Virtual Earth Mobile 1.67

Recently there was a change to the Virtual Earth server that required a change to Virtual Earth Mobile in order for "Find Business" to work.  Attached to this blog entry is the updated version that fixes this.

In this version, I've also added support for colored traffic overlays.  If you choose "Map Type/ Traffic" you'll see major roads highlighted in red, yellow, or green, indicating how fast the traffic is moving.  (Red = 0-25 mph; Yellow = 25-45mph; Green = 45 mph or faster)  For now, I expire the traffic data when you exit the app.  Eventually I plan to have a smarter, timed expiration.  Traffic data is provided by and is available in selected major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Make sure you have exited the app before trying to install the new version.

- Jason Fuller


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  1. andy says:

    Thanks for keeping this app up-to-date.  I use GPS navigation software but still find this indispensible.

  2. Edmund says:

    I just tried installing the update on my WM5 device but it simply says it won’t install either to the device or storage card.  Any ideas how to resolve this?  The previous version was working fine (except the GPS).



  3. Alan says:

    Please allow this to have a default country set (and a home location that it starts at).

    I’m sick of typing in cities in the UK and getting some small town in the US.  Also UK postcodes look the same as Canadian ones, but it defaults to canada rather than UK.

    One small but significant advantage that Google maps has over msn earth….

  4. Ness says:

    How about implimenting a cut and paste ContextMenu attached to the text boxes in Menu -> Find -> *  which uses the system clipboard?

    Also I’d like to be able to set my default startup location to something other than Redmond.

    The traffic feature is nice, but some basic things like cut and paste would probably get more mileage (pun intended).



  5. ppc6700 says:

    I cannot uninstall the old version.. I cant install the new version because the old wont uninstall..

    when’s this app going to support cdma/gprs/edge connections? I want to be able to lookup stuff on my phone when out and about..

  6.                Fixed the app to support the "Find Business" feature…

  7. Carl says:

    Very cool, but it crashes 100% of the time when I try to switch to the Traffic map on my TyTN

  8. jon says:

    When I run it, it says that it requires .net compact framework 2.0.

  9. RB says:

    Thanks for the great software. And the updates! Unfortunately, the Add to Contacts functionality no longer works for me. It gives an error. I’m running the software on an MDA with the latest firmware.

  10. chave78 says:

    Any way to use the included GPS on our phones in the "Find Me" section?  I have an XV6700 on verizon.  BTW, this is a fantastic app and I thank you for updating it.

  11. In response to the comment by ppc6700…

    I think you should post more information about your phone as it works perfectly on my T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard) running WM 5 via GPRS/EDGE…

  12. windowsmobile says:

    I’ve added a "Paste" command to the menus of the Find Address and Find Business dialogs.  (Obviously, they will be disabled on Smartphone, since there’s no way to put anything on the clipboard in Smartphone.)

    I also fixed the bug that caused .NetCF version 2 to be required.

    Thank you,

    Jason Fuller

  13. RB says:

    Thanks for keeping these updates going. I got lost one day going to an important meeting and VEM saved my neck! However, I still get an IndexOutOfRangeException error on my MDA when I try to "Add to Contacts". This did not happen with the version prior to the last.  

  14. Matt says:

    Any prospects on:

    1) Not clearing "pushpins" on exit? (auto get-directions on reload option?)

    2) Textual directions?

    3) Subway maps/directions?

    4) Metro walking directions?

  15. John says:

    Very useful.  Used it to find a bike shop when I need to get a spare tube.

    Any word on GPS Control Panel for the SmartPhone?  I have a problem with using a Pharos iGPS-BT with a Motorola Q smartphone.  It will hang.

  16. Otto Wyss says:

    Yet it still can’t access the GPS on my WM5 device and there doesn’t seems to be any help, docs or FAQ around.

  17. dblclx (at) gmail dot com says:

    How can I remove it?  My phone has interent connection through CMDA and I thought it would work?

  18. Brian says:

    Is there a static link to download this?

  19. jimmy says:

    Google maps are sharper for Netherlands. So I wont use Live maps.

  20. Wonderful app. Those little devices are finally becoming useful. I’m just as interested in using this as an example to learn from as use it — is there updated an update source example? Too bad it seems the platform people haven’t heard about this .Net thing and the managed APIs are an after thought.

    I’m using my HP6945 which has all sorts of goodies including a built-in GPS but it doesn’t seem to be available via the old serial APIs and thus doesn’t work with the app — is it supposed to be transparent or does it need a change to the source code? (I’ll omit my rant about Bluetooth and modem emulation).


    Oh, yeah, one more thing, is there an API for the Bird’s Eye view — seem as if live is requires it for a good view whereas Google has higher resolution color maps instead.

  21. Bob Frankston says:

    Just noticed an old post saying that the builtin iPaq GPS is supposed to be supported — wonder why it is complaining.

  22. Bob Frankston says:

    Had to get all the settings just right to make the serial port emulation interface work. Layers and layers of work-arounds until your bluetooth in the face.

  23. Dean says:

    The latest version seems to be 1.68 not sure how I got this on my PPC but seems everyone here is talking about 1.67.

  24. Michael says:

    Bug: IndexOutOfRangeException when I tried to save a business search result as a contact.

    Feature Request: I think I’d like to be able to save locations independent of the Contact database.

  25. Alok says:

    Its working very well on my SX66 Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

  26. Bob Pruett says:

    Version 1.64 works great with my Garmin GPS 10.

    Version 1.67 now locks up whenever it is trying to access the GPS. I actually need to power off the device to get it reset.

    The device is a Motorola Q. I went back to 1.64 and it works again, so I just can’t do the business listings.

  27. James says:

    Excellent app! Is there any chance that a future release could include the option to go full screen?

    Would make it so much more useful on small screens – expecially when reading street names in cities 🙂

  28. kcheng says:

    It actually turns out to be 1.68 that installed on my smartphone. I keep getting the error message "unable to obtain location from GPS device" but I know it’s connected to my BT receiver because I get the connected message. I am using Cingular/HTC 3125. Any ideas?

  29. Mike says:

    I have Verizon XV6700.  Installed, but I can’t see the map.  I only see the green flag in the middle of the screen.

  30. Dustin says:

    I just loaded 1.67 on my Palm Verizon 700w with a USGlobalSat SD-502 WAAS enabled SDIO GPS w/ Built-in Memory device which uses GPSInfo to accumulate the GPS data. I’m getting this error when trying to talk to the device through COM0 port:

    "Could not open GPS port COM0:. GetCommState() returned error 21"

    I tried it with VEM installed on the device and then I tried installing it on the storage card of the GPS device and I get this error both ways. Any ideas what might be going wrong here?

  31. Dustin says:

    Scratch that. I reinstalled it to my Treo, changed the COM Port to COM4 and did a soft reset and everything works dandy. Nice job by the way. This is great.

  32. The Windows Live Search team has released a beta of "Windows Live Search for Mobile", an app for Windows

  33. thomas says:

    I am having trouble installing Virtual Earth on my WM5 Samsung BlackJack. I have tried these two latest versions but the phone doesn’t recognize the .CAB file as an installable item and let me open it after moving it to the phone. I can readily find it on the phone with file explorer search but again it just won’t let me ‘open’ it.



  34. pcase says:

    I recently purchase a q and have a bt gps receiver.  After figuring otu the magic words to say spell to get the q to recognize the gps it put’s a big ? on the device.  No problem right.  Well I tryed google maps. the gps can’t connect it has not configurable settings.  I see this virtual thing right sounds good everyones talking it up it installs easy. I figure out how to choose the gps device and it freezes up every single freaking time.  I am going crazy please help me.  And then I exit and can’t open the app again unless I restart the q I am getting not to like this q but I am past my 15 day worry free.  worry free ha.  Anyway love the virtual app really want to get it working please help me.  I tryed. 1.67 un-installed that and now have 1.69..

  35. Marc says:

    It’s constantly crashing on my Sprint Treo 700wx whenever I attempt to locate an address, business, etc. – any fixes for this?

  36. Mark says:

    Virtual Earth Mobile appears to be dead.  Probably because Microsoft has now released a competing application.


  37. Tym says:

    I have installed VEM on my pda phone and thinks it’s pretty cool. The question I have is that I have my own VB.NET app which stores lat/long – is there any way I can take one of my lat/long data and pass it to your app so it will display a map for me??

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