The Three WiMos!

By now, I have started to develop a small army (well, 3 so far) of these little WiMo robots.  I just got done building the 3rd one last night.  In building the 3rd WiMo, I took notes and many photos of the process that are now posted up on  So, if you are interested in building WiMo the Aggressor (my nickname for the WiMo with tank treads), or using it as the beginning of your own WiMo design, go check it out!  And as always, let me know if you have any questions on building WiMo.  I tried to be fairly detailed.

I've also posted the lower-level source code used by WiMo.  The data classes, classes used to talk to the OOPic, the OOPic code, and the camera class.  Next I'll post the actual WiMo code and the host controller (Pocket PC/Desktop) code.

If you end up building a WiMo or other Windows Mobile powered robots, let me know!  I'd love to hear about your robot! 

What's next for WiMo?  I have 2 new hardware designs almost done that are really cool!  I'm also looking forward to getting back onto the software side of things.  I'd like to use Direct3D for the personality mode.  I'd like to get WiMo to learn his surroundings and become more autonomous.  So stay tuned! 

For all reference, information, photos, etc on WiMo check out


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