little app that acts as your personal

  7. roma says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Very handy.

  8. BCross says:

    Stephen Skarlatos:  

    To turn on the "Manage Remotely" go to the advanced options and then choose "Manage Remotely".  Enter in a small password or pin and then choose "OK".  You’ll get a list of the commands supported. There aren’t too many yet and are largely there as examples of how you could do remote management (code coming soon).  

    You can list the Mobile Secretary groups that are on your phone and then enable or disable them by sending a text message to your phone.  

    for example, to list all the Mobile Secretary groups you would text:


    where <pin> is what you chose.  your device will then reply back with the list of groups.  Then you can enable a group by sending:


    and disable a group by sending:


    you can also send CURRAPPT.<pin> or NEXTAPPT.<pin> and the devices current or next appointment will be sent back.

    Email would be great, but unfortunately, Email interception is not supported.  Unless you meant being able to send an email rather than a text message, that is totally doable.

  9. BCross says:


    Yes, that’s a great option.  I’ll put the ability to use SMS presets on my list of features.

    Using/Importing categories is one feature I am planning to add soon as well… As well as the ability to export your settings.

    Thanks!  And i’m glad that you are enjoying the app!

  10. Scott says:

    Yes!  Sending email instead of SMS would be awesome!  In my case, I got tired of paying money to get SMS spam, so I disabled it completely.  But being able to reply via email would be awesome since most of the people whom I’d be replying to are coworkers anyway..

  11. DavidM says:

    Would it be possible to enable an SMS auto-response when ignoring calls?

  12. BCross says:


    Sure, using email would be just as easy.  I’ll put that on the list.  Thanks!


    That should work today… When you ignore a call, it still registers as a missed call.  The Mobile Secretary will see the missed call and will respond.

  13. DH says:

    Every time I run the progam I get an error message that states "a registry key need to be defined first before events are registered."

    How do you get the program to run in light of this message?

  14. BCross says:


    What device are you running this on?  

  15. rkhomenko says:

    I have HTC Wizard AKU 3.2, CF2SP1 installed

    I get error:

    File or assembly name ‘Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35’ or one of its dependencies, was not found

  16. Whoops a ltitle late in reporting this but Brian Cross has finally posted up the binary files for the

  17. Z says:

    Awesome programming example.  When will the source code be available?

    Couple of things

    (1) The SMS response text box doesn’t format well when you slide out the keyboard on the 8125.  It appears as one line.

    (2) Having an option to display or not display the "will send in 15 seconds" window.  I rather be given an option to have it do it automatically in the background without showing me on the screen.

    (3) Rather than have a menu option to "Call Back or Send Now", why not have two buttons on the screen instead?

    (4) The photo on the "will send in 15 seconds" window is not displayed correctly.  It’s distorted (wider than the actual photo).

    (5) Any way to include a link to the Mobile Secretary in the Phone menu as the last option?

    (6) Do you think we’ll see this feature embedded into Crossbow?

  18. Jason Dever says:

    Neat tool.  I am going to try it this weekend.

  19. BCross says:


    I’ll take a look and see what i can find out


    I’m looking to post the source sometime this weekend.  

    1, 2, & 4, thanks, i’ll look into that… great suggestions

    3: I have one of the buttons "cancel send" so that if you JUST missed the call, you can avoid the auto message.  This has been the most common option for me, because if i even see that screen, it means that i just missed the call.  Maybe the Call back option is best to have on SK1.  SK2 is a menu so that i can fit all 3 options

    5: What do you mean by the "phone menu"?  

    6: There are no plans currently to put the Mobile Secretary into ROM.  For now, it’s a nice sample (hopefully) 🙂  

    Thanks for all of the suggestions and feedback!  Source coming this weekend

  20. Last week I posted an application called The Mobile Secretary . A little application that auto-responds

  21. Brian Cross released a insanely cool application called Mobile Secretary for Windows Mobile 5 devices.

  22. Marc M says:

    Your reply to rkhomenko was:


    I’ll take a look and see what i can find out

    Did you find a solution to the mentioned problem? I use a Universal with AKU3.2 CF2SP1 and get the same error message.

  23. Z says:


    For Item #3: I should have mentioned the buttons I was referring to are actually on the screen, rather than the two soft key buttons.  some times I find it easlier to press large on-screen buttons rather than the soft keys.

    For Item #5:  If you press the Green "Dial Phone Button" on your 8125, and then the "Menu soft key, it would be nice to see Mobile Secretary appear on that context menu, maybe below Options or Smart Dialing Options (if you have an 8125)

    New Item #1:  It also took me a long time to understand why there is this large gap above the Group Name drop down list box.  I made a guess that is where you put theee Group Icon if you manually assign one.  Have you consider having the icon right justified and locked at a resolution of  25×25 and then to the right having the Group Name drop down box.  This would let you use the screen more efficiently either in landscape or portriate mode on an 8125.

    New Item #2:  And here’s one more feature enhancements (maybe this one will is beyond the limits of Windows Mobile 5), but it would be nice to see some sort of indication in the "Call History" applet of which callers an SMS message was sent.  This could be done by using a new icon (similar to your phone handset with the exclimation mark along with a picture of an envelope).  This is probably asking a lot, but it would be nice to see your app conform to the Tone, Look and Feel of Windows Mobile…

    New Item #3:  How about a Read Receipt option just for the SMS message sent through Mobile Secretary.  That would be a great option.

    New Item #4:  How about a "Character Count" indication as youre typing in your Send Message, so you can try and keep it below the carriers limit for a single message.  Should it be capped at the carriers limit so it’s not sending multiple messages?

    Looking forward to seeing the source as it would be a great experience to understanding on how to interface with Windows Mobile.

  24. BCross says:


    Not yet, sorry… I haven’t had time yet… i will try and take a look this week… thanks for keeping me honest 🙂


    #3:  Gotchya… i’ll think about that one… i totally see where you are coming from… the app actually works on both pocket pc and smartphone, so maybe if i only put the buttons there if i know i’m running on a pocket pc.  thanks!


    I’m not sure if i can do that, but i’ll see if that is possible… i’ve just never tried that.  

    New #1: Yes… something that i want to change and will.  It is quite a nice waste of space, eh? 🙂

    New #2: Another thing that i’m not sure if we can do or not, but i will look into it… I had always thought of adding a log that would provide this from within the app… that way you could see what was sent to who and when.

    New #3: Sure, that can be an option, but it could be confusing to the user if they are getting read receipts… i guess if that’s the only time they requested them it may not be too bad.  that’s a simple thing to add.

    New #4: Windows Mobile will split the SMS into multiple messages, but having a character count would still be nice so that you can limit the number of SMSs sent…

    Tons of great suggestions… thanks!  looks like i’ll have some fun with all of the suggestions.

    As for the source code… it’s posted… go check out:

    – Brian

  25. harry says:


    i can’t run this software on my device because it says not latest .Net Compact Framework installed on this device.

    where can i get this from?


  26. Z says:

    Hey Harry:

    This is where you find the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 Redistributable

  27. Z says:


    I’ve got many more suggestions for enhancing Mobile Secretary.  Let me know if you’d like to hear them all to see which ones can be incorporated into your program.  Here are my two that would make your Mobile Secretary stand out, in addition to provide developers with examples of how to create Today Plugins and mess with Bluetooth audio.

    New Item #5:  One of the things that would be nice (atleast for the 8125/8525) would be to have an item for the Today screen that would show how many SMS messages have been sent.  Of course this number would reset when the "missed called" flag in the title bar is cleared.

    New Item #6:  In this scenario I’m using a Bluetooth headset.  A call comes in, and either I ignore it explictly or just let it ring until it goes to voicemail.  Mobile Secretary sent an SMS messages as configured.  What would be nice is to have a an audio file play over the bluetooth headset that says "SMS Sent Successfully".

  28. Chris says:

    I have the same problem as DH:

    Every time I run the progam I get an error message that states "a registry key need to be defined first before events are registered."

    How do you get the program to run in light of this message?

    Any help?

  29. Jo says:

    … for example, to list all the Mobile Secretary groups you would text

    LIST.<pin>  (WHERE we write?):

    where <pin> is what you chose.  your device will then reply back with the list of groups.  

  30. Kela says:

    Thanks for the great app and pretty example!

    Where Mobile Secretary saves its data? i.e. groups names, their members and so on…

    I have found only one file: Application DataMobile SecretaryMobile Secretary.xml but it not contains group members.

  31. SubhoBiswas says:

    Is it possible to turn the ringer off automatically? I would activate this app before getting into a meeting. So if I forget to turn on silent mode, can this app do that for me?

    I tried to install the app on imate JAMin – it did not come up – it seems to require a newer version of .NET than what is there on the phone.

    Will it not work with a previous version of .NET?


  32. KirklandRocks! says:

    This program is great! Just what I was looking for. Keep up the great work over there in Redmond.

    Would it be possible to add auto-reply to SMS too? If you can’t hear your ringer, I’m guessing you won’t be able to hear the SMS notification either.

    Also if we could somehow integrate the contacts name into the response that would be awesome. e.g.:

    If I entered "Hello %n, I am unable to answer the phone right now, I will call you back when I am available." in the send message box.

    Then I miss a call from my friend Bob, he would receive an SMS that said: "Hello Bob, I am unable to answer the phone right now, I will call you back when I am available."

  33. BCross says:

    Thanks again for all of the suggestions… they are great!  I haven’t had a lot of time lately to get to them, but I hope to have some time as the holidays get closer 🙂  

    I will look into the error message that you have reported as well and see if i can repro it.  

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping tabs, just haven’t had time to play with the app lately 🙂  It happens…


  34. yubastard says:

    after that error about dependencies, it says it failed to initialize .NET CF. that it should be reinstalled and suport info: -2147483643 (80000005)

  35. yubastard says:

    that .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 Redistributable simply will not install, and it happen’s to that other similar app, SMSNotifier from Aali.

    when I try to install .NET CF it gives error that there’s a newer version (??!) and that it has to be uninstalled prior to installing this one. I don’t remember installing .NET CF before.

  36. ranju says:

    My device is HTC Universal with AKU 3.2 WWE ROM.

    I get the error:

    File or assembly name ‘Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35’ or one of its dependencies, was not found.

    What’s wrong with me….

  37. Love your app, it inspired me to write a complementary sort of application to use with your Mobile Secretary.  

    I wanted to use the calendar notification functions, but i don’t use Outlook for anything. I use Google Calendar.  And there aren’t any apps out there to sync up between the Google Calendars and Pocket Outlook.  So I wrote one I’m calling GCalSync.

    I’ll have a release + source available late tonight. Screenshots and process info are currently on my (new) design blog.



  38. RobbieD says:

    What happens when someone calls you from a landline phone?  I get errors.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Great start to a very needed program!

  39. BCross says:

    If someone calls you from a landline and they are in your contacts, then the Mobile Secretary will send the text message to their mobile phone (provided there is one in their contact card).  

    If the number is from an unknown caller, it will blindly send the sms to the number since it doesn’t know what type it is.  If you are sensitive to SMS charges, you may want to disable that (hardcoded right now, but sounds like i need to make that an option when i get to it).  

    — Brian

  40. White Night says:

    If you create a group with a blank name, the app crashes and will not restart.

    New Feature:

    1) What about an automated text/email reply to any recieved text from the group, not just missed calls.

    2) How about scheduled outgoing texts/emails using the calendar?

    3) Automated texts to attendees on change of appointment.

    4) What about answering and playing a group MP3/WAV file and using the record funtion. (Answermachine!)

    5) What about text response with attachment.


    6) What about group call divert?

    7) What about SOS/panic mode.  Call predetermined number and play MP3/Wav.  Also useful for sending predetermined voice messages on a schedule.

  41. Neil says:

    Hi Brian,

    Can’t believe I only just found out about this.  It’s excellent – excellent in terms of quality / usefulness.  And also excellent that you kindly posted the source (which I’ve yet to check out, but v keen to see).  It may be premature of me, but I’d encourage others to look at it too, since – provided they’re computer literate – it’ll allow them to see how difficult/easy it is to add features being discussed and to understand the program better.

    I give my backing 100% to the ability to send e-mails, but completely understand you’ve prob got a mountain of other things to do!  My second feature I’d like (really as an illustration on how to code for this) would be taking different actions based on network connectivity (i.e. if I’m plugged in via USB, on Wifi, or only having GPRS (which I normally disable as it costs me a bomb on my current plan!)  It would be useful code and a handy feature: if I’m out and about, I’d probably txt (v cheap) whereas if on Wifi at home or USB at work, I’d email.

    Anyway, keep up the good work – this helped convince two non-techy mates of mine how handy WM5 phones can be!



  42. Bacco says:


    I’m using this app on an HTC TyTN and find that a txt is sometimes sent and other times not.  Also, when *82 is used in a contact’s number to allow them to see my caller ID, their number is preceded with 1555082 resulting in an invalid mobile number when a txt is sent.

    Any ideas?


  43. aicon says:


    I installed this on my SPV m3100 and when I try to run it I get the following error:

    An unexpected error has occured in MobileSecretary.exe.

    Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.

    Method not found: WaitOne System.Threading.WaitHandle.

    After selecting ‘Details’ I get:



    Method not found: WaitOne


    Any idea what’s wrong with my device? I’d love to be able to use this app.


  44. ashok seth says:

    **Mobile Secretary**

    Some additions:

    1) Can you add the missed calls to the calander?

    2) Add a configeralbel field within the message

    3) Keep a log of Sms’s sent


  45. Subhabrata Biswas says:

    Hi Brian,

    Is it possible to embed a mini answering machine?

    1. Answer the call

    2. Turn the microphone off so that the external noise does not get in.

    3. Play a pre-configured audio file – this could be a prompt that the user will record.

    4. Record 15 seconds of audio from the caller.

    5. Hangup the call.

    6. Show a list of callers and play the respective audio files when selected.

    I think this will make it a lot more usable.

    Thanks for the great app.

    — Subhabrata Biswas

  46. Walter says:


    i use MobileSecretrary from your site. It is able to make groups and so on, but if i check the field Send Meeting Info, there will no effect.

    I checked the field Send Message also, and created one message, and this work.

    Maybe someone could help me with my problem. Maybe it is possible that i dont understand i very well. I work with an xda neo (HPC-Mobile) and Windows Mobile 2005.

    Please give me a hint, what to do, so that Mobile Secretary will create a new entry in calendar.

  47. Falk says:

    Hi there,

    I like my new secretary very much 🙂

    Thanks for this great utility.

    But I still got a problem: I can not add any contacts from my phone, only from the SIM card. 🙁

    I installed it on a Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

  48. Einar says:


      I am a new bee in windows mobile programing. I want to invoke a process when ever the Pocket outlook recevied an email. how to do this? And also want to add up a folder named junk in pocket outlook. Like In pop3 we have- Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Deleted items. I need to add one more thing that is junk mails programatically.

    Help me…

    Thanks in advance…


  49. Raphael Awoseyin says:

    I installed this application in my WM5 PocketPC/Phone. Within 12 hours it sent 174 messages to my boss whose call I missed twice. I was too embarrassed and immediately uninstalled it. I wonder what I did wrong.

  50. Matt says:

    i have had a similar problem on my mini s just kept repeatedly sending a text to the missed call !!!! disabled it all until a resolution is found as lost faith.

  51. Verdis says:

    I’ve downloaded it but I’m unable to get to run…. help!

  52. WMExperts says:

    Following up on my last post about T-Mobile, here&#8217;s a quick software tip: The Mobile Secretary, which is a great little piece of software developed by BCross Just enter in the phone number in which to forward to, and all text messages sent to your

  53. Saad says:

    I like it. My friends appreciated that.

  54. kiretsu says:

    Can it be implemented to auto respond to incoming sms as well? It would be useful for when I’m driving to just tell them to call..

    Thanks, useful app..

  55. Paul says:

    anyone know if this works on MS Smartphones?

  56. Parthiv Raval says:

    May I hide incoming call window and show my own application window instead that to show caller’s information?

  57. Derrick Dee says:

    I managed to load this prog. Which is a great one, unfortunately the 3rd time i ran it… ERROR ERROR ERROR… Doctor help please! =)



    à System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox._NativeAdd()

    at ObjectCollection.Add()

    à MobileSecretary.MainForm.AddGroup()

    à MobileSecretary.MainForm.RefreshGroups()

    à MobileSecretary.MainForm.MainForm_Load()

    à System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad()

    à System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify()

    à System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible()

    à System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()

    à MobileSecretary.MainForm.Main()

  58. using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook; using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook.MessageInterception;

  59. using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook; using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook.MessageInterception;

  60. jmanley says:

    I think the problem with the repeated calls is that when the counter gets to 0, it doesn’t disable the timer.  Then the timer clicks every second and sends the message over and over and over and over (you get the point) until the quit() is processed. (this is only helpful if you’ve downloaded the source).

    I was able to fix that problem in the source, but the problem I’m having is an enoding issue.  I have a Moto Q with Windows Mobile 5.0 and when I use the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook.SMSMessage and try to send "Test Message" I get "@T@e@s@t"… after a lot of this and that I tried accessing the sms.dll directly and marshalling the data to and fro I was able to switch between Unicode and BigEndianUnicode which gave me the ability to turn it into "T@e@s@t@" (switch the @ symbol).  I could use UTF-8 but then I have to double the .length of the byte array from the encoder (System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetByte(message).Length * 2).  This had the nice effect of giving me "eTtsM ".

    Obviously the problem I’m having is a code page problem, but for the life of me I can’t find the solution.  My Motorola Q is running on the Sprint network.  Any help?

  61. jmanley says:

    I’ve fixed the problem… and it has to do with the MOL2 update… the fix is to not use the PocketOutlook functions to send an SMS.  You must use sms.dll and use System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(message) but when you create space, create double space and when you call SmsSendMessage() tell it that you’re sending twice what you’re sending…

    Also, before you do anything with the string make it an even length and flip every 2 bytes (turn Text Message into eTtxM seaseg).

    Hope this either helps for a fix from Microsoft or helps everybody who’s having trouble with the MOL2 update from Motorola

  62. supachot says:

    This software is good, but when I add group more than 10 group. it’s error (can’t open program for config),Pls recheck or edit program,thx for good program ^_^

  63. Guy Martin says:

    I have a Treo 700WX from Sprint and when I try to open The Mobile Secretary, i get an error message that says, "The Application (The Mobile Secretary) requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework than the verson installed on this device.  I run WM 5.  What can I do?

  64. FWHO says:

    A very useful piece of software for WM device that Microsoft did not considered.  Keep up the good work ! Not sure if enhancement could be made to also manage ‘call deviation’ at the same time. Useful when you forgot you phone at home and could get a complete ‘backup’ phone from someone else by just sending a simple SMS to your own phone….

  65. Rahul says:

    The Mobile secreatary tool you’ve provided is quite powerful. One question on the functionality: It appears that the whole application launches every time an SMS is received…

    In case I send 2 or more SMS in quick succession, the application is going to miss those messages since Windows mobile does not let you launch more than one instance of the app.

    Is this a genuine problem you think, any way to fix it (and not keep the app running all the time) ?

  66. Ping says:

    Hi, just downloaded this great freeware.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it to work on my O2 mini.  Help pls?

  67. Mobile Phone Assistant: on line su CodePlex

  68. Tempo fa, giracchiando per la rete, trovai un piccolo software per Windows Mobile (dalla 5 in poi) scritto

  69. Marcos Quintanilha says:

    Every time I run the progam I get an error message that states "a registry key need to be defined first before events are registered."

    same to me here…

  70. markovich says:

    Recently posted on the Windows Mobile US blog, here’s a really nifty little app that acts as your personal

  71. Rohan Rasane says:

    Is is possible to write the same application in Native code or has anyone tried implementing on the native based app. If yes can you share your experience about it?

  72. Vico says:

    Nice program! It works nice on my Touch. Thanks for sharing!

  73. naj says:

    Nice program! It works nice on my Touch. Thanks for sharing!

  74. Doc Chari says:

    will the mobile secretary run on PPC 2003 SE? I have an Asus P505.

  75. AWDNUT says:

    I don’t have voice mail. With my carrier the call hits voice mail before I can get the phone out of the holster.

    I pay to check voice mail, and I not only have to stay connected to hear the entire message but I have to stay connected while I type in my PIN and listen to prompts.

    If I had voice mail on my phone I would only be paying for the air-time while people leave the message, which is the absolute minimum possible.

    So a voice-mail app on the phone would save money.

    A voice-mail app on the phone should be able to allow me individual out-going messages to my incoming callers.

    I picture the feature of selecting a contact from my list, and hitting a record button, saying something like "I’m in the arena now, I’ll be in row 6, seat 12" and then tossing my phone in my pocket without worries.

    I also would love groups so all known callers get a standard "Ted Jones is watching hockey tonight, leave a message" OGM, all friends get personalized OGMs if set, and all unknown callers get a different message like "Nobody here, leave a message, telemarketers suck."..

    Can that be done within WM5 or is it a device specific challenge?

  76. Pasi Hakkarainen says:

    Any way that this sw also add this missed or denayed call to the calendar f.e

    +33487785 called 12.34. Auto response: I am currently busy. According to my calendar I am free about xx xx

  77. Jordan Mills says:

    This is pretty nifty.  Any chance of getting an auto reply to SMS too?

  78. Peter says:

    Help – Source doesn’t open in VS 2008 because file solution is marked for no modification and thus it the upgrade wizard can’t touch it.  Naturally, I’ve removed VS2005 from my machine.  Can someone post a modifiable or updated code base?


  79. Troy Adams says:

    anyone seen a WM 6.0 version of this?  i am using a MotoQ 9m and it does not work. it seems to work on the WM6.0 professional but not WM 6.0 standard,

    Troy Adams

  80. Rich says:

    works great on my bj II! Thanks I was looking for this since I use 2 devices and need to get my SMS to be forwarded! awesome job!

  81. Greg Parsons says:

    I get the same error as Derrick Dee (4 July 2007) has this been fixed or are we both doing something wrong?

  82. lou says:

    EXCELLENT APPLICATION!!! but… this was mentioned a while back (feb 13, 06; mar 2, 06) i just started using the application and i missed my friend’s call twice, so she received over 100 texts in about a few minutes. has anyone found a fix for this? i REALLY want to use this application. THANKS!!!

  83. Daniel says:

    I installed the application on my AT&T Tilt (WM6, HTC Kaiser derivative, I believe) and had problems similar to lou’s – I missed three calls, and all three callers received tons of text messages.

  84. njatcko says:

    I too have a Treo700wx and am getting the same issue with the device complaining about a registry key. Too bad, looks great. Hope there is a solution eventually.

  85. nitzarazvan says:

    how can i avoid sending mesages to fix numbers?

    after i missed a call from a fix number the program just stop with an eror. and i don’t like that. i have to control al the time the screen to see if the program is still working!

    thanks a lot!

  86. Harlan says:

    Do you have any plans for a WM 6.0 version?

  87. Anand says:

    The code works  fine on Pocket PC and does not  Smartphone. Any suggestions



    SmsMessage message = new SmsMessage();

               message.To.Add(new Recipient("9192654923"));

               message.Body = "Hello, SAI.";





               catch (Exception e)


                   string str = "Error in SMS Send call: ";

                   str += e.Message;

                   MessageBox.Show("SMS ERROR:" + str.ToString());


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