Virtual Earth Mobile 1.64

If you use Virtual Earth Mobile, you may have recently noticed that a few features stopped working when the Virtual Earth website updated its server software.  Specifically, Driving Directions and Business Search were broken.  Attached to this post is version 1.64 which fixes these problems.  I also fixed a WiFi bug that only happened on some models of device. (The symptom was you would always get a "Server is busy" error.)

New features include:

1. Driving directions drawn directly on the map.
2. Pushpins! Now when you search for an address, business, or contact, the map won't just be centered on the place, there will be a nice labeled pushpin there.
3. GPS improvements.  GPS should work much smoother now.  I fixed some bugs, and added an options dialog directly in the app so you don't need to deal with any other GPS control panel (which was missing on Smartphone anyway).  You will still need to set up a Bluetooth COM port for Bluetooth GPSes, however.

Make sure you exit the app before reinstalling.

Let me know if you find any bugs, and keep the feature requests coming.

 - Jason Fuller


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  1. SimonT says:

    Hi I just installed this, having never heard of it before, sorry.  But it Fails straight away with an




    Extra info

    I installed this on a HTC wizard onto the storage card and then onto main memory

    ROM WWE  2/6/06


    CPU OMAP850

    Hope this helps, hope you can advise I’d like to see this working on my phone.



  2. Thomas D. says:

    Thank you very much Mr.Fuller.

    Only issue I have come accros in the 5 minutes of playing with this is: If I set a location as a Starting Location I can not seem to UNset it. In Addition, with this location set anytime I use the WIFI to find me it pulls up the Set location and not my real ( or close to) location.

    Thanks again for the fix. Thomas

  3. Kevin Daly says:

    I just noticed one oddity – I’ve installed it on an HTC Harrier running Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 SE (I noticed from the menus that you’re targeting WM5): on the Programs screen there are 2 icons for Virtual Earth Mobile.

    I checked in WindowsStart MenuPrograms and there’s only one shortcut.

    I’m perplexed.

    Other than that it seems to be fine (it’s a shame we don’t have the aerial photos at decent resolution for here in New Zealand yet, but that’s just one of those things)

  4. Henrik Bach says:

    Is the source code available somewhere?

    I also have had a lot of crashes.

    First time was just after startup. When I restarted it showed the default map. Then whenever I tried to find an address here in Denmark, it crashed every time.

    It also crashed after I had pressed "Zoom out" about 10 times.

    I’m running on a Smartphone 2003 SE (C500/Audiovox 5600).

  5. Henrik Bach says:

    I just had another crash – this time it was an OutOfMemoryException.

  6. Felix says:

    I download this app and it’s great. I just have one question. Microsoft says do not put "Exit" into your application. But this app does have an exit. Are exits appropriate in a smartphone application?

  7. Magne Roald says:

    Find function chrashes if Regional Settings is different than English (I use Norwegian (Bokmal))

  8. Chris Ness says:

    I’d like to see some improvements to the UI (and I’ll offer to help as well!)

    * Sticky Zoom In/Out – I found I most often wanted to continue with my last direction (Zoom In more) so swap the menu locations to the left Softkey so it is not hidden by the menu

    * Touch screen recentering/navigation.

     – Either recenter on the touch or

     – Turn the screen into a 4 quad that moves N, S, E or W depending on the location touched.

  9. akheron says:

    I’m running VEM 1.64 on my Axim X30 High (2003SE).

    Some of the problems on ym device,

    1. Menus are extremely slow to respond

    2. Often get crashes (especially when I hit Menu > Exit)

    Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

  10. jsminch says:

    Most awesome.  I had a previous version, that was great, this is better.  I have a Dell Axim x51v.

    It’s faster than I expected and didn’t crash at all until I moved the cache, and even then it was a very graceful crash (good job on the exception handling, Jason), it didn’t lock up or even slow down my PDA and the error message told me just what to do.

    I love that I can pan around and zoom with the navigator buttons.

    I discovered two problems:

    1.  When I moved the cache to my SD card I got a black screen (no map would load) the next time I restarted the program.  I moved the cache back and it worked (had to tell it to "locate me" (via Wi-Fi) so that it would show the map). I moved the cache back and forth and kept restarting the program to try to get it to work on the SD card, eventually it did but was quite a bit slower (I guess that was to be expected).

    2.  I can’t find a "Smite" command, I really need a "Smite" command.

  11. Stephen Frazzini says:

    Why the name change BACK to Virtual Earth Mobile from Windows Live Local 1.61? Either way it works fine on my HTC Tornado with MAP CACHE on miniSD.  It would be nice to integrate into Live Search Toolbar for Mobile. Now if Cingular could just get better throughput on EDGE.  Or better yet offer a 3G Smartphone and HSPDA.  

  12. FotoMeister says:

    Would be nice to be able to navigate by tapping the screen. My joystick/directional buttons (HP 2215) do not work so I can only move around by putting in addresses.

    Looks neat though. Zooming in and out is quick!


  13. k_kirk says:

    Does this application provide coverage out of US? My particular interest is Asia. Thanks

  14. Nino.Mobile says:


    Software / Hardware 

    Interesting.  TechFaith Wireless is shows off SLVR and i320…

  15. David Andrews says:

    I tried Virtual Earth Mobile 1.64 on my T-Mobile Smartphone SDA.

    Your GPS improvements did seem to work on my smartphone.

    My SDA DOES  works with Bluetooth GPS and WiFi. Map loading is quick and searches work.

    I can’t get it to work with my T-Mobile Data access. (Which requires a Proxy setting using T-Zones.). Anyone get T-Zones data to update the maps for Virtual Earth Mobile 1.64???? How’d you do it?  (Internet Explorer works great with T-Zones and proxy setting.

    Perhaps this program needs a place to enter proxy settings ???

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Matthieu says:

    Same problem here, I ‘ve a WM5 device with regional settings as French and the find feature crashes if I don’t switch to English. It would be nice to see the source available.

  17. Tim Butler says:

    I downloaded and tried this app. I did have one crash early on, but since then, it’s behaved fine.

    After playing with it for a while, I decided to go back to the previous release. The main reason was that, while I like having the driving directions drawn on the map, having them written out for me was what I really need. Since I could figure out how to get the new release to provide me with written directions, I uninstalled it.

    Also, I had problems getting the maps to pan using the keys on my mobile device (IPAQ 4705).

    Things I did like – pushpins and reverse directions. There were definitely some nice enhancements here. The lack of written directions was a showstopper for me, though.

  18. I do not seem to be able to connect to my Earthmate Blue Logger GPS on a T-Mobile MDA. I can connect to Mapolis some of the time but must admit that connection is difficult. I just get a message that it cannot find the GPS. The COM port and baud are the same Com 7 & 4800 for Virtual Earth and Mapopolis. I really would like to use Virtual Earth since I do not need to keep a lot of maps loaded.

  19. Carlos says:

    App is pretty cool, but having trouble using GPS.  Pocket Streets has no problem getting a position but Virtual Earth can not.  Is it expecting a specific NMEA message on the serial port? I am using a Windows mobile 2005 pocket pc phone with a built in GPS.

  20. Sajith says:

    I just installed this software and found it superb.. I was using Google Maps earlier and I found this far more better.

    The directions have both Road names and numbers which is very helpful. Navigation is superb..

    Overall I would recommend this highly..

    Thank you Jason for this fantastic piece of software.

  21. Thomas D. says:

    what about the ability to send screen to an email?

  22. BK says:

    Is it possible to show a GPS "moving" icon on the mpas when a GPS is connected. Related to this, can the program load next tile of the mpas using the GPS location (moving maps) ?


  23. David Vescovi says:

    So many people would love the source.

    Why don’t you post it on GotDotNet as a community project?

  24. Jason says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for months! Thanks! One quick thing though. If there is a way to switch to written directions, please let us know. If there’s not, maybe that’s something you could add.

  25. badbob001 says:

    Configured the program to store map data on sd card and it crashed… and now it crashes with the same error upon start:

    Error: An unexpected error has occurred in VirtualEarthMobile.exe.

    VirtualEarthMobile.exe IOException

    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError()

    at System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectory()

    at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.get_StorageCardPath()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.get_CachePath()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache..ctor()

    at PocketEarth.TileManager..ctor()

    at PocketEarth.TileManager.Create()

    at PocketEarth.Map..ctor()

    at PocketEarth.FormPocketEarth..ctor()

    at PocketEarth.FormPocketEarth.Main()

  26. vinscuzzy says:

    I’ve been using google maps, which I love, but this program is much better. absolutely love it. Two suggestions, 1st, when getting driving directions: the end point destination is not a push pin showing the points address. when you map a searched business, it shows  the address, phone number and name. when you get driving directions, it clears this point on the map and replaces it with a flag(showing no info). seems like an easy enough fix, and would be great!! 2nd, an option to get detailed text driving instructions like version 1.50 did. having both visual and text intructions would be very convenient. for me, these two changes would make this program perfect. fantastic work!

  27. wilfred says:

    one of the few things from ms that actually runs on a ppc-6700 (htc apache)

    needs stylus/touchscreen recenterin, drag, zoom with accuracy or bounding box, and needs measuring tools… all simple to implement.

    of course, one can go on from there, but gui on these devices can go full screen and make use of all its buttons and ppc capabilities.

    also forms do not actuate on hrt, requires pulling stick out.

  28. mivalenz says:

    Como muchos también estaba utilizando Google Maps y he tenido problemas implementado Java, pero ahora todo funciona perfecto. (Google Mobile no me deja ver imagenes satelitales y este programa sí!)

    Thanks Jason!



  29. badbob001 says:

    Where is the map cache location for ‘built-in’ storage and ‘external storage card’?

  30. uzzer says:

    Great software! But with some bugs yet…

    Are you planning to add region cache for offline using?

  31. James Pritchett says:

    Awesome App!!  On vacation in midwest, usa and this thing is actually saving me from meeting more cows than I want to.

  32. Eric says:

    I have installed Virtual Earth Mobile on my MDA Vario. I cannot get my Holux 236 Bluetooth GPS to be recognised.

    It is on com 6 and can be seen by Tom Tom and Route 66.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Great program guys.

  33. Rich says:

    I just installed version 1.5 and had no problems finding locations.  I just installed 1.64 to fix the driving directions issue, but not I can’t even find an address.  After a minute of ‘thinking’, I get the error:

    No search results found for <the address I entered>

    I verified my internet connection is working.  And I tried different formats for the address (not that I needed to in 1.5).  Any suggestions?

  34. winger says:

    Great updates on the pushpins and the driving directions!  Keep up the good work

  35. Brian Ingram says:

    Not sure if it is a bug or not, but under the "find" section the Contact option is grey on a 2003 SE device, but it is available on the WM5.

  36. Matthieu says:

    The application crashes if the regional settings of the device is set to local other than en-US (french on mine K-JAM). I reverse the code with .Net reflector and change the call to Double.Parse(string) to Double.Parse(string,new CultureInfo("en-US")) so the lat and long parses are now working.

  37. Toysoldier says:

    can anyone tell me how can i load a map of Singapore and let virtual earth mobile use it ? Because currently i have to ‘download’ the map thru wifi. And its not very sharp. If i am on the move, say from Singapore to Malaysia, i would need a map of Malaysia as well.

  38. rob says:

    I updated 1.5 to 1.64 on my xv6700. I tried moving my cache over to the storage card, now I get an error everytime i start. theres a problem creating the cache folder I guess.

  39. Cameron says:

    I downloaded this for the ppc 6700 and I can not get the GPS to work I have tried all the ports and when I go to the locate me and press GPS its says "Unable to obtain a location from a GPS device"….Is there any other software I need to dload? I just dloaded the link to my ppc 6700.


  40. windowsmobile says:

    I have updated the attached CAB to fix the problem where Find/Business would not work if your Regional Settings were set to a region that uses a comma as a decimal separator.


    Jason Fuller

  41. Thomas D. says:

    using t mobile sda. still having a problem even with 1.65. once i have set a starting location i can no longer be found via wifi. is there a way to get rid of the flags (not to be confused with the push pins.) perhaps a clear destinations. any thoughts?  thanks. Thomas

  42. ustbvivi says:

    can  you  get the source code?

  43. Bright says:

    Love this program – still need some grows in it, but it might become a great way of GPS-spotting. Maybe it is useable when biking!

  44. Andrew says:

    Great stuff, but would it be possible to get a source code update too? Thanks!

  45. windowsmobile says:

    Hi, everyone.  Thanks for all the feedback on Virtual Earth Mobile.  

    Simon T – I would recommend uninstalling (and deleting everything under Program FilesVirtual Earth Mobile and Application DataVirtual Earth Mobile) and reinstalling rom scratch.

    Thomas D – Currently there is no way to unset a starting location (or destination).  

    You can only re-set it to a different location.  I have not been able to reproduce the problem you described about WiFi location bringing you to your starting location.  Try setting your starting location to some other location and seeing if the problem still happens.  Keep in mind that WiFi location is not always accurate; it depends on how up-to-date Virtual Earth’s database of the locations of WiFI access points is.

    Henrik Bach – Currently the source code is not available.  It may be someday but I can’t promise anything yet.

    There is a crashing bug that can happen if you zoom all the way out to "planet" level.  

    It’s on my list to fix.

    Chris Ness – You can use the Action button (the center of the directional pad) to zoom in, and the left softkey to zoom out.

    Recentering on a touch is a good idea; I’ll try that.

    Akheron –  Sometimes there is an ObjectDisposed exception on exit.  It’s harmless, and it’s on my list to fix.

    k kirk –  Virtual Earth does not have street-level maps for the whole world.  The level of detail varies by country, and they are adding more street-level maps over time.

    Tim Butler and Jason – I had thought about adding in written directions, and I think I

    will since obviously I already have the data.  What format do you think is best?  An HTML page in the browser?  I was actually thinking about putting them into a new email message so you could easily send them to yourself or someone else, but maybe that’s a little weird.

    Lance Presnall and Carlos –  Setting up a Bluetooth GPS is tricky, more tricky than it

    should be.  See my blog entry on setting up a Bluetooth GPS and see if that helps.

    Sajith and vinscuzzy and Miguel – I’m glad you prefer VEM to Google Local Mobile. 🙂  

    It was an explicit goal of mine.

    BK – "Moving" GPS is on my list of things to do.

    badbob001 – The cache is in Application DataVirtual Earth Mobile or Storage CardVirtualEarthMobileCache

    uzzer – I have thought about adding a feature to download and cache an entire area all at once so it will be available for offline use.  My back-of-the-envelope calculations say that to download road maps for Bellevue, WA (a medium-ish city) would take 850MB if you wanted every zoom level.  But you don’t really need the last 4 zoom levels, so that would get you down to 13MB.


    Jason Fuller

  46. Marco says:

    Hi there,

    I have a 1gb memory card and I changed the map cache to the maximum of 99,999kb. I have already 1,026 files on my cache. Now whenever I try to move to a place where I don’t have a map in cache I get an error that has this detail:






  47. Marco says:

    By the way, the size of all the files now is 8.59MB. I was trying to cache the entire state of NJ and the city of Manhattan by moving through the entire state. Takes a while to do but beats having to have the software download the maps everytime I need it.

    Thanks a lot.

  48. whoisjake says:

    Why not put this on CodePlex?

  49. Marco says:

    I do not know if you are answering me, but if you are, what is CodePlex?


  50. Marco says:

    When I limited my cache size to 10MB, I didn’t have the problem anymore. So is there really a limit to the maximum number/size of files that can be loaded into the cache?

    Thanks again.

  51. Brian says:

    This is just a thought, but have you ever thought about incorporating the information that is on into your app?  If it would be difficult I would forget it, but sense it looks like the same information is being gathered for the maps, it might be easy to integrate the two.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for the great program, I only wish I could find a contact on my WM2003 device.


  52. Brandon Carroll says:

    How do I remove it?

  53. windowsmobile says:

    To "One Man Shouting", to use a bluetooth GPS, see

  54. Johnny C says:

    Older version was good but could not see my BT GPS device (Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator).  I just installed the new version (1.64) on my Verizon 6700.  Set the Pharos to com6, disabled the BT control panel in WM5, and set VEM to com6 and presto … worked like a charm.  Fantastic program!

    Only comment is I would like it to show my place on the map rather than just centering me on the map.

  55. John Roberts says:

    Great work on this APP!  Just a couple of suggestions.

    I’m running PPC 2003 SE, so obviously I can’t call any found businesses, neither can I map contacts.

    If I could at least select and copy the phone number of a found business, then I’d be able to paste it into my phone dialer.  Just a thought.  Right now, as it is, I can’t even copy the number by Select -> Copy.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Happy Hacking,


    PS – If you WERE to release the code base, some of us might be able to help you out!  😉

  56. kdlc says:

    Great app! But, what I’d like to see the ability to copy and paste addresses from IE mobile into the App. Right now, there is no context menu or CTRL-V functionality.

  57. JV says:

    I second the notion to incorporate the ability to download all the maps for a specific area, offline viewing is an excellent idea.  Great app btw!!

  58. Paladin27 says:

    Great app!  Since I use Tmobile and no Google properties work for me (read about the Google/Tmobile issue on this is a wonderful alternative!  Thanks for developing this.

    Could you add the ability to click the phone numbers and have it dial the phone please?

  59. angusc says:

    I downloaded this app but note it requires NetFrame 2.0 to be installed.  I previuosly installed version 2.0 on to my WM5 device memory however it used up too much memory.  is there a lite version available or can Net Frame be installed on to the Memory card??

    Thanx for any help.

  60. Bob J says:

    I was wondering, if you guys could add support for the internal GPS.  Since so many devices that run Windows 5.0 are cell phones, they are required to have the internal GPS.  I would love to not have to worry about a bluetooth GPS for my PPC-6700.  I have seen some people either working on this, or already implemeting this, but none are perfect.  Since you guys a Microsoft, one would think you would be able to make the best adoption of this.  In summary, PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO USE THE INTERNAL GPS!!!

    Thanks Bob J.

  61. windowsmobile says:

    Paladin27, Although you cannot click the phone number directly, when you are in the "Search Results" dialog, you can do Menu/Call.  This is only supported on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, though.

    angusc, The app does not require .NetCF v2.  It was written for .NetCF v1.

    Bob J, the mobile operators restrict access to the internal GPS on their phones.  But there are a few models not sold through operators that come with internal (and unrestricted) GPSes, such as the HP hw6515 and the Pharos 525.

    – Jason Fuller

  62. bp says:

    I installed v1.65, and noticed that it doesn’t work via the proxy server. Any thoughts?

  63. Dean says:

    any ideas on how to automate the capture of maps to cache without manually having to scroll through each area?

  64. Chris at LiveSide:
    Recently I got a demo of some upcoming Windows Live Mobile applications, one of which, the Live Local mobile application, has just been updated and is available for public download.
    As with G2, the new mobile Messenger client for

  65. Bainx says:

    Great application. I can not believe what I am seeing on my Axim!

    Questions: how do you ‘load’ the cache if you devote say, 10megs for it?

    Next, how do you ’empty’ the cache when you want to reclaim the storge space?

  66. Shawn Miller says:

    An alternative to Virtual Earth Mobile is Atlas Mobile by Fresh Logic Studios (

    It doesn’t display maps, but it does get directions, perform local searches, and integrates with GPS devices.  It will also send your GPS data to Atlas ( to enable real-time GPS tracking of your device.

  67. ED says:

    how do I select my local location, boston MA??

  68. hfrmobile says:

    Often crashes with NullReferenceException … thx .NET CF 😉

    At the moment I prefer "Map24 Mobile" and "Google Mobile Maps" 😉

  69. Positivo.Estou interessado no programa powered virtual earth

  70. Ed Hardy says:

    Great app, Jason. I’ve got it up and working on both a Pocket PC and a Smartphone.

    You said:

    > Currently there is no way to unset a starting location (or destination).  

    > "Moving" GPS is on my list of things to do.

    If I got a vote, these would be at the top of the list for new features.


  71. Mark Sampson says:

    Great App. huge potiential. We use MapPoint web server to locate tracking devices in real time. go to


  72. Jim says:

    For the life of me, I cannot get this thing to install on my treo 700W. I downloaded it to my computer using winrar…then I tried installing but not sure how to. Jason, can u please help????

  73. Carlos says:

    Hi Jason, thank you for your comment about the GPS setup.  I already have the GPS setup and working properly from Pocket Streets and other GPS apps that support NMEA.  Unfortunately Virtual Earth is not able to get a GPS position.  Any other ideas for what to try?

    Thank you,


  74. Kal says:

    Jim, use the activesync program to transfer the cab file to your Treo (using the Explore Pocket PC menu selection). Then, find the cab file using your File Explorer on the Treo, and double-click on the cab file. It should now install itself, and put a shortcut in the Programs menu. HTH.

  75. Kal says:

    Feature request: Touch-screen push-pin. i.e., set the "start" or "end" location using the touch screen.


  76. Kal says:

    It’s probably obvious to many of you, but it took me a while to figure this out, so I am posting it for the benefit of anyone else who is puzzled.

    1. Zoom in, pan and center the starting point (or finish point), and name that as such using the menu. Whatever is in the center of the screen is the starting or end point as the case may be.

    2. Do the same for the other point (start or finish).

    3. Choose the menu item to plot the driving directions. It will draw a line, and mark the significant turns with numbers. It will also start out by spelling out the directions for point #1.

    4. This was the non-trivial part for me: how do you get it to give you the turn direction for #2, or #3 etc.? The secret is to use the keyboard and tap on the 1 or 2 or 3 number key. It will then give you the turn direction to that number. This works for all the turns from #1 to #10 (the last one corresponds to 0 on the keyboard).

    5. What if there are more than 10? The only way I found was this: press the 0 key to get to #10. Then press the right arrow key. Instead of panning to the right (as it normally does), it will instead give you the turn direction for #11. You can keep going in this manner, using the right and left arrow keys to go up and down the turn numbers. If you press the up or down key, the left and right keys revert once again to being pan keys.



  77. Main says:

    Recently I got a demo of some upcoming Windows Live Mobile applications, one of which, the Live Local

  78. Ilia says:

    I can not get the GPS working. Tried all lot ports. "Locate me" through GPS pops "Unable to obtain a location from a GPS device".

    I am using eTen G500+ with integrated GPS. Destinator-5 navigation software finds GPS within seconds and uses it smoothly.

    How to enable "Locate me" via GPS, what may cause the problem?


  79. RaZeR says:

    very much looking forward to when you add the ability to cache a region. I’ll be using it for Perth Metro and maybe south of Perth about 200KM.

  80. Anshuman says:

    Gave it a go, as i set huge space for cache and kept browsing for 4-5 hours, it started crashing 🙁

    now it keeps on crashhing, you can screenshots both while working and after crash at my site

    I would dearly like the author of VE Mr Fuller to reply when can we expect next version and is he too facing  crashes after good time of use?

    Thanks and best regards,



  81. vatovani says:


    is some code to explane how set url to draw driving directions directly on the map using last sample code of VirtualEarthMobile that was posted by Jason Fuller at viavirtualearth.

    Please mail me at


  82. Pierre says:

    Is the business search broken again ?

    (I have 1.65, it has not been working since tuesday)

    Great application by the way ! 🙂

  83. Brien says:

    Can you use this program to Geocache?  How would you do that?

  84. JFW says:


    It would be interesting to try. First, you would have to have a GPS receiver that works with Virtual Earth and your PPC. (I have the Sprint PPC 6700 and the Globalsat BT-359W SiRF Star III Bluetooth GPS Receiver (BT-359)). Next you would key in the Geocache coordinates using menu/more/go to Lat/Long. Then you would set that as your destination (menu/driving directions/set as destination). Next you would use the "locate me" option to find your current location, and set that as your starting location. Then you could use the get driving direction option to show you the way on the road part of the adventure. Since the current software does not support automatic update of your location, when you go off-road you would periodically use the "locate me" option to see where you are in relation to the cache by resetting your starting location. However, you would have to manually gauge the direction to the cache by comparing your current location to the destination. It would be a challenge because of the lack of high enough resolution on the available maps, but it still might be fun to try. It would also be an interesting supplement to your standard geocaching using Virtual Earth to try to find nearby satellite-visible landmarks.



  85. lonifasiko says:

    Hi Jason and other blog readers,

    I must admit Virtual Earth Mobile application is awesome! Fantastic job! It’s just what I need!

    The problem is I would like to integrate this application into my CF application, that is, call it and use it from my own application. I downloaded the source code you offer in your offical page ( but as you there say, it’s not the latest source code, and does not support VE new tile server logic. It’s really a pitty! Anyway, I finally compile and deploy the source code in the device but as I expect, did not work.

    Do you plan to release the source code of your latest available version? Would be nice for all the community and I think all could work together hard to make it even a better product.

    I’m really interested in getting the source code and integrating this functionality in my application. I need to locate a user using map interface. Is there any other way to show the map-based current location of a user in a CF application?

    I would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts around these issues.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  86. roadfox says:

    Nice application, just tested on my SPV C600 smartphone, works with my Solar powered BT GPS.

    The only problem i have that i cannot set the Starting point for directions as my current GPS possition. Would be a nice feature.

  87. Richard says:

    Fantastic app,

    Works great on my T-Mobile MDA Pro, no problems downloading maps over the network either.

    I can only set the cache size to a maxium of 10000, anything above this and it gets reset back to the last number. Is there anyway or increasing the cache size further?

  88. Dreador says:

    Great App and works fine on my MDA Compact III.

    Phone has a built in GPS and its good to see unlike other mapping software it dosnt still kick up BlueTooth.

    Suggestions would be:-

    Tick list of zoom levels so you can skip some!

    Use Tick list of zoom levels to reduce cache impact if some type of area cache was implemented.

    An option to grab a parameter based cache at a given point, again using the above zoom filter list.

    Cheers Dreador

  89. Dreador says:

    Opps forgot to add Id like as others have said to have it poll the gps at given intervals and update – in addition to driving this would be a great feature for walking, cycling.

  90. Jellyroll says:


    Great app!

    I changed my map cache to my storage card – now when I exit the app (via menu OR the "exit cross" in the upper right hand corner of the screen) I get an error message:









  91. Aziz says:

    An option to send current coordinates periodically via http post using GPRS/WiFi connection would be just awesome! Http post settings should be widely configurable.

    I haven’t found this feature in any WM5 software so far, so I’m really looking forward to this feature.

    Keep up the good work, Jason!

  92. Alexander says:

    Tried version 1.64 on my iPaq 6325 running Windows Mobile 2003: it works ok. Was able to work through Wi-Fi connection and GPRS. Not much a difference in speed. I guess the device’s ability to render graphics is slower then speed of connectivity. Was able to connect to a bluetooth GPS with no problem The only thing is that if configure a GPS port the app does not pick it up: need to exit and start again. From the second time it works ok. Have one suggestion regarding a Find address dialog: it would be nice to have a dropdown list with previously entered addresses in order to save time entering them again. Also it would be nice to add and save your own pushpins. Found an unhandled exception: if you click a Set asStarting Location or Set as Destination before your search for an address the app breaks with something like null reference. My guess is that this is because the coorditaes are not set yet. Also after you set up a GPS port and next time you start the app without GPS it shoes an error dialogue that it could not connect to the specific COM port. I don’t see the point here: if the GPS is not available why bother to open up an error dialogue? In general the app is great and thanks a lot for making it publicly available.

  93. anothr user says:

    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

  94. Ann says:

    I have no comment for this title but now I’m looking for some guy  his name is Stephen M. Frazzini , and I saw someone here I don’t know he is the one I’m looking for?? . I’m your old friend.

  95. John Cody says:


    I’m running virtual earth 1.68 on my newly upgraded WM6 Dash smartphone. It kina works, but often gives an error (at System.Number.ParseDouble) whenever doing any type of search.

    Is an update forthcoming to fix this issue?

  96. Stephen Frazzini says:

    Ann, (The one looking for me)

    This is Stephen Frazzini…how can we be in touch?

  97. Jeremy says:

    I just downloaded the newest version of VirtualEarthMobile on my Dell Axim X51v (which runs Windows Mobile 5).  I have an 8GB Compact Flash and 1GB Secure Digital card .

    In lieu of just being able download maps and save them to my computer, I want to just make a gigantic cache (say, 1 or 2GB) so that they will be available offline because I don’t always have access to a Wifi hotspot while I’m using my GPS.

    Whenever I try to change the cache by going to "Menu-Options-Map Cache" and changing ‘Where to store maps:’ from ‘Built-in Storage’ to ‘Removable Storage Card’ and tap ‘Done’, I receive this error message:


    "An unexpected error has occurred in VirtualEarthMobile.exe.  Select Quit and then restart this program or select Details for more information."



    at System.IO__Error.WinIOError()

    at System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectory()

    at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.get_StorageCardPath()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.get_CachePath()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.UrlToFilename()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.CreateBitmapFromCacheFile()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.LookupOrCreateBitmap()

    at PocketEarth.TileCache.LookupUrl()

    at PocketEarth.TileManager.GetTile()

    at PocketEarth.Map.GetTileBitmap()

    at PocketEarth.Map.GetMapBitmap()

    at PocketEarth.Map.Paint()

    at PocketEarth.FormPocketEarth.FormPocketEarth_Paint()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnPaint()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WnProc()

    at System.Windows.Forms.ContainerControl.WnProc()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WnProc()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control._InternalWnProc()

    at Microsoft.AGL.Forms.EVL.EnterMainLoop()

    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run()

    at PocketEarth.FormPocketEarth.Main()


  98. davidgoulet says:

    I get a login error when I tried – I use the locate me function via GPS.

    What login name is it looking for – and where do I set it up.

  99. James says:

    Hello Jason,

    I am trying to implement a location tracking device using Windows Mobile 6.  It will be receiving incoming latitude and longitude coordinates SMS.  It will take these infos and display it on a map in my Handset.  Can Virtual Earth Mobile be used for this?  Can we use VS2008 to write codes for Virtual Earth Mobile in this application?

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