Developing Windows Mobile apps on Vista

There was an announcement made this week about Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and support for Vista. In a nutshell, SP1 won't resolve all the issues of running VS on Vista. However, I want to point out that if you're developing Windows Mobile applications, there isn't much to worry about. I've been using Visual Studio on Vista for months now, developing and debugging both managed and native applications. Apart from a few setup issues, everything works great. The minor setup issues have workarounds that were mentioned on the VSD blog a while back. I've been told by the VSD team that these issues will be also fixed in SP1 instead of the post-Vista update, so that's great news.

I've recorded this short 8 minute video that demos running Visual Studio on Vista. Hope this helps you decide whether to take the plunge and start using Vista if you're not already beta testing it. Click here to watch video.

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  1.   Mel Sampat our PM at the Windows Mobile dev team, points out that we should not be afraid of…

  2. Tony Davis says:

    In transitioning from the Blackberry to my Win Mob 5.0 device there are a ton of really annoying usability issues. While the BB is not the greatest they have some interesting innovations and usability issues.

    Here goes:

    – in the phone call history if you should be able to select a person you called and call another one of their numbers. So say I called their home, got no answer I then want to redial their mobile. I pain in the butt now with WM5 but a breeze on the BB. I do this a lot!

    – In speed dial, you select the person you want to call and tap on it. It does not dial but takes you to some dumb properties page. Er… it should dial the person

    – searching email is demented. you have to find the search app and its slow as sin.

    I have lots more but i dont know if anyone is actually listening….

  3. Ryan Spahn says:

    want to be able using my Treo 700w(Windows MObile 5) to go to my

    website and use the embedded WMP to tune into my

    online radio station.  I have the following code that when using my

    Treo I see the player and a play button, but I choose play a message

    appears saying Parameters are incorrect.  This code works fine through

    any browser on a regular PC, but not through PIE.





    <OBJECT ID="Player" height="320" width="240"



    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="BtnPlay" VALUE="Play" OnClick="StartMeUp()">



    function StartMeUp ()


       Player.uiMode = "none";

       Player.URL = "Myip";  ////omitted my real IP(this is a note not

    appear in real code)


    function ShutMeDown ()








  4. Jani says:

    Well, as long as there’s no way to cradle the emulator in Vista, or any other means to bypass this severe limitation, I wouldn’t say Vista is a good choice for a mobile developer – although I would love to upgrade..

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